Diary Blog, 22 February 2020

Music I had not previously heard…

Freedom of expression continues to disappear on YouTube

“They” always rejoice as free speech disappears. Others take the view that preventing exercise of free speech often has other consequences, perhaps less welcome.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” [John F. Kennedy]

Sex pest MP Stephen Crabb visits Israel (again)

Pathetic sex-pest Stephen Crabb [Con, Preseli Pembrokeshire], whose political career foundered when he was caught sexting a teenager (and was then caught again, doing the same to another girl a year later….he’s very dim) has been once again in his beloved Israel (he’s one of the most pro-Israel MPs, because he thinks that Jews will help his career).



Dishonest careerists and doormats for the Jewish lobby should not be MPs. Crabb is still an MP. Why? He is useless, cultureless, and poorly-educated to boot.

“They” always want their pound of flesh…

Look at the Daily Mirror report below.


The report (written by a Jewish woman, it seems) says that a Jew who has made a (no doubt well-paid) career out of “hunting” elderly Germans and others supposedly involved in killing Jews in WW2 (or just being around at the time), is sad when such now-ancient Germans die (some are over 100 years of age) because he wants them to suffer more.

Decency is alien to “them”…

…and another point is that the Al Pacino TV series mentioned is actually, or in effect, an implied incitement to political violence (by Jews). Strange. I thought that the UK at least had laws against that. Must be that “it’s OK” when Jews do it…


Is this “justice”?

See the report below. A couple of years in prison (in reality) is totally inadequate for the hurt and damage caused. Were there evidential difficulties making a charge of GBH (s.20) or (better) GBH with intent (s.18) hard to prove? Or was it just easier for the CPS to agree guilty verdicts to the lesser offence(s)?


Britain 2020…

Look at this report:


Why is this evil little monkey even in the UK? “Khaled Argoub“…”Forensic trace evidence from the victim also matched the DNA profile of Argoub. At 12.45am on August 24 police arrested him and charged him later that day.” In other words, he had been arrested (and almost certainly convicted previously, his DNA was on file and the police knew exactly where to find him.

Why did the Daily Mirror not detail his previous convictions and his racial/ethnic/national origins? Is he a so-called “asylum seeker? Odds-on, I am betting.

Ah, the Sun at least reported his origin: Algeria. I had guessed that much from the surname:


The Royal Mulatta gets uppity…



Prince Charles’ biographer Tom Bower told MailOnline that the public is ‘finally seeing Meghan’s true nature and motives’. Her comments about the Queen’s decision smack of spiteful fury,’ he said. ‘I fear it will get worse.'” [Daily Mail]

As I predicted quite a long time ago now, Harry has become that staple of American sitcomland, the henpecked husband, run ragged by the demands of his young wife (though in this case, the Mulatta is 4 years older than Harry and is nearly 40). Seeing recent news footage of Harry and MM entering a room, she is obviously in charge. He defers to her and seems oddly nervous and hesitant. Has Harry had a breakdown of some kind? If so, is the Mulatta taking advantage of that?

The most incredible thing to me is that the royal establishment and msm seemed to expect the British public to accept, as an ersatz “royal”, an American mulatta or half-caste (“mixed-race” if you like…be my guest), previously married (and not long ago) to a Jew business type in Southern California! It’s just ridiculous.

It seems now that the Queen and the royal establishment are cutting their losses on Harry and the Mulatta; to put it another way, a branch of the royal tree has become diseased and so will be cut off and quietly disposed of.

Interesting story

An interesting story of how families and individuals are swept away to unexpected places by large-scale socio-political events. In this case (almost inevitably, in the msm), Jewish persons. It is often presented as if only Jews suffer anything in this world! But then, “they” are often the ones writing the history and the journalism…


Blue passports

Despite favouring Brexit, I never understood the “blue passports” idea. The original blue passports were larger than today’s passports and were a deep blue, made of stiff cardboard. They did seem somehow authoritative. I had my first one at age 16 (a lady who saw the photo, taken in a Photo-Me kiosk at a railway station, said that I looked like “a teenage thug”…). That was my first passport that I remember, but I must have had another one when I travelled alone to spend 3 weeks in Paris in 1971, aged 14. Cannot remember whether that was some kind of one-time passport or whatever.

