Diary Blog, 9 April 2020

“Clap for the NHS”?

Hospitals may have broken the law by sending patients with Covid-19 back to care homes without telling their managers they had the virus. 

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been told that several hospitals returned people despite suspecting – or even knowing – they were infected.” [Daily Mail]


Perhaps “imagine one hand clapping”…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%8Dan#The_sound_of_one_hand]




Roy Horn

Sad to hear that Roy Horn, of the stage act Siegfried and Roy, died. I recall seeing Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on TV feature them, when I lived in the USA about 30 years ago. They had a fabulous villa in the desert near Las Vegas and lived there with their huge and beautiful white tigers. In general, I don’t like stage acts involving animals, but Siegfried and Roy really loved their big cats (white tigers, lions, leopards). Pity that the full episode featuring them at home is not up on YouTube at present.

Britain 2020, where free speech is being killed

This ghastly little bastard, Evan Smith [see below] has written a book attempting to weasel about preventing people from giving lectures or speeches thought unsuitable by the “anti-fascist” thug element. What this is, is an attempt to intellectually legitimize censorship and socio-political repression.

It will be noted that one Aurelien Mondon of the University of Bath, and one Gavan Titley of Maynooth University (the place in Ireland from where most of their censorious Roman Catholic priests used to be churned out), have both endorsed this new book, for what such endorsement is worth.

My view has always been that there should be absolute freedom of speech on socio-political, historical and religious topics. If others want to restrict such freedom, and make it all about who has the biggest club or the most weapons, then that is their decision, their choice and their self-judgment.







You get the idea…

Tweets seen

Labour continues to bump along the bottom vis a vis the misnamed “Conservatives”. Keir Starmer, dull as ditchwater, and Lisa Nandy, humourless and not particularly intelligent political-correctness banner-carrier. No chance. I suppose that both they and the Labour rank and file think that, in the UK’s unfair binary system of ping-pong politics, if people tire of Boris-idiot and his entourage, the electorate will have nowhere to go but Labour. Don’t be so sure. Look at what happened in and after 2015 in Scotland.


While Labour has rarely had so many committed members and supporters, they number only about 600,000. That may seem many, and actually does make Labour the largest political party in Europe, but is still only about 1%-2% of the electorate.


George Orwell tried to imagine how a less free UK might be taken over. What he did not quite foretell was that old-established liberties and norms (eg the right to leave your house, to walk in the park with a friend, to stroll on a beach with the same, the right for shopkeepers to open shops, or the right to drive in the country for a change of scenery) might be extinguished, not by Stalinist despots and grim-faced soldiers, but by incompetent Old Etonians and Oxford graduates, by a part-Jew public entertainer posing as Prime Minister, and by a kind of toytown police patrolling roads to see whether someone is “allowed” to drive to the country, or the same uniformed clowns patrolling city parks and popular beaches to lecture old couples and solitary sunbathers.

It’s that that is so bizarre: the mixture of the repressive and the clownish; the mixture of emergent police state rigour, the remnants of “policing by consent”. Those elements and, of course, the utter illogic of it all, “sanctified” by the ludicrous and pathetic officially-mandated and promoted weekly community clapping sessions…

Police state Britain, 2020

I am the last person likely to be accused of being “pro-black” and/or “socially-liberal”, but this clip, below, showing a black man shot (with a taser) by Manchester Police, is truly shocking:

What disturbs me more than anything is that the black was shot in front of his small child. Something like that could have lifelong negative psychological effects, with bad results for society too.

I do not have the facts behind what is shown, so do not want to be too swift to judge, but surely there must be an inquiry into this.

I have just now seen this, which seems to relate to the filmed incident:

“The times they are a’changing…”

Me like…

The combination of social disruption and economic disruption, combined with floundering by the System parties, provides the best chance for social nationalism since the 1930s, but that opportunity can only be grounded if there exists a social-national party or movement to act as lightning rod and vanguard.

28 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 April 2020”

  1. Blimey, what has got into Andy Burnham! As a Labour guy, you are not supposed to support the police at all, particularly when an ethnic is, apparently, in the wrong.

    Yes, Twitter user, Michael Morgan, the police ARE “institutionally racist” but it is directed against white people who, mainly, pay their wages.

    What else could explain why they don’t bother much about the mainly Muslim gang rape problem whilst being incredibly efficient against mean un-PC tweeters?


  2. Yes, that robot is a bit creepy. Still, this IS in Singapore – a notoriously authoritarian state where the government has a penchant for hanging, flogging and fining people. Indeed, the last aspect is so commonplace tourists can even buy souvenir ‘I’ have visited Singapore T shirts bearing the words ‘Singapore: It’s a FINE city with various examples of what offences the courts can fine you for.


