Diary Blog, 13 April 2020

Chris Tarrant

I have been wary of Chris Tarrant ever since I saw some “holocaust” rubbish he was pushing on TV. Naturally, as a “media person”, he wants to keep in with the Jew element that infests the mass media. Still, it is a pity that his type has little or no principle. Now I see that he is being exposed on Twitter:


“Let justice be tempered with…nonsense”

Michael Jonathan Wright failed to attend appointments on June 14 and June 21 last year as part of his community order made by the court on May 15 after he assaulted a police officer in Southampton on 30 August, 2018.

The court heard how the 38-year-old failed to provide a reasonable excuse for missing his appointments.

Appearing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on April 7, he admitted the breach of his community order.

Wright, of Wills Road, Southampton, was handed a community order.”

[Southampton Echo]


Well, the fellow only assaulted a policeman, after all (then failed to comply with the terms of his initial sentence); it’s not as if he sang songs satirizing Jewish “holocaust” fakes and hoaxes, in the manner of Alison Chabloz! Be fair!…

Meanwhile, on the Coronavirus front

The Government has denied claims Whitehall officials have calculated up to 150,000 lives could be lost as a result of the lockdown.” [Daily Mail]

Note that: not “because of Coronavirus” but “because of the ‘lockdown'”.

It is worse than all but the bleakest projection if social distancing measures had not been introduced.” [Daily Mail]

So even the pro-Government newspaper people are waking up to the fact that the “lockdown” is causing, and/or will cause, directly and indirectly, more deaths than the Coronavirus itself.

Prince William

Ha ha! That thick princeling has exposed his mediocrity (again)…

Oh dear. Actually, I have nothing much against “William”, except the absurdity of such a person eventually becoming a head of state (and, in the meantime, living a life of unbelievable privilege while pretending to be a human charity-bot). The bottom line, though, is “do we need him and his family?” Answer: no.

Ian Austin

The ex-MP, Ian Austin, is still pushing the Jew-Zionist-Israel cause on Twitter and elsewhere. The bastard certainly set the bar low when he was an MP:

  • pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby;
  • against freedom of speech (eg. re. “holocaust” fakery);
  • one or the worst expenses cheats and embezzlers of the 2005-2010 Parliament, and one who, in any other occupation, would have been prosecuted and probably imprisoned for fraud;
  • seems to have an interest in bestiality, of all things, or at very least thinks that pornography about it should be decriminalized!

Labour Party

I would not be surprised were I to discover that Jewish or Israeli sources paid out Tom Watson in cold hard cash, maybe offshore. Only my own genuine and reasonable opinion, of course. I have no direct evidence that such is the case…

Labour is finished. It need not have been. In 2017, Labour still had a run in it, had Corbyn had the courage (and actually the intellect) to challenge the Jews head-on. Now (((they))) have basically taken back what is left of Labour. The new leader, Keir Starmer, is married to a Jewish woman (a lawyer) and their children are being brought up as Jewish. Starmer has appointed Friends of Israel members as Shadow Cabinet members: Rachel Reeves, Lisa Nandy, Nia Griffith etc.

At present, Labour is around 25% in the all-UK opinion polls, for what that is worth.

In Scotland, those of generally social-democratic or even socialist views vote SNP for the most part. The lesbian bigmouth who once “led” Scottish Labour has long ago departed for the shekels of life as a Press columnist and North-of-Hadrian’s-Wall TV talking head, leaving her successors as “who he?” nobodies.

Scottish Labour now runs at about 12% in the polls, and has only about 20,000 members (and falling), out of about 5.5 million inhabitants of Scotland. About 1 Scottish Labour member for every 275 people in Scotland. The party now has only 1 Westminster seat (out of 59 in Scotland), 23 MSPs (out of 129), and only 241 out of 1,227 local government seats in Scotland. The message is clear: this is a declining, terminally-declining, rump of a formerly-powerful party.

The same is true to a lesser extent in England. Membership is high at nearly 600,000 and has increased since the 2019 defeat. In fact, Labour has the most members of any party in the whole of Europe. However, the figures for seats give a truer picture:

  • 202 MPs out of 650, less than a third (all-UK);
  •  179 MPs out of 533 (English seats);
  • 176 out of 785 members of the House of Lords;

and so on. Wales is going the same way: 22 Westminster seats still, out of 40, but at one time, and not long ago, almost all Welsh seats were Labour.

