Diary Blog, 14 April 2020


BBC Radio 4 Today Programme drone pushing the “lockdown saves lives” rubbish, when in fact, taken overall, far more will die because of “lockdown”. They will die of everything except Coronavirus.

Looks as if the UK government (ZOG regime) is intent on keeping the “Coronavirus crisis” going as long as possible. In fact, the regime may well be quite content that, in care homes and private homes, the very elderly and unwell are dying “quietly”, out of the public eye. It solves for the regime the care crisis that it itself has created via spending cuts since 2010.

Conspiracy theory? I think not (ask Dominic Cummings and his “weirdos and misfits”).

Time for a European alliance of ethnostates

Down with globalism!

“The world is not without kind people” (Russian proverb)

Therese Coffey

Deadhead DWP Secretary, Therese Coffey, is trending on Twitter:


This government of fools (illegitimate ZOG regime) is lost without its part-Jew public entertainer, Boris-idiot (who apparently has now been tested for Coronavirus and shows no sign of it, oddly, despite his supposedly having been almost dying from it for two weeks; surely he would show “antibodies”? Perhaps either I, or the commentator, more likely, need to understand better the situation, the virus, the testing procedure or the language used.

Looks like I was right to blog about Therese Coffey as a “deadhead MP”!


There is light at the end of the tunnel! Oh, no…it’s an approaching train!

Either Sky News or the useless “Office of Budget Responsibility” is looking for pie in the sky (Sky?). The near-collapse of the UK economy is already happening in reality, and the Government is now unlikely to finish this nonsense of “lockdown” any time soon, mainly because the Cabinet is now, in the absence of the part-Jew public entertainer Boris-idiot, posing as Prime Minister, akin to a headless chicken.

As for a swift “bouncing back”, where does that idea originate? In the Conservative Party propaganda department? Half of the world is still not functioning economically. By Autumn, the Coronavirus crisis/scare/whatever will be over, presumably, but in Europe (still our main trading area, despite Brexit) demand will be at rock-bottom. The same will be true of the USA/North America, our second most important area.

Domestic demand will be very weak too, in a situation where millions will be unemployed and where the “self-employed” (5 million people) will often be making little money. Pay generally is likely to be low. So from where does the “bounce-back” come?

Perhaps what is meant is that there will be a huge fall in activity, but then followed by an increase on that low figure.

Some tweets seen about “the situation”

A kind word about me on Twitter. Rare, now that Twitter has been ethnically and politically “cleansed” by the Jew-Zionist element and its malicious and concerted campaign of “complaints” and “reports”…

(the tweeters below are discussing the self-publicizing solicitor, now an Israeli citizen, and who calls himself “Mark Lewis Lawyer”)

Incidentally, I still see people tweeting the 2016 report about me in the Independent. The report was one-sided but at least partly-accurate. I disliked as much, or more, the accompanying headless photograph, presented as if me, but which was of some other barrister.

I do not smoke, have never been a cigarette smoker, and had far better shoes than the barrister in that Independent photo! The Independent also seemed ignorant of the fact that “to practise law” is written thus, and not “to practice law”, which is only the correct usage in the USA. A small but telling point, symptomatic of the crashing standards in the terminally-sick UK Press (Lugenpresse; Judenpresse…).

My blog

I had a pleasing spike in blog hits yesterday: 435 views from 286 individual visitors. Far above the usual range.

The madness gets madder (something I keep thinking impossible, and then am proven wrong…)

I blogged about such mad developments in UK and European society about 18 months ago, but the “window” keeps shifting toward ever-greater lunacy.


Life on the breadline

I do not blame “Bootstrap Cook”, aka Jack Monroe, for using the unpleasant “Mark Lewis Lawyer” in her libel case against the commentator, Katie Hopkins, and it worked out for the Bootstrap Cook, though as a one-time practising barrister I can say with absolute certainty that a precocious child could have won that case against Katie Hopkins, who was evidently either badly-advised or not advised (I do not know whether she was “her own lawyer”, which is usually a mistake).

