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Diary Blog, 16 May 2023

Afternoon music

[painting by Volegov]

Tweets seen

“Bob from Brockley”, meaning Jew-Zionist fanatic Ben Gidley, a lecturer at Birkbeck College, London. He used to troll me relentlessly (for about 7 years) on Twitter when I had a Twitter account; a pack of Jews (may or may not have included Gidley) had me expelled in 2018).

I worked out his identity not long before other, unconnected, people did, including the well-known journalist, Peter Hitchens (another “victim” of Gidley’s online trolling). Hitchens has mentioned Gidley several times in his Mail on Sunday column. Gidley has not had the gall to threaten Hitchens (or me) with any action in defamation…

Gidley has and has had a number of other Twitter accounts, some now eliminated or frozen by Twitter: “AntiNazisUnited” was one, “InTheSoupAgain” was another.

Like so many fanatical Jew-Zionists on Twitter, Gidley seems to spend much of his time “reporting” or denouncing non-Jews (almost exclusively) to anyone who might listen. Others (I do not know about Gidley) are not content with complaining pointlessly to Twitter, so also “report” to police, professional regulators, employers etc.

What often strikes me, looking at many of these types, is how limited their world is. Many of them tweet almost exclusively about supposed “antisemitism”. Few have anything to say about anything else (except how good, they think, Israel is). Very few have anything to say about ideas for the betterment of society. It’s all “antisemitism”, “Israel”, and “Nazis”. 78 years after the end of the Second World War. All seem to hate freedom of expression (for non-Jews).

I suspect (not sure) that one of Gidley’s more recent Twitter accounts is “@Lapsedmethodist”, which purports to be an Ireland-based Twitter account mostly interested in Israel/Palestine.

I had actually forgotten about Gidley’s existence until I saw the above exchange on Twitter, but there it is, still whining about “antisemitism”, and still opposing any justice for the Palestinian Arabs displaced (killed or “ethnically cleansed”) by Jews.

Stray thought

I just happened to see a tweet (leading to a website page) by the Crown Prosecution Service. All about an event at the building now housing the Supreme Court, in Parliament Square, London. The CPS official commenting, a Sikh, stated that “Diversity was fully embraced at this event“. Well, I looked at the several photographs of groups of people attending. Out of a couple of dozen attendees, there seemed to be only one white/English person. There’s “diversity” for you— the British/English relegated to mere “me too” add-ons.

That is our future unless we do something about it. I refer to the future of the people as a whole, not to myself personally. I am already 66, and I fear for the future of the British/English people as a whole, and for our society.

[Germany 1945— “We are fighting for the future of our children!”]

Incidentally, I know that Supreme Court building. When I was a youngish barrister in London, 30 years ago, that building was still designated as Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court (despite being in Parliament Square). At that time, there was no “Supreme Court” in the UK, and the highest court was still called the “House of Lords” (Judicial Committee).

I did my first actual Crown Court trial in that building, a “section 18” GBH with intent, and secured an acquittal, despite the defendant having poured boiling oil over his assailant and then stabbed him twice (you would need to know all the details to understand why the jury came to that —just— verdict). Happy times…

More tweets seen

That stupid old woman thinks that she is terribly clever (her time in Government suggested the opposite: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Widdecombe).

Ann Widdecombe is in fact the sort of completely out of touch individual who should never be near political power or significant office. Look at her background.

She was a student until age 25-26, after which she had her only two ordinary jobs, both low-level “gopher” ones. Unilever got rid of her (I think that she was a clerk) after less than 2 years, then she ploughed on as an “administrator”, i.e. clerk, in an office of London University for 12 years.

Imagine Ann Widdecombe’s lack of (?) ambition/talent/knowledge/usefulness until she somehow got selected to be Conservative Party MP for Maidstone (a “safe seat”) in 1987.

Anne Widdecombe has never married, never had children, and seems to have lived with her parents until quite an advanced age (seems to have been in her thirties).

