Diary Blog, 27 March 2020

This follows Hitchens’ tweets and Daily Mail column:

When I saw that initial Peter Hitchens article, I was sceptical, thinking that strict temporary measures were probably necessary to deal with the Coronavirus crisis. Now I have modified my view about both what is happening (while still recognizing the very serious nature of the virus situation) and especially about the repressive laws and overarching “enabling” legislation.

Hitchens again:


The Daily Mail report below shows how the police are starting, once again (as with social media “crimes”), to get above themselves, zealously going well beyond the law and their own granted powers to hunt down people whom they decide should be lectured, spied upon or questioned. They also leave behind ordinary commonsense.


Police officers spying on lone dog-walkers in the remote and deserted parts of the Peak District and other national parks; senior police acting as poundland generals, setting up roadblocks, getting their robots to question motorists about where they are going and “is your journey really necessary?” And so on.

In Derbyshire, police are using drones to spy on solitary dog walkers in the Peak District National Park, people walking miles from anyone else! The very same force that, in the Alison Chabloz case, revealed itself to be a comic opera Keystone Cops outfit and poundland KGB. Incidentally, Derbyshire Police has long had one of the worst records in dealing with actual, real crime; you know, real crime, such as burglary, assault, GBH etc, not “someone said something about Jews on social media”, not “someone walked a dog in a remote part of the Peak District but we got her using our poundland KGB drone”.

Common-sense is lacking. A couple in a car or a man on a motorbike are not going to infect anyone, neither are they going to be infected, not while driving and riding. Of course, the same applies to a girl on a motorcycle…

Always ride safely, of course…

There are, as Hitchens and Delingpole say, a huge number of people who cannot wait to see the British people subjected to strict controls at all times. They also cannot wait to see people punished. Many of these “useful idiots” are those who identify with some kind of multikulti pseudo-socialism and spend most of their lives virtue-signalling on Twitter.

Why shouldn’t someone drive from a town to a deserted part of the country and walk a dog or just walk, with or without someone from the same dwelling? The danger of infection (from or to) is much greater in an urban or suburban setting where more people are likely to be encountered.

There are a few brave voices being raised in defence of reasonable freedoms. I do not much like what I have seen on TV and in print of James Delingpole, but this is a courageous and surely correct article:


A big beast breaks from cover


So Gordon Brown, formerly a major UK political face of the international finance-capitalist conspiracy (or, if you prefer, “consensus”), has come out of hiding to call openly for a one-world dictatorship…It took him a while, but he has now done it.

Give that man a cee-gar!

As soon as the soap opera of Harry and the Royal Mulatta began to unravel, I predicted that they would end up living somewhere like Bel Air or Beverly Hills, with Harry as that stock comic character of American TV, a kind of house-husband, run ragged by his petulant “younger wife” (in fact she is 4 years older than Harry). Royal Married with Children… Well, that has now come to pass: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2020/03/27/prince-harry-meghan-move-california/

Statistical anomaly

It seems that Jews in the UK have been hard hit by Coronavirus and that 5% of all deaths in the UK have occurred within the Jewish element. I am not a statistician, of course, but this seems to me very high, bearing in mind that Jews are supposedly only about 0.3% of the entire UK-resident population. That means that Jews are not only being hit harder (as far as actual deaths are concerned) than non-Jews, but nearly 20 times as much.

I suppose that one has to take into account the fact that London, which is now such a dustbin of peoples, is the epicentre or “hotspot” for Coronavirus in the UK. I read that North West London, the most Jewish part of London, is the hotspot within the hotspot. In fact, the borough of Barnet is said to be the most infected of all.

That in itself does not quite explain why. Is it because Jews travel on business more than most non-Jews (e.g. English people)? I have no idea. Not every Jew is a diamond dealer or finance industry operative, flitting from London to Antwerp to Zurich and on to Moscow or Kiev.

Unemployment: the DWP system cannot cope

Half a million people have just registered as unemployed in the UK, in one week! The DWP system was unable to cope before Coronavirus “lockdown”. Now? Look at what that idiotic creature, Therese Coffey, is saying!