Anyway, I saw this Washington Post profile:


I have to say that, of the few of her recipes seen by me via her Twitter profile, I have not been enthusiastic about many, but I admit that I have never actually made (or tasted) any of them (they may well be pleasant in actuality). However, I think that this person is performing a public service.

We see in Britain how many people are living on peanuts (sometimes literally), the result of Britain’s economic and social decline combined with —mostly— Conservative Party government policies which have made tough times worse for so many, while the wealthy and very wealthy have thrived in the past 10-20 years especially. Anything that helps people both to survive, and survive without unnecessary pain, must be good.

Many people in the UK cook little, and eat far too many takeways etc, which may be not only unhealthy if taken in excess, but relatively expensive if indulged in frequently. That becomes even more true for those on very low incomes. Often one sees TV reports about people living on pennies getting Chinese takeaways, Indian curry, or fish and chips, and spending their little money on that. Fish and chips ?£5-£10 per head, an Indian or Chinese even more; the Indian place, in a nearby town, and that I use occasionally for takeaway (it’s also a restaurant), is very good but works out at about £15 a head.

I do not forget that sometimes people living in a poor way need something that just briefly seems to make life worth living, even if it is not the most healthy option. George Orwell wrote about that in one of his essays.

I am not merely opining de haut en bas here. I have been down there a few times… especially in — and for several months— 1998, when I had to learn to live in London on plain rice, one piece of fruit per day, bits and pieces (I even ate fruit abandoned by traders at street markets and left in empty boxes by the stalls!).

I had to be “creative” with the Underground (I expect that their technology would defeat me these days) and otherwise had to walk everywhere, trudging morosely past places formerly frequented as a customer, such as Julie’s restaurant in Holland Park, Raoul’s cafe in Little Venice (where I had formerly breakfasted daily in the early/mid 1990s) and other places barred to me by lack of cash such as the once-lovely River Room at the Savoy Hotel (I believe much changed since those days), where I always ate and drank the same thing: “Atlantic Platter” of fish and shellfish, washed down by pretty much the best Chablis I ever had.



Inside the new-look Savoy hotel - The Caterer

[above: The River Room at the Savoy. Actually not looking completely different to how it was c.1994, if memory serves, but the tables are ugly square things now; they used to have beautiful big round tables, even for two people; also, there is a less opulent look somehow, the tables now without full heavy white tablecloths]

Silver lining: I lost rather a lot of weight on my enforced diet with enforced exercise; in fact everyone told me how well I was looking!

“Bootstrap Cook’s” stuff is worth a look, anyway: https://twitter.com/BootstrapCook

More “Coronavirus” lunacy

Shocking footage shows a man brandishing a stick after being confronted by a furious local after he ignored the coronavirus lockdown to go camping in Wales. The video was posted on social media after the camper was confronted by a group of locals who asked him to leave the site at Llyn Cowlyd near Trefriw on Saturday.”

The daughter of the 60-year-old in the footage told  North Wales Live : “My dad was with the owner of the land and all they did was ask them to leave and said that the police were on their way.

Then the man threatened to hit my dad in the head with the stick. She added: “When the police arrived, the campers said they were from Hull. The officers were mortified.

“”They were fined and they traced the number plate to make sure they returned home.”

Her dad added: “It was unbelievable that they travelled all the way from Hull to the top of a mountain to camp when the whole country is on lockdown and the government clearly has instructed everyone to stay home unless necessary.” [Daily Mirror]


Well, for me the lunacy is on the part of those locals. What possible harm in terms of spreading the virus can two people do, camping on a remote mountain? It seems that they left a mess. Well, fine them for that.

It just shows how quickly the masses have internalized the “we are slaves of the State and will do what the government says (even if very silly)” propaganda, given strength by the virus-“fear” aspect…Actually, what is borderline frightening is how easily supposedly rational individuals (as a mass) can be manipulated and controlled.

