Diary Blog, 17 March 2020

Coronavirus and Boris the Clown

It is a matter for regret that the UK has at its head, at this moment of national crisis, not a real Prime Minister but a part-Jew public entertainer: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8120551/Coronavirus-Boris-Johnson-hopes-new-ventilators-WEEKS.html

It was claimed by one person who reportedly participated in the call that Mr Johnson had ‘joked’ the coordinated effort to build the machines could be known as ‘Operation Last Gasp’. [Daily Mail]

The person who made the claim to Politico said the PM ‘couldn’t help but act the clown’ as he hosted the call with CEOs.” [Daily Mail]

In the old proverb, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, and you cannot make a real prime minister out of a moneygrasping, freeloading part-Jew clown like Boris Johnson.

I have been looking at the reactions to this “joke” (I mean, primarily, “Operation Last Gasp”, not Boris-idiot as Prime Minister) in newspaper comment columns and Twitter. None of those fora reflect public opinion fully, but the bulk of them are certainly condemnatory of the person presently posing as PM.

The relative few who support Boris-idiot and his jokes seem to fall into two categories: the first are those aged 70+ and who seem to think that Britain and its inhabitants are the relatively united and certainly relatively homogenous people of 1940, and that Britain is still a great manufacturing nation. They supported Brexit, not as I did (for solid geopolitical reasons), but for some kind of farrago composed of blue passports, full British breakfasts, Spitfires over The White Cliffs of Dover and fantasy-Churchilliana.

The others who support Boris are those (especially men, especially under-45) who are basically infantile, who love humourless “banter”, practical “jokes” and post-1980 comedians and comediennes. They believe that anything can be and should be a butt for ill-judged humour, just as the ancient Greeks are said (probably wrongly) to have considered anything a fit subject for discussion.

cf. the “alt-Right” and “alt-Lite” wastes of space.

Britain has gradually become infantilized. It is hard to say when that started, though I should tentatively suggest a date when many bad things started to come into play— 1989.

What we now have is a basically infantilized population. It can be seen in TV ads, TV comedy series, the degeneration of the newspapers, even the formerly and still notionally “serious” newspapers (eg, the London Times, eg The Daily Telegraph), and it can be seen, a fortiori, in the political sphere.

Cast your minds back to 2009 and 2010. The banking crash had happened a couple of years before, but most of the msm discussion was not about the defaults of banks and other licensed thieves in the City of London, Frankfurt and Wall Street, but of how Britain had “overspent”, not on bailing out the speculators and usurers, but on the Welfare State, local council services and other support for the British population.

In 2010, there was a General Election in which a sizeable part of the moronic masses voting actually believed that the Welfare State had somehow “bankrupted” the UK (itself a concept without meaning in terms of sovereign debt) and that those to blame for the economic downturn were mainly the unemployed and disabled. An infantile idea, but paradoxically held as much by the elderly as by the middle-aged and young.

That infantile idea was kept going by the likes of David Cameron-Levita and his fellow part-Jew George Osborne, with his attempts to stir up hate against the unemployed and disabled by inviting the working poor to see which of the neighbours had closed curtains and thus were, perhaps, “sleeping late” and so clearly (?) not working…

This was the level of political discourse brought into the public domain by, indeed, infantile politicians. David Cameron-Levita, George Osborne, many “Conservative” MPs, not to forget the LibDems and “Labour”.

As far as the LibDems are concerned, the more serious ones retired or went to the Lords and were replaced by “entitled” idiots, of which surely the worst and least principled was Nick Clegg, who thought (and was, briefly, proved right) that he could screw the British people as easily as he had the secretaries at the EU Commission…

That process in the LibDems bottomed-out (?) with the election, as LibDem leader, of Jo Swinson, a woman whose only pre-MP jobs had been a couple of very brief and unsuccessful provincial stints as marketing bod for small companies. She was swelled up with her own importance, kow-towed to the Jews nonstop, but was deflated on election night 2019 when the LibDems imploded and she herself lost her seat. It was good to see her crying and distraught, though (unfortunately) the sting was taken out of that by the fact that her husband, Duncan Hames, another ex-MP, is very well paid by a cosmopolitan “non-profit” organization. Jo Swinson’s doormatting for the Jewish lobby also paid off for her, in that Boris-idiot had her elevated to the Lords as a fake “baroness” (£310 taxfree for turning up and drinking a coffee for 30 mins a day, plus other expenses).

