Diary Blog, 14 February 2020

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Bercow autobiography

The autobiography of former Speaker of the Commons, the half-Jew John Bercow, has been published, and is reviewed by Douglas Murray here: https://unherd.com/2020/02/the-strange-tragedy-of-john-bercow/

I did not much like what I saw (on TV) of Bercow: my primary criticism of his behaviour is that he was biased. He openly ranted against the BNP to the schoolchildren’s play “Parliament”, at a time when the BNP were within sight of winning a few seats, in 2009 or 2010. A silly and nasty little person, who seemed unable to control his drunken slut of a wife.

Historical note


Freedom of expression

Harry Miller, the man whose freedom of expression was breached by Humberside Police, has spoken out for the first time after the High Court ruled in his favour.

Mr Miller, 54, was speaking on the steps of the High Court on Friday morning after partially winning his case against the force which descended on his workplace in response to a tweet they deemed to be “transphobic”.

The limerick, which was posted on social media, was recorded as a “hate incident”, despite the police admitting that no crime was committed.” [Hull Live]


He argued that Humberside Police, following the College of Policing’s guidance, had sought to “dissuade him (Mr Miller) from expressing himself on such issues in the future”, which he said was “contrary to his fundamental right to freedom of expression”.

The judge said Mr Miller strongly denies being prejudiced against transgender people, and regards himself as taking part in the “ongoing debate” about reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which the Government consulted on in 2018.

Announcing the court’s decision, Mr Justice Julian Knowles said: “The claimant’s tweets were lawful and that there was not the slightest risk that he would commit a criminal offence by continuing to tweet.

“I find the combination of the police visiting the claimant’s place of work, and their subsequent statements in relation to the possibility of prosecution, were a disproportionate interference with the claimant’s right to freedom of expression because of their potential chilling effect.”

The judge added that the effect of the police turning up at Mr Miller’s place of work “because of his political opinions must not be underestimated”.

He continued: “To do so would be to undervalue a cardinal democratic freedom. In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society.” [Grimsby Live]

cc. Barnet Police, Essex Police etc!

It occurs to me that, just as Gandhi promoted the idea of “mass disobedience” in India, the users of social media might simply, en masse, refuse to go along with the nonsense that has been imposed for many years past, certainly since the Blair elected dictatorship passed the very bad law known as Communications Act 2003, s.127): http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/21/section/127

Twitter users and others should take their courage in their hands and surge through the trammels put in their way by bad law and manipulative special interest groups such as the Jewish lobby.

Dominic Cummings and the Boris-idiot reshuffle

This is the person now effectively in charge of what passes for a government of the UK, in a situation where the part-Jew sociopath posing as Prime Minister cannot do anything but come up with schoolboy plans to build bridges over oceans etc:

Below, my main blog articles about Cummings:



This is like some low-budget sci-fi/futuristic film, in which the government is run secretly from a rubbish-strewn inner London street and by someone whose only camouflage missing is a stack of copies of The Big Issue.

Meanwhile, as in the days of the more corrupt late-Roman emperors, or the mid-1970s’ Harold Wilson government of “Lady Forkbender” and her “Lavender List”, influence and indeed power is wielded not only by some eccentric posing as a dystopian “genius” but also by the “ho” of the idiot trying to pose as Prime Minister of this poor country.

Boris-idiot has a problem, because he himself is actually incapable of running the proverbial whelk stall. His metier is that of the part-Jew public entertainer.

View image on Twitter

What makes it worse is that Dominic Cummings is actually right on several issues, such as, inter alia, the need to deport black and other criminals— and the equally important need to stop the HS2 madness.

Suella Braverman

“Suella Braverman…is mesmerically dim, with the new attorney general’s latest Channel 4 News interview suggesting not only that she could be outperformed at the dispatch box but that she could be outperformed by the dispatch box. Or indeed any other item of furniture in the Palace of Westminster.” [Marina Hyde, in The Guardian]

Suella Braverman is yet another post-1997 political drone (elected 2015) who thinks that it is terribly clever to keep repeating the same phrases. I suppose that there are many average Joes who, reading the Daily Mail, Sun etc, think that a woman who is a barrister and has appeared in the High Court frequently must be highly intelligent, but those of us who have or have had similar status (and, as in my case, were also frequently in the High Court at one time) are harder to convince!

Lisa Nandy

Bin her. Bin her. Bin her. Das ist’s!

La vie litteraire francaise…

The Cabinet of idiots

Whitehall is now littered with…secretaries of state such as Gavin Williamson, while Liz Truss – who’d lose a battle of wits with an emoji – is the longest serving cabinet minister.

I’m afraid Johnson’s much-vaunted reshuffle this week merely served as a reminder that the only positive discrimination scheme in this country that has long functioned to the highest level is the one that puts idiots in the cabinet. By this metric, the loss of Andrea Leadsom is a blow, but one that’s more than made up for by the promotion of the likes of Oliver Dowden, Alok Sharma, Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Suella Braverman. Braverman in particular is mesmerically dim, with the new attorney general’s latest Channel 4 News interview suggesting not only that she could be outperformed at the dispatch box but that she could be outperformed by the dispatch box. Or indeed any other item of furniture in the Palace of Westminster.” [Marina Hyde, The Guardian]


A reminder about Greta Thunberg



If only, after 1945, the European powers had agreed to co-operate in developing Africa as a continent, populating it with white people, taking care of the Africans, the wildlife, the environment, creating towns, cities, farms, with the environment, the animals, the birds being protected. No “African nationalists”, no corrupt and hopelessly incompetent African dictators or greedy African “democratic” politicians, no predation by marauders, whether African armed bands or greedy transnational companies.