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I have previously blogged about Therese Coffey: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/

People are waking up…

In fact, that tweeter is wrong. The global death total at time of writing is about 24,000, not 2,800. The principle remains, though.

Self-awareness takes a back seat…

12 hours earlier…

Previous blog articles about “Mark Lewis Lawyer”:








Some tweets seen today

from India:

The new UK police state

The director of the human rights organisation Liberty has called the government’s new Coronavirus Act the biggest attack on British people’s freedoms in a generation.” [The Guardian]

Among various measures, the act, which passed on Wednesday, gives police powers to detain people and forcibly test people they suspect may be infectious, removes protections for those detained under the mental health act, and weakens judicial oversight of surveillance.

“Already on Thursday, the Guardian reported how police in North Yorkshire were proposing to set up road blocks to restrict people’s movements, while Derbyshire police used a drone to shame people who had driven to remote parts of the peak district during the lockdown.

In a statement marking the passage of the new law, Martha Spurrier, director of Liberty, said:

This new law is without doubt the biggest restriction on our individual and collective freedoms in a generation. What people may not realise is the extent of its powers, and how long they can be in place for.

It gives the authorities new powers to detain any one of us that they believe could be infected with the coronavirus.

It also removes vital safeguards in care standards, leaving many people who are already at risk, such as disabled people, at further risk, not only of poor care but also of potentially inhumane treatment.

While change is necessary, and some of the measures outlined in this legislation are entirely sensible, others are overbearing and, if left unchecked, could create more problems than they solve.

The breadth of this legislation is also extraordinary. It runs to more than 300 pages and includes some spectacular restrictions, including powers to rearrange or cancel elections.

We’ll beat this virus, but these measures must be a last resort in that battle and these powers must be removed as soon as possible. We cannot and must not sacrifice all of our hard-won rights and freedoms.”


More news about the nonsensical attitude of the police


The Met Police today fined a bakery boss £80 for criminal damage after she put temporary lines outside her shop to keep her customers safe from coronavirus….The officer told the flabbergasted woman that she had graffitied the pavement and if police failed to punish crimes like these there would be ‘anarchy’, adding: ‘I can’t help the law. We’re going to be ticketing soon to stop people congregating – is that wrong too?’.” [Daily Mail]

No wonder that the more elite police used to call their uniformed colleagues “wooden-tops”!

It came as police forces across the country are facing accusations of overzealousness as they use sweeping new powers to crack down on people flouting the coronavirus lockdown, using road blocks, drones and helicopters to enforce it.” [Daily Mail]

Critics say the unprecedented powers handed to officers by ministers will see the country ‘sliding into dystopia.'”

As the row intensified today, Leading QC Matthew Ryder said there was an ‘overwhelming consensus from lawyers that police trying to restrict people to ’emergency travel only’ is unlawful.‘”

Former MPs also claim police are ‘showing an astounding lack of judgement’ and needed to exercise ‘common sense and respect’ and use their powers elsewhere.

But chairman of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Martin Hewitt, doubled down on the measures, telling the BBC: ‘This is a national emergency, not a national holiday.’

[Daily Mail]

Well, there it is. Police go mad, but are backed by senior national police officers who plainly lack both real intelligence and common-sense. If the police were told by the “weirdos and misfits” now at the heart of “democratic” government to herd us all into some UK GULAG system, they would do it. No question.

The fact is that the police are in danger of becoming an irrelevance, not very good at preventing or dealing with ordinary crime (their main job), better at investigating the odd egregious murder or ultra-high-value robbery, but preferring to act as, indeed, a poundland KGB, censoring and interfering with such matters as social media posts (often completely lawful even under the present repressive legal regime), or “enforcing” (and in fact going well beyond) the rules now laid down by an illegitimate ZOG political regime headed by a clown.

In fact, read this:

Appearing on BBC Breakfast today, Superintendent Steve Pont from Derbyshire Police hit back at allegations he was ‘shaming’ dog walkers, claiming people were ‘looking for excuses and loopholes as to why they don’t need to stay at home when everyone else does.’ Supt Pont said his force was, ‘here to apply the law the government makes.’

