Diary Blog, 8 April 2020


I expect a huge amount of System propaganda today about the 75th anniverssary of VE-Day. BBC Radio 4 Today is going full Soviet Radio. It is like living in a parallel universe. In the BBC/Sky/msm universe, Britain “fought for freedom and won” in 1939-45, and today the Queen will “lead the nation” in a 2-minute silence. There will be speeches, RAF fly-pasts etc.

To a large extent, it is the Jewish lobby that now promotes all these contrived anniversaries. The 75th or 80th or 85th anniversary of whatever. It gives “them” the opportunity to yet again talk about “holocaust” etc. The line of travel is anniversary/WW2/Hitler/”holocaust”.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the UK government of fools has put almost the entire nation under house arrest, even calling it “lockdown”, a term previously used mainly in American and other prisons.

Leaving that aside, only on State-mouthpiece BBC (and the other System msm) will “the nation” (which scarcely exists now, as such) be waiting agog for the Queen’s speech, or taking part in any “2-minute silence”. In reality, hardly anyone will listen, let alone stand silent, though no doubt the msm can be relied upon to produce suitable photos or film clips.


That graph says it all. The virus wave, in reality, peaked in February, a month before the “lockdown” nonsense was imposed. The biggest fall was when the “wash hands” propaganda was launched in early March. That propaganda or advice was the best and in fact the only useful advice offered to the public. The “stay at home” advice/threat was and is all but useless (as of course is the “protect NHS/save lives” stuff, and the weekly social coercion of the “clapathon”).

She is right. Boris-idiot is to a large extent a creation of a decadent and “tolerant” mass media. Inside the onion rings of rote-learned Latin and Greek, the Eton and Oxford polish, the public speaking skill etc is…nothing. There is nothing in the middle. Boris-idiot has no real programme that he wishes to implement. All he wanted to do was become Prime Minister, because it is the highest office the UK can bestow. Now he has achieved that, and so has nowhere to go, nothing to do.

The facile answer to that tweet would be “well, no-one knew that a virus emergency would emerge”; but that simply begs the question as to whether these measures were necessary and/or proportionate. I think not.

This tweet, below, lays it on the line:

Boris-idiot, posing as PM, has messed up the Coronavirus situation in every possible way. Those to whom he delegated power, notably the half-Jew Raab, and little Matt Hancock, have also messed up. “Boris” can use his supposed Coronavirus illness to escape some of the consequences on an alibi basis (“I was in hospital and not in charge at the time”) though that hardly washes, in view of the fact that most of the big decisions were taken by Boris Johnson and before he became unwell.

He is now back at No.10 and still will not admit that he was wrong or wrongly advised; he will still not drop the “lockdown”, because it would mean losing face. He is being supported by the Twitter mob, much of it, and by the Gadarene swine of the msm.

Result? Well, even the Bank of England is now predicting a situation not far short of economic collapse, at least in the short term. That is not caused by “Coronavirus”, but by government policies.

Basic Income

I have supported “Basic Income” for years. In fact, I first conceived the idea in the 1980s, when thinking about the future direction of society. Others, with more appropriate letters after their names, were working on it at the same time or later, it seems. Now, it may be that Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, or will come soon:


A few tweets around “VE-Day”

Most tweets seen by me were, as expected, replete with ignorance. Stuff about how “evil” National Socialism was, and how good were not only the Western Allies but the Soviet forces, including the Red Army pillagers and rapists. Such is the ignorance shown (especially on Twitter) that I would not bother to argue with it even had I still a Twitter account (the Jew lobby had me expelled in 2018).

I do not think that I shall bother to repost many ignorant tweets even to laugh at them, but here’s one, anyway:

The ignorant young woman above has, on her Twitter profile,  “#law Graduate #LLM #LPC student #Lawyer wannabe. #feminist ~Ally ~ writer sometimes ~cynical always. #eurovision fan ~ Wine aficionado – Coffee Freak“.

So a trainee solicitor or barrister…good grief!

