Diary Blog, 17 April 2020


End the “lockdown”  nonsense now!


Exactly. I suppose that a tiny minority (including me) are already in the frame as dangerously independent thinkers, dissidents, “extremists” (in the view of the NWO, ZOG, “Zionists”, the UK/EU System etc). Others are as yet unidentified by the powers of Evil. The Coronavirus, and the staged panic, and instant laws instituting a toytown police state, are just the beginning.

The System can now use filters such as “who is tweeting or writing against facemasks/”social distancing”/”lockdown” (etc)?” to identify who belongs to the group that is less compliant, less brainwashed. The others, the multikulti “sheep”, “rabbits” etc are malleable and/or unthinking.

The most brainwashed, compliant, easy to order are, of course, those who obediently troop outside their houses once per week to clap or make other noise (at first it was “for the NHS”, now “for our carers”). Social conditioning, as seen also in hospitals, supermarkets etc, where the managements “facilitate” (or should that read “mandate”?) the, in effect, enforced (by social pressure) “clapathon”.

In fact, many do not want to think. Thinking is harder than not thinking, at least at first. You see tweets (often from those presenting themselves as intelligent and/or “caring” and/or “socialist”) actually demanding that “lockdown” be made stricter, that the Government go further, that heavy fines or prison be introduced for “breaches” of “the rules” (regardless of whether the so-called “rules” are law or indeed even lawful). Most of these people are those who believe that they favour “human rights”. They fall at the first fence, unaware of the irony, unable to see it.


ImageA few more tweets seen from Nick Griffin

Again, quite right.

As I predicted years ago, in 2015 and later, the EU, as part of the NWO consensus/conspiracy, would try to secure (if a Brexit referendum became inevitable in the UK) a Remain victory. Failing that, the first fallback would either be a second “confirmatory” referendum (a re-run, to get the “right” result) or a “deal” on everything, which would really be a “BRINO” (Brexit In Name Only).

Some people are still foolish enough to think that “Europe” (by which they mean the EU) stands in opposition to the USA. That may be true in the —relatively— small things such as agricultural standards and so on, if you like, the “tactical” things; but on the strategic plane, the EU and the USA are really working together as part of the “Western” NWO plan:


The only niggle I would have with the cartoon above is that Zionism, in the usual sense, is only one part of the conspiracy, the other being a kind of uber-freemasonry. In fact, if you look at those playing important public roles (albeit as puppets) in the UK area of the international conspiracy, they are usually part Jew and part connected by present family or by heredity with the sometimes non-Jew but highly Masonic-linked power structures of the West: David Cameron-Levita, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, to name a few.

The migration-invasion continues


What was once dystopian fiction has become everyday fact: when Jean Raspail wrote The Camp of the Saints, it was regarded as implausible fiction, yet now we see enormous numbers of blacks and browns invading Europe by sea, more or less as per the book mentioned.

As far as the UK is concerned, joke Home Secretary Priti Patel (thick as two short planks, an Israeli tool, and in effect an invader herself) talks about stopping at least illegal immigration, but hundreds, every day, are landing on the beaches of Southern England, or are “intercepted” at sea and then brought here for free shelter, food and cash! Several hundred a day.


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Camp_of_the_Saints] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Raspail]

By the way, the book used to be available secondhand for little money, but has now soared in cost. £100+. Fortunately, a pdf version is available for free:

Click to access Camp_of_the_Saints.pdf

Once here, the invaders are encouraged to breed with European (i.e. white) women, to create the mixed-race population of the future as envisaged a century ago by the evil “genius” of the System, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi


In the UK (and elsewhere), the propaganda for a mixed-race population, to be achieved mainly by the impregnation of white women by blacks and browns, has become truly relentless; in TV ads, TV “soaps” and other dramas or melodramas and in every other way:


Nick Griffin

I have never met Nick Griffin. Before a pack of Jews procured my expulsion from Twitter, I retweeted a few of his tweets; he retweeted one or two of mine. Perhaps, having reposted a number of tweets from Griffin, I should briefly explain my view of him. It is, firstly, that he did very well to get the BNP to the point where two MEPs were elected (Griffin himself and Andrew Brons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Brons).