It could have been so good.


Midnight music:


10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 February 2020”

  1. Yes, Bercow is a nasty little man. Not many people are aware of it but he has had an amazing political journey from being a very far right Tory (he was once a prominent member of the Monday Club and Secretary of its Immigration and Repatriation Committee) to being a pro LGBT, pro- EU Liberal. That is quite a distance to swing!

    It isn’t surprising this wretched government has decided to proceed with that utterly insane project of HS2. The CONSErvatives never have had an interest in conserving the countryside or indeed conserving anything of real value in this blighted ‘country’ and this particular CON Party administration is filled to the brim with thick morons like Boris-Idiot and other trash.

    With regard to every conceivable viewpoint, HS2 is a stupid project with no merit and will cost huge sums of money to shave just a couple of minutes off very wealthy businessmen’s travelling times. By the time the project is complete many of them will be working from home and flying cars will become available so it will be will be severely out of date as soon as it opens.

    As you have said before, a small country like Britain has no need to have high speed rail apart from the Channel Tunnel rail link which is already in existence.

    The money would be better spent on improving existing railway services all over the country and particularly in the North, re-opening the branch lines that were closed under previous stupid and short-sightedb Tory governments etc.

    Even building a combined road/railway tunnel from Liverpool to Belfast would make more sense and be less environmentally damaging. At least that would serve serve not just transportation needs but help to bind the United Kingdom together – a United Kingdom the so-called Conservative and Unionist Party has severely damaged with their botched Brexit.


      1. Apart from conserving the wealth of the Uber rich 1% and the archaic First Past The Post electoral system I struggle to see WHAT ELSE the Conservative Party conserves yet many millions of idiots still put their x’s by CON Party candidate’s names!☹️


      2. Yes, there is a limit to what I or others can do, when the bulk of the population are or seem determined to treat elections as the kind of brainless “talent shows” popular on British TV…and as unimportant.


  2. And here’s the sting in the tail for Mr Miller:


    “Mr Miller, 54, also launched a wider challenge against the lawfulness of College of Policing guidelines on hate crimes, which was rejected.

    Mr Justice Knowles ruled they “serve legitimate purposes and [are] not disproportionate”.

    Mr Miller has appealed against the ruling about the College of Policing guidance and permission has been granted for the case to go straight to the Supreme Court.”

    Let’s hope that a freshly packed Supreme Court can be provided that still has some recognition of the significance of freedom of speech &c. Or maybe instead we should be careful of what we wish for… From another post spotted and carefully tucked away for future use with all the other feuilles mortes:


    “The general context of this decision is that the Judicial Appointments Commission in England and Wales only allows the appointment of lawyers to become judges who can show “a life-time’s commitment to Equality and Diversity” and therefore its intention is that only Left-wing, Internationalist, Multiculturalist political activists can be appointed as judges. In practice the JAC reports to the Cabinet Office and is not independent. Its budget and personnel are largely determined by the Cabinet Office.”

    Yep that piece of Blairite Bolshevist BS needs to go – and soon.

    O/T to this thread but germane to the topics of the blog: my attention was drawn to

    for a link to an mp3 of a ~2hr talk with guest: Jim Dowson whose channel is

    – interesting remarks on the preservation of social solidarity in NI’s Protestant community. Also a few other things interspersed with not a few longueurs and other interruptions, for example the discoveries of attempted arms shipments into Europe comprising not AK47s or whatever but high grade shotguns potentially intended for close quarters “ethnic cleansing”. Overall worth a listen while washing the dog/the car.
    That aside my reservations about militant Protestant organisations and Fundamentalist Xian belief systems in general stand given their origins. Also iirc like Nick Griffin Mr Dowson is a member of the Knights Templars International. Given the ancient Templars’ dubious history (known especially to those who have dug into it deep enough), not a brand one would have thought it prudent to be associated with.


    1. Wigger:
      re. the judges: yes, the Bench, which has been largely —-though not completely—- independent for about 150 years, is looking down the barrel of control disguised as “diverse selection”…


  3. Hello Ian: What can you expect from John Ber-Crow? He is a disgusting human being that merely acts according to his nature. It’s funny how my instinct never fails regarding the “chosen people”. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was one of them. God, how you made me laugh when mentioned “her drunken slut of a wife”! She had to be one to marry him! LOL

    Just a question: What the hell does it mean “PJ masks”? What is this idiot of Cummings talking about? The guy looks like an “Antifa” member.

    Regarding the case of Harry Miller, the judge is clearly delusional: “We have never lived in an Orwellian society” (???) Somebody should wake up that idiot and tell him that England has been an Orwellian dystopia for well over 25 years as Colin Jordan found out when he published his prophetic “Merrie England” in 1993


    1. Claudius:
      I had no idea what Cummings was talking about, but, via the wonder of the Internet, soon found it:

      “Amaya, Greg, and Connor become the fictional superhero team PJ Masks when night falls in order to fight enemies and rivals such as Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, as well as Motsuki, The Wolfy Kids and Octobella to keep them from ruining people’s day. Amaya becomes Owlette (an owl), Greg becomes Gekko (a lizard), and Connor becomes Catboy (a cat).”

      This is a seriously screwed “government” and even its eminence grise admits it!


      1. Thanks for the information. It is already terrible and worrying to have a moron like Boris Johnson as PM but to see what a nutter his “advisor” is makes thing even worse.


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