Diary Blog, 18 April 2020

Coronavirus— the madness continues

So far, only a minority of clear-thinking people and sceptics has stood up to the brainwashing around the present attempt to place a significant amount of the world population (focussing here on the UK) under a form of house arrest. Here below are a few tweets from leading dissident, Peter Hitchens:


In relation to that last of Hitchens’ tweets, how true that is! The BBC is now purely a System/Government/Common Purpose mouthpiece, as demonstrated by some pathetic nonsense on BBC News this morning. A virtual concert in “celebration” of the (not-very-effective) public services, I believe. Some bearded fellow selling rainbow T-shirts (apparently for the NHS) too.

A tweet, and answering tweet, below, too, which both reference Joan Bakewell:


Well, I am only 5 years younger than Peter Hitchens, so I also remember Joan Bakewell, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Bakewell , though from the 1970s, not 1960s. As I saw her, a pursed-lipped busybody type, the sort of woman back then who did well at a State grammar school, attended university (in her case, Cambridge), then joined some “Establishment” body such as MI5 or (in her case) the BBC.

Joan Bakewell has always been System, through and through. Just look at all the appointments and sinecures she has held! She made money on the side too, e.g. in the early 1970s by appearing in Sanderson furnishing ads (magazine photos), under the caption, “Very Joan Bakewell, very Sanderson”. https://www.imogenwhyte.co.uk/very-sanderson-at-the-fashion-textile-museum/ ; https://www.stylelibrary.com/sanderson/

Very Diana Rigg, very Sanderson | Vintage, Diana, Old ads

Vintage Ad #2,090: Very Britt Ekland, Very Sanderson | Vintage ads ...

1970s Uk Sanderson Magazine Advert Stock Photos & 1970s Uk ...


Vintage Original Adverts - House and Home Adverts - General ...

Vintage Adverts: Very Robert Carrier; very Sanderson. – Liz Eggleston

Very Peter Hall, very Sanderson in 2020 | Home, garden, Hall, House

Others who did the same (see above) included Jilly Cooper, Diana Rigg, Petula Clark, the theatre director Peter Hall, Kingsley Amis, and even that excellent adventure writer, Hammond Innes (now rather forgotten, but one of the few non-classic fiction writers that I like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammond_Innes), as well as the once-famous but now equally-forgotten early “celebrity chef”, Robert Carrier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Carrier_(chef). Others too. Sadly, I have been unable to locate Joan Bakewell’s equivalent magazine ad. Or that of Hammond Innes, though I did find this, one of his best books, in my opinion:

The Strange Land by Hammond Innes: Very Good Hardcover (1955 ...

Also found a few minutes of silent film showing the writer at his East Anglian home:

I believe that he lived on or close to the coast of Suffolk. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/obituary-hammond-innes-1164546.html

A satirist in the early 1970s suggested that Sanderson might try out a Russian literary giant of the time: “Very Solzhenitsyn, very Sanderson” (unsurprisingly, that never happened). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Solzhenitsyn

I have to say that Joan Bakewell is so typical of many of the people I have fought all my life, the bien-pensant Hampstead-dwellers (I believe that Joan Bakewell herself lives in nearby Primrose Hill, though I may be mistaken) who think, for example, that the multicultural society is wonderful (because they themselves live in a bubble cossetted by wealth and general privilege), and so on. Plenty like that at the Bar, too.

I don’t really care about mass immigration, neither do I care about Coronavirus lockdown, because I and all my friends live in big houses with nice gardens in Hampstead and Highgate and Primrose Hill and Blackheath.” Bluntly put, but in essence that is more or less the attitude.

This [below] is what we are not hearing from the hysterical msm, let alone the Government of Fools:

The “flattening of the curve” of the “pandemic” has occurred in both countries with “lockdown” and those without…

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

In fact, in terms of propaganda method, the UK state has managed to manage the public easily, in a judo-like way, not using blunt force as the primary way of manipulating behaviour, but combining that with the channelling of the fear of the public (fear of the virus) and the inherent British social conformity.

Where the Government itself has fallen down is in the fact that it has painted itself into a corner, and now cannot back down and then re-open or free the economy and society.

There is this idea abroad that there has to be an “exit strategy”. Why not just say “everything will be open as of X-day, the last day of X-month”?

Meanwhile, the economic tidal wave is approaching. Debenhams (23,000 jobs) has gone (officially only 7 stores and 400 jobs so far, but I doubt that the rest will last long) and I see that the ground force for aviation, comprising several large enterprises such as Swissport, are saying that they will lay off their thousands of employees this weekend unless government guarantees are given.