Not that I disagree with all of her views. I am broadly with her on animal rights, or animal welfare (pro), on abortion (anti), and on some other issues. It is just that people like her, who have never “walked in the moccasins” of others, cannot judge social issues fairly. As the film clip above shows.

The UK Parliament is packed with people who should not be there, and that has been the case for a long time, certainly since the 1980s.

Imagine…Ann Widdecombe talking about a cheese sandwich as though it is some kind of luxury item!

I might add that if governments keep failing to deliver to the people not even what they want, but what they need, MPs and others may be shocked one fine day to see what happens, including what happens to them. Be warned.

Again, Ann Widdecombe shows her complete separation from reality.

On Twitter today, the above socio-political discussion has caused a storm, but this goes beyond Ann Widdecombe (who ceased to be an MP many years ago). It is about all the other deluded people (of various types) in Parliament and also in the msm.

Look at the fantasy politics we have endured for well over a decade— “austerity” fantasy, whereby everything was cut back because of the nonsense idea that those on unemployment and disability benefits somehow caused the financial crash of 2007-2008; the “Covid” “panicdemic” or “scamdemic”, with its ludicrous “laws” and “rules” (the “social distancing”, the facemask nonsense, the quarantine nonsense, the “lockdown” nonsense etc, and of course the “test and trace” fiasco and fake “vaccines”)…

Now we have “Ukraine” (Kiev regime) policy, the idea that the UK must funnel unlimited money, arms, ammunition, medical supplies etc to Kiev, despite Ukraine having only been a state (a failed state) for 30 years or so, despite the UK having no historical tie with Ukraine, despite the UK having no treaty with Ukraine.

Oh, and of course any Ukrainian “refugees” (many are in fact not even Ukrainian in the first place— there are blacks and browns too) who land here (many of them being in fact relatively affluent) can get, immediately, all UK social security and medical benefits. Most are fake “refugees” too (having come from Kiev or the peaceful areas in the west of Ukraine), and quite a few actually despise us and our country, yet “our” Government throws money at them, while denying British children a cheese sandwich…

More tweets

Looks like someone needs to be shown the error of her ways…

Judging by the accent of the shouting idiot, in Canada.

I read that the Kiev-regime air defence forces fired off about 40 Patriot missiles in a matter of minutes last night. USD $4M each. USD $160M gone, literally in a flash. Zelensky must be thanking whatever god he may have for the US and UK (etc) taxpayers, who are funding this war. Meanwhile, in the UK, poor children cannot have even a cheese sandwich because (according to idiots like Ann Widdecombe) “there is no money“…

Late tweets seen

…and so, slowly, gradually, the states of Western Europe become more enmeshed in the Ukraine conflict. The situation needs only one or two events, perhaps not even thought-out events, and the Third World War will be triggered. Maybe not this month, maybe not this year, but sometime fairly soon. It is not inevitable, and can be prevented, but at present no-one, certainly no-one in the centres of power in the West, is even trying.

Seems that Ukrainians are lining up to join up. Oh, no, wait…

Late music


Diary Blog, 13 May 2020


Tweets of interest seen so far today

Again, this by Hitchens hits the nail on the head. Why oh why do people simply accept without question what deadheads like Boris-idiot and little Matt Hancock say? I put it down to centuries-ingrained English or British deference, a class-based behaviour, though in fact “Boris” is a part-Jew, part-Turk, of very peculiar origins, and basically acting a part, the “upper-class” “Englishman”, neither of which he is. The training in privilege received at Eton, then at Oxford, helped. As for the rest of the present Cabinet, they are mostly Jews or part-Jews, Indians etc, and the few English ones of a “beggar on horseback” type, such as Hancock.

Sadly, a certain confident manner and a Standard English accent (perceived as “posh” by the plebs) gets many mediocre types rather far, not least many MPs. People really should look at the real levels of intelligence, education and other qualities of “our” MPs. Very poor, for the most part.