She thinks that “The only reason why WW2 was a success is because it was a European and common effort against the Nazis’ 3rd Reich.” Where does one start? Even leaving aside the evils of the Soviet Union under Stalin, there is the fact that much of Europe was either on the German side or neutral.

On the German side, inter alia (and taking only Europe into account), were Austria, Hungary, the Baltic states, Finland, former Yugoslav state Croatia, ex-Czechoslovak Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and, in effect, Vichy France. Neutral were Spain, Portugal, Eire (Ireland), Switzerland, Sweden, and small states such as Liechtenstein (and the Vatican).

Individuals from all over Europe, including the states ranged against Germany, and including small numbers from the UK, fought on the German side. Members of the Legion of St. George, from the UK, were among the last few valiant defenders of Berlin in 1945, as the rapists and pillagers of the Red Army broke through the last lines of defence.

The Jewish element has poisoned the minds of many, especially in the past few decades, via msm, fake-history feature films, the whole “holocaust industry” in publishing, wrongheaded and/or biased teaching in academia (secondary and tertiary education).

Relatively few see the Third Reich or National Socialism straight. However, only political Twitter, with dissidents removed, really cares much about it all. Tomorrow, it will all be forgotten again, until the (((msm))) finds another anniversary or event for the “useful idiots” to emote about…

Finally, the young woman tweeting above thinks (because told so) that “WW2 was a success“. Well, if you think that the deaths of 80 million people, the smashing down of much of Europe, the misery caused by the war, the post-1945 collapse of European rule in much of Africa and Asia (with consequent wars, civil wars, wildlife destruction, environmental disaster etc) was “a success”. That’s even leaving aside the drab 44 years of Soviet rule, in effect, across Eastern and Central Europe, which lasted until 1989.

I don’t expect much now from most British people in the way of independent thought, reflection, even basic knowledge or logic. That way, I don’t get too disappointed. Usually.

A few pictures from that Third Reich that that young woman is sure had to go…


[above: a woman talks to a German soldier —unarmed soldier, off-duty— in occupied Paris in 1940 or 1941]


[above: a gendarme salutes a German officer by the Arc de Triomphe]

BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large




[above: SS man, with others (one probably Latvian), plays with a kitten]



[above: Dresden 1945, destroyed, together with much of the civilian population, by British bombers. American fighters, flying low the next day, strafed defenceless civilians, including women with children]…


[above: devastated Berlin, 1945. The photo shows the central Unter den Linden area]

More “words of wisdom” from tweeter “Em”:

That is the semi-literate level of someone in Britain, in 2020, someone with a law degree, a Master’s degree (joke though that usually is) and reading for either the solicitors’ profession or the Bar…It is not a matter of shaking one’s head at one individual but of noting one person as typical of literally thousands of others.

Tweeter “Em” has the excuse of relative youth. What is the excuse of such as James O’Brien?

Here below, Peter Hitchens deplores the outbreak of war in 1914:


He does not think that the outbreak of war in 1939, and in particular the declaration of war on Germany by Britain and France, was wrong. He is wrong.

Ah, here is faux-revolutionary fake Owen Jones (part-Jew, btw, for those unaware):

So Owen Jones does not want debate…OK…

[my blog from January 2019 about Owen Jones: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/]

Here is another who thinks that Sovietism was better than German National Socialism. An idiot, in other words:

So another one who believes only in force…OK…

This comic, below, makes a good point, amusingly…

1945 is now 75 years distant. Scarcely anyone who actually fought in it or was an adult civilian at the time is still alive. In Britain, “the War” still overshadows everything. Even the problems with a virus are referred back to “the War”! They are fighting on the beaches…against Coronavirus! How incredibly puerile… What they should be doing is fighting the migration-invasion, which is indeed, in part, quite literally “on the beaches”, mainly of Kent and Sussex. About 200 invaders a day now…idiotic Priti Patel is very quiet, for once. Useless.