It is clear that once the furlough monies made available by the Government end (now extended until end of June), there will be a crashing wave of redundancies. More than that, there will, even as things stand, be millions of people on State benefits, maybe for the first time unable to pay their rents, mortgage payments, and general living expenses.

So far the population has been supine, scarcely willing to think for itself, let alone protest as its most basic everyday civil rights have been taken away. That may change when people start to suffer directly. We shall see.

Actually, the very lack of protest or individual (or group) rebellion is not just stunning in itself. It shows how it is that British people have been almost quiescent as their country has been swamped by migration-invasion for decades.

This is a British people that gets more excited or angry about the result of a TV talent show, or the plot of a “soap”, or about who screws whom in some “Year of the Sex Olympics” TV “reality” show, than when their own rights, jobs, and future are trashed.

Twitter, thank God, is not the whole society, but look at Twitter and you see the willing slaves begging to be enslaved more; none more so than the “liberal” or “socialist” tweeters, the sort of people who, in the 1960s, 1970s, even 1980s, would have been debating, protesting, rebelling against the infringement of rights, liberties and life-chances. Now? Begging for longer and harsher “lockdown”, demanding more active policing, eager to clap en masse and on command, eager to “celebrate” state services which in fact are only just, or not, functioning.

I notice that a few of the more notorious “usual suspects”, such as  Jew-Zionist minor academic Ben Gidley (under one of his surviving aliases, “@BobFromBrockley”) have started to call any people who do not accept the official line(s) put out by the System re. Coronavirus, “denialists”. cf. “holocaust” “denial” (meaning historical revision of WW2 narratives; and the view that all aspects of history can be examined and commented upon freely), climate change “denial” etc.

David Icke tweets

David Icke used to follow my Twitter account before I was expelled from Twitter via Jewish lobby machinations. He only follows a couple of hundred people, so he must have found my tweets interesting. Perhaps he reads my blog.Here are a few of his recent tweets:

[Update, 14 December 2020: David Icke has now been expelled from Twitter —in the Twitter weasel word, “suspended”—  as I was (over two years ago)]


Many tweets seen asking “where is Boris?” and many answering their own question by saying that he is in hiding until the death-toll reduces. Quite likely, but what did the voters expect when “they voted for” a part-Jew public entertainer as “their” Prime Minister? (I do not forget, though, that only about 4 out of 10 voters did vote for Conservative Party candidates in 2019).

Evening foray

Went out to Waitrose. The usual black-garbed Handmaid’s Tale marshals there, shuffling around outside. No other shoppers waiting, so no need to join a line. I was graciously waved through. Before that, while parked, I saw the local police drive round the car park once. Why? God knows. In case some people were actually talking to each other and needed to be shouted at? Whatever. The police just drove round and out again.

It strikes me that the police have an easy job right now, certainly in rural and quiet coastal areas. Crime down by a third, officially (I suspect far more, half or three-quarters, if we are talking about real crime, not people saying too many truths on the Internet). Many police seem to spend their time at present driving around, checking out (snooping) as to why someone is out of their house arrest etc; or parked, observing.

In the supermarket, bought a scratchcard. A winner again (though only £10). Few shoppers. Bought a few necessary items (kefir, bread, butter, milk, water, cat food), and a load of unnecessary ones (ice-creams on sticks, raw prawns at one-third of usual price, curry paste, lime pickle, poppadoms etc). Did not notice what items were unobtainable (except bleach, again all gone). Plenty of bread, eggs, milk etc including those panic-buy staples of loo paper and kitchen roll (I myself had no need of any); lemons, limes, grapes and other fruit all available in quantity. Reasonably good selection of tomato. Looks as if this area, at least, has shopped itself to a standstill except for the apparently insatiable demand for pasta, rice and bleach.

Evening music

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 April 2020”

  1. Your area of the New Forest West parliamentary constituency is a well to do place so it has a Waitrose as posh towns often have. Henley Upon Thames also has a store, unsurprisingly. My nearest one is in Billericay. I find them to be well-stocked most of the time. Infact, I can’t recall ever gong into one even in very busy periods like Christmas and being able to say the store was ‘bare’.

    This is in contrast to Sainsbury’s which, apart from a normally well-stocked Marks and Spencer food hall, is the only local supermarket in Brentwood. Even in normal times our local Sainsbury’s, especially the fruit and vegetables section has shortages.


    1. Well, I am no retail expert, M’Lord of Essex.

      In fact, there is a Marks & Spencer food hall outlet here, no other goods but food and drink. Fairly good but the layout is odd and it tends to be crowded except in evenings. Parking is awkward, too, compared to Waitrose. M&S here has a good wine selection, unusual and varied, but I am not drinking much wine at present.

