Diary Blog, 16 May 2020

Interesting tweets recently seen

What she is “missing” is that it is the Mayor of London, via Transport for London [TfL] who decides about the London Congestion Charge…but when did lack of basic knowledge ever stop any (well-known or obscure) person from tweeting?

Look at this (below):

The “Lubaba” one apparently lives in Croydon, and is a Student Union officer, so was probably brought up (and born) in the UK, but hates us –meaning hates British, meaning “white”, people– (under cover of hating the British Empire).

She thinks that she and her family would be much better off had her ancestors been left in the primaeval squalor of Central or West Africa…

Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain” [Schiller].

I notice that “Lubaba” has flags from Barbados, Trinidad and Palestine on her Twitter masthead, as well as what is presumably the Labour Party rose. No Union Jack. No St. George’s flag. Many of the blacks and browns often seem to just hate us. They really should not be in Europe at all. And they are steadily outbreeding us…

Here are some more untermenschen supposedly “equal” to us…


I saw this interesting blog post about the British Empire:



Perhaps the most emotive [accusation] concerns slavery. During the 18th century, the peak of the huge and lucrative Atlantic slave trade, British merchants bought slaves from African rulers — on average, 120 people every day by the 1780s — and sold them primarily to French, Portuguese-Brazilian and British planters. Was this the source of Britain’s wealth, and the fuel of the Industrial Revolution? Profit from the slave trade made individuals rich, but accounted for about one per cent of national income. The Industrial Revolution’s key element was coal, of which Britain had a lot.

Where the British Empire’s relationship with slavery was unique was in combatting it. Britain abolished its own slave trade in 1807. In 1834 it abolished slavery throughout the Empire. British subjects were forbidden to own slaves anywhere in the world.”

I have to admit that I was unaware that the slave trade accounted for only 1% of national income (unclear as to whether that 1% was only the actual trade, or including profits made using slaves, eg West Indies cotton and sugar).

More tweets seen


Here (above) is a link to that article. It is very true about Wikipedia. I like and use Wikipedia a great deal, but it is very blinkered on certain topics, among which is the so-called “holocaust” fable. Many of Wikipedia’s editors (mostly unpaid volunteers) are Jews (especially American Jews).

Another topic upon which Wikipedia is very biased is anything to do with what the Jews, “antifa” idiots and msm usually term “far Right” politics. You will be misinformed if you rely on Wikipedia for information about that.

Finally, Wikipedia will allow newspaper articles to be cited, but not if the newspaper is the Daily Mail! The Sun? OK. The Daily Mirror? OK. Morning Star? OK. In fact, as far as I know, any newspaper, and certainly any mainstream newspaper, is OK, but never the Daily Mail. On any topic. I am hardly likely to be pro-Daily Mail, as such, having been featured generally unfavourably by that newspaper in the past (2016) but it is no worse than the rest of the msm; and often more informative. 

More tweets


Jew thieves


My Arabic is inadequate; in fact it scarcely exists: only enough to do things such as order coffee [see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/03/07/when-i-was-not-arrested-in-egypt/] but one can get most of the short clip above without a translation. Very sad.

“Lockdown” protest

Time was when you could speak freely at Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park. In fact I myself spoke there to fickle crowds a few times (in 1978, if memory serves). Not now. (((They))) have killed free speech. At Speakers’ Corner. In print. Online. Toytown police state.

Coronavirus, “lockdown”, and the toytown police state (that might become a real police state)

It is alarming. For example, Devon and Cornwall Police: “On 1 April, Devon and Cornwall Police released a statement saying that, regardless of the guidance from both the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the College of Policing, it would not be changing its position on people travelling by car to a place for exercise. ‘Our interpretation is that it is not reasonable, for the majority, to drive miles to a specific place such as a beauty spot. It is also not within the spirit of what we are trying to achieve if you drive from Devon to the coast of Cornwall for surfing, regardless of whether that is “lawful” or not.’”