Back to 2020, and away from fantasy 1945…

Peter Hitchens is basically an intellectual. He thinks or perhaps hopes that presenting facts, logic, statistics will convince people that the “lockdown” is a disastrous mistake that should be ended at once. The problem is that most people, including many who think themselves very clever, have only a thin veneer of intellect over the seething mass of emotion and will. The “lockdown” was accompanied by propaganda designed to affect the public on the emotional level, and by using emotional hooks, in particular that of fear. As Hitchens himself notes, the government of fools now finds that its own present desire to end “lockdown” (before the economy is destroyed almost totally) is thwarted by the same fear that the government itself has engendered!

The public, or about half of the public, are not willing to leave their houses because they are afraid despite the fact that there is actually no reason for at least 80%-90% of the public to be afraid! Most people, even if infected, show no symptoms, or few, and require no professional medical intervention. So far, fatalities have been, at highest, 1 in every 2,000 people in the UK.

There are other reasons why the public is not more keen to end “lockdown”. Some people live in pleasant large houses, with grounds or gardens. Some have swimming pools and tennis courts. I daresay that that description fits many of the houses of those droning dully every day on the BBC, Sky News, ITV News etc. For people in that position, and with no shortage of money (the msm is still paying 100% of pay; the same goes for MPs…), the situation is a kind of Oxfordian “Long Vac”. In fact, these days, for the affluent, with the Internet and its possibility to order food, wine, whatever, and to have almost anything delivered easily, life can seem like an endless Summer, albeit slightly restricted.

For others, not so fortunate as the above, there are other incentives: “furlough” pay at 80% of pay (with £2,500 per month cap). Many only make that much, or less, anyway, and the 20% cut is offset by the lack of need to pay for commute transport etc.

Only a small proportion worry about the civil rights aspect (the government dictating that the people stay in house arrest until further order, the antics of the toytown police and so on). That parallels all dictatorships. Only the few are dissidents. The dissidents are harassed, even imprisoned or killed (not yet in the UK, but who can say what it might be like in later years?), but if they survive they can become the next leadership cadre, as happened after socialism fell across Europe in and after 1989.

Amusing exchange…

I see that Dusty Springfield is trending on Twitter. She had an unforgettable voice, and was of course famous during my 1960s childhood.

The criminal Bar seems to have hit rock bottom…

(at least in the lower ranks)

Magistrates’ courts work never paid large amounts, but I can recall getting £5,000 for a week in City of London Magistrates’ Court in 1993. It could not happen now, partly because “old-style” committals (extended committal proceedings for trial in the Crown Court, in that case at the Old Bailey) no longer exist and because all criminal legal aid amounts have declined greatly in real terms.

Fees like that were rare (for me, at least) even in 1993 (part of why I remember it!).

Another great singer

A peaceful tomorrow may be an optimistic thought, but who knows?

54 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 April 2020”

  1. So, some Tories (too many it seems) are now whinging about Boris-Idiot as PM and his actions. Well, I have to say to these people, people like me TOLD you months, if not years, ago, that the bloke had no leadership qualities whatsoever and not much in the way of an IQ either.

    Yet, you ignored us and thought having someone with his only real quality of making people laugh like Coco The Clown was a cheap and easy way to gain an overall majority and you were totally obsessed by The now utter irrelevance of Brexit to the exclusion of every other topic.


  2. You would still have got a passable Brexit with Jeremy Hunt as party leader and PM and it is very likely he would still have won an overall majority of a perfectly decent and workable forty to fifty seats due to the fact of this country having your beloved not fit for purpose and decidedly undemocratic and unrepresentative electoral system of First Past The Post, the fact the Zionist ‘British’ media convinced large numbers of utter morons that Jeremy Corbyn was the second coming of Adolf Hitler and that Labour had extremist positions on immigration etc and was, therefore, not going to win anyway.


  3. You rejected the obviously much more capable and intelligent man, Jeremy Hunt, in favour of the joke buffoon candidate. No doubt they rejected him, partly, on the grounds of his rather unfortunate surname that stupid and immature Labour supporters and others make rhyme with a profane word and the fact he was the Health Secretary what with Labour making the NHS a national religion and an untouchable subject for Tories.