[Daily Mail, about BBC TV Breakfast]

There we have the problem in a nutshell. A relatively senior officer of the police says that people were “looking for excuses and loopholes as to why they don’t need to stay at home when everyone else does.“, when in fact people, even under the absurd new law, do not have to stay at home. They are entitled to take daily exercise alone or with co-habitees, they are not prohibited from driving to that place of permitted exercise, they are not prohibited from driving a car or motorbike there or, arguably, anywhere so long as they do not get out and socialize. They are also permitted to shop for food, drink, medicine etc and are not prohibited from driving to shop.

Superintendent Plod, I mean Pont, of Derbyshire Police, has just decided to remake the new law in his own mind as “everyone has to stay at home unless the police permit”. No. No. No.

These social measures, now nodded into law overnight by 650 “democratically elected” idiots, cannot work unless the public supports them and plays ball. The police, by their panic-stricken bullying, risk being ignored if they keep pushing like this. The police should remind themselves that, if everyone ignores them, they are all but powerless.

People —or at least 99% of people— are willing to take reasonable measures to self-isolate, only shop or exercize with care once daily, socially distance, not socialize etc, but the hectoring and basically silly attitude of the police risks alienation of that public.

What after Coronavirus?

Coronavirus will not last longer than (maybe) June in the UK. By that time, either people will have had it (and recovered, in most cases) or infection will not be happening (because the virus lasts for only 1-4 weeks in people: those infected either do not show symptoms, or suffer from them, or die, within a few weeks of being infected); the virus only lasts for hours, days or, exceptionally, weeks on surfaces. The crisis should therefore be over by early Summer. Its damage to our politics, economy (especially) and law will then become apparent.

I need to blog separately about this.

Evening foray

No evening (or daytime) expedition to shops today. In fact, I have been the ideal “UK Coronavirus” citizen, sleeping half the day away and spending most of the rest of the time on the Internet, connected to the wide world.

I noticed that there was a beautiful crescent Moon, completely on its side like a Grail symbol. A planet (Venus?) was very clear too. Must have something to do with the clearer air across the world.

Final thought

Coronavirus will be effectively over by June or July this year, i.e. 3-4 months. The new government powers last until 2022 and the first vote to dispense with them will be only in September 2020. Will the System find an excuse to renew the powers?



22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 March 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: While reading your post I clicked on the link to the article of James Delingpole about Peter Hitchens, and then, on the right, I noticed “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry move to California”. Gee, that was quick, I thought.

    It is obvious who’s the idea it was and who is in charge. As you said, this will end up badly for Harry (his fault anyway) who sooner or later will get fed up with Hollywood’s trashy “jet-set”. I don’t give them much time as a couple.

    Anyway, I am sending you this link because of the priceless comments. NOBODY likes them! LOL. I bet you and Steven will enjoy them.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I wonder whether Harry and the Royal Mulatta will be a future “module” in public relations courses? Rarely has there been such a turnaround in public affections.


      1. Yes. Harry has gone from once being one of if not THE most popular member of the Royal Family to being pretty much despised or just plain ignored by everyone apart from Politically Correct virtue signallers because he married an obvious Yankee ‘wrong ‘un’. It is quite sad in a way but he has brought it upon himself.


    2. Harry’s problem is that he is just plain thick so much so in fact that despite attending (very rarely for a Royal) what is probably Britain’s most elite school the world famous Eton College he had to get his teachers to cheat for him in his art exams.

      To be frank, Harry is none too bright and very naive which is why he fell for the Yankee trailer park trash, blatant social climber and manipulater extraordinaire Meghan Markle.

      Mind you, Eton College has a habit of producing people with their brains around their ankles ie David Cameron and its latest ‘product’ our illustrious resident monkey in No. 10 Boris Idiot.

      That school really is a bane upon Britain and needs to be closed-down. Apparently, it said rich but bright boys get sent to Winchester College (another famous British private school and where Sir Oswald Mosley was educated) and the wealthy but dim ones go to Eton and with people like Prince Harry, David Cameron, and Boris Idiot as alumni who can say this saying is wrong?