In other words, the Devon and Cornwall Police, among others, are going to try to “interpret” the will of the Government, and apply that, regardless of whether that has the force of law or not


The above is a good example of the Common Purpose attitude (“Leading beyond authority“) which has infected the police and public services generally over the past 30 years: the police actually purporting to decide what is the law, and even saying, straight out and brazenly, that they are going to allow or disallow X, Y, or Z whether X, Y or Z are lawful or not!


Then there is the police “nark on a neighbour” idea, which at one time was attracting nearly 6,000 quasi-Stalinist denunciations daily!


Other tweets

The island of sheep

John Buchan once wrote a book, one of his least famous, called The Island of Sheep. It was an adventure thriller set on an island full of (real) sheep. The sheep I am talking about here, though, are metaphorical sheep (aka some British people) and “the island of sheep” is Britain.

Look at the tweets below, from a woman who thinks of herself, looking at her Twitter profile and “pinned tweet”, as an independent thinker…

yet she tweets thus:

She displays no real thought at all. The latest estimate was that 24 people a day in London, a city of about 9 million inhabitants, are being infected with the Chinese virus. That is 3 people out of every million living in London.

Another example?

Very “Soviet”. Government decides, journalists then obediently transmit and explain the decision to the broad masses…

In fact, that is more or less what has happened up to now, but this shambolic government of fools, led by a part-Jew public entertainer who seems to live an unmeritedly charmed life (so far), is floundering, driven more by public relations than by “the science”, let alone common sense.

She shows herself, like so many on Twitter, and particularly the pseudo-socialist ones (this lady herself is in fact a supporter of Corbyn-style Labour), as almost begging to be told where to go and not go, what to do and not do. She is brainwashed by the “virus” scare to the nth degree. “Independent”? About as much as any marionette or automaton…

Actually, I should not spend too much time on this lady, though she is typical of so many on Twitter, but she is rather “the gift that keeps on giving”:

As a child in the early to mid-1960s, I was only ever given Lucozade (the original one, in a large glass bottle with yellow cellophane wrapping) when unwell. It was thought to aid recovery and maybe it did, because it was indeed high in glucose. Where the tweeter above goes wrong is in saying that Lucozade caused obesity. Hardly. Most children only had about 2 bottles a year, if that!

I see people like that on Twitter daily, the ones who think of themselves as thinking people, often (as in her case) socialist or rather pseudo-socialist (well-meaning perhaps, so be it…). They make about 9 silly points for every 1 good point.



22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 May 2020”

  1. I hope that selfish, self-serving bitch Jo falls ill with Covid-19 or even dies from it. You, selfish little Madame, WILL WEAR a mask OR ELSE

    Why should others have a far more important right ie the right to LIFE be potentially taken away from them because you are a selfish bitch and want your ridiculous personal freedom to take precedence?

    What is wrong with wearing a ‘Coronavirus Chic’ 😎😂🤣😃facial mask anyway? I think it is quite funny to look at live webcams of people wearing these masks in sensible countries like Japan etc!😂😃😎


  2. I would ignore whatever that mean-spirited, nasty little group Spiked has to say about this viral pandemic.

    Their members have gone from being ‘former’ Marxists to libertarian loonies – a political path that many libertarians tread which only goes to show what a strange political philosophy it truely is.

    Ex Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox that ‘former’ IRA supporting member of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party is now a libertarian!🙄🙄🙄


  3. The man was arrested at the protest because he wasn’t prepared to abide by social distancing rules despite being politely asked to do that and thereby potentially putting others at risk of contracting Covid-19 and perhaps dying from it thus denying them their right to life.

    Good job, police officers!👌😎


  4. Res Axius, NO there is NOT an inherent right to personal freedom. A government has not only the right but a DUTY to restrict it in certain circumstances.

    In your libertarian viewpoint, I have a ‘right’ to pick-up a knife and murder someone but the government should have a greater right to try and prevent me from doing that and if I do do it to punish me severely by either executing me or by removing my liberty by placing me in prison for a long period of time or even until the day I meet my natural end.


  5. We, the sensible majority of people in this land who are responsible, non-selfish, co-operative with government and the police and who wish to crush the life out of this virus before it kills still more people want the RIGHT to expel libertarian loonies like Peter Hitchens to countries like Brazil where he will feel at home amid their rising Covid-19 pandemic and increasingly severe death rate.