  4. Jeremy would have dealt with this subject matter much more effectively. I have no doubt he would have acted sooner and started the lockdown a week or ten days earlier before the virus really took hold. Simply put, the government acted too late and allowed the virus to spread too much and now it is, consequently, harder to get on top of.


  5. With relevance to today, last year’s leadership election was the second time in history the Tories have chosen the wrong person to lead them and rejected a Foreign Secretary for the top job. In 1940, we should have had Lord Halifax instead of idiotic ‘showman’ Churchill (Boris takes after Churchill in that respect but with even less brains) and in 2019 it should have been Jeremy Hunt.


    1. The ‘quiet’ guys in politics often get things done more efficiently, sensibly, and effectively than the political ‘showman’ and ‘look at me’ types.


  6. I suspect one reason our infection rate remains stubbornly high is that large numbers of people are simply not following government guidelines re hand washing etc and keeping away from other people.

    Hence the problem for the government. If people did as they were told the government would feel less need to continue with the lockdown. British ‘society’ is an absolute mess and this crisis has shown it. Too many people are too used to this vague, US libertarian ‘we must be free from the state’ nonsense and, consequently, are undisciplined and ill-prepared for something like a pandemic.


  7. It has become fashionable in recent decades to ignore police officers, government officials, authority in general when they tell you to do something.

    In the case of the police, this is partly the fault of governments since Mrs Thatcher’s who have blatantly politicised them. Thus, many law-abiding people have no respect for them and that makes situations like this hard to manage.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, it works both ways. Respect must be earned. When you see police clowns dancing with gays and lesbians on marches, or policewomen “twerking” while West Indians bump and grind against their bums in simulated copulation, it hardly gives confidence…and that is before we even look at the antics of the Chief Constables etc…


      1. Or driving around in rainbow-coloured cars! Even many gays, lesbians and bisexuals find that completely embarrassing and just totally unnecessary. If we are living under a Conservative Party administration I wonder what a Liberal Democrat one would be like? Apart from the fact the Liberal Democrat Party has far more respect for the basic ideas and principles of genuine democracy and would legislate for Proportional Representation if they were the government, I can’t see how much more liberal a Lib Dem government would be compared to this supposedly ‘Tory’ government.


      2. Yes, the police forces of this land are a totally sick joke who aren’t bothered about real crimes especially where there is an ethnic minority connection but are very thorough when it comes to acting as the state’s ‘thugs in uniform’ and ensuring the populace ‘get with the programme’ and adhere to the government’s approved PC viewpoints.


  8. I wouldn’t describe Peter Hitchens as an intellectual. For one reason, he seems to have no readily discernible ideological positions. I would characterise him as someone who enjoys being a contrarian and getting click bait. He is a journalist, after all, and one for the Daily Mail group!


  9. Normal, law-abiding people, are not likely to have respect for the police or to follow their instructions if they see the police as the politicised arm of the state, not genuinely politically neutral, content to ignore mostly Muslim gang rapes and real crimes like that whilst arresting people for non-PC tweets.


  10. Yes, it is very tiresome how globalist, left-wing idiots on Twitter say the war was a European effort against Nazi Germany when the other European countries were either officially allies of Germany or were neutral.

    Visit the Twitter account of a globalist moron called Nick Reeves (coincidentally, he is one of those Follow Back, Pro Europe FBPE types so it isn’t surprising his critical faculties are missing). This moron actually believes we should thank the Poles for helping us in the Battle of Britain. Yeah, the rather small matter of their country having been invaded by Hitler had nothing to do with some of their pilots coming over here and helping us! They just done it because they were massively pro-British and had were concerned solely for us!

    Only TWO countries in Europe fought against Hitler this one and France.


  11. Meanwhile, Stalin’s Soviet Union was effectively an ally of Hitler when it really countered ie 1939/1940. Infact, if Stalin had not signed the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact the war may not have started in the first place so the Soviet Union wasn’t entirely blameless for WW2 arising. When my Nan, was alive, she often hissed at me when I brought up the subject of WW2 and Russia/WW2.


