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Diary Blog, 18 November 2022, with something about Kate Andrews, the IEA, and BBC Question Time

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There is news that a significant number of Twitter employees are refusing to engage with Elon Musk and his wish to return freedom of expression to the platform.

To my mind, such wilful refusal to go along with the changes Musk wants to implement in Twitter shows that an intransigent core of intolerant “woke” activists has taken root in the Twitter organization, and needs to be rooted out.

It may be necessary to sack many of the existing employees and to recruit new people who believe in free speech.

Kate Andrews, BBC Question Time, the IEA etc

Kate Andrews is, as an individual, of no political importance. As a drone/puppet of the transnational conspiracy, however, and once employed by the so-called “think-tanks” the IEA and the Adam Smith Institute (and now at the Spectator, as Economics Editor), she is of significance.

Kate Andrews has a degree in International Relations and Philosophy from St. Andrew’s University, Scotland. She was born in London in 1990, but sounds American (possibly holds dual nationality). She attended school in an affluent part of Connecticut bordering Long Island Sound: see https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kate-andrews-1673a945. She has no formal qualification in economics.

Kate Andrews is 32 years old. She is believed to be married, but nothing is known publicly about the identity, nationality, or activity of her husband.

The IEA was founded by one Fisher [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antony_Fisher], who also founded about 150 other organizations, including the Adam Smith Institute. An important international conspirator, pro-Zionist etc.

Fisher’s granddaughter Rachel Whetstone [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Whetstone], who has held major positions at Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Uber, is married to the egregious Steve Hilton [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Hilton], the “blue sky thinker” (and waste of space) connected to the rotten misgovernment of David Cameron-Levita 2010-2015.

Rachel Whetstone herself once worked at Conservative Central Office. She was also, at one time, having an affair with Cameron-Levita’s stepfather-in-law, Viscount Astor: see https://www.dailymail.co.uk/columnists/article-314340/Love-Tory-Conservatives-golden-girl-married-man.html. A fact now expunged from Wikipedia.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/10/les-eminences-grises-of-dystopia/.

The “takeaway”? These people, these organizations, are all connected, and feed into the transnational conspiracy matrix.

We are in the first year of the present 33-year socio-political cycle. Socialism, as traditionally experienced, was largely killed off, in its various forms, in and after 1989, the last such significant year.

There is now a push by the transnational conspiracy or “consensus” to increase yet further the degree and scope of globalization, and also the destruction of white Europe (and indeed all white European race, culture, and civilization, worldwide). The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is just part of that [https://vk.com/@judi1964-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-stealth-genocide-against-the-peoples; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan].

Another aspect is dystopian finance-capitalism. “The price of everything and the value of nothing“. It must be opposed, by any expedient means.

As for BBC Question Time, I myself have not sat down and watched that biased and outdated latter-day version of “Brains Trust” for many years.

Other tweets seen

…but, whether Twitter exists or not, there will still be (as of today) 666 mugs paying “Jack Monroe” up to £10 each, monthly, via the Patreon website…

Elon Musk is up against several connected pressure groups or tendencies, not least the Jew-Zionist lobby that wants Twitter to be open for any Jewish trolls to abuse, usually anonymously, but also wants Twitter to ban or expel anyone said Jew-Zionist lobby labels as “antisemitic“.

To be frank, and without —I hope— being too grandiose about it, if Twitter is not open to someone like me, then it is all but worthless anyway.

…and for British people, a tent in a field, if you have a tent and a field…

Eventually, we shall have to [REDACTED]…

Please refer to previous comment…

Many people have yet to understand that the UK is governed or misgoverned by The System, which has several faces for the masses to “support”, the two main ones being the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, neither of which does “what it says on the tin“…

One well-placed round should do it…

Great. Hard-core. Only thing is, the evildoer could hardly have understood what was coming at him so suddenly, so his suffering would have been minimized by that factor.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marianne_Bachmeier.

I wonder whether that socio-political propaganda will backfire on the System’s msm drones. After all, for the ideas expressed to be featured at all must mean that those ideas are slowly influencing the mainstream public mind.

Keep on truckin’!

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/.

In Ireland too (see below):

Sadly, the Sinn Fein/IRA types seem to have surrendered to the Irish version of the transnational conspiracy (System)…

More tweets

…or Robert Carrier (?): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Carrier_(chef);

The tactics employed now by “Jack Monroe”/”Bootstrap Cook” are interesting. She has turned a blind eye to the (actually rather weak) Daily Mail report [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11403551/Row-anti-poverty-campaigner-Jack-Monroe-detractors-flares-up.html] which was only published yesterday. Not a word from her about it.

Instead, the “Bootstrap Cook” has ploughed on as if the report had never been printed. Apart from the odd reference in tweets to her “trolls” (meaning those raising legitimate concerns about her alleged “grifting”, “scamming” etc), she has also ignored the Twitterstorm which has now been raging for about 3 months.