Membership numbers matter, up to a point, but are not the only factor of importance. In any case, 600,000 Labour Party members out of maybe 50 to 60 million persons eligible to vote is as little as 1 Labour Party member for every 90 or 100 potential voters.

In the scam binary Con-Lab electoral system that now exists, the Labour Party will attract votes from those opposed to the Conservative Party first and foremost, but as the polls show, that may be at or below 25% of voters.

Starmer and his pro-Israel creatures may recover some votes which Corbyn lost (and Starmer will have a fair wind from the infested pro-Zionist msm), but it may be that Starmer will also lose votes, the votes of the “socialist” voters (and also the anti-Jewish lobby voters).

My present view is that Labour is likely to stay where it is in the polls for some time. If a credible social-national party emerges, it might even go lower, as it has since 2015 in Scotland (despite the SNP being only faux-“nationalist”).

Look [below] at the idiot supporters (and MPs) Labour now has!

Ha ha!



A couple of blog articles I have written about “deadhead MPs”:



End the “lockdown” panic-policy now!

“Credulous public” indeed. After all, if they can be persuaded that Germany killed six million Jews in “gas chambers” (of which latter there is no credible proof at all) and elsehow, in about 3 years or so (mainly 1941-44), then people can be persuaded of anything, I suppose. Not that the whole public does believe the fakery around the so-called “holocaust”, but many do. Some even still believe the WW2 propaganda (which originated in similar WW1 stories) that Jews were melted down to create soap, or their skins tanned to make lampshades or armchairs…I suppose that if you can believe that sort of thing, then the Coronavirus “millions will die” nonsense will not be so hard to swallow.


Now multiply that economic and social damage by about 5 million…

No wonder that the nodded-through Coronavirus Act 2020 provides for 2+ years of police-state powers…

Lokk at the exchange below:

Japan: a country famous for its cleanliness. Admittedly, I have never been there and the very few Japanese I have met have been such as the young Japanese woman (a trainee diplomat) I once met at a special dinner in Cambridge, and she was squeakily clean (and incredibly charming), but I have no idea how typical she was. I should guess quite (typical), in that Japan is a country where they wash or shower before getting into the bath!

Now, I have noted before in my blog articles of the past days and weeks that the European countries exposed in a study of 2015 as the least clean in terms of washing hands after using the bathroom (Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands) are also the ones which have been hardest-hit by Coronavirus.

The cleaner countries in terms of washing hands seem to be those where Coronavirus has not run out of control.

That sounds almost too simple, but one of the few facts about Coronavirus that we know beyond dispute is that the best way to fight it as a society is by frequent and thorough washing of hands, preferably using soap and water.

As I wrote a while ago, it really could be as simple as that. Other factors have secondary effect, of course. There is obviously less chance of getting infected if you live on an island without other inhabitants, but most of us cannot do that, and such conditions are hard to replicate in crowded UK urban areas.

Reminiscent of The Day of the Triffids, where the scientists cannot find a way to fight the Triffids, but at the end discover that simple seawater kills them. Sometimes the simple and/or final solution is right in front of us.

(sorry about the spoiler, but most British people have seen the film anyway, sometime in the past 58 years).

Odd indeed…


Does that mean that patients who cannot take care of themselves are just being dumped “in the community”?  Or that huge numbers of surgical operations are being postponed or cancelled?

More tweets 

Princess Beatrice

The daughter of Prince Andrew (the flunkey of “offed” Jew parasite, Israeli Intelligence source and paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein), is trending on Twitter because…well… look at a few tweets:

Well, that’s enough, I think. What I find alarming is that this thick ugly parasite is 9th in succession to the throne! Can you imagine what would happen if, by “a series of unfortunate events”, those ahead of her in line failed to make it to the finishing post? It does not bear thinking about…

Shopping foray

Despite thinking that the “lockdown” is largely nonsensical (and likely to result in far more deaths and miseries in the end than Coronavirus itself), I had not been out for 4 days when I went shopping for food and drink, mainly, today. Arriving at Waitrose an hour before early close (by reason of the religious holiday, Easter Monday), I found few cars in the car park. The black-clad Handmaid’s Tale-style Waitrose marshals were still around the entrance. I only had to wait a minute before being waved inside.

Shortages? Only bleach (every single brand, type and container gone) and dried pasta. Oh, and one of my regular purchases, kefir. At least all the plain/unsweetened flavour type was gone, leaving only Morello cherry (which I quite like) and various even sweeter fruit and other flavours (which I rarely buy).

