Diary Blog, 13 May 2020


Tweets of interest seen so far today

Again, this by Hitchens hits the nail on the head. Why oh why do people simply accept without question what deadheads like Boris-idiot and little Matt Hancock say? I put it down to centuries-ingrained English or British deference, a class-based behaviour, though in fact “Boris” is a part-Jew, part-Turk, of very peculiar origins, and basically acting a part, the “upper-class” “Englishman”, neither of which he is. The training in privilege received at Eton, then at Oxford, helped. As for the rest of the present Cabinet, they are mostly Jews or part-Jews, Indians etc, and the few English ones of a “beggar on horseback” type, such as Hancock.

Sadly, a certain confident manner and a Standard English accent (perceived as “posh” by the plebs) gets many mediocre types rather far, not least many MPs. People really should look at the real levels of intelligence, education and other qualities of “our” MPs. Very poor, for the most part.

I have to say that, though I am far from agreeing on everything with Peter Hitchens, he must have the patience of a saint, the endurance of a Trojan, and the hide of a rhinoceros to put up with the Twitter mob as he does. I admit that I myself would simply not have the patience. I can only assume that Hitchens perceives what he does on Twitter as a duty of some kind laid upon him.

This (above)…

One aspect that made me laugh from the start of the Coronavirus “pandemic” (which is now, in the UK, not even an epidemic) is that all or almost all the pseudo-socialist mob on Twitter have been in favour of ever-more restriction of liberty, ever-more rules and ever-stricter “lockdown”. It is one of their psychological flaws. The need or perceived need to be told what to do.

One saw it in the Brexit situation, that idea that the UK’s civil liberties etc (free speech being the greatest), fought and struggled for over hundreds of years by British people could now only be maintained by a pack of tired Eurotrash politicians and bureaucrats in places like Brussels and Berlin and Strasbourg. In fact, the wish not to be free was palpable in the Remain camp.

Indeed, would anyone think himself “free” in an EU where to question any of the often absurd details of the “holocaust” fable is actually a criminal offence?!

We have seen, all through this “crisis” or scare, that the Labour Party official Opposition has been pathetic, just supporting the Government! Really really pathetic. I think I understand why Keir Starmer is doing it. He really, at heart, would like to see Labour as part of a fake “National Government”, thus giving Labour some reflected credibility as part of that Government. “Boris”, though, thanks to his unmerited and unexpected 80-seat Commons majority, does not need Labour. The result is that Labour is a total irrelevance.

Likewise the TUC. I remember from my teenage years the TUC as a vast, monolithic, almost Soviet bloc of unions, powerful and of national importance whether one supported or opposed their actions. Today on, I think, Sky News, up pops Frances O’Grady, its General Secretary, and all she can do, really, is bleat a little. A waste of space. The TUC still has 5.6 million members (Wikipedia; another source says only 3.69M), but that is only about 1 in 5 employees; if you include the self-employed, probably 1 in 6. Like Labour, near-irrelevant.

The Jew Shapps

The “Cabinet minister”, Jew Grant Shapps, on TV news this morning, posing in front of a small bookcase prominently featuring two Union Jacks. Surely, in view of his Zionist ideology and one-time position as head of the youth wing of Bnai Brith UK, Israeli flags would have been more fitting?


Gerry Adams

More madness…

We live in a society where the likes of Gerry Adams have their supposed “rights” fastidiously upheld by a “Supreme Court”, but also a society in which Jez Turner was convicted and actually sent to prison merely for saying that Jews should be deported from the UK (as has happened several times in history), and a society in which Alison Chabloz was prosecuted and sentenced merely for singing satirical songs about proven “holocaust” fakes!

alison [above: the satirical singer-songwriter, Alison Chabloz, at the piano]


Not that Corbyn is “wrong” in this, but he has just spent 5 years supporting the mainstay of the Israeli/Zionist state, i.e. the “holocaust” narrative! Also, decrying anything supposedly “anti-Semitic”. In other words, he is against Zionism in the Middle East, but —in effect— supportive of it in Europe, North America and Australasia!