Now, Bootstrap Cook tweets about anything but the criticism and reportage. About her apparent upcoming move. About how she has had to sell items (have we not been here before?) and (needless to add) about how expensive moving is (is that a hint that a few more donations would be welcome?).

I should have thought that, whatever the circumstances, someone whose Patreon income alone may run into figures above £6,000 a month in cash would have little difficulty in covering all the costs.

Late tweets

90% of the food I have seen (in photos) produced by the “Bootstrap Cook” has looked like a dog’s dinner (or worse). Some of the photos make me feel quite sick, if truth be known.

I have raised on the blog the question of where Russian prisoners of the Kiev regime are being kept, and under what conditions. The mainstream media in the West seem completely uninterested in this human rights issue. I have seen not one reporter on TV or journalist in print, or online, address the point, and there have been no TV news reports from any camps where the prisoners might be incarcerated.

Now it seems that Kiev-regime forces are, at least sometimes, taking no prisoners, or taking them then immediately despatching them. This is generally accepted to be a war crime.

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[Chateau Frontenac, Quebec]

Diary Blog, 18 April 2020

Coronavirus— the madness continues

So far, only a minority of clear-thinking people and sceptics has stood up to the brainwashing around the present attempt to place a significant amount of the world population (focussing here on the UK) under a form of house arrest. Here below are a few tweets from leading dissident, Peter Hitchens:


In relation to that last of Hitchens’ tweets, how true that is! The BBC is now purely a System/Government/Common Purpose mouthpiece, as demonstrated by some pathetic nonsense on BBC News this morning. A virtual concert in “celebration” of the (not-very-effective) public services, I believe. Some bearded fellow selling rainbow T-shirts (apparently for the NHS) too.

A tweet, and answering tweet, below, too, which both reference Joan Bakewell:


Well, I am only 5 years younger than Peter Hitchens, so I also remember Joan Bakewell, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Bakewell , though from the 1970s, not 1960s. As I saw her, a pursed-lipped busybody type, the sort of woman back then who did well at a State grammar school, attended university (in her case, Cambridge), then joined some “Establishment” body such as MI5 or (in her case) the BBC.

Joan Bakewell has always been System, through and through. Just look at all the appointments and sinecures she has held! She made money on the side too, e.g. in the early 1970s by appearing in Sanderson furnishing ads (magazine photos), under the caption, “Very Joan Bakewell, very Sanderson”. https://www.imogenwhyte.co.uk/very-sanderson-at-the-fashion-textile-museum/ ; https://www.stylelibrary.com/sanderson/

Very Diana Rigg, very Sanderson | Vintage, Diana, Old ads

Vintage Ad #2,090: Very Britt Ekland, Very Sanderson | Vintage ads ...

1970s Uk Sanderson Magazine Advert Stock Photos & 1970s Uk ...


Vintage Original Adverts - House and Home Adverts - General ...

Vintage Adverts: Very Robert Carrier; very Sanderson. – Liz Eggleston

Very Peter Hall, very Sanderson in 2020 | Home, garden, Hall, House

Others who did the same (see above) included Jilly Cooper, Diana Rigg, Petula Clark, the theatre director Peter Hall, Kingsley Amis, and even that excellent adventure writer, Hammond Innes (now rather forgotten, but one of the few non-classic fiction writers that I like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammond_Innes), as well as the once-famous but now equally-forgotten early “celebrity chef”, Robert Carrier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Carrier_(chef). Others too. Sadly, I have been unable to locate Joan Bakewell’s equivalent magazine ad. Or that of Hammond Innes, though I did find this, one of his best books, in my opinion:

The Strange Land by Hammond Innes: Very Good Hardcover (1955 ...

Also found a few minutes of silent film showing the writer at his East Anglian home:

I believe that he lived on or close to the coast of Suffolk. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/obituary-hammond-innes-1164546.html

A satirist in the early 1970s suggested that Sanderson might try out a Russian literary giant of the time: “Very Solzhenitsyn, very Sanderson” (unsurprisingly, that never happened). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Solzhenitsyn

I have to say that Joan Bakewell is so typical of many of the people I have fought all my life, the bien-pensant Hampstead-dwellers (I believe that Joan Bakewell herself lives in nearby Primrose Hill, though I may be mistaken) who think, for example, that the multicultural society is wonderful (because they themselves live in a bubble cossetted by wealth and general privilege), and so on. Plenty like that at the Bar, too.

I don’t really care about mass immigration, neither do I care about Coronavirus lockdown, because I and all my friends live in big houses with nice gardens in Hampstead and Highgate and Primrose Hill and Blackheath.” Bluntly put, but in essence that is more or less the attitude.