    Their idiot President claimed Covid-19 was a conspiracy and now he has a rising death and infection rate to disprove him.


  6. If anyone thinks I’m supporting this wretched CONServative Party administration they couldn’t be more wrong. The government has made an UTTER MESS of this entire situation FROM DAY ONE of it and continues to do so.

    The lockdown was started too late thereby enabling the virus to get a grip and it didn’t apply to foreigners at our airports and ports. We are, according to Wikipedia, the LAST country in the world to apply some semblance of border control/travel restrictions. That is a national disgrace and gives the LIE to the Tory claim that after Brexit they would apply stricter immigration controls. The first opportunity to demonstrate such an intention and they nearly forget to do it entirely.😡🤬🙄


  7. Their exit strategy from a leaky lockdown is not exactly the model clearly understood by the public one of New Zealand either!🙄

    No wonder we have the world’s second highest death rate and one of the highest infection rates as well.


    1. Well, you know my view, M’Lord of Essex. This was never about “lockdown”, which was imposed *after* the true peak in the UK. The Underground and trains should have been closed asap. Large crowded gatherings (inc. pubs and “clubs”) and almost all inward flights the same.

      Everything else should have stayed in operation, thus saving the UK from what will now be the near-collapse of its economy in 2021-2022.

      Facemasks? Near-useless to all but medical and care staff and a few others like barbers (as the WHO says, btw). “Social distancing”? Of limited use. Passing by or approaching others is OK, so long as no-one is sneezed on or breathed on, that is.

      Washing hands frequently with soap and water remains the best way to avoid being infected.

      No need for “exit strategy”. Just keep those nasty crowded “clubs” and busy pubs shut, shut the Underground, and either stop buses running or have so many running that few get overcrowded. Other than that, just nominate a day then let everything start functioning again on that day (soon).

      We are in a situation driven by the present incompetent government’s public relations efforts and their wish to not be seen as having panicked over all of this.


      1. Restaurants need to be subject to restrictions like capacity limits as Germany and countries which have intelligent people in government are doing.

        Social distancing, ENFORCED if need be (and that is sadly necessary here because Britain has so many people who are basically ill-disciplined yobs who have to have the police tell them what to do and punish them when they won’t follow) needs to happen if we are to remove the threat to public health, particularly vulnerable like the old, this VIRAL PANDEMIC poses.


  8. According to Mark Collett in a podcast about a year ago (and if memory serves) Nick Griffin was offered coaching by BNP officials before BBC Question Time and declined it. I still haven’t effaced the idea that his crucifixion was in part ‘voluntary’.

    At this pro-JT site he is commonly referred to as Gri££in:

    His marked opposition to *any* political (party) movement on the grounds of its being “too late” I find suspicious. Why the aversion to: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I further find suspicious his affiliation with the International Knights Templar. (Warren Weston (‘nym): ‘Father of Lies’, ca. 1936 and numerous others including ‘Occult Theocrasy’, Secret Societies (Heckethorn) etc).

    The BNP were first to raise the so-called “grooming” scandal but the course of Nick Griffin’s political career (for want of a better word) hasn’t run exactly smoothly.

    More from the increasingly malevolent and insane UK Government outfall:






    1. Wigger:
      I myself understand why (as I think) Griffin says that it is too late for political-party action in the UK and elsewhere in Western Europe: the black-brown invasion, the high non-white birth rate etc.All true, but at the same time the UK still has (on official figures) 87% white inhabitants (84% in England). There *are* Westminster constituences which are no-go for a white man, but many where a white candidate could, in theory, be elected if both candidate and party were credible.

      Ordinary political action is probably not the way forward, but “all roads lead to Rome” so a political organization is still necessary (but does not exist). I do not regard the joke “parties” as worth more than brief consideration: Britain First, For Britain etc.

      I am more pro-Griffin than anti-Griffin, but that is based on little more than gut feeling.