    1. She didn’t like to talk much about the war even though I often tried to engage her in discussions about it. After all, talking to someone who actually lived through the period is more interesting than reading dry books about it.

      She didn’t refer to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact by name but I believe it is that she had in mind with her low opinion of the Soviet Union.


  12. However, some Brexit supporting types are also historically inaccurate and believe the US was a massive friend of Britain. The fact is President Roosevelt kept the US out of the war until as late as December 1941 after Pearl Harbour had been attacked by the Japanese. America would have been quite content to see BOTH France and the United Kingdom under Nazi occupation with them remaining out of the war and not seeking to liberate the Continent. As for Lend-Lease, well that came at a huge cost in monetary terms for us. The US made sure they got their pound of flesh from us and more so much so infact we dint pay it off until 2006! Some ‘friend’!


    1. Also, M’Lord of Essex, there is the fact that WW2 replaced the British Empire with the USA, literally in the case of bases around the world. The Caribbean became an American sea, though the British were allowed to keep facesaving title to various islands.


      1. And can anyone really say US leadership of the so-called ‘free world’ replacing British and French leadership of it has been hugely and quantifiably better?

        Or that the US push for us and the French to decolonise has led to much better outcomes for our ex colonies and their people’s lives than ‘oppressive’ British and French rule?

        Very few ex British colonies are doing as well if not better under ‘independence’. Singapore comes to mind as a successful ex colony of ours but Zimbabwe points the other way.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        Singapore is little more than a city and is of course a sort-of benevolent police state run by Chinese. “Zimbabwe”, on the other hand, is a semi-savage African despotism.


    2. With the US under Roosevelt’s leadership they may as well have been an open enemy of us and joined in with Nazi Germany during the Battle of Britain. With ‘friendship’ like that who needs enemies?

      Still, anyone with a brain at the time would have known that. Sadly, that didn’t include Churchill with his partial US ancestry.😡🤬😞☹️


  13. From the spelling of her name, it looks like Em is an Irishwoman or has Irish blood, I know they love their historically inaccurate Republican
    myths in the Republic of Ireland and infact all over that island generally but she should know that the Irish Free State was neutral and the period of the war is known as ‘The Emergency’. Their leader, Eamon De Valera, even had the German legation in Dublin be given official commiserations on the part of the Irish government to Germany over the suicide of Hitler.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      You may be interested to know that, in early 1979, when I was climbing the area of Mount Brandon (Kerry), I came across parts of a WW2 German aircraft (as I later discovered). Ultralight big pieces of metal (I could pick a big piece up with one hand). I presume magnesium (?). Locals told me, a week later when I descended from the mountain, that it had crashed on or near the summit during the war. Strange. Another few feet, maybe 10ft, and it would not have crashed at all. Fate…


  14. I find it rather funny that many of these libertarian Tory types who are complaining about the lockdown campaigned for Brexit on the basis of US style libertarian concerns about the EU being an ‘overly large state which is constantly interfering’ yet only now have they recognised, too late, the fact that under the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty they castigated the EU for removing from us the British government can do pretty much as it likes ie in this pandemic it has removed people’s liberty to move around as we like by putting us under a form of effective arrest.

    I presume that in future they will look more kindly on constitutional reform at HOME?


  15. Presumably they will do this so if we have another pandemic in the future a PM will have to abide by a written constitution overseen by a constitutional court and he/she will only be able to order these sort of restrictions if the constitution provides for them?


  16. The Portuguese President has had to go back to parliament after a few weeks since announcing a state of emergency as their constitution mandates him to do so he can’t go on renewing it on a personal whim. The office of PM in this country gives such an individual immense power with little in the way of real constitutional oversight.


    1. This is especially the case when you consider the fact very large numbers of these libertarian, Brexit supporting Tory types see nothing wrong with our highly undemocratic and unrepresentative electoral system of First Past The Post which too often enables a government to have a landslide majority of 80 plus seats on a minority of the national vote thus enabling ‘elected dictatorships’ and very much concentrating power in the PM’s hands as Tory Lord Haisham once said.