Everything else, the other panic-buy and bulk-buy stuff (loo paper, water, bread, tinned fish, chicken, eggs) was there in quantity. Waitrose have really stepped up and met the challenge of stampeded consumers with several freezers and fridges and no shortage of funds.

As I predicted a while ago, the initial week or two of complete panic-buying has gone, but I do detect an undercurrent of “prudent bulk-buying”, people maybe buying a pack (or three, the maximum allowed now) of pasta (or whatever) every time they go in, which might well be every day or two. Why? I think, at a guess, that people are uncertain, do not know what might happen in 3, 6, 12 months, and want at least to know that they have months of pasta, if nothing else, in stock. Maybe they are not so wrong, in fact.

I overheard a conversation about selfish people holding large parties in someplace or other (maybe up North) and the speaker was angry because he had a relative in a bad way in hospital with, I presumed, Coronavirus. I am with him as far as such large excited gatherings are concerned (I don’t like or approve of them anyway), but to jump from that to the absurd “lockdown” we suffer under is not logical. That though is the point: the pathetic mantra of the government and its employees, “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives”, while in fact borderline meaningless, works as propaganda because it taps into emotion, not thought, primarily.

On the drive home, I noticed a white car with lights on behind me, some distance back. In fact, as if hanging back. My instinct said “police”, so I made sure that I was just within the speed limit. Sure enough, as it slowly gained on me, I could see that it was a marked police car (which had not been obvious at a distance). I thought that the lone driver might pull me over because of these absurd and inconvenient “lockdown” measures. No other car was on the highway (a rural A-road). I decided to turn off and see if he followed. In fact he did not follow and just drove on.

Just as well. I hate having boring conversations with traffic cops, though to be fair to them, they have not been too difficult on the few occasions over the years when I have been stopped. Anyway, I tend to think, like the character in the Vysotsky song, 07 [long-distance telephone code in the old Soviet Union], “It is night!…for me there is no law!” (and that despite the fact that my car is taxed and insured, has MOT up to date, and I myself have a valid licence with no points— I must just be paranoid!).


13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 April 2020”

  1. Speaking personally, I never much liked Prince William. I preferred Prince Harry until he went off his head and married that wholly unsuitable Yankee upstart, narcissist and manipulator extraordinaire.

    William takes too much after his soppy Mother. Put basically, allowing the Spencers to marry into the House of Windsor has proven to be a horrendous mistake that could prove to be terminal for them.

    That Petty La Belle tweeter is an American I believe and therefore she thinks the British Royal Family have some powers when, in fact, they don’t.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a semi-constitutional Monarchy like Liechtenstein which would be good at this point in time because there the Prince has the power to dismiss the government. I wish our Monarchy had that power because this utterly useless ‘government’ is full of thickos who are manifestly incompetent as our shocking death figures prove. Johnson and his moronic crew need to be gone by any means possible.


  2. I am quite proud to say I didn’t vote for Johnson and his non-Conservative Party in December as I KNEW he is out of his depth as PM in a crisis and I wouldn’t want too many of those very sad deaths on my conscience.


      1. Indeed. As far as I can see his only ‘talent’ is acting like a prick and entertaining foolish people who want a clown in No.10 and not a competent PM.

        He should be in a circus entertaining small children like his alter ego Coco The Clown. His level isn’t even in the Cabinet let alone PM. CON Party chairman is his real vocation in life.

        Call me old-fashioned if you will but I like my PM’s to be serious, calm, reflective figures with a measure of competence about them. Where is Jeremy Hunt when you need him? He should be PM now not Zippo.


  3. If we are going to continue to have a Monarchy then give them some ‘reserve’ powers like the Prince of Liechtenstein has or let us have an elected Presidency. A constitutional Monarchy without sanction/‘reserve’ powers is pretty pointless as nowdays due to Harry’s not wise choice of partner they don’t even perform their last remaining role ie reminding the country of its long history and being a link to the past.

    A constitutional Monarchy in my opinion needs to have some ‘reserve’ powers because those powers are needed and if they are not exercised by a Monarchy then an elected President should have them instead. We need a Head of State as all countries do and so due to that position being occupied by the Monarchy they need to have the powers or get out of the way and an elected President having them instead.


  4. Yes, Labour is finished. They don’t understand that most people in this country don’t want even more extreme levels of globalism and open borders than the fake Conservative Party ‘offers’ to the electorate.

