Diary Blog, 13 February 2020 (including Cabinet Reshuffle)


I was just thinking about the unholy mess Prime Minister David Cameron-Levita left behind him in various ways: Brexit, HS2, the cretinous “reforms” of Iain Dunce Duncan Smith etc. What a complete waste of space that Mischling Cameron-Levita was. Given credit by a stupid electorate mainly because his Eton and Oxford education (and family money) made him look the part.

Laura Kuenssberg

Listened to a brief piece by Laura Kuenssberg on Radio 4 Today. Two or three egregious mistakes. One was “secretary of states” (for a group of Cabinet ministers) when she meant to say or should have said “secretaries of state”. Paid hundreds of thousands a year yet cannot get basic English right.

Cabinet reshuffle

So far, some nasty people removed:

Ha ha! Now crazed Ayn Rand devotee and Jew lobby doormat Sajid Javid has “resigned” (read, ungrammatically, “been resigned”…). Good riddance. That’s his political career gone up in smoke. Hard to imagine the idiot climbing so high again. Another “Conservative Friend of Israel” gone (but then 80% of Con MPs are members, unfortunately). Ex-Muslim or apostate Javid was almost fanatical in his pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby stance, though. He even supported the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” criminals. Great news that he is screwed!


I am the wrong sex to be a tricoteuse (and cannot knit) but I am loving this, even without an actual guillotine beside which to sit. Tsar Boris is not someone for whom I have any respect, but (as the American blacks might say) “he done good”! I love a good chistka!

Mein Gott! The (born in UK) “Paki”, Sajid Javid, may have been kicked out, but only to be replaced by the (born in UK) Indian, Rishi Sunak! A former Goldman Sachs employee. His father-in-law is a hugely-wealthy Indian businessman. India is notoriously corrupt, its politics is corrupt. There is no need for the UK to descend to such levels. Why not —here’s an off-the-wall idea— appoint white British people to the Cabinet?…


The problem at the heart of the NHS is not really money (important though that is) but maladministration.


Robert Buckland

Confirmed in his job of Secretary of State for Justice, and Lord Chancellor. Surprising. I have heard him a couple of times on TV/radio. He does not really have the intellectual horsepower. Apparently, if reports are accurate, he used the word “epitome” on radio recently, but mispronounced it to rhyme with “Rome”…not what one expects to hear from a supposedly educated person, let alone a member of the Bar. Not even in these dumbed-down times (cf. Laura Kuenssberg etc).

Alok Sharma

Appointed Business Secretary. Born in India. He attended the same school as me, in Berkshire, but a decade later. When I was there, there were no Indians (though there were two half-Indian brothers, Anglo-Indians). Sign of the times.



UK poverty

Something to be addressed before building unwanted high-speed rail links or bridges over the ocean…


Grant Shapps

Grant Shapps, the dodgy Jew business chancer and former Bnai Brith office-holder, who used fake identities even to gain access to the Palace of Westminster, has been confirmed as Transport Secretary.




Robert Jenrick

Jenrick is staying on as Housing Secretary. A smug little pissant, married to a Jewish lawyer and whose children are being brought up as Jewish. A complete doormat for the Jewish Zionist lobby. An enemy of freedom of expression.

Gavin Williamson

The former fireplace salesman, who plays with his pet spider while fantasizing about taking on Russia and China with his chocolate soldiers, is confirmed as staying as Education Secretary. A pathetic deadhead who would like to be Prime Minister. Our system of political selection and election is truly broken.


Brandon Lewis

“Barrow-boy” Essex barrister and mouthpiece for the Jewish lobby. “Promoted” to Northern Ireland…Yeah, right…Bye…


There is now a whole damage limitation exercise to propagandize us that China and its people and their habits are not to blame for these repeated waves of viruses which emerge from China, when China, its people and their habits plainly are to blame. Eating anything with legs, wings or fins, even if endangered species, not caring about animal suffering or depredation of wildlife. Screw the Chinese. There are far far too many of them on this Earth, which their numbers and habits are killing.