Ah, well, Corbyn is back in his comfort zone, bleating about matters far away, which he has no power to influence or change…

Peter Hitchens’ tweets

Also known as “the shoplifter’s special”…

Actually, the “facemask” nonsense is the ideal excuse for anyone asked in court, “and why were you walking around covering your face?” The criminal defence barrister has a new tool to put in his box, along with “it was someone who looked like the defendant”, “his fingerprints were there because he had been there previously, and legitimately…” and (after conviction) “the defendant has had an unhappy life to date…”

People, most of them, are motivated by will or by emotion, not (and certainly not primarily) by thought.

A little night (but not light) music

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 May 2020”

  1. This may interest you, medical reasons with regard to mask wearing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvJMzPS7Iw0 As pointed out before, Ian, and you concurred (slightly) the lady was sent to prison, not for the songs, but for breaking bail conditions. She did that, as she said to the judge, so the donations wouldn’t stop coming in, I believe.


  2. It is unrealistic to expect a government to maintain freedoms in every possible circumstance. Very occasionally, like once in a hundred years worldwide viral pandemics, it is appropriate for a government to suspend them for as long as is needed and whilst that pandemic lasts.

    China is instituting a new quarantine today after a new outbreak of the virus in a North Eastern province.

    The problem in this country isn’t so much that Boris-idiot and his cabinet of foreign-origin fools is doing this though I will admit such a cabinet gives one little confidence it is that these kind of measures are best done within the confines of a written constitution overseen by a constitutional court as modern countries have.


  3. Peter Hitchen’s complaints would have more credibility if he had urged the government to institute very tough restrictions on non-essential travel at our airports and ports earlier this year when it was abundantly clear this pandemic was going to sweep the globe but such is the CONServative Party’s commitment to open borders and globalist values they didn’t do that.😡🤬☹️😞

    I don’t remember him urging the government to do that. If they had done so we might not have the virus here or had it in a less serious way.

    As of today, Lesotho in Southern Africa, is the latest country to report their first cases. There is now only a few places that don’t have it namely North Korea (if you believe them) and a few countries in the South Pacific who all clamped-down very hard on travel to them.


      1. Indeed but ALSO because their governments were responsible and intelligent enough (unlike this shambolic Tory government) to take pro-active steps to PREVENT people
        from entering them and therefore potentially spreading the virus.

        Simply put, people no longer have any so-called ‘civil right’ to travel to those counties until this nasty virus had run its course.


  4. Imposing quarantines/lockdowns are perfectly valid actions by governments seeking to prevent the spread of infectious respiratory diseases and are backed by medical evidence and medical scientists.

    They were used during the Spanish flu of 1918-1920 and helped to eventually end it.


  5. A highly infectious respiratory disease spreads easily without interventions and really it is only a government using its state power that can do this. Merely asking people to ‘do the right thing’ is not enough since far too many won’t abide by instructions from government.

    Unavoidably, and with the best of intentions, this situation requires government to curtail personal liberties so people can’t live a ‘normal’ life.

    At least SOME interventions by government removing aspects of people’s ‘normal’ personal freedoms is, regrettably, necessary.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Facemasks are only of use to prevent sneezes or breath at short range from landing on someone. Only rarely are people in normal street situations or shops breathed upon or sneezed upon, and most people in the UK at present (9,996 out of 10,000) are not infected. Ergo, no need for facemasks. QED.


    2. So why did Sebastian Kurz introduce them? He must have had good reasons for mandating the people of his country to use them? Perhaps, he wanted to curtail the community transmission of this virus?

      At any rate, I would far rather trust Herr Kurz’s judgement on these matters than the utter moron we have for a PM and the other cretins in the cabinet!

      I would like Herr Kurz to replace Boris but pretty much any other world leader would do such as Scott Morrison of Australia, Jacinda Arden of New Zealand, Shinzo Abe of Japan. The only person worse than Boris at the moment is the orangeman in Washington DC, President Trump. I think that says it all!😡🤬☹️😞


  6. ‘Social distancing’ is important to contain the spread of this highly infectious virus so if this can’t be achieved by ‘lockdowns’/quarantines any longer other methods will have to be used instead like the mandatory wearing of facial masks as the very able (and he is still in his 30’s!) Chancellor Kurz of Austria done.


