Diary Blog, 25 June 2020

Good grief. When I was about 8 years old, around 1964-65, my family would occasionally drive down from the Berkshire/South Oxfordshire border area where we lived to spend a day at Bournemouth (usually at nearby Boscombe). Maybe not on the most crowded days, but I do not recall anything like these crowds. Why now? Is it because more people have cars now? Population increase? I have no idea.

In fact, though I am against the ludicrous “lockdown”, to crowd onto a beach with thousands of others like that must be an excellent way to get infected by Coronavirus. Strange to think that only a few weeks ago, the toytown police were patrolling and bullying even lone sunbathers on deserted beaches to “move along”! Mad world.


The blacks are revolting!

This is not surprising, firstly because it is the sort of “chimp-out”, to use the American phrase, that happens when there are large black populations; secondly because the blacks have been encouraged and emboldened by the craven police response to the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense and faux-insurrection (including policemen literally bending the knee to the blacks, in sign of fealty or surrender); thirdly because Sadiq Khan is hopeless; fourthly, also significant, the heat and humidity of yesterday is the climate that acts as a catalyst for such disorder.

Britain has still to make the decision as to whether it wants to be an advanced, European-race, high-IQ, high-tech, environmentally-aware country, or a multikulti black-brown and mixed-race mess, a “Congo-North” if you like, with ever-declining standards, pay, “welfare”, environment and culture.

Churchill College, Cambridge

Cambridge condemns abuse against academics, after petition to fire Dr Gopal launched.” [Varsity]

Gopal shared examples of the racist and hateful attacks she has received to her university email since the petition was launched, including from an anonymous person who said she was “disgusting inside and out”, and, “[i]f you don’t like white people, pack up your sh*t and go home. Problem solved.”” [Varsity]

“There is no religion higher than truth”: সত্যের চেয়ে উচ্চতর কোন ধর্ম নেই]



She is not in fact a “professor”: https://www.english.cam.ac.uk/people/Priyamvada.Gopal/

[above: Priyamvada Gopal, an enemy of the British people]

Gopal is supported by other disgusting blots on this country, living here and, so far, tolerated. Here are a few more of them:

These —and many like them— will not be required in the new Britain.

How long before it really “kicks off”?

The ludicrous UK “lockdown” is being eased, but only with absurd restrictions in place. Who will want to go to a pub when there are plastic screens everywhere? Who will want to fly (certainly for touristic purposes) when forced to wear facemasks, muzzles or whatever?

Already, we see the wave of redundancies rising. Royal Mail is to (in effect) sack 2,000 people, all in managerial or other senior roles. The knock-on effects from such decisions are many and affect many outside the ranks of those sacked.

We have a non-Government and a non-Opposition, a collapsing economy, and black or multikulti mobs rampaging in the cities. It is time for the British people to step up.

and see this:

This is sometimes referred to as “White Genocide”, sometimes as “The Great Replacement”.

More about Cambridge University and Churchill College

It now seems that Cambridge University has, since yesterday, elevated the anti-British, anti-European academic terrorist Priyamvada Gopal to the rank of professor. What a scandal. It’s a disgrace. We need a cultural purge in this country, starting with the msm but not sparing the universities.

I noticed decades ago that Cambridge University was a cesspit of treachery.

Here’s another swine who wants White Genocide:

[Priyamvada Gopal retweeted the above tweet…]

These “people” have declared war on us.

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Keir Starmer, a Jewish lobby doormat with a Jewish wife etc, has sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/25/keir-starmer-sacks-rebecca-long-bailey-from-shadow-cabinet

The chances are that he was just waiting for a chance to do that, if he could find a plausible reason. Well, now he has found a reason.

This news, combined on the same day, or within a day or so, with Starmer’s refusal to call for the resignation of corrupt little pissant Robert Jenrick (another one with a Jewish lawyer wife and half-Jewish children), surely shows what types are now pulling Starmer’s puppet-strings.