Huang Yanzhong, a public heath expert at China’s Council for Foreign Relations, said that the sale of rare animals is deeply-rooted in Chinese culture, despite its illegality.”

“The freshness of one’s dinner is also prized, leading vendors to flog live animals, which are seen as a sign of luxury.” [Daily Mail]

Backward untermenschen.


This comment by the LibDems about the appointment of Suella Braverman might just be the least credible thing said today:

Responding to the appointment, [Daisy] Cooper said: “Liberal Democrats will not allow this dangerous, authoritarian Conservative government to undermine the rule of law and erode individual rights and freedoms.

The LibDems are even more of a joke now than they were a few months ago. No leader, 11 MPs, no policies of any interest and, of course, no power.

The LibDems are not alone in being irrelevant at present. Labour is just a joke. All four contenders are doormatting for the Jewish lobby, none has much (if any) credibility. As for Corbyn (who he?) he is marking time as lame duck leader by staying in his comfort zone, yapping nonsense about the “rights” of Irish tinker “traveller” thieves and scavengers, and the deportation of Jamaican criminals etc.

Midnight music


14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 February 2020 (including Cabinet Reshuffle)”

  1. Hello Ian: It is not easy to keep up with you as you always have something to say. Some despicable characters have been removed from the political scene but, unfortunately, they have been replaced by others equally obnoxious. Mind you, is a bit strange that such a faithful doormat such as Sajid Javid has been kicked-out, obviously, he wasn’t subservient enough. (LOL)

    I read your post about that awful creature called Esther McVey, it made me laugh a lot (I need it) Seriously, the fact that a useless and idiotic person like her can make a career in politics is definite proof of our abysmal decadence. Let’s face it, the UK and ALL white nations have reached the terminal illness stage. I don’t see any signs of improvement. The white race has a death-wish induced by nearly 60 years of constant Judeo-Marxist propaganda. Still, I will carry on writing and ranting because it is the only honourable thing to do. As the Japanese said, “the fact that victory is impossible has nothing to do with us, our duty is to fight till the end.”

    Although I am not a big fan of Spangler (he did not understand the Jewish question) I found this quote a very fitting and admirable one:

    “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honourable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

    Have a good day


    1. Claudius: Thank you. I agree with you (” I will carry on writing and ranting because it is the only honourable thing to do. As the Japanese said, “the fact that victory is impossible has nothing to do with us, our duty is to fight till the end.””).

      That is more or less my attitude too. Just as elements of the SS, including Brits, fought valiantly to the end in the doomed Berlin of 1945.

      Sometimes, some days, only 10 or 20 people read my blog (each reader reading 2 to 5 articles). More often, 50 or 60 people. Occasionally 100 or even 200. Some articles have been read, over time, by over 1,000 different people. Modest even so compared to some blogs or msm scribblings, but it is a duty, and “one human soul is a big audience” (which may or may not have been St. Thomas Aquinas).

      You are right to say that the contamination of opinion by the Jew element and “antifa” or similar idiots has weakened “Western” resolve, but the game is not over yet.


  2. I disagree with you about the Liberal Democrats. They are a better party in my opinion than Labour. Labour not only has a total obsession with globalism and so-called ‘anti-racism’ (more like being anti-British in reality) as personified by their remaining pathetic candidates and Corbyn even sticking-up for usually troublesome travellers and going against this wretched government finally deporting a few Jamaican criminals but are also anti-democratic to boot.

    The Liberal Democrat’s can at least say they are democrats and want to change our profoundly undemocratic electoral system which BREEDS deadheads like that blond Liverpudlian airhead Ester McVey.

    The reason the other two fight against Proportional Representation so hard is because they KNOW how REVOLUTIONARY and TRANSFORMATIVE it would be for our politics for the system to be changed to one that is far more proportional.

    If you gave me a choice between having the Liberal Democrats as the Official Opposition and Labour I would give that role to the Liberal Democrats by a long way.