The present passports are apparently the size they now are (a smaller size) and flexible because they have to be of that size and flexibility so that machines at airports etc can read them.

The UK passports, French, German, even US and other non-EU passports, are effectively the same now, and will be, despite the “blue passports” flim-flam. The NWO has standardized all passports and that will not change one iota because the colour changes. The human insect has to be trackable at all times…

“Did you hear the one about the Irish drug dealer?”


Lady Caroline Lamb

Apropos of nothing much, I just watched the film, Lady Caroline Lamb [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Caroline_Lamb_(film)] for the first time in 25 years. A quality production in every way. I believe that it is available in full on youtube, though in segments:

Free speech fightback


All well and good, but I do not recall Toby Young or any one of his friends defending my free speech when I was disbarred in 2016; or defending Alison Chabloz, convicted of singing satirical songs about “holocaust” fakes and frauds; or Jez Turner, actually imprisoned for saying that the Jews should be expelled from this country (again), as has happened at least twice before.

26 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 February 2020”

  1. A truely abhorrent crime as is the one beneath that story in the Daily Mirror. These horrific incidents are too common under the so-called ‘party of law and order’ – a claim I see little evidence for but quite a lot contrary too.

    Where is our illustrious Home Secretary the not so pretty Priti Patel with her ever present smirk?

    The latest we have seen of her was her posing with some new blue British passports which are MADE ABROAD! That says all you need to know about Brexit Britain under the CON Party.🙄🙄🙄

    Yes, let us introduce prisoners paying for their upkeep in prison though I think a better deterrent for thugs would be to bring back judicial corporal punishment though not in the relatively soft form Labour abolished in 1948.

    Let us use the rattan cane as in Singapore. That would be considered to be unduly harsh by many but it might be the only way these psychopathic thugs would be deterred.




    https://www.corpun.com/sing feat.htm



  2. Yes, why did the MSM and the Royal Establishment ever think that sensible Britons would think that Meghan was EVER a suitable person to join our Royal Family? This Yankee trailer park trash was NEVER right for the institution and her recent behaviour just confirms it.

    That report states their website has 11.2 million followers! They can’t all be stupid negro American women, can they?

    I see that the silly Lisa Nandy wants a referendum on the Royal Family but says she has always wanted to see Meghan as Queen!🙄

    With people like that wanting to be Labour’s next leader they are in a hole that will be difficult to get out of.

    Lisa should be the next one out of the race.


    1. Of course Lisa Nandy wants a mulatta as “queen”. She herself is part-Indian and fully System/Coudenhove-Kalergi. I doubt whether she will get more than 10% of the vote, maybe as low as 5%.


      1. I say bin her. Even by the usual low Labour standards she is hopeless ie even Clive Lewis was better as at least he had some original ideas of serious constitutional reforms.

        The two that would be left of Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey are not going to set the world alight but they are the only poor options Labour has.


      2. Yes, that is the reason why. Like many others, Lisa Nandy wants to see the Royal Family’s existence only continue on the basis of their being a PC globalist ‘woke’ institution and no doubt realise that in time that will lead to their end as that form of it is a contradiction in terms. Royal Families are MEANT to be deeply conservative-minded institutions that form an important part of the national heritage and if they don’t perform that role then they sign their own death warrant.


      1. That might well be the only solution left before too long as this situation is deteriorating fast. The Royal Family can’t allow the institution to be made a mockery of by the Yankee upstart and her braindead husband any longer. A more downmarket version of Dallas or Dynasty we do NOT want!

        Before the Royal Family involve MI6 Harry should be given one last chance to see sense and divorce her or the Queen should remove her Royal title totally and threaten to do the same with Harry as well. He can still redeem himself but there is good g to have to be some time limit.