Not that I have much time for Rebecca Long-Bailey. She seems rather dim, for one thing, and could never be considered to be “prime ministerial material”. For example, she said that she “...would support workers in all strike actions and industrial disputes, “no questions asked”.[47].” [Wikipedia]. Well, that is just asinine.

Rebecca Long-Bailey has also said, in the recent past, that “she was unhappy with Labour’s response to allegations of antisemitism within the party during Corbyn’s leadership, commenting that “I don’t think we were dealing with complaints quickly enough”. She said that if she was Labour leader then she would follow the recommendations of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.[42][43][44]“[Wikipedia]

In other words, Rebecca Long-Bailey, while not as much of a doormat for Jewish Zionism as is Keir Starmer, is or was all the same willing to kow-tow a bit to “them”.

Some tweets seen

The above tweeter is evidently a decent but naive fellow who is seemingly unaware of the (((infestation)) in both Labour and the UK generally.


Labour has been doing better in the opinion polls of late purely because of the incredible incompetence of the “Conservative” government. However, looking at its position structurally or strategically, it is even less connected with most British people now than it was when led by Corbyn.

I am talking about white British/English people, but I am not so sure that Labour is very strong now, or so strong, in the black/brown “communities”. The “ethnic” demographic(s) were Labour’s strongest suit. If they give up on Labour, all it will have left will be the public service people, the unemployed/disabled (in broad-brush terms) and the metro-London types that live in gentrified former slum areas. I am not so sure that even the Jews will drift back much to Labour, for all Starmer’s doormatting. They are anyway few in number, relatively.

More tweets

Not just a doormat, but proud to be a doormat…

Here (below) is an interesting tweet, though it is disappointing (even these days) to discover that the Editor of CityAM cannot spell “Damascus”…(and on a standard keyboard, “a” is far from “u”):

Jesus H. Christ! Why on Earth do people do it? They cannot lie down or even sit down in comfort. Yet there are other places along that coast in both directions where the beaches (albeit that some are pebble beaches) are not very crowded at all even on days such as this. I can only assume that people are just not willing to research alternatives, despite the Internet.

Silly, but it made me smile:

Tweets seen this evening

I prefer my profile of Jenrick: an entitled little pissant, who is a complete tool of the Jewish/Israel lobby, has several houses, a Jewish wife who is a lawyer, and children being brought up as Jewish. In other words, not unlike Keir Starmer.

Update, 28 June 2020

The petition to sack Priyamvada Gopal from Cambridge University, which already, within a couple of days, had tens of thousands of online signatures, has been pulled by the platform (change.org).

So now in the UK you cannot tweet, post on Facebook, petition, put up stickers (a man got 2 and a half years for that recently), march or demonstrate, or have a banner flown over an empty football stadium, unless you are in favour of multiracialism, multiculturalism, Jewish influence and power, “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, or other “approved” (by the System) beliefs.

President Kennedy put it best:

51 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 June 2020”

  1. This is what some Indians think about native Britons NOW when they are still a minority. How will they treat us when the ENTIRE cabinet is composed of people like Priti Vacant/Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance figures and we have an Indian as PM like our esteemed Chancellor!🙄🙄🙄😡🤬🤬😡🤬☹️😞

    This reverse colonisation has to stop. Although saying that we treated Indians under the British Raj with far more respect than wretched ingrates like this academic!


  2. The social distancing restrictions are needed. It is either them being in place or a full and better policed lockdown will have to be imposed instead. As for holidays abroad, better to fly with a mask on than catch the virus and possibly die or pass the disease onto a careful and conscientious fellow citizen who has been following the rules and then catches Covid-19 and perhaps dies through the stupidity and selfishness of others.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      We shall not agree on “lockdown” (shutdown). The 1968 or 1969 Asian Flu killed about 3x the number of people in the UK as the Coronavirus, but nothing shut down (though I myself was at school in Sydney at the time, and was aged about 12)


      1. If one person is killed unnecessarily by Covid-19 it is one too many. We must not be blasé about the lives of other people’s relatives.