  3. Yes, Brandon Lewis is a classic ‘barrow boy’ from Essex. He wasn’t much good as a councillor or council leader in my part of the world ie Brentwood, Essex so my heart goes out to the people of Northern Ireland now he has become their latest Secretary of State!

    Still, he would have to be truly abysmal in order to beat that stupid cow Karen Bradley who wasn’t aware of the fact that politics in the Province mainly revolves around whether NI should stay within the United Kingdom or become a part of the Republic of Ireland.🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂

    JUST WHERE do the Tories get these imbeciles from?🙄


      1. Yes, being an unintelligent thicko can get you very far indeed in ‘British’ politics especially if you can ‘earn’ PC brownie points for being an ethnic of some kind or female.

        The System parties want doormats who are easily manipulated by the Jew Zionist/Israel First Lobby amongst others.


  4. The Chinese are backward untermenschen at least when you compare them to Western Europeans but they are far ahead of Africans. Out of the Eastern Asian peoples the Koreans and especially the Japanese are more sophisticated and intelligent.


    1. You are right Steven, but let’s not forget that Africans are the lowest form of life on the planet. I always admired the Japanese who are a cut above the rest of all Asian nations, and well above, I would say. As Ian said about the Chinese, their IQ is not alarming, but their total lack of compassion is. They are a nasty lot, and it would be a blessing if a virus could wipe-out half of them.


  5. Noticing the surname Braverman above my interest was piqued for the Usual Reasons but what did I unexpectedly find: another Indian Subcontinental in Cabinet:


    AG at 39 – that must be an unusually early age for such an exalted position. No doubt reflecting her high academic ability and other worthy attributes having absolutely nothing to do with her ethnic “minority” status.

    Acceptability to the ultimate arbiters assured:

    Nee Fernandes so Goan origins on father’s side (but always recall Pepys’ usage of the word “Portugal”), ergo absent anything on the mother’s, any infusion of Cochin or Bene-Israel unlikely. As for her spouse:

    – well who knows. Braverman: Germanic name origin, but that can mean anything.
    Here it meant Jews:

    In, say, 2 years’ time, will there be more Indian Subcontinentals -vs- Jews / mamzers in Cabinet? Worth running a book – or has the trend peaked?


    1. Wigger: sometimes, indentured labour took the name of their master. eg on Mauritius, from where Suella Braverman seems to find her intermediate origins. In her case, though, it is her married name.

      I note many barristers on Twitter talking about how she is A-G after only 7 years at the Bar; a compliant person to do No.10’s bidding. In fact, those barristers are mistaken. She has been at the Bar 10 years

      Like me, she is an attorney in the New York jurisdiction, but that means little, really.

      ps. I do not know how long Suella Braverman was in *active* practice at the Bar. Maybe 7 years or fewer. I tend to suspect stray barristers who seem, as in her case, to have mooched around doing degrees and courses until the age of 30, who seem never to have had a job in that time. Like so many MPs, her CV is dodgy, in my view. eg *why* did she take the New York Bar exam? I had reasons. What were hers?


  6. Hello Ian: I do agree 100% with your appraisal of the Chinese, despicable and evil creatures. What a pity that they can travel freely, spreading their damned virus all over the world. They are a virus!.

    The fact that they are robots devoid of any human attributes is mostly due to 70 years of brutalizing Marxism. I had read some terrible reports about their predatory behaviour in Africa. They ruin everything they touch. The Chileans gave them some fishing concessions and did not renew them after they saw the ecological disaster they had caused with their brutal, rapacious fishing methods. Unfortunately, the Japanese could not exterminate them in WW2. The world would have been a better place.


    1. Claudius:
      Naturally, my view of the Chinese refers to the group, not individuals. Overall, the effect is very negative. The group psychology combined with sheer numbers leads to huge ecological or environmental destruction. I see that there has just been revealed the fact that there is a Chinese bid to build the HS2 vanity project in 5 years (instead of 10-15…). One can only dread how that would be done, i.e. without regard for animals, birds, trees or British people.


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