  17. I can’t take Peter Hitchens seriously if he genuinely believes there was less of a cast for this country to fight in WW1 than WW2. It is, infact, the other way around.The Kaiser was going West towards us whereas Hitler was moving East away from us.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      You have to bear in mind 1. That Hitchens is part-Jew (though the proportion is slight); and 2. Hitchens does make his living from the msm, esp. the Daily Mail and, I think, Mail on Sunday. They would not pay him for long if he were chased relentlessly by the Jew lobby.


      1. Yes, he puts his pay packet first instead of any ethical principals. As a journalist he must not find himself in the position of being criticised by those who make a profession out of feeling perpetually slighted ie the Jew Zionist Lobby/and or Pro Israel Lobby.


  18. Staying inside the house won’t prevent you from getting Covid-19 if you then go food shopping or to buy paracetamol at the chemists and you didn’t wash your hands properly before and after going out. I think too many have been neglecting to do proper hand washing.


  19. Some of the problem with the soap instructions is that many people over recent years have stopped using it in favour of ‘soaps’ like Dove which is basically hard detergent because many people say ‘soap’ dries out your hands and that should come as no surprise since detergent bar ‘soap’ like Dove is manufactured to be as cheap as possible and they take out the glycerin real, proper, soap has to sell for higher profit to producers of hand creams etc.

    In this country, we often don’t buy the real, natural, soaps with natural oils in them like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil etc in favour of these mass production detergent bars.

    In America, they more often have these proper soap bars readily available in supermarkets whereas here they are more normally sold online on sites like Amazon.


  20. People would be surprised to learn about the nasty gunk chemicals many manufacturers of cosmetic products producers use.


  21. As a further illustration of just how mindlessly stupid so many of the idiots on Twitter are, some of them have even been comparing Boris-Idiot not just to Churchill but far worse to the pro-British, fundamentally decent and humane man that was Neville Chamberlain.

    What an UTTER INSULT to Chamberlain! I don’t suppose any of Chamberlain’s relatives are alive but if they were that kind of grotesquely idiotic comparison would be worth a punch or two.


  22. Boris-Idiot is a pound shop Churchill but in no way can he be compared to this country’s last half-way decent Tory PM. Boris is not worth a single piece of dirt off Chamberlain’s shoes.

    God almighty, surely this shows REAL history needs to be taught in this country and FAST!


    1. Frankly, M’Lord of Essex, I fear that that ship has sailed…

      This week alone, I have seen (on Twitter, at least) a woman who thinks that defeating the Reich was an enterprise of all Europe against Germany, as well as tenured academics, mainstream authors and talking heads etc wanting to burn books even —in fact especially— by recognized historians such as David Irving; also, huge numbers of persons wanting to maintain “lockdown” until it is 100% “safe” for people to creep out from their houses; other things too. Also, the mass of the unthinking who cannot see that the Second World War, certainly after 1940, need not have continued.

      It may be too late to save the UK. I am still hoping not, but “against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain”, as Schiller wrote. On Twitter especially, there are huge numbers who are all too ready to call those actually more educated and more intelligent “stupid”, “morons” etc…A mob of Twitterati twits. That’s not the whole population, thank God, but many Twitterati twits are in influential positions.


  23. Churchill was a bit of a self-seeking charlatan but Boris is that combined with even less intelligence than his idol.. Chamberlain, on the other hand, wasn’t a globalist, was for the most part a deeply thoughtful man with the best and most noble of intentions (I believe he was even working on plans for some much needed social reforms in 1938/1939) and whose only real vice was a tendency to be too trusting and naive.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, re. Churchill, I appreciate his (though limited in scope) erudition and his use of language, but he was a chancer, a self-publicist, a warmonger sans pareil, as well as mentally unstable, a drunk (in fact, alcoholic) and a psychopath or at least sociopath.