        We must remember this nasty and vicious respiratory illness has no vaccine for it and may never do so and it need not have been present in this country in the first place since it is an IMPORTED virus.


      2. M’Lord of Essex: by that standard we should run all cars at 10 mph; after all “if it saves even one life”…but of course the downside would be intolerable.


  3. All these mass protests by Black Lives Matter and tweets by Indian ingrates like the woman above surely prove that John Enoch Powell was right to say continual, mass immigration from Commonwealth countries would lead to ,”the black man having the whip hand over the white man”.😡🤬☹️😞


  4. Many Indians both here in Britain and in India itself harbour quite a lot of resentment towards Britain and its native people. On YouTube and on various other websites I have seen numerous comments castigating the British Raj. Indians complain incessantly about our rule yet we gave them railways, education and we even managed to suppress the violent, murdering thugs of the ‘Thugee’ cult via sentencing the culprits to mass hangings yet we receive little in the way of gratitude in return!😡🤬☹️😞


    1. Yes, M’Lord of Essex, many do hate us (usually those from the 95% or so of Indians born *after* the Raj). Brainwashed. I have had Indians say to me,though, that their parents/grandparents have said that the British rule was better tha that since.


      1. I find that on YouTube many blame us for the Bengal famine etc. Well, they should have listened to Churchill and not had so many children! Mass, uncontrolled breeding is not a good thing when food is scarce and there is a world conflict going on!🙄🙄🙄


      2. Yes, the older generation who actually lived under the Raj recognise that our rule did bring benefits and wasn’t merely brutal repression of a people. We did commit a few mistakes such as the Amritsar Massacre but we also did a lot of good such as suppressing the violent murdering thugs of the ‘Thugee’ cult which no one had managed to do before and who had murdered so many innocent Indians.


      3. Indeed, M’Lord of Essex.
        Independent India has carried out a few massaces of its own, in fact. Nehru would not accept the Portuguese refusal to hand over Goa in 1960, so he bombed Goa. Then you have the incredible cruelty and death toll of Partition itself. Also, wars (some of which would not have happened were India under the Raj): wars against Pakistan, war against China etc.


  5. This manifestly incompetent government has made mistake after mistake after mistake since this crisis first erupted and it continues to do so. After dithering too long in February/March Boris started to get things right but since then he has sadly listened too much to impatient and rather stupid Tory backbenchers who have no understanding of easily spread respiratory diseases.


  6. Rebecca Long-Bailey for all of her many faults was at least a recognisable Labour Party person whereas Keir Starmer seems to stand only for unpopular ‘Champagne Globalism’ and a rather tepid and pathetic reheat of tired Blairite rubbish. So far I have seen little in the way of real fresh thinking with regard to future policies from Keir such as a real commitment to sensible constitutional and electoral reform.


    1. I agree with that, M’Lord of Essex. The fact is that “Labour”, as a real party with provenance, has pretty much disappeared. What you have is a Jew-ruled organization with a red rose symbol. It’s a bit like those countries where two or three identical or very similar parties distinguish themselves inter se by means of a symbol (an apple, a harp, whatever) or by colours (“Colorados”, “Blancos” etc)


      1. Sadly, the Conservative Party in this era isn’t much better in that respect. Unfortunately, the honourable Tory tradition of so-called ‘anti-semitism’ and not kowtowing too much to the zealots of the Jew Zionist Lobby has disappeared. Time for a revival of The Right Club I think and this venerable Conservative Party stance towards the ‘chosen ones’


        If only there were figures like Archibald Maule Ramsay MP to fight the good fight!