  3. The uppity Yankee Mulatta should never have been allowed to join them in the first place.Those of us with brains knew she would be trouble as soon as their engagement was announced. She was always the uppity Yankee Mulatta on the make and an extreme social climber.

    The Royal Family need to get rid of Meghan for good and Harry as well if he doesn’t see sense and divorces her. The silly boy and Meghan have damaged the institution in a very big way. This cancer needs to be cut away.


    1. The royal family is a group of treacherous parasites that have said not a word about the cultural and ethnic destruction of the British people. They have been doormats of Jews for well over a century. The royal family has been ennobling degenerates and multicultural SJW by the dozen (Elton John, Kiera Knightley, J.K.Rowling, Mick Jagger, Bill Gates, Ralph Lauren (real name Raphael Lifschitz) etc.)

      That wimp called Harry is a perfect example of the kind of race-traitors produced by this despicable family. There are thousands of morons who said: “Oh, why the queen allowed him to marry Meghan?” Well, because that is what she wanted, that is what the royal family stands for. Multiculturalism and miscegenation.

      The last genuine English sovereign was Charles I who chose death instead of dishonour. His son’s authority was severely curtailed by the Parliament, and with the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 the monarchy effectively died. All those who came after James II were puppets controlled by the “nobility” and the City of London (a haven for Jewish merchants and bankers)


      1. King Edward VIII was a good Monarch though sadly he got caught-up with a ruddy Yankee and therefore wasn’t on the throne long. They are constitutional Monarchs and therefore can’t say or do as they wish. We don’t know their real political opinions although sometimes we can guess. Apparently the Queen Mother was sound but her daughter seems to be a loony-left PC globalist Tory.

        William seems to be that way inclined as well. There are strong suspicions that Harry isn’t a genuine Royal and that could be one reason why he has been allowed to marry that god damm awful woman from Yankee trailer park trash land.


      2. The last decent main member of the Royal Family with the exception of Prince Phillip was the Queen Mother in my opinion. She would have been disgusted with Harry if she was still here. Basically, they haven’t been the same since she died. She was the last ‘real Royal. The younger ones don’t know how to act properly.


      3. The idea of having the royal children attend ordinary schools (albeit expensive ones) may be part of the problem. Once “royalty” allows its feet to touch common earth, its magic (contrived or not) dissipates.


  4. I am in favour of giving the Royal Family some real powers similar to those which the Prince of Liechtenstein has. One power they should have would be the authority to veto a proposed war of the British government seeing as we can’t trust British governments or even Parliament as a whole with exercising such immense power and to seriously put a value upon British national interests when deciding these conflicts ie the disastrous war in Iraq.

    Failing giving them this power, we could dump seriously undemocratic First Past The Post elections and switch to Proportional Representation as numerous studies show that counties which use PR go to war less often and that when they do the decision is a more broadly-based one involving more people.


  5. Countries which use PR are less susceptible to having foreign lobbies like the Jew Zionist/Israel First Lobby influencing parliamentarians into going to war and this is because parliaments with PR normally have more than just two parties in them like ours does. This Lobby under PR would have to have more organisations working for them than just the Conservative Friends of Israel and the Labour Friends of Israel.

    Perhaps this is one reason why the undemocratic scumbags of the Labour Party and the CON Party won’t let this country even have a referendum on PR let alone legislate for a change to it ie it is because they don’t want to damage this lobby’s potential power over our politics.😡🤬🙄🙄🙄


  6. Harry and William both went to the same private school as David Cameron and the latest clown to be Tory Party leader and PM, Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson. ENOUGH SAID! Harry must have mixed with the wrong sorts at Eton College and that has helped to turn him out as he has. That school is a baleful influence for the most part upon our national life.

    Yes, it would be probably better if Royal children were educated at home in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace by private tutors just like the Queen and the Queen Mother received their education.


      1. Very serious allegations if true but this is the Scum ‘newspaper’ that is reporting this and I take all their ‘news’ with a huge pinch of salt. Its proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, is a very unpleasant example of Australian fruit and he has it in for the Royal Family. The Scum has never supported the Institution.


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