I disagreed with some aspects of BNP policy and presentation, but also agreed with much. The same with Griffin’s views as seen now on, eg, Twitter. I agree more than I disagree.

Griffin’s Question Time debacle in 2009 was a bad mistake on his part. I think that he and his colleagues may have considered that the BNP had finally made it into the “mainstream”. He was ambushed. System mouthpieces like American black woman Bonnie Greer [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Greer] relentlessly interrogated Griffin about the “holocaust” and Third Reich etc. Greer was seated on the panel next to Griffin, inches away.

The whole programme was akin to a Chinese Cultural Revolution denunciation-fest organized by Red Guards. Griffin himself called it a “lynch mob”. The normal format of the show was put aside so that Griffin and the BNP could be seen to be (seen by over 8 million viewers) humiliated.

I suppose that one could call Griffin’s decision to attend, “brave but stupid”; more charitably, a gamble that did not come off (because the race was fixed).

The programme was watched by an estimated 8.2 million viewers, more than three times the average figure for Question Time, and on a comparable level with prime time entertainment shows. Griffin’s appearance dominated the following day’s media; a follow-up report in the New York Times said that “the early reading by many of Britain’s major newspapers was that Mr. Griffin lost heavily on points.

In a press conference held on 23 October, Griffin stated that he would make a formal complaint about the format of the programme, which he said was “… not a genuine Question Time; that was a lynch mob“.[93] He suggested that he should appear again, but that “… [we] should do it properly, and talk about the issues of the day”,[94] and added: “That audience was taken from a city that is no longer British … That was not my country any more. Why not come down and do it in Thurrock, do it in Stoke, do it in Burnley? Do it somewhere where there are still significant numbers of English and British people, and they haven’t been ethnically cleansed from their own country.” [Wikipedia]


I also feel that Griffin has had to fight the System, and has been arrested, charged, prosecuted by it, though acquitted in the end, thanks to British juries (those results would be less likely today, because there would be more blacks and browns on the juries). Having been myself questioned (though never prosecuted, charged or even arrested), I feel for him!


In fact, I recall that, after the final 2006 acquittal of Griffin and Mark Collett https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Collett , Counsel magazine (sent free to all practising barristers) carried an ad for Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] recruitment, which ad had obviously been drafted (and artwork done) in the expectation of Griffin and Collett being convicted. System stitch-up, but it went wrong for (((them))) that time.

Good points. The “push button for degree” and “push second button for ‘master’s degree’ and ‘doctorate’” “university” “degree” system now in place is anachronistic, pointless and, from the purely “career” point of view” of the students, becoming almost worthless for the majority of graduates.

As to the idea of “learning to think”…


The point is made.

It is interesting to note that some of the most financially successful people in the UK never attended university:

Lord Ashcroft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Ashcroft (he did get a business diploma from a technical college);

Richard Branson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Branson

Alan Sugar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Sugar etc.

Not that I am commending any of them them as people, but they have certainly managed to create things by thinking outside the box and the usual confines of the educational system.

It is, also, noteworthy how many of those who favour multikulti Britain, mass immigration, Remain(ing) in the EU, a strict Coronavirus “lockdown” etc are those who went straight from school to “university” (of some sort), maybe (for those whose families are more affluent) after a “gap year” (ie an extended holiday in places like Thailand, Goa or wherever). The sort of people who, though often thinking themselves both educated and intelligent, are unused to truly thinking “out of the box”, in other words.