        But the Conservative Party isn’t Conservative in 2020 more the Liberal Democrats for posh folk and slow learners!😞☹️


      2. Starmer is also, as he has shown once again today, a complete puppet of the fanatical and nearly always wholly unreasonable Jew Zionist/Israel First Lobby. How does that have any relevance to the lives and concerns of millions of British gentiles let alone those of the poorer sections of society Labour is meant to represent?

        Israel is big and strong enough (they have THREE YEAR LONG mandatory conscription for young Israeli men, for instance) to fight its own battles.

        Zionist Israel Firsters whether they are British gentiles or Jews belong in Israel not here.


  7. At this point in time even that Clive Lewis fellow would have been a better leader since he at least understood the depth of the electoral hole Labour is in and offered some fresh thinking about electoral reform instead of the usual Labour Party conservatism about the matter which is senseless from their point of view as far as Ii can see. It is high time Labour joined with others to isolate the Tories on that issue.


      1. I have very little regard for any of the ‘System’ parties who are all globalist to a greater or lesser degree.

        The Liberal Democrats do have one excellent stance though ie their support for dumping the archaic rubbish of First Past The Post and this country moving towards using an electoral system whereby many more votes wouldn’t be effectively put into the nearest dustbin and would actually help to elect MPs and to change national election results.

        If we had Proportional Representation we could have a nationalist ‘Alternative For Britain’ party with MPs being elected like Germany’s Afd.

        I may differ as to which PR system is better for this country with the Liberal Democrats as I normally prefer the Mixed-Member PR of Germany rather than Ireland’s Single Transferable Vote (STV) but the principle of more proportional elections is a sound one.


      2. Indeed and that is why we need more proportional elections so that new PRO-BRITISH parties can be created and get elected to replace the globalist, anti-British scumbags of Labour, fake Conservative, Lib Dems.


  8. First Past The Post wastes huge numbers of votes at EVERY general election and this is a systemic design fault of the system. At last year’s general election it has been estimated around 45% of the total votes thereby running into the millions upon millions were effectively dumped into the nearest waste paper basket and had ZILCH effect at electing MPs.

    Obviously, any free election will produce winners and losers but that level of ‘wasted’ votes is surely totally unacceptable in a genuine democracy.




  9. First Past The Post is an utterly abysmal electoral system that fails on so many points. All electoral systems have strengths and weaknesses and different factors that are advantageous or not but this system is probably the most flawed of all with the only exception possibly being the Instant Runoff Voting system otherwise known as the NON PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION Alternative Vote (AV) which the Torres so graciously allowed we mere plebs and common oiks to choose in that farcical referendum in 2011.



    1. Australia has that system we rejected BUT it isn’t so bad for them to have it since in contrast to most countries that have upper Houses of Parliament Australia’s Senate is pretty powerful and uses the Proportional Representation system of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) to elect it.


  10. The undemocratic Tories also implicitly recognise that First Past The Post is a massively flawed electoral system which is why they ensured no Proportional Representation (PR) system or even the semi-PR system of Japan called Parallel Voting option was put before the British people at that referendum.

    IF they genuinely had confidence in it they would have allowed that to happen but feared that any system that offered fairer votes would be able to defeat First Past The Post.



  11. I think it is noteworthy that the Scottish Tories appear to reject the stance of the party in the rest of the United Kingdom with regard to Proportional Representation since they have no principled objection to taking their seats up in Holyrood who are elected mostly by the PR regional list part of that parliament’s electoral system.

    Do I detect some hypocrisy on their part?🙄🙄🙄


  12. It is funny the Scottish Tories don’t have a problem with Holyrood’s broadly proportional voting system that uses the Additional Member System (AMS). Perhaps, they don’t complain about it or boycott Scottish Parliament elections because if Holyrood used First Past The Post there would be very few Tories in there compared to today’s situation with a proportional system. PR saved the Scottish Conservative Party from being wiped-out.


  13. David Davies said on the EU referendum results programme he was generally against the use of referendums but he made an exception for constitutional issues such as the EU. Well, the voting system the country uses is also a constitutional issue yet the Tories will not allow the people of this country to choose a PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION (PR) system in a referendum.