This [below] is what we are not hearing from the hysterical msm, let alone the Government of Fools:

The “flattening of the curve” of the “pandemic” has occurred in both countries with “lockdown” and those without…

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

In fact, in terms of propaganda method, the UK state has managed to manage the public easily, in a judo-like way, not using blunt force as the primary way of manipulating behaviour, but combining that with the channelling of the fear of the public (fear of the virus) and the inherent British social conformity.

Where the Government itself has fallen down is in the fact that it has painted itself into a corner, and now cannot back down and then re-open or free the economy and society.

There is this idea abroad that there has to be an “exit strategy”. Why not just say “everything will be open as of X-day, the last day of X-month”?

Meanwhile, the economic tidal wave is approaching. Debenhams (23,000 jobs) has gone (officially only 7 stores and 400 jobs so far, but I doubt that the rest will last long) and I see that the ground force for aviation, comprising several large enterprises such as Swissport, are saying that they will lay off their thousands of employees this weekend unless government guarantees are given.

It is clear that once the furlough monies made available by the Government end (now extended until end of June), there will be a crashing wave of redundancies. More than that, there will, even as things stand, be millions of people on State benefits, maybe for the first time unable to pay their rents, mortgage payments, and general living expenses.

So far the population has been supine, scarcely willing to think for itself, let alone protest as its most basic everyday civil rights have been taken away. That may change when people start to suffer directly. We shall see.

Actually, the very lack of protest or individual (or group) rebellion is not just stunning in itself. It shows how it is that British people have been almost quiescent as their country has been swamped by migration-invasion for decades.

This is a British people that gets more excited or angry about the result of a TV talent show, or the plot of a “soap”, or about who screws whom in some “Year of the Sex Olympics” TV “reality” show, than when their own rights, jobs, and future are trashed.

Twitter, thank God, is not the whole society, but look at Twitter and you see the willing slaves begging to be enslaved more; none more so than the “liberal” or “socialist” tweeters, the sort of people who, in the 1960s, 1970s, even 1980s, would have been debating, protesting, rebelling against the infringement of rights, liberties and life-chances. Now? Begging for longer and harsher “lockdown”, demanding more active policing, eager to clap en masse and on command, eager to “celebrate” state services which in fact are only just, or not, functioning.

I notice that a few of the more notorious “usual suspects”, such as  Jew-Zionist minor academic Ben Gidley (under one of his surviving aliases, “@BobFromBrockley”) have started to call any people who do not accept the official line(s) put out by the System re. Coronavirus, “denialists”. cf. “holocaust” “denial” (meaning historical revision of WW2 narratives; and the view that all aspects of history can be examined and commented upon freely), climate change “denial” etc.

David Icke tweets

David Icke used to follow my Twitter account before I was expelled from Twitter via Jewish lobby machinations. He only follows a couple of hundred people, so he must have found my tweets interesting. Perhaps he reads my blog.Here are a few of his recent tweets:

[Update, 14 December 2020: David Icke has now been expelled from Twitter —in the Twitter weasel word, “suspended”—  as I was (over two years ago)]


Many tweets seen asking “where is Boris?” and many answering their own question by saying that he is in hiding until the death-toll reduces. Quite likely, but what did the voters expect when “they voted for” a part-Jew public entertainer as “their” Prime Minister? (I do not forget, though, that only about 4 out of 10 voters did vote for Conservative Party candidates in 2019).

Evening foray

Went out to Waitrose. The usual black-garbed Handmaid’s Tale marshals there, shuffling around outside. No other shoppers waiting, so no need to join a line. I was graciously waved through. Before that, while parked, I saw the local police drive round the car park once. Why? God knows. In case some people were actually talking to each other and needed to be shouted at? Whatever. The police just drove round and out again.

It strikes me that the police have an easy job right now, certainly in rural and quiet coastal areas. Crime down by a third, officially (I suspect far more, half or three-quarters, if we are talking about real crime, not people saying too many truths on the Internet). Many police seem to spend their time at present driving around, checking out (snooping) as to why someone is out of their house arrest etc; or parked, observing.

In the supermarket, bought a scratchcard. A winner again (though only £10). Few shoppers. Bought a few necessary items (kefir, bread, butter, milk, water, cat food), and a load of unnecessary ones (ice-creams on sticks, raw prawns at one-third of usual price, curry paste, lime pickle, poppadoms etc). Did not notice what items were unobtainable (except bleach, again all gone). Plenty of bread, eggs, milk etc including those panic-buy staples of loo paper and kitchen roll (I myself had no need of any); lemons, limes, grapes and other fruit all available in quantity. Reasonably good selection of tomato. Looks as if this area, at least, has shopped itself to a standstill except for the apparently insatiable demand for pasta, rice and bleach.

Evening music