As for the locals, the story put me in mind, perhaps unfairly, of this:

The shutdown of the economy

Was just looking at the latest companies to actually go into administration. They are unlikely ever to return to active trading. Oasis, Warehouse and Debenhams. About 25,000 employees, currently on furlough, have nowhere to go when the stupid “lockdown” finishes. Their furlough money ends in June.

More tweets recently seen

Britain’s future may not be much of a future, the way things are going…


My feelings about China are torn: I hate the way the Chinese as a group abuse the natural world and especially the animals. In some ways they are very backward as a people. Also, the sheer numbers are an existential danger not only to Europe but to the whole planet. On the other hand, who could fail to be impressed by a display such as this?

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 April 2020”

  1. Sky News would give Dr Joseph Goebbles and his Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda a run for their money! The phrase ‘pure Goebbles’ could have been invented for them!

    There is little evidence the British economy would bounce back quickly if we had a GDP hit of that kind of magnitude. As you say, demand will be lower due to less people in employment both here and in Europe etc and thanks mainly to Thatcher and the Marxist trade unions in the 1970’s destroying our industrial base there will be little export-based growth either! Tory Sky News seems to think the British economy is on a par with those of Japan or South Korea and has the same resilience!🙄


  2. Therese Coffey is totally wrong to say the government was well prepared. When other countries were instituting THOROUGH lockdowns, Boris-Idiot and his goon squad were flailing around like headless chickens giving out mixed messages and not getting ahead of the curve by ordering a proper lockdown. Even now they haven’t implemented any real controls at our borders/airports!

    Obviously, globalism comes first with the incompetent Tory scum rather than protecting the lives and heath of Britons.🤬😡😞☹️


  3. They allowed race meetings to go ahead and didn’t order places where people gather in large numbers in close proximity to each other like nightclubs, bars, pubs, football stadiums to shut. The Tory morons put their very often though not always insane philosophy of ‘personal freedom’ and libertarianism imported from Yankland first ahead of public safety and, as a result, we have a death toll higher than it should be. They have blood on their hands.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      It has been a strange mixture of “poundland KGB” and rather stop-go “let’s see” policy.

      As you may have gathered, I have become very sceptical of the whole strategy of “lockdown” over the past month, but in fact it has only been implemented in parts. The most silly parts have been the keeping of certain high-risk things going, sych as construction and the London Underground, and the attempt to stop lone people walking, sunbathing, or even driving a car around! Those Toytown Police interferences are basically pointless.


  4. Yes, a very incoherent policy which is arguably too strict in some respects and nowhere near hardline enough in other ways and implemented too damm late. A very dangerous mess but when you have the world’s most famous clown for a PM (apart from Trump that is) what do you expect?

    If only Zippo had expired and all of the goon squad that poses as a government then the Queen would have had to invite the military to form an administration and we might get somewhere.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the political element must always control the military. A point on which even Mao, Stalin and Hitler agreed!

      I have little faith in the present political element, and almost none in the military (and intelligence/security) establishment.


      1. I don’t either. Sadly, the security services of this country don’t seem to be all that concerned about dealing with internal traitors ie the vast majority of the present political Establishment and not all that effective with combating the country’s foreign enemies either.

        The military has been undermined by PC globalist types though the rot isn’t as extensive yet as seen with the police. I wouldn’t mind a military government dealing with this crisis for a few months or a year or so. It would give me far more confidence than Benny Hill and company!🙄🤡🤡🤡 Try as hard as I have done I’m not imbued with confidence with Benny.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        Boris-idiot is not a real PM but has, it seems, the divine protection usually accorded in public legend to street drunks and (in Russia) to “holy fools” (see Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot etc).