    The Alternative Vote (AV) system is NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN and NEVER WILL BE a system of PR voting.


    1. By having that EU referendum, the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum in 2014 and more relevantly the AV referendum in 2011 the fake Conservative Party has conceded the principle that the people are allowed to vote in referendums to decide constitutional issues and this extends to choosing electoral systems as well so there is no earthy reason why we can’t be allowed by the Tories to choose a more proportional electoral system in a new referendum.


  14. The CONServatives are a very strange party. They allowed a referendum in 2014 which could, and very nearly did, break-up Her Majesty’s United Kingdom yet point-blank stubbornly refuse to countenance a referendum for a voting system whereby seats in parliament at Westminster would more closely match the electorate’s actual votes.🙄😡🤬

    What vile, selfish, self-serving traitors to the United Kingdom – a country they profess to love but clearly don’t.


  15. Any party which is as dementedly and fanatically opposed to Britain having fairer votes by using more proportional voting systems as the Tories are indicate to me they have a disgraceful contempt for the electorate and have no real confidence that their party’s philosophy and policies are right for the country.


  16. No earthy reason means no genuinely democratic and principled reason but does not exclude the REAL Tory objection ie that they want FIrst Past The Post to be stuck in aspic for all time because they like to effectively STEAL election ‘victories’ by ‘winning’ artificial majorities on CLEAR MINORITY voting shares.

    Selfish, self-serving greed is the prime motivation for their objection to more proportional voting systems.


  17. A greed which may soon lead to the break-up of the country they profess to love: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Vile, hypocritical, anti-British scum!


  18. Normally, as a nationalist, I’m against Britain interfering in foreign disputes that are not intimately connected with the most essential British national interests but I think we should have helped Portugal in their fight in Goa not least for the fact Portugal and England (later the United Kingdom) have the world’s longest diplomatic alliance.

    Portugal is the one country in Europe we have truly friendly relations with and long may it continue.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Perhaps, in 1960 (if I have the date right), the UK might have had the resources to defend Goa, at least in the short term. Now, of course, anything of the sort would be impossible. Actually, in 1960, it would have looked odd to defend Goa, having in 1947given India back “to the Indians” (at least the wealthy ones).


  19. Yes, I think it was in 1960 and it would have looked strange after Labour’s ‘Scuttle from Empire’ in 1947 however it would have represented a nice gesture of friendship to Portugal on our behalf.

    Now, under the ‘party of defence’ we have very little in the way of conventional for our own defence and the armed forces are now being subjected to the politically correction treatment that has already ruined police forces here.🤬😡☹️😞


      1. Yes, they have armed forces in a numerically impressive way. I am surprised though they still have only one aircraft carrier and I believe it isn’t all that up to date. If they wish to seriously project power they will need to have several very modern ones.

        I wonder if they can build their own fighter aircraft? We have Yankee crap on our new carriers!


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        I believe that the Chinese build almost everything themselves:

        As you see. below, they do have some foreign aircraft in supporting roles.

        The above is just their army air force; look at the naval air power they have:


        Over 1,000 combat aircraft


  20. Of course, even the Tories of that era wouldn’t have helped Portugal since that country had a quasi ‘fascist’ government under Salazar.🙄


  21. If only all countries in Europe would be as friendly to Britain as Portugal is then we may have voted to stay in the EU.


  22. You’ve got to ask yourself what grade of imbecile is behind smashculturalmarxism.com – presumably that feted paragon of tards, the “Repeater”, to coin the David Icke expression.

    That piece attributed to Rudyard Kipling was in fact the poem ‘The Beginnings 1914 – 18’: ‘When the English began to hate’ which iirc (unchecked) was a commemoration of the death of a son in WW1. It appears on print page 739 of ‘Rudyard Kipling’s Verse: Inclusive Edition, 1885-1918’

    or here:

    – the unacknowledged changes having probably originated with Louis Beam’s “Essays of a Klansman” in the early 1980s.