  2. Is there no reasonable limit to the Tory Party’s EVIL when it comes to benefit claimants? If she wasn’t a Tory bitch, you would think a motherly looking person such as the Hetty Wainthropp Investigates character above otherwise known as Therese Coffey would develop some common sense and take note of the present dire situation.

    To be honest, I am surprised the CON Party hasn’t instituted gas chambers yet for the unemployed and the disabled for their ‘final solution’ to the ‘untermenschen’ problem of benefit claimants.

    If they want to save money then I would suggest they stop spending large amounts of money on foreign aid to countries like India with a space programme, those illegal immigrants and blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ Priti Vacant keeps on letting in in her mission to genocide the British people out of a homeland, stop the wastage of vast sums in their rubbish police forces on LGBT branded police cars (even many LGBT people find that utterly ridiculous, a complete waste of money and embarrassing to their community) etc and on PC more generally etc.

    The CONservative Party: soft on foreigners, hard on the British. We DON’T conserve Britain, we hate it especially those pesky white poor people!

    Don’t vote CON Party! SIMPLES as the Meerkat would say!😃


      1. Yes, another time not that long after a Tory government ‘won’ a landslide by the means of an eternally crooked electoral system gifting them a big win, became drunk with power and then instituted a tax which even they in their more sensible moments must have recognised was unfair since it wasn’t based-upon ability to pay and which had to be dumped and replaced with a new tax within a year or

        That new tax coming after Mrs Thatcher was systematically stabbed in the back by her own party, a new leader being put into place, a massive Poll Tax riot in Trafalgar Square and a big by-election win by the Liberal Democrats at the Eastbourne By Election.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        “Poll Tax” was based on the pseudo-libertarian idea that everyone in the society uses the services such as street lighting the same, so why should the wealthy pay more? A kind of “society is a kind of game where all players start equal” idea. Unthinking.


  3. It is high time the Queen got tougher on Harry and Meghan. Those two should be thrown out of the Royal Family entirely because although they have already done a great deal of damage to the institution they are continuing to do so even from afar.

    Queenie needs to cut out the diseased branch of the family tree just like a surgeon would do to cancer before it kills the host.


  4. So the New York born half-Turk, part Jew, part god knows what clown/public entertainer is allowing his Turkish genes to come to the fore and letting his budding inner dictator come out. Well, who could have seen that coming?🙄 Well, the people did vote to ‘take back control’ in that now infamous slogan, after all!

    As for those officious police officers gladly zealously enforcing the emerging police state, I believe Old Etonian George Orwell no less said if fascism ever came to Britain it would come in a very gentlemanly form, be true to our national character and with a friendly smile.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I was about to say well that would be Boris Johnson, except that his “gentlemanly form” is only skin deep and in fact rather obviously fake.

      Yes, Boris-idiot is not exactly a “dictator” but he is a kind of tyrant, not a real one but a sort of comic-opera one; one not from Fascism or Bolshevism, but more from a comic version of Brideshead Revisited or some other Evelyn Waugh type of book.

      This country is quiescent, so far, but come 2021 and 2022, it will be raging.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I know of Mark Collett though have never met or communicated with him. I believe that I have heard of his new venture. One occasionally sees Jews and/or “antifa” idiots complaining about it.

      I know little of Collett himself except that he was youth leader of the BNP. I read his free online book. Agreed with most of it, though I doubt that Oswald Spengler has much to worry about.

      As far as I know, Collett seems OK and active in a serious way, so I wish him well on that basis.


  5. I’m increasingly viewing this coronavirus lockdown as part of a global coup by the “technocratic elite”. Did the Government REALLY draft a 300 page Bill for a novel situation and without consultation in a few weeks? That’s about as plausible as the Patriot Act text not having been prepared before 911.

    A taster:

    British Police use Megaphones to Tell People to go Home
    – they refer to lockdown.

    But the usual double standards apply:

    UK Mosques say F U and stay open regardless.