  3. Yes, that woman did look a bit fearful but that is normal in Singapore. The police and government there are draconian at the best of times and that instils a culture of fear into the population. It works wonders for helping to keep crime under control!🤣😂😄😎


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Re. Singapore, yes they are strict. My parents overnighted there a few times to break the journey when they went to visit my brother in Australia. My father mistook the main court building of the city for a Metro station (how or why I have no idea) and the police who surrounded him did not appreciate his typical well-meaning attempts to make jokes. He was very nearly arrested.


  4. Robots can be scarily lifelike nowdays! What will they be like in the future with the advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?😃


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      That is a major interest of mine (in a totally lay, non-technical way). That is in fact one reason why I believe that Basic Income must come: if, at the extreme, robots do most of the work, *including* some “intellectual” work, there will be huge unemployment. I know that that has been forecast before,eg during Industrial Revolution and Internet age (at the beginning of which we are) but this could be different.

      Marx foresaw this, in essence. If the “workers” cannot buy the products being produced, what then? Either communism (in some form), in which goods are supplied gratis to those who “need” them, or Basic Income so that the “workers” can buy them…

      Either give away goods (and services) or give away the money *with which* to buy them.


  5. Yes, a basic income worked-out in the right form is a plausible way of dealing with the radical changes in society that are going to be with us once artificial intelligence really takes off. At the moment, only the Green Party is prepared to entertain such an idea. A side point is it will annoy the repellent likes of Ian Dunce-Smith no end so that is all to the good!


  6. Re that police video, yes, it does look disturbing but the policeman did take the trouble to try and comfort the young child when, to be a bit brutal, he didn’t have to. I think we can say that if the child and the parent were British then the police officer wouldn’t probably bother to do that such is their evil Tory government inspired naked bias against our people nowdays which the Tories inculcate into Officers.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Yes, it *may* have been the only way for the matter to end, but that is not the impression given by the video clip. I think that there must be at least a police inquiry into the full facts.


  7. I have read some of Peter Hitchens’s tweets over on his Twitter account. One thread interested me particularly which was the one about someone suggesting that Human Rights Act should be suspended so that new lockdown measures could be protected from legal assault.

    Sadly, I found yet more evidence of historical ignorance on the part of Peter and most replies. Peter and company think the British government has always abided by basic civil liberties up until now.


  8. Sadly, that is not true. Where were the protections seemingly afforded by our constitutional norms when his hero, Winston Churchill, decided about 80 years ago this month to arbitrary lock-up on trumped-up charges people who opposed his war under the 18B regulations like Sir Oswald and Lady Diana Mosley, Admiral Barry Domville, etc?


    1. Even the SERVING MP for the Scottish Unionist Party ie effectively a Scottish Tory in all but name, Archibald Maule Ramsay was!🤬😡😞☹️


  9. When it comes to Irish Roman Catholic priests (excluding the tv comedy variety) I feel some connection with the outlook of Rev. Denis Fahey (d. 1954) for his well researched books and pamphlets, mostly on geopolitical as well as religious themes – a selection on archive.org. When I first came across them I was as pleasantly surprised as when I first encountered Pinay (‘nym): The Plot Aganst the Church.

    I think it was in an edition of https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-z-blogs-show that the host expressed the view (presumably lifted from elsewhere) that Universal Basic Income simply has the effect of driving up prices sooner or later.
    In our miscegenated society my main fear remains its being used as a lever (unfairly applied) of social compliance and rewarding those … ‘latecomers’ who have little to no economic worth anyway. (Is it really the case that 50% of Muslim adult males in UK are unemployed? Is that a badly recalled stat. from e.g. Quilliam Foundation in 2010/11?)

    Some renegades still among the twatteratti then?

    Situation normal reported over here though:

    “Meanwhile, back in Blighty, police are searching the social media profiles of those who dare to criticise their Gestapo-like behaviour. I was contacted by a reader who has been very critical of police over-reach on Twitter. He saw a Tweet from another sceptic complaining the police had checked his profile on LinkedIn and thought, “That can’t possibly be true. Surely, they’ve got more urgent maters to attend to?” He then checked his own LinkedIn profile and found this: [etc etc]”

    – some other good links in that article including:

    Bejaysus! Robin Tilbrook (see previous item at article end) tilting not at windmills but at legislative neutron bombs (no people surviving afterwards, infrastructure left largely intact)


    1. Wigger: re Muslims unemployed in UK, this is what the government claims:

      Some Muslim groups have much higher unemployment. Somalis are supposed to have very high male unemployment (unsurprising as most are useless and would be useless even as unpaid slaves), maybe as high as 90%.