    2. Wigger:
      Further to earlier reply, thanks for the piece about Ulyanova’s letter to Stalin. I did not know about it. Yes, Lenin was part-Jew. No doubt that was one major reason why the international conspiracy chose to support him (cf. David-Cameron-Levita, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and others —Tony Blair—). After all, almost all of the Bolshevik leadership cadre was Jewish. Even Lunarcharsky, whom I thought until a few years ago was a non-Jew.

      Re. UK Government apparat: the whole thing is turning quite quickly into a kind of toytown police state complete with poundland KGB. How long before it becomes a full police state with real “KGB”, God knows. Perhaps not long. At least then any necessary action by dissidents can be morally or ethically justified, and seen as unavoidable.


    3. Well, I don’t have a problem with gays, lesbians and bisexuals and support most of their rights though I do think tranvestites need to be watched and their rights restricted.

      As for this evil and throughly incompetent Tory government celebrating the arrival of the Windrush they can go to hell. I am not celebrating an arrival that was not anything less than a national tragedy par excellence and which has led to constant mass immigration for decades with all that came and continues to come with it ie higher crime rates, social dislocation and alienation, a feeling on the part of we Britons we are not at home in our own country anymore etc.


      1. Indeed, M’Lord of Essex.

        What always amazes me is that that relatively tiny initial Windrush influx is now a West Indian (inter alia) population in the millions, obviously not all descended from the first boatload but overall.


  9. I won’t be celebrating the arrival of the refuse of EU countries like Romania ie Roma gypsies either. Not only we do we have far too many non-EU immigrants we also have far too many EU ones as well.

    I don’t mind a small number of very highly-skilled EU migrants coming here such as the native French and German teachers I had at school to teach me their languages but I am not in favour of mass Polish migration to replace British builders or Bulgarian strawberry pickers. THAT form if immigration should stop with immediate effect.


    1. Again, M’Lord of Essex, we seem to be in concord.

      The trash newspapers talk about “Romanians” (as criminal types etc) but in fact those “Romanians” are Roma gypsies, almost exclusively. The true Romanians are white Latin-Slavs. There were two brothers like that at my school in the early 1970s, in fact, the Popescu brothers. Europeans, not gypsies. The Romanians hate that most UK people cannot tell the difference between a (real) Romanian and a Roma (or other) gypsy with a Romanian passport. The face is the passport.


      1. Yes, our Zionist ‘British’ press try to insinuate that Romanian whites in this country are all criminals and imply that Roma gypsies are the same as other Romanians.

        They imply that Romanians are disposed to committing crimes en mass but when it comes to Afro-Carribeans in London and elsewhere having a propensity to commit many knife crimes compared to Britons they don’t want to know.

        The Daily Tory Moron (Daily Mail) is often the worst for this.


  10. It just goes to show how THICK Tories are that they are celebrating the arrival of the Windrush generation. If it weren’t for that happening and subsequent immigration piled on top they might be able to elect a Mayor for London!

    I hereby predict now that when the next London Mayoral election is held their candidate won’t win and Sadiq Khan will despite his none too impressive record and I even believe that Sadiq has a good chance of winning 50% of the vote plus in the first round thereby not needing transfer votes from the supporters of other parties to win in the second round.


    1. Well, I cannot imagine that many will be voting for Shaun Bailey, who apart from anything else is an embezzler (albeit never charged with anything by the police or CPS).

      “In 2010, The Times reported that Bailey was at the centre of allegations that his North Kensington-based charity showed £16,000 worth of spending “without any supporting records”.[19] Between 2008 and 2009, almost half of the charity’s expenditure was on publicity and administration, not “direct charitable expenditure”. Of the £116,000 charitable expenditure, more than half was spent on travel and subsistence. The charity was closed in 2012 due to financial problems. The charity’s services were taken over by other charities including Kids Company.[20][21]”

      He does tell some much needed home truths, though.


      1. Even the idiots of the CONServative Party could have chosen a better ethnic candidate than Shaun Bailey, surely?

        Meanwhile, many of the ethnic voters regard Shaun as an ‘Uncle Tom’ for standing for the ‘white man’s party’.


  11. I think I can pretty confidently say that with ethnic voting patterns being what they are in London Boris-Idiot was the LAST Tory mayor of the city.


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