        As to MI5/MI6, they are limited in ambit, reach, personnel, jurisdiction. Note the anxiety of recent MI5 DG, Evans, re. the Coronavirus Act etc


  5. Ha, ha, I was only looking at that first video the other day and some others concerned with the 70th anniversary of China’s military. Yes, their armed forces are certainly impressive though Prince Charles was right to say their soldiers were like ghastly waxworks!😄😂😃It is hard to think that our Royal Navy was on a scale like China’s in the 1940’s and before and has now been reduced to a sad rump under Labour and Tory misrule. We should invest in our armed forces, particularly the Navy.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      So large was the Royal Navy, in 1945, that it had no less than 4,800 ships of all types (in 1939, the number was 1,400). Now that complement numbers only 75, and that even includes historic ships such as HMS Victory! The main order of battle comprises about 37 ships and submarines, with about 22 regarded as major. Of course, the destructive power of even one Trident submarine is huge.


  6. https://infostormer.com/uk-extends-lockdown-for-another-three-weeks/
    – this conjectures Thursday Raab will be announcing extension of lockdown to May 7th.

    – one wonders if the canny residents of Belper were cocking a surreptitious snook at the enforced camaraderie of the Thursday bellow! Uppity goyim!
    Also here:

    Maybe the exasperated populace will soon find venting this way more satisfying:

    I’m Mad As Hell (Network 1976)


    – why don’t they rely on the tried and tested WW2 solution? If it had happened, that is. (HMG’s Chief Executioner Albert Pierrepoint hanged a few of the so-called “Beasts of Belsen” and others but resigned his office in 1956 and in his 1974 autobiography claimed that he no longer regarded the death penalty as justifiable – he considered it was not a deterrent. Who knows if his change of heart was to do with “gas chambers”. And for my own part, who cares about deterrence at least in the case of mutiple murderers – once, unlucky; twice or more – you’re out of the game for preventive reasons).


    1. Wigger:
      Finally, belatedly, the UK msm is waking up to the consequences of “lockdown”— economic meltdown, but the BBC, voice of the government, still parrots the propaganda story for the most part.

      As to capital punishment, I generally oppose it on point of pure principle, but there are potential exceptions in practice. I also distinguish between capital punishment and removal of people or peoples on grounds of public health or for reasons of national or racial survival. Example: riots.


    2. Japan has a pretty sensible stance on capital punishment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Japan

      If you murder once you will probably escape the death penalty but if you murder more than once or more than one person at the same time you will have forfeited your right to live. In the last month or so, Japan has sentenced to death a particularly cruel and callous individual who killed 20 plus people who were disabled. The man said he thought disabled people were worthless and because of their disabilities they shouldn’t be able to live.


      1. M’Lord of Essex:
        Re. that Japanese murderer: “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”…a line of which I often think when those who hate me and attack me go down (as many have done, some permanently). There have been a number of Twitter users who have been unpleasant about me and who are now dead (I presume from natural causes, or maybe they “offed” themselves).


    3. America often receives a lot of criticism in this country and from other European countries over its use of the ultimate penalty and some of them are very valid ie some methods are cruel ie electrocution and/or are easily botched ie lethal injections and also the time it takes from sentencing someone to death and executing them which, in my opinion, must surely reduce any deterrent effect but in other ways the USA has a pretty sensible system ie you will have had to have committed an aggravated murder to get it:



  7. Lefties in this country also portray the USA as having an insatiable bloodlust regarding capital punishment but the figures betray otherwise as when you compare America’s rate of executions to their rate of murders and the numbers given the death sentence you will find they don’t actually employ the ultimate sanction all that often and this even goes for the most notorious death penalty state of Texas:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Texas. When we in Britain had hanging we used it much more often as does Singapore for a wider range of offences: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Singapore


  8. In my opinion, if the USA is going to retain capital punishment they should abolish the often botched method of lethal injection and use the firing squad or long-drop hanging instead. We British had got that down to a fine art form before 1964. I believe it is the most humane way of executing a criminal.


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