      In fact, I am not drinking much spirit either, I have had a half-empty Wood’s Navy Rum here for months. I usually drink a single bottle or can of something like Pilsner Urquell. What’s wrong with me?! I cannot, however, blame my preent lack of interest on “the virus”…just general boredom, maybe.


  2. As well as washing our hands frequently and well using soap and water or hand sanitiser (70% plus alcohol recommended) it is advisable to try and eat and drink more healthily than most of us do.

    It is a good idea to eat/drink items that help to boost our immune systems. For that we need vitamin C so we should eat foods high in it like grapefruits, oranges, limes,, red bell peppers, drink orange juice etc. We can also increase the body’s immune responses by increasing our intake of Vitamin E by consuming sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (also high in the immune boosting mineral Zinc) almonds.


  3. Avocados also have a decent amount of Vitamin E which isn’t just good for our immune system but for the health and appearance of our skin as well. This explains why avocado oil (Persea Grattisma oil) is used for quite a few cosmetic skin products. Dark green leafy vegetables can supply us with a high vitamin E content as well.


  4. Avocados are one of the best things you can eat. They are a powerhouse of nutrition and apart from vitamin E they contain other important vitamins like folate (vitamin B6) and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. For older people, consuming avocados can help prevent cataracts because of their lutein content. Even though they do have a fairly high amount of fat it is of the ‘good’ monounsaturated kind.

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  5. It is good you are consuming Kefir as the probiotics in it can improve the immune system and improve gut health. The gut wall houses 70% of the cells that make-up the immune system.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I first drank kefir about 38 years ago. I was introduced to the Metropolitan of Kiev (the Russian Orthodox equivalent of the Archbishop of York or maybe, now that Ukraine has split off, the Archbishop of Canterbury, there!). He was staying at a small hotel near the Soviet Embassy in London, a hotel often used by high-ranking Sov visitors. He was at breakfast. I asked what the drink was. I did not have any then, I think but did some time later.

      Apropos of nothing, the Metropolitan was a small man with a huge beard. I think that he was very cunning, somehow. What the Russians call “khitri”. Later that day, he gave me a bottle of vodka (Moskovskaya, more or less unobtainable now, at least in the UK).

      So, kefir. I started to drink it regularly when I lived in Kazakhstan. It is a commonplace food there. Later, in another place, I had Ayran, which is similar but thinner. Then in Finistere, where I lived for years, I drank the equivalent of kefir, exactly the same really, called lait ribot. Every supermarket in Brittany sells it.


  6. Did Jack “Straw” really say the English are not worth saving? If he did I long ago gave up pondering why; the most compelling reason now being Dutton et al.’s “Spiteful Mutants” characterisation: kinder material comforts leading to survival and later, breeding of genetically defective offspring that in the harsher environment of two hundred years ago would not have survived to maturity never mind to reproduction.

    “Very Diana Rigg….”
    Rigg, as in Rigg’s Bank perchance? Another potential breadcrumb trail. (Too good looking for that? Think of Jackie “Bouvier” Kennedy)…

    Joan Bakewell was promoted as The Thinking Man’s Crumpet; who was behind that?

    “United States Is Over! Trump Hands It Over To F.E.M.A. !!”

    Trumpery, from Our Sovereign Lord of the World.

    “This was highly edited to fit the agenda of the one who posted it.”
    Nevertheless, there are quite a few choice quotations from Orange Man being recorded and circulated.

    “Are ethnic minorities being hit hardest by coronavirus?”
    Muh victimhood-privilege (or more prosaically, do they obey: “and now please wash your hands”?)

    Last: off-topic, to demonstrate that our attention isn’t focused exclusively on the coronavirus theatricals (latest players: the 99yo garden walker and the rockstar harlots of “One World: Together At Home”): here we have yet another Mid-Atlantic appointee to a prominent public position of social influence (some might say, of war on the hated White Man), presumably well remunerated. I’ve known Jacobses who were not Tribe but David Jacobs was not among them.



    I have a little list but I don’t need to consult it to recall another of that ilk, Lisa Osofsky, chief choke-hold at the SFO.
    So why can’t a nation of 60,70,…80??? millions produce candidates of the right calibre? Because these are all World Citizens and placemen (or rather, wimmin) of the upper echelons. There’s a palpable ethnic or at least, ideological preference being exercised in selecting for all these roles of public influence, and both are antagonistic to the interests of the indigenous population.


    1. Wigger:
      According to Wikipedia, it was Frank Muir: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Bakewell#Career

      The UK is, as you imply, infested.

      Actually, Britain as a *nation* is all but dead. There is a State, there are appurtenances of statehood, there is a population (“diverse”, increasingly useless/pointless), there are geographical boundaries, but “nation”? Not really. Things like the 100-y-o officer are last gasps really, or distractions. Like the official clapathon (which in fact has not been done by most ppl— round here. Almost no-one has clapped, or anything else).