Labour? How about “mass immigration does not lower wages. The Government should insist on minimum pay and standards.” Hard to know where to start, when those “debating” do not understand the first principles of supply and demand in economics…


I have blogged about a few of the idiots now in Parliament on “all sides” (of the one rigged system…): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/?s=deadhead+mps

Here are a few Labour ones:




What about Tony Blair? Surely, you may say, he was not “infantile”? Well, both he and dear Cherie, Blair’s ugly and moneygrasping wife —whom many think of as terribly clever because she is a Q.C. in Employment Law— made statements to the effect that all or at least half of young people should go to “university” because “statistics show that people with degrees make higher salaries”! Tony, Cherie, please refer to the above “supply and demand” point…(the same could be said of the “universities”…).

Another example? Blair’s “50 mega-casinos” idea. Just what Britain needs— a huge local casino in every town, to take any money people might have left…

As for the more “Corbyn” type of Labour supporter…https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/disordered-and-infantile-people/

The infantilization of life in the UK has reached such heights (or depths) that someone can now become Prime Minister because many thought that he was or is marvellously funny. I mean, the man doesn’t even know how many children he has! What fun! He screwed an American woman when Mayor of London and then gave her £100,000 in public funds (wouldn’t a “top class” prostitute have been far cheaper for the London council tax payers?). What fun! “Boris” even finds the dreadful death of those suffering from Coronavirus funny enough to joke about. What fun!

Actually, this is not so funny. Boris Johnson is not funny, he is not fit to be in the position he is in and he should be removed by any means available.

I see Boris-idiot as akin to a comedic actor trying, unsuccessfully, to play a serious and rather tragic role.

Companies closing (even before “the virus”…)

In the past few years, badly-run companies have been using “Brexit” as their excuse for losing money or becoming insolvent. Now, they will have a new excuse: Coronavirus.


Comment about comments

Have been reading the Daily Mail comments section. Frightening stupidity, for the most part. Ignorance abounding. Lots of fantasy “when we won the war” nonsense and “row row together” garbage. Also, lots of “we should not have to pay bills until this is all over” and “we should just carry on as usual and get through this” (and, presumably, or as Boris-idiot was saying only days ago, “take it on the chin”). I hope that those people remember that when they are dying from this (latest) Chinese virus, without NHS or other State aid.

Reminiscent of the New Orleans of the early 1850s, hit by yellow fever (“yellowjack”), as portrayed in the 1938 film, Jezebel


Bette Davis. A star. I remember seeing her in great old age, a few years before she died. Cannot remember exact year, about 1985. She passed by only a few feet from me, as I stood with the chief of her security team (about a dozen-strong) at the South Bank Centre in London. She was accompanied by a younger woman, maybe 30, very beautiful and dressed in a ball gown or similar (fashion etc is not my strong suit), she being a kind of “lady in waiting”, though thinking about it now, maybe herself a bodyguard of some kind. Bette Davis looked like a living (just about living) fossil, but what presence! She had been appearing (if I recall aright) on The South Bank Show with Andrei Tarkovsky, director of films such as Mirror, Stalker and Andrei Rublev.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Tarkovsky].

Ironically, Tarkovsky, 24 years younger than Bette Davis, died in 1986, three years before her.

Thoughts out of season

At this time, naturally, thoughts of possible mortality come to mind. As someone over 60, though not with serious health issues of the relevant kind, it has to be a possibility that I shall not survive “the virus” which those lovely people, the Chinese, have given to us.

Of course, it would be mildly ironic that, having survived a few risky situations in the past, and even the odd war zone (only as more-or-less spectator, though), I should perhaps expire thanks to an enemy so small that he cannot even be seen attacking. Still, these things happen.