    Jeremy Corbyn was utterly foolish not to have taken-on the Zionist pro-Israel Lobby and call out their vicious and untrue slurs that he is an ‘anti-semite’ when there was no evidence that was the case.

    I suspect Starmer won’t do them much good. His outlook is that of a London Metropolitan Liberal luvvie. Reheated globalist Blairism just won’t cut it.

    Out of the candidates they had it was only Clive Lewis who seemed to understand the depths of the hole Labour is in and had some fresh ideas for the future.


      1. Maybe so but he was the only candidate that I thought had a real idea as to the depth of the hole Labour is in and had some genuinely fresh ideas ie around constitutional reform.


  5. Yes, it wouldn’t be sure if the Israeli State had paid Tom Watson to act and speak as he has. The Israeli secret service, Mossad, is world famous for using the most underhanded tactics to directly interfere in the politics of other countries. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they had plenty of agents in Britain in our press etc. Infact, I believe the motto of Mossad is ‘by way of deception, though shall do war’


  6. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-coronavirus-covid-19-downing-street-treatment-a4413236.html

    i) “Mr Johnson has now tested negative for Covid-19, the spokesman confirmed, and is recovering at Chequers.”

    So he was battling “coronavirus” but doesn’t have the dread lurgi COVID-19. So it was just seasonal flu, assuming any of this tale has any foundation in fact…? Or maybe he HAS got the virus?!

    I can’t be bothered looking up the difference coronavirus -vs- CORVID-19 (SARS-COVE-2?) but I’d got the impression over time that all influenzas are (caused by) a coronavirus of some type and CORVID-19 just happened to the symptoms of the latest one. Or something like that.
    Regardless, to me it looks more like a possible climbdown in case it later emerged his hospital stay was a piece of theatre.

    Also, is it not the case that any test remains inconclusive if not downright meaningless since there is none yet devised that detects ANTIBODIES? Or am I behind in the news cycle?
    For an alternative view on what’s what:

    Is COVID-19 really an exosome and not a virus???
    Andrew Kaufman MD (yep)

    ii) Regarding Ian Austin his wikipedia page may explain why he is so philosemitic – see reference to his adoptive parents. I wonder what his biological DNA says about him.

    iii) More instances of the police acting like power-crazed subversives:

    Police Threaten Reporter over reporting on a Protected group

    (warning: Paul Joseph Watson [Watton?])

    Their ratings among the British public includling even the middle class must be nearing an all-time low given especially their facilitation of mass child rape; there’s a growing awareness that they represent only ‘protected groups’ which groups doesn’t appear to include the vast majority of the citizenry who pay their salaries.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?. . . The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If. . . if. . . We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more–we had no awareness of the real situation. . . . We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    attrib. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Be prepared to clatter those pots and pans to raise the alert of a home invasion should one come your way.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. Solzhenitsyn is right but harsh in judgment. People were terrified in, especially, 1937-39 but really 1937-41 in the Soviet Union. Example: [later] General Grigorenko was aware that he was being kept for a few weeks in a luxury sanatorium (i.e. hotel) prior to arrest. Instead, when the invasion happened in June 1941, he was flown to see Stalin, and given a command.

      There were many such cases in those days. In fact, in 1941, the NKVD was in the vanguard in running scared from Moscow. Many of its officers were later shot. A determined uprising in Summer or Autumn 1941 (even just in Moscow) would have toppled Sovietism. That is also why the German Army would have destroyed Sovietism had they managed to take Moscow. They were so close! Khimki is literally 15-20 mins drive from, not Moscow, but the Kremlin itself! I have done it myself.

      Likewise, I have often thought that, had every German woman and girl in Berlin and points East been given a Walther PPK and brief training in 1945, a million Red Army rapists and looters would have died. True, there might have been vengeance as a consequence, but it still might have been better to have shot in every case the first Soviet soldier to crash through the door.

      Coronavirus: pathetic how Boris-idiot’s nonsense has been parlayed to a gullible public by a sycophantic msm. I have no idea whether he had the virus or some other virus. Either way, he was one MP who voted to freeze NHS pay for 2-3 years!

      Re. Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet: while he is right about the UK’s Toytown police and KGB that have emerged in the “crisis”, I have no time for ppl like him: pro-Israel, pro-Jew lobby, someone who never supported me, Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner and others subject to police-state repression at the behest of the Jewish lobby. He is mainly interested in making money as a semi-tolerated shock jock online.


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