      The police have lost almost all credibility by reason of their recent behaviour.

      It is clear that the whole “virus” situation is going to all but collapse the economy. Still, politically, that could lead to real social-national political movement. As Lenin said, “worse will mean better”


  10. Now I KNOW for sure that Peter Hitchens has gone completely ga-ga. He is now claiming, despite even the fact this usual figure massaging (ie real unemployment figures) Tory government admits to it, that our death figures are NOT the worst in Europe!🙄🙄🙄

    He has prayed in aid that vicious globalist Blairite figure Dan Hodges! Why is a Blairite Labour man who advocated the use of violence against nationalists when he was a leading figure in the so-called ‘United Against Fascism’ group writing for a supposedly Tory newspaper anyway?


    1. It is either Peter Hitchens has gone stark raving bonkers or he doesn’t regard Britain as being the European country it is and will remain despite our recent EU exit.

      Perhaps, he is one of these silly Brexit supporting types who think Britain isn’t a part of Europe and this accounts for his denial of the fact we DO have the worst death rate?Britain left the EU – a political and economic union – NOT Europe.

      Britain, in fact, has the WORLD’s worst death rate if you consider that the US has many more residents than Britain does.

      Peter is a strange character. I must say I have always been a tad suspicious of these ‘former’ adherents of Marxist-Leninism. People do change their political opinions, of course, but to go from being a Marxist-Leninist to the opposite side of the spectrum is quite a leap.


    2. M’Lord of Essex:
      The UK’s death toll from Coronavirus is the highest in Europe in absolute terms, but not when adjusted per million of population. Belgium, Span and Italy are far higher.


      1. How does it compare to the US in those terms? Britain is second only to the US in absolute deaths but America has a far larger population ie 320,000,000 plus compared to about 66,000,000. They now have 70,000 deaths and we have 32,000 odd. Ours should be around 20,000 or less.


      2. Yes, M’Lord of Essex. The death rate from this virus in the USA is, so far, at a lesser level than in the UK.

        The problem is that there are so many variables: race types, lifestyle configurations, diet, fitness, prevalence of smoking, start date for infections, national differences in personal hygiene, healthcare (much better in Germany tha UK, it is said) etc.


  11. In truth, the police have lost any credibility not just via their recent behaviour where some officers have been lacking in good judgement and overzealous but via a longer period than that. You would have had to be either a left-wing extremist or asleep not to have noticed the plain fact that they really don’t care much about ordinary, real crimes, are biased against Britons and prefer to spend hours in front of computer screens investigating people for not adhering to the PC globalist opinions of this wretched Tory government.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      My own experience testifies to that! While the tame Essex police of your count were interrogating me at the behest of the vicious Jew lobby, they were failing notably in their proper job, both in terms of ordinary crime and in terms of failing to prevent importation of untold thousands of migrant invaders via Tilbury docks.


  12. Regarding the UK numbers (COVID):

    “Downing Street announces that COVID Death Certs are being falsified”
    7 May 2020


    And another case of “predictive programming” / “Revelation of the Method” this time from May 2010:

    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development
    (The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network) – read in particular page 18:

    A world of tighter top-down government control and more
    authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing
    citizen pushback…”


    1. Wigger:
      I listened to the suggested clip. Robin Tilbrook may mean well, but these legal interventions will not change anything much.

      In the end, only “action directe” (political or otherwise) can change anything now.


  13. I agree except the 2 legal actions at least evidence *some* formal pushback (MPs evidently doing nothing, being in self-imposed political purdah; muh pension/personal advancement again) whereas total inaction would as per usual be treated as consent/acquiescence since I’m not seeing anything like meaningful resistance on the streets.

    Alf Kindertransport Dubs stabbing his benefactors’ posterity in the back
    – the fable of the scorpion and the frog immediately springs to mind:


    The Delmer Unit put out another good one on Monday 11th May. After a largely torpid 10-15mins they started putting up shocking revelations on what the evidence has been suggesting for weeks – there’s a coup underway – there won’t be a resumption of “normality”:


    1. Wigger:
      Yes, the NWO does not really want or need the British people (or any Europeans) or the UK itself (except as “unsinkable aircraft carrier”). Therefore everything will now start to be seriously run down: living standards, industry, commerce, and of course civil rights.


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