I always recall the British family who wanted to escape the UK and go to live somewhere peaceful, where nothing ever happened, and where sheep safely graze. They did research, took all the precautions that they could, then emigrated to their planned haven…the Falkland Islands! They arrived two weeks before the Argentine invasion, after which the conflict (war) started. It must have been pretty noisy, at the very least; I recall being in a car rocked by an explosion, about 21 years ago. It nearly got blown over, despite the explosion being hundreds of yards away. Alarming.

Returning to our present situation, all one can do is to take reasonable precautions. I am restricting my shopping and doing it late in the evening or about 0700 in the morning, when few people are about. I could do it online only, but then would be restricted to online lotto only, and I like the odd scratchcard, despite never having won more than £500 (last year, in fact). I have a very limited social life now anyway, and even wait 2 hours before picking up my post from the floor. I use car fuel from an automated pump and am becoming almost obsessive about washing hands and using hand gel after touching fuel pumps, door handles etc. What more can one do?

Many people do not have the option to stay home and/or work from home. They need to travel on London Underground, overground trains, need to work to get money and/or have responsibilities not lightly abandoned (nurses, hospital or other doctors, police, paramedics etc). True, many, indeed most, will be under the age of 60 and in reasonable health (and so unlikely to be killed if they are infected) but many may have older relatives or others whom they might infect, of course.

Should I fall victim to the virus, I imagine that my demise will be greeted with hoots and howls of laughter and glee from the Jew element and their “antifa” idiot-doormats. However, even in that circumstance, their pleasure may come back to bite them:

Arjuna is confused. He thinks that if he does his dharma he kills his enemies in battle; but
Arjuna, as Krishna explains, neither kills or is killed. Everything happens because of a
divine plan. Arjuna is the instrument of God’s divine plan. The text locates agency here on a divine actor.” [exegesis on the Bhagavad-Gita]


Lord Krishna spoke these words to Arjuna whose eyes were tearful and downcast, and who was overwhelmed with compassion and despair. (2.01)

The Supreme Lord [Krishna] said: How has the dejection come to you at this juncture? This is not fit for an Aryan (or the people of noble mind and deeds). It is disgraceful, and it does not lead one to heaven, O Arjuna. (2.02)

The Supreme Lord said: You grieve for those who are not worthy of grief, and yet speak the words of wisdom. The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead. (2.11). There was never a time when I, you, or these kings did not exist; nor shall we ever cease to exist in the future. (2.12)



What we do in this life is but part of an unbroken spiral of birth, life on Earth, death, discarnate life, then reincarnation.

Deadhead MPs

I seem to have found yet another excellent candidate for my blog series “Deadhead MPs”: Pauline Latham [Con, Mid Derbyshire], who has tweeted disparagingly to a constituent who raised a very serious and urgent issue [see below].

Prior to today, I had never heard of this silly old woman, who was elected in 2010 at the age of 62 and is now 72.


It seems that Pauline Latham has never actually held a job, unless you count being a local councillor and at one time Mayor of Derby. Neither has she ever had children.

The tweeter below, “Catherine”, got it right…



Her excuses have been pathetic:


In fact, Pauline Latham often replies in that way to her constituents and others:

What a horrible and ugly old woman.

Solicitor defrauded Legal Aid Fund

What a wonderful multikulti society we live in…is the “solicitor” Indian as such, or a Roma Gypsy of recent Indian origin? Not sure myself. The criminal “partner” is definitely Roma Gypsy.





She got a suspended sentence! Incredible.

Europe awake!

Cheerful Russian music

Moscow looked better back then.

[nb: 1945 was a long time ago. Russia is now in the forefront of the battle and war for European culture and civilization].

Thoughts at midnight

Anything is now possible in the next few years. It may be that it is the Will of God to impose a radically different rulership upon Europe.

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 March 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I have just received notifications from the National Gallery of Scotland and Birmingham Museums. They are closed for God knows how long. The Dulwich Picture Gallery also closed last week.

    Here in my country (Argentina), the government closed the schools yesterday. They are taking it seriously, although we only had two deaths. Boris is a total disaster. My wife, who is English, hates him and is not the only one…

    Take care and good luck!.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Yes, I knew that you were based in Argentina, but was unaware of the “virus” situation there.