I have to say that, though I am far from agreeing on everything with Peter Hitchens, he must have the patience of a saint, the endurance of a Trojan, and the hide of a rhinoceros to put up with the Twitter mob as he does. I admit that I myself would simply not have the patience. I can only assume that Hitchens perceives what he does on Twitter as a duty of some kind laid upon him.

This (above)…

One aspect that made me laugh from the start of the Coronavirus “pandemic” (which is now, in the UK, not even an epidemic) is that all or almost all the pseudo-socialist mob on Twitter have been in favour of ever-more restriction of liberty, ever-more rules and ever-stricter “lockdown”. It is one of their psychological flaws. The need or perceived need to be told what to do.

One saw it in the Brexit situation, that idea that the UK’s civil liberties etc (free speech being the greatest), fought and struggled for over hundreds of years by British people could now only be maintained by a pack of tired Eurotrash politicians and bureaucrats in places like Brussels and Berlin and Strasbourg. In fact, the wish not to be free was palpable in the Remain camp.

Indeed, would anyone think himself “free” in an EU where to question any of the often absurd details of the “holocaust” fable is actually a criminal offence?!

We have seen, all through this “crisis” or scare, that the Labour Party official Opposition has been pathetic, just supporting the Government! Really really pathetic. I think I understand why Keir Starmer is doing it. He really, at heart, would like to see Labour as part of a fake “National Government”, thus giving Labour some reflected credibility as part of that Government. “Boris”, though, thanks to his unmerited and unexpected 80-seat Commons majority, does not need Labour. The result is that Labour is a total irrelevance.

Likewise the TUC. I remember from my teenage years the TUC as a vast, monolithic, almost Soviet bloc of unions, powerful and of national importance whether one supported or opposed their actions. Today on, I think, Sky News, up pops Frances O’Grady, its General Secretary, and all she can do, really, is bleat a little. A waste of space. The TUC still has 5.6 million members (Wikipedia; another source says only 3.69M), but that is only about 1 in 5 employees; if you include the self-employed, probably 1 in 6. Like Labour, near-irrelevant.

The Jew Shapps

The “Cabinet minister”, Jew Grant Shapps, on TV news this morning, posing in front of a small bookcase prominently featuring two Union Jacks. Surely, in view of his Zionist ideology and one-time position as head of the youth wing of Bnai Brith UK, Israeli flags would have been more fitting?


Gerry Adams

More madness…

We live in a society where the likes of Gerry Adams have their supposed “rights” fastidiously upheld by a “Supreme Court”, but also a society in which Jez Turner was convicted and actually sent to prison merely for saying that Jews should be deported from the UK (as has happened several times in history), and a society in which Alison Chabloz was prosecuted and sentenced merely for singing satirical songs about proven “holocaust” fakes!

alison [above: the satirical singer-songwriter, Alison Chabloz, at the piano]


Not that Corbyn is “wrong” in this, but he has just spent 5 years supporting the mainstay of the Israeli/Zionist state, i.e. the “holocaust” narrative! Also, decrying anything supposedly “anti-Semitic”. In other words, he is against Zionism in the Middle East, but —in effect— supportive of it in Europe, North America and Australasia!

Ah, well, Corbyn is back in his comfort zone, bleating about matters far away, which he has no power to influence or change…

Peter Hitchens’ tweets

Also known as “the shoplifter’s special”…

Actually, the “facemask” nonsense is the ideal excuse for anyone asked in court, “and why were you walking around covering your face?” The criminal defence barrister has a new tool to put in his box, along with “it was someone who looked like the defendant”, “his fingerprints were there because he had been there previously, and legitimately…” and (after conviction) “the defendant has had an unhappy life to date…”

People, most of them, are motivated by will or by emotion, not (and certainly not primarily) by thought.

A little night (but not light) music