      As for ethnic minorities and the virus, there are several possible reasons. Genetics maybe; handwashing or lack of, maybe; living conditions, maybe; communal gatherings, maybe.

      Jews in London have been hit more than the average. Possibly because of their tribal gatherings such as “Purim” etc.

      I do not believe that there has been even one “Coronavirus” (attributed) death in the nearest town to me (15,000 pop.), certainly nothing reported in local Press. The average (even taking inflated official death toll stats) should be about 2-3.

      This government has hugely mishandled everything, but most ppl are too stupid or brainwashed to see it (let alone any bigger picture).


  7. Ha, ha, Sauerkraut! Everyone’s idea of disgusting German food! I’ve only had it a few times and like haggis it isn’t as revolting as it sounds. I consumed it whilst having wurst at a German food stall in London’s annual Christmas Market in Hyde Park.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      When I was 19 and first living in London (1976), I used to eat a perhaps rather odd breakfast every day. Orange juice, frankfurter, cold sauerkraut and bread with caraway seeds in it. All bought from a nearby shop (in Little Venice) called Pribik & Sterman (we used to call it “the Jews”), which later changed its format and, perhaps, probably, ownership, and became “Supafoods”. It was still there in that format when I was last there in the late 1990s.

      Perhaps that is why I do not dislike some Jewish food (though I do not eat meat now).

      As far as sauerkraut is concerned, some places in France (eg the famous Brasserie Lipp in Paris) serve it warm, though I have not been to that restaurant, or tried it (sub nom “choucroute”).



  8. That reminds me of when I visited Germany as a teenager at school in order to visit my penfriend. Whilst I didn’t get offered it, some other of my fellow pupils were asked to try typical German salami and sausages by the families they visited and a few of them became quite seriously sick.😄

    I had some brilliant German cakes instead like Black Forest Gateau.😎Their cake shops are something to behold with the sheer variety of calorific items inside of them.


    1. Yes. The pastry and cake in Germany is usually high quality. I prefer the Scandinavian Danish pastries though, if done well. BTW, if you are ever in London, there is or was a grade A cafe opposite Bayswater station (Circle Line). Pretty much the best such place I knew in London. Hard to believe now, but I used to go skating at the Queen’s Ice Rink nearby back then! 40+ years ago!


      ps. Just looked on google. Looks like that cafe is gone, replaced possibly by a waffle house. Sad.


      1. REAL Belgian waffles are great though! I had some with strawberries and cream whilst visiting Bruges about two years ago.


      2. I believe I had some waffles last in Brussels, after a trip to a branch of the EU Commission in 1998. You can get machines here to make them. I have no idea whether the result is as good (I have the same reservation re. home cappuccino machines)


  9. Whilst visiting the Austrian Tyrol, I had an absolutely delicious version of the famous Austrian cake the Sachertorte on top of the Penken mountain in Mayrhofen. Yum! That was after I was nearly scared to death going up the gondola/cable car but the cake made it all worthwhile!


  10. Yes, ‘Where is Boris?’ has been trending on Twitter but the real question should be not where he is but do we REALLY want him back? Having a world-renowned clown for a PM is bad at the best of times but in a worldwide health crisis it is a liability and that character from the classic BBC sitcom Hi De Hi (Dominic Raab) doesn’t inspire much more confidence.

    So crime is down officially by a third. Well, at least under the lockdown the mostly ethnic animals in London are not stabbing each other so much so this mass house arrest does have some positives for the forces of law and order!

    Perhaps, London should try a permanent lockdown to deal with the mass stabbing it is is afflicted with?🙄


  11. Yes, Boris-idiot has gone into hiding so that he doesn’t have to explain himself in front of the nation over our disgraceful death toll. Take responsibility for one’s actions or non-actions at crucial stages in this case? Pah, that wasn’t on the curriculum at Eton College and, at any rate, it is only for the ‘little people’ ie the poor, disabled, unemployed etc not for part-Jew/part-Turk/part god knows what people like me!🙄🙄🙄🤬😡


  12. Let us bloody well hope so! The buffoon shouldn’t have come anywhere near being PM in the first place! Look how he made a mess of the Foreign Office! The days when we had people of the stature of Lord Halifax or even Anthony Eden, Lord Owen etc in there are long gone!

    Mind you, having Hi De Hi character, Dominic Raab, as PM isn’t a great deal better. Why, oh why, didn’t the stupid Tories elect Jeremy Hunt to be their leader? He is about the only leading Tory with half a braincell and with some competence!


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