      Some people may disagree, but I am not usually a “conspiracy theorist”. I have to wonder about this whole situation, though. It starts in China, but deaths there have now all but stopped. It seems that the Israelis were, “co-incidentally” working on a vaccine even before this crisis started. Trump tried to get it for US use only (so much for the non-existent or one-way “Special Relationship”).

      South Africa, pre-1990s, was working on viruses which only attacked certain races. It is said that Israel is doing the same (viruses only attacking Arabs). We know that Israel and 1980s South Africa worked together on weapons projects, eg nuclear…

      Also, is this connected with the “Great Replacement”?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Ian: A very good reflection on the meaning of life. I believe that some of us, sooner or later, come to the conclusion that there is something more in life than the mere existence and the material rewards that would come our way in case we are fortunate.

    A few of us concern ourselves with the destiny and welfare of our people, our nation. Most people could not care less, and so we are bound to feel and suffer for the majority. In my case, my “awakening” happened when I was about 16 years old. It was the consequence of reading and meditating about historical facts. Nobody told me what to read or influence my thoughts, it was a personal decision and, quoting the immortal Rudolf Hess: “I regret nothing. If I were to begin all over again, I would act just as I did, even if I knew that in the end, I should meet a fiery death at the stake.”

    I am now 60 years old, and I don’t think I will see a change for the better, but it does not matter. What matters is our loyalty to our ideals, ideals for which millions of men far better than me gave their lives. The difference between our enemies and us is that we cannot be bought; they know that, and that drives them mad. Is in the makeup of a true Aryan to strive for honour, truth and beauty and in the end, as Goebbels said: ” we will succeed because good and truth always triumph over this world.”


    1. Claudius:
      You are, of course, correct. We few cannot be bought. “They” know that without even putting it to the test. No Jew lobby group or official agency has ever tried to make me turn traitor (to the Good, the Beautiful and the True); they knew from observing me that I am incapable of such treason.

      Though logic *seems* to indicate that, in this life, the forces of Evil may prevail, there are equally powerful forces working on our side. An ancient Chinese proverb says that “the stars in their courses fight on the side of the just”.

      I am convinced that 2022 will be a world-historic year. I have often blogged and (when I had a Twitter account) tweeted about it. 1923, 1956, 1989, 2022…


  3. Yes, Boris-idiot is a part-Jew, part Turkish, part god knows what public entertainer whose only real ability is to make the many cretins amongst the British electorate and within his own party laugh. Apart from that, he is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. He is painfully out of his depth as PM and frankly I am not surprised that one of the very few leading Tories who has any ability, Jeremy Hunt, retired to the backbenches. After all, why would he want to be in a cabinet with thickos like Priti Vacant and dodgy spivs like Grant Schappes etc? I know I wouldn’t!

    Even by the usual low Tory standards, George Osbourne is an evil and utterly repulsive little creep. Those conference speeches he made about people going out to work whilst others still had their curtains closed were deliberately intended to stir-up hatred towards the unemployed and benefit claimants. He knew precisely what sort of buttons to push in those speeches to find favour with the bigots in the conference hall and Daily Mail and Daily Express ‘reading’ morons outside of it. He is an absolute disgrace and it is excellent news he is no longer involved in British politics though sadly there are plenty of other bigots like him in the Tory Party who think of those groups of people like he does.


  4. If only we had a semi-constitutional Monarchy like Liechtenstein has instead of the constitutional one we have then the Monarch would have some serious ‘reserve powers’ as the Prince of Liechtenstein has and could remove this buffoon/clown/grinning monkey we have for a PM. He has only been PM for a few months and he has become even more of a worldwide joke than President Trump and I did think that Britain wouldn’t ever have a PM that would be raise more global mirth than he.

    Speaking of that family moving to the Falkland Islands, those Islands are, apparently, one of the very few countries and territories apart from some small Pacific nations and a few dots in the Caribbean to have not a single case of this virus yet!