      Having said that, Churchill was a titan compared to Boris Johnson. If you took Churchill and reduced him in stature by about a factor of 10 or more, you get something like “Boris”. Boris-idiot has many of Churchill’s traits but reduced to a tiny size (many traits in fact copied quite consciously) but none of Churchill’s strengths.

      Look at Churchill’s ancestry: back to John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough. Boris Johnson? A polyglot pack of Jews, Turks, various others. Bad blood. Mountebanks and poseurs. Look at Stanley Johnson.

      Then there is Churchill’s career: questionable, but including serious battle action, hazardous adventure, serious political posts, Cabinet positions. “Boris” apes some of that: scribbling, politics etc, but always hopelessly. As Foreign Secretary, he was a bad joke. He has nothing to say about real social issues. He has of course no military or naval background. He is a caricature Churchill, like one of those cardboard seaside pictures with a hole cut out for someone’s head to poke through.


      1. Indeed. That Boris should have appealed so much to those simpletons who habitually and stupidly voted Labour en masse for so many years up North that Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ was broken that they voted for Boris Idiot’s ‘modern’ globalist non-Conservative Party should have come as no great surprise.

        After all, if these people were dim witted enough to have been conned by Labour for so many years then a self-serving, cretinous, buffoon and pound shop caricature Churchill figure was always going to appeal to them. If they had any brains, they should have abstained not voted for the CONServative Party.🙄🙄🙄


      2. Many *did* abstain from voting, M’Lord of Essex. In fact almost as many former Labour voters decided simply not to vote in 2019 as changed to *all* other parties put together. A warning flag that “Labour”-label has decided to ignore…


      3. Re Churchill being a drunkard, I saw on the web last night that Boris Idiot was NOT treated for Covid-19 in hospital but for an alcohol problem he allegedly has. So, perhaps, he has that in common with Churchill as well! God help us!😡🤬😞☹️


      4. Well, M’Lord of Essex, that just might be classic “fake news”, or maybe not.
        Churchill was an alcoholic. Boris-idiot is (I am guessing) not. Maybe an occasional drunk.

        If the UK msm were less “Soviet” now, less obliging to the Government, people might start asking *why* most of Europe has not had panic about lack of doctors, beds, equipment etc, and no “clap on command”, but *has* dealt effectively with the virus problem.


      5. Yes, Boris Johnson was an absolute disaster at the Foreign Office. I have read that several other Foreign Ministers had to excuse themselves from his presence as if they hadn’t they would not have been able to contain their mirth. Virtually every other Foreign Secretary in the world regarded him as a bad joke and really wondered at Teresa May’s sanity for appointing him.


  24. That Boris’s political hero is Churchill and not Neville Chamberlain or Lord Halifax should be a matter for concern but then real history with all of its warts would need to be known in this country instead of the BBC/MSM/Jew Zionist Lobby approved version.


  25. Twitterati idiots need to know why Churchill was so despised by most Tories AND King George Vl and Queen Elisabeth. There were some good reasons for that.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you. Are those people in Plymouth? That looks like Plymouth Sound behind them (I used to commute from Brittany every week or so by car ferry). That lighthouse looks like the one on the Hoe.


    2. Wigger:
      Ah, I see that I was right to identify the background as Plymouth Sound:
      UK column began in 2006 as the Davenport Column. As readership grew, it was renamed, first to the Plymouth & Devonport Column, and then the UK Column.[2]

      Wikipedia has deleted its page as “non-notable”.” [Wikispooks]


  26. I can’t be sure off-hand but I think it was David Noakes (GcMaf) who got the operation started as essentially an anti-EU organisation. I don’t know how Brian Gerrish (“the jolly sailor”) or Mike Robinson came to join it. Much of the material skeptical of their true purpose (if other) seems to have been wiped form the web including wayback machine.


    1. Wigger:
      Knowing Plymouth as I do (I was often in Plymouth County Court in the 2002-2007 period), I think that I know more or less from where they are speaking. Between the Hoe and the Citadel.


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