Some more Nick Griffin tweets

and finally, as the Irish are said to say, “Jaysus!“…


Peter Hitchens’ (and others’) recent tweets

Worth reading:


Rishi Sunak and his giveaways

I am far from being fiscally conservative. I disparage penny-pinching and the “pennywise” Scrooge-ism of the Cameron/Osborne/Duncan Smith years (2010-2017, and the 2-3 similar years up to now). I favour Basic Income too, though it has to be basic, not too generous in its early phases. However, the Rishi Sunak measures seem to be driven not by social equity, not by Keynesian expansionism, but by a muddled public relations agenda.

It is quite pathetic how Rishi Sunak is now touted as a future Prime Minister. For one thing, he is Indian! The System wants a non-European to be PM, because it wants the population to become non-European, so naturally it wants a non-European as PM, in 10-20 years.

Apart from that, the giveaways from Rishi Sunak, which might have been justifiable for a few weeks, a month or so, are now set to continue, in full measure, until October! Now, as I said above, I favour Basic Income, but for the furloughed employees and now self-employed, to get up to £2,500 a month until October, while sitting at home, economically inactive, is absurd. There is little or no incentive for many to hurry back to (in many cases) boring work while most if not all of their needs are being met.

Yes, some were making far more than £2,500 a month, but many were not. When you add to the fact that the “furlough” payments will now continue through the Summer and into the Autumn the fear which still exists, created largely by the Government itself, it can be seen that, for many, the idea of having a kind of holiday, in many cases a family holiday is enticing.

The State schools would have broken up in July anyway (am I recalling aright when I “remember” that my old (non-State) school used to break up in mid-June and return only in mid-September? Long time ago now…early 1970s). Endless Summer…

So anyway, many furloughed employees are in no hurry to return to their commuting on crowded trains, or Underground, or buses, or congested roads, and to their jobs, when they can have an extended holiday until October, especially now that the shops, maybe soon even cafes and hotels, will be open for business. People can drive out to national parks, beaches, woods, while knowing that they are being paid by the State until the Autumn.

I wonder a little whether, somewhere in their hearts, those employees and others actually intuit that they might not have jobs or work for long, or are unsure, so are determined to have one last elegiac summer with their families. Just a thought.

Already we see large companies cutting or preparing to cut jobs by the hundreds, by the thousands, once the furlough payments stop. Already companies, large companies, are planning job cuts on a vast scale. As for small companies, many have no real chance of survival.

More tweets

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 April 2020”

  1. Nick Griffin whilst normally talking sense occasionally goes completely off the rails and descends into uttering complete hogwash. This is such an occasion. The disease is NOT a hoax but a real one with SERIOUS health effects which will mean DYING for some people.

    Whilst this government SHOULD be the target of considerable condemnation and criticism this should involve the fact that a remotely competent administration should have acted far sooner and instituted a far tougher lockdown with hardline travel restrictions at airports and ports as New Zealand’s Labour/New Zealand First party coalition did.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I take Griffin’s view to be, from havig read his tweets, not that “Covid-19” is itself a hoax, but that there was and is no “pandemic”. In fact, the epidemic swept through Europe and is all but at an end now.


      1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared it a pandemic not that this was necessary to observe it as one since apart from a few small countries in the South Pacific virtually every country in the world has people in them with confirmed cases.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        The mere fact that most of the world has seen *some* cases is not sufficient to call it a”pandemic” though I accept that the term is really one which is flexible in its use:

        We argue about words which are rather inspecific.

        The reality is that Coronavirus has (even on the official —and greatly inflated— estimates of deaths) killed far fewer people in the UK than other causes.

        I believe that the *official* (inflated) death toll is now about 36,000, meaning that about 1 in every 2,000 people in the UK has been killed by (or *with*) it. That is very sad, albeit that many of those would have died this year anyway. So, in a town like Henley, about 5 or 6 people. In a city such as London, maybe 4,500. As we now, some places are hit more than others, mainly large cities, but overall, one person dies out of every 2,000


  2. Nick Griffin should know that nationalists are NOT meant to be libertarian ‘we must have complete freedom from the state at all times even if people die in a worldwide viral pandemic’ Tory idiots. Let’s leave that stupidity where it belongs ie with the Tory morons and their hangers-on like the supposedly ‘ex’ Marxists of Spiked!