    1. I think, M’Lord of Essex, that you know that I had occasion, nearly 20 years ago, to visit Liechtenstein, that strange little Ruritania. It is easier to run such a system in a little state like that than in a large country such as the UK.


      1. Yes, you could say that but there are countries with larger land areas and higher populations that have Monarchies with some real powers or some that have ‘reserve’ ones like Thailand or Saudi Arabia though I wouldn’t wish to live in an absolute monarchy like that country is.

        The Prince of Liechtenstein can dismiss any government minister, the PM and dissolve the Parliament at will BUT the constitution of 1993 which gave him those powers (decided by the people in a referendum in that year) also gave them the ability to abolish the Monarchy too so these powers will probably be exercised only if they are ever thought to be truely necessary.

        Liechtenstein seems to have done well with its model of a semi-constitutional Monarchy as its residents have one of the highest average incomes of any country.


      2. As you say.

        We have not gone much further than Plato. The “philosopher king” is fine as aconcept but his powers sit less well on lesser rulers, who may end up as tyrants. For every Marcus Aurelius there is a Caligula…


  5. Nice of that Tory MP to reply to her constituent in that way! Yes, some constituents can no doubt be annoying at times but the lady asked the MP about a serious and pertinent issue so she should have responded in a civil manner.

    Looks like Tory MPs don’t put much value upon that fabled ‘single MP constituency link’ they always use to argue against the introduction of a fairer system of Proportional Representation voting and like FPTP NOT for that reason but because having an electoral system based purely on single-member seats creates lots of safe Tory seats like hers and ‘jobs for life’ where they can treat their constituents with contempt and still have every expectation they will retain them for decades.

    Catherine is wrong. The Tories are not stressed about being in office. It is just that familiar story of an unearned large majority going to their heads and their becoming arrogant and drunk with power.




  6. Hello Ian:

    Thank you for remembering that fantastic actress that was Bette Davis.

    Yesterday I watched “What Happened to Baby Jane?” one of her best films. BTW, I just remembered another great film worth recommending: “Sunset Boulevard” with William Holden and Gloria Swanson. Magnificent!


    1. Yes, she was a fantastic actress and a true ‘Hollywood Great’ from the ‘Golden Age’ of Holywood! The 1970’s seem to me to be the last decade where some movies could be called ‘classics’ and will stand the test of time ie two horror films: The Exorcist and The Omen and a couple of others like The French Connection.


      1. There have been some good films since, despite the pervasive power of the Jews. Of course, Hollywood of the 1930s, 1940s etc (up to 1970s) was also Jew-ridden, but the Jews were willing to make films not about Jews back then! Spielberg had not appeared, and Hollywood was better for it. Jews (producers and directors) could make films which were not only very good but which did *not* focus on Jews! El Cid, A Man for All Seasons, Anne of a Thousand Days, Day of the Jackal etc.

        Recent (post-1980) films I liked: inter alia, The Russia House, Seven Years in Tibet. Others.


  7. Those last few clips especially the last one demonstrate that Russia has fairly impressive armed forces which their government are not afraid of investing in. It seems to me no British government in history even when we had a vast Empire has really wanted to pour very significant resources into our defences. At the press time, we could do with a decent amount of reserves in the army as they look like to be needed shortly but, as ever, the libertarian maniacs of the CON Party have wanted to ‘shrink the state’ at all costs to provide tax cuts for the 1% and as a silly ideological crusade so we have smaller numbers of police officers, immigration officers and army reserves than we need!🙄😡🤬☹️


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I should prefer to see more Army, Navy, Air Force and police personnel, but not if they are going to be used to fight wars against the chosen enemies of Israel and USA (or against us!)…


      1. Yes, there is no point in recruiting more police officers who don’t come cheap if, under the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ they are not allowed to do their jobs properly and concentrate on apprehending those who post mean non-PC tweets rather than apprehending REAL criminals like murderers, rapists, burglars, violent assaulters as in well-run countries like Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

        As for our armed forces, yes, it is not really worthwhile investing in them if they waste billions of pounds and the lives of some of our finest men and women in stupid wars like the one in Iraq.


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