    The never-ending search for another vaccine – in the previous update it was gbp20million, this time it’s gbp544million (what an odd number):

    And here’s the link, as previously adverted to. Just a conspiracy theory of course:

    More corroboration of my previous report on digital currencies and the abolition of cash:



    And a reminder of my 25 March comment:

    – has anyone actually seen that on the BBC or elsewhere in the conventional media?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In regards to the exemption granted to the mosques in Great Britain. I would add that here in Argentina the orthodox Jews have been exempt from the lockdown so they may go to their synagogues to carry out their ritual baths. As Orwell said: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


      1. Indeed. However, Orthodox Jews normally only comprise a small percentage of the total Jewish population of a country and most countries don’t have many Jews so the effect of their spreading of the virus should be pretty small as well. I’m a bit softer on Orthodox Jews compared to the secular or barely religious ones because although Orthodox Jews do say some unpleasant things about we gentiles in their holy books they usually keep themselves to themselves and don’t interfere much in politics or the media like the other ones do and especially the Zionist fanatic element. It is those ones we should keep a close watch on.

        Do you have many Muslims in Argentina and are they being treated with a double standard?


      2. Your observation about orthodox Jews is correct. Regarding the number of Muslims in Argentina, I did a bit of research and found, as I thought, that they are a tiny minority; only 29.070 (according to the 2005 census) that makes them the 0.04% of the population.

        The good thing about the Muslim community here in Argentina is that its members are fully integrated into the Argentine society. There are no radical or militant fanatics. They are excellent, law-abiding citizens.

        Your question about the Muslims drove me to look at the Jewish population in Argentina, and I found something very strange. According to an article published in 2005, the census of 1960 was the last one where people were asked to declare their religion, as a result of that 310.000 people identified themselves as Jewish. Now, here is the catch, according to the same article (newspaper “La Nacion” 6 June 2005) a survey carried out by a mysterious consultancy firm called KNACK declared that there were “between 280.000 and 300.000”.

        Obviously, this is a lie. First of all, it cannot give such a vague figure. Second, if there were 310.000 in 1960 when things were done properly by the state, there must be nearly 500.000 now. On other words, we don’t know. What I do know is that they have a vast and disproportionate share in the vital areas of the country, such as finance and the media. You could say that “they” own the land.


  6. And now a quite separate item which though strictly off-topic demonstrates that Government and the BBC have documented form for lying to the public for a wholly perfidious and subversive objective:



    Read the British Ministry of Information’s letter to the BBC et al. the text of which is apparently set out on pages 209-10 of “Allied Wartime Diplomacy – A Pattern in Poland” (1957) by E.J. Rozek. The book is on archive.org albeit in “borrowing” mode only but it’s doubtless freely available elsewhere online for verification if one spends the necessary time seeking it out.

    “. . . Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of the “Corpse Factory,” the “Mutilated Belgian Babies,” and the “Crucified Canadians.” Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry. . . . ”

    If the Government and BBC have form for that, why doubt that they have form for participating in a global putsch, pretext: coronavirus?


    1. Wigger:
      Quite right, of course. My eyes were further opened by a book about WW1 atrocity propaganda, mainly done by the British against the Germans. Bodies made into soap (that was later recycled for WW2 use), nuns in Belgium used as human bell clappers, babies impaled on German bayonets etc.

      Even today, some people believe that, in WW2, the Germans used hair of Jews to stuff German Army greatcoats etc! In fact, when (in 2017) the Jew lobby (“CAA”) had tame Essex Police interview me at Grays in Essex, the detective sergeant plainly believed that, in WW2, Germans turned bodies of “gassed” Jews into soap! Unbelievable…


  7. That just goes to show how many unthinking thickos are in the police even at detective sergeant level let alone the constables! That idiot should know that even the Holocaust Centre in Israel and Israeli experts on the ‘Shoa’ no longer claim that happened.

    The likes of Priti Vacant/Useless and Benny Hill impersonator Johnson must laugh at the kind of compliant and easily led people in the police forces. Far too many of them are truely good footsoldiers for a potential Tory dictatorship led by The Clown.


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