  7. What Peter Hitchens seems to be forgetting is that this is a highly infectious respiratory illness spread by an airborne virus and one which has NO VACCINE against it and NO KNOWN CURE.

    Peter also needs to be reminded of the fact that most countries in the world have universal healthcare systems (apart from the USA) because they believe there is a connection between having healthy workers and a healthy economy.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      the Chinese virus is “airborne” only insofar as airborne droplets of water can carry it. It is not otherwise “airborne”. Only if someone is sneezed upon or breathed on is the virus likely to be transmitted and received, *except* via contaminated surfaces such as door handles (which is why frequent and effective washing of hands is vital).

      The virus only lives for a certain time, varying on the surface: cardboard, metal, plastic etc. On people, it lives for longer, but not very long (perhaps days) unless the people get infected, after which they are clear again (whether aware at all, slightly affected, needing treatment, or dead) within a month at latest.

      This is a time-limited problem.


      1. That might well be so but the problem is that even in that short period of time an infected person is able to spread it to quite a few others and then if that happens the other people newly infected have the potential to transmit it to others again so the infection cycle begins again etc.


      2. Prevent sneezing of an infected person from sneezing out infected droplets containing the virus from them to infect others and you can help to prevent others from catching this potentially deadly virus and continuing the community spread.

        Hence why the excellent young Chancellor of Austria,Sebastian Kurz, forced Austrians to wear masks and set an example by him wearing one along with his cabinet ministers at daily press conferences.

        But then, unlike Boris, the bloke has brains and competence!

        Austria doesn’t go in for needless authoritarianism as in the past, is a modern and well-run country with a modern democracy which we would wise to emulate.


  8. https://nationalparty.ie/the-global-virus/

    An article relevant to the situation in the Republic of Ireland and also to here. Priti Vacant/Priti Useless and the not fit for purpose Home Office she heads quite literally have blood on their hands in particular but so does this entire wretched globalist Tory administration.


    1. Perhaps, M’Lord of Essex, but that first and only (?) case in Lesotho did not, necessarily, come about *because* the local “lockdown” was lifted.

      In any case, should Lesotho shut down its society and economy and thus further impoverish itself because *one” case of “the virus” occurs?

      Look how many people die from car accidents in the UK. Should we ban almost all cars? Or prevent most car travel (for that reason)?


      1. It is actually one of several cases. Car accidents can’t be compared to airborne viruses causing a potentially deadly respiratory disease as car accidents are individual one off events. You can’t catch a car accident through the rapid transmission of it through a community


  9. Priti ‘ open, porous borders helps to spread diseases’ Patel should resign with immediate effect for presiding over the utter shambles her Home Office has helped to create but, sadly, I don’t think she has enough personal integrity or common decency to do that.😡


  10. Now Peter Hitchens is just being facetious! Peter would be the idiot in a World War One trench who would take off his gas mask as the German soldiers in the trench opposite were lobbing mustard gas canisters at him just to prove his libertarian ‘muh freedom’ political point.🙄


  11. I see that the people of London were embarrassing this country on Australian TV (ABC News) today on YouTube for going back to work and spreading this virus on the tube!🙄

    Not that I blame them but rather the government of cretins that misrules us for relaxing a previously fairly strict lockdown WITHOUT introducing new interventions to stop COVID-19’s spread ie the MANDATORY wearing of facial masks as both the excellent Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, has done and even President Macron.

    I don’t normally praise Macron but in this instance he is to be congratulated.


  12. It is no surprise that London is one of the most infected places in Britain since it is so overpopulated but those of us who live in commuter towns like here in Essex ie Brentwood where I am don’t want people to spread their diseases here after returning from working in ‘our’ Third World dump capital city.

    So, the government should either announce a new total lockdown for London or have new ENFORCED ‘social distancing’ measure put in place such as the MANDATORY wearing of facial masks.🙄


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