    As for Long-Bailey, I’ve read/heard from online US sources many times that US senior police have been receiving “tuition” in Israel on restraint methods and policing techniques in general. If she’d had any intentions beyond hanging on for political dear life she might have investigated thoroughly before “apologising”. Instead however, once more the appearance of weakness merely provokes aggression, as in Nature.


    1. Wigger:
      Yes. Thank you.

      As you say, any sign of weakness, especially towards the Jew-Zionists, just leads to further demands. The whole Corbyn saga proves that. If Corbyn had had the courage and the intellect to both understand that and to “just say no” to the Jews, they would still have hated him and opposed him (and Labour) but would have been on the back foot. As it was, the constant “we are doing things about ‘anti-semitism'” (and the lip service paid to the “holocaust” farrago)just played into the Jews’ hands.

      Corbyn never quite understood, I think (trammelled as he was by his Lego-brick level of knowledge and politics) to what extent the msm in the UK is under Jewish control and influence. Huge. It put paid to him in the end. Boris-idiot was acceptable to the Jews not so much because he is weak (which he is) or even because he is part-Jew (which he is) but because all his weakness(es) and his laziness led to him delegating almost everything to the Jews and pro-Israel non-Brits in the Cabinet. Above all, Boris is easily manipulatd. He has no real ideas of any substance, no convictions, no ideology, and (crucially) is often short of money (despite large income streams).


  23. In short, Boris-idiot is effing useless and a complete national embarrassment as PM. Now, Jeremy Hunt is a globalist as well but at least the man has a bit of an IQ level, some competence, is actually English, and doesn’t look like a unkempt monkey from London Zoo. If he had been PM he would have handled this Covid-19 situation better. Jeremy is streets ahead of Boris when it comes to the competencies required of a possible PM and he does it with a bit of class as well.

    So, what did ‘Britain’s Stupid Party’ do? Pass over the more obvious candidate for PM and lumber our country with a wind-up zoo exhibit!


  24. Your last few points demonstrate how dangerous Boris idiot could prove to be for this country. The Jew Zionist extremist mob love nothing more than a man who can be so easily manipulated by them due to having no real consistent political ideology of his own and one they can ply with their considerable bank balances when he is short of cash.


  25. I do hope that persecuted political dissidents seize the opportunity for a rebalancing of the scales of justice and file complaints to the police, Cambridge university and anyone else applicable (https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en ?) against Priyamvada Gopal for the offences under the Communications Act 2003 or whatever it was that snared numerous people who unlike her were simply expressing reasoned and balanced views that happened to be heretical of the dogma of so-called “common values” imposed upon us.
    And all the more so given the disgraceful partisanship of the apparat over previous decisions not to prosecute (where Whites would have been relentlessly pursued) including the egregious “Kill All White Men” Bahar Mustafa of Goldsmiths College, in 2016.

    More ethnic solidarity and preferment of the privileged so-called minority (sc.: global majority) “community” in the Establishment:
    “The Chancellor has today (22 June) announced that Nikhil Rathi will be the new Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).”

    “Coronavirus – 1970s Public Information Film”
    Some of the mouth breathers probably take this ‘at face’.

    Did anyone see the BBC “documentary” on the (non-existent) ‘Far Right’ recruiting in UK the other day? I saw the last 5 minutes and that was enough to show it was more anti-White race hate fantasy cooked up as legitimate concern over civil commotion.

    Announced on Sunday his retirement – good or bad sign? He’s been a favourite of the Delmer Unit for castigation over leading a cabal not of the Cabinet but of the Cabinet Office.


    1. Wigger:
      Re. the Gopal creature, I hope so. On the other hand, we must always beware of relying on the System.

      Re. the BBC Panorama “documentary”about “far right” recruitment, like most of such documentaries, it had no substance at all. I blogged about it.


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