    By saying these kind of things he just makes nationalists look stupid and undermines nationalism as a viable political philosophy for this country.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I agree up to a point, but in this case (in my view…I know not yours) the “lockdown” was actually unnecessary, for the most part. It now seems clear that tens of thousands have died, all but unnoticed and *because* of the lockdown.


  3. Nationalists are meant to support competent government and being competent as a government CAN sometimes mean BIG government for a short space of time. Putting a country under so-called ‘house arrest’ for just six weeks is hardly a terrible ordeal for most people to endure.


  4. Nationalists should be condemning the fact this wretched Tory government didn’t institute ultra-tough travel restrictions at our airports and ports as even Trump’s libertarian USA did.

    That the Tories didn’t do this has probably resulted in a decent proportion of this country’s disgraceful death rate.😡🤬. The Tory government’s commitment to Politically Correct globalist values is so strong that even a worldwide viral pandemic didn’t shake it.😡🤬

    It is THIS that should be being criticised by nationalists but is, sadly, being lost in pseudo libertarian politicking.


    1. Well, M’Lord of Essex, in that you are right.

      Inward travel *should* have been stopped in February, with quarantine procedures in place for those allowed to come to the UK.


  5. Tough travel restrictions SHOULD have been instituted in MARCH as other countries did and even before other restrictions were put into place. WHY should the British people been put into a ‘lockdown’ and not foreigners at airports and ports?🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡


  6. New Zealand’s excellent coalition government of Labour and the New Zealand First Party led by PM Jacinda Ardern did this before taking other strict measures. New Zealand is one of the countries who have preformed most well.


      1. Greece isn’t though and even though they have a very significant tourist industry that didn’t prevent their government from instituting tough travel restrictions.

        They have done well also as have virtually all other governments in the world apart from ours, the USA’s and Brazil.


      2. M’Lord of Essex,
        It is clear from the known facts to date that the choice lockdown/no lockdown has little effect on the eventual case rate and certainly the eventual death rate (from this particular virus). Influxes of people obviously are significant. Also significant are the health services available. Also significant is overall hygiene of the population.


  7. Officially, we have the world’s SECOND highest ABSOLUTE death rate and still one of the world’s worst infection rates though the likes of Brazil are now catching us up fast.

    The death rate is an unmitigated national disgrace and HEADS SHOULD ROLL starting with Priti Useless/Priti Vacant.


  8. Our death rate is the world’s WORST if you take population figures into account. America’s death rate should be proportionately a great deal higher than ours is considering their far higher population.

    Meanwhile, Sweden has far more deaths and cases than the very similar countries of Denmark, Norway and Finland.


  9. Our leaky ‘lockdown’ has had some effect upon the death and case rate here though it would have had MORE of one had it been instituted a week to ten days earlier as in other countries AND been a lockdown AT AIRPORTS AND PORTS.


  10. The virus was allowed to get a significant grip here before restrictions were put into place thanks to Boris Idiot and his collection of manifestly incompetent goons. Boris wanted to have a suicidal ‘herd immunity’ strategy which as the evidence shows is far too slow to build-up in the population before real herd immunity takes hold.


    1. At any rate, M’Lord of Essex, the important thing now is that the UK economy is on the brink of meltdown. That is not putting money before lives. Without a functioning economy, we shall have enormous casualties as the NHS is scaled back and people have poorer nutrition etc.


  11. Tried again and is not going through. Is it possibly because the video is from Bitchute? I don’t understand what is going on. BTW thanks for Nick Griffin’s tweets, they are excellent. I did not think much of him as a leader of the BNP, but these messages are spot on.


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