Diary Blog, 24 June 2020


[above: David Icke, not the so-called “leading academic”]

The “leading academic” is one Daniel Allington, who describes himself on his own blog as a “computational social scientist”, so not an academic lawyer or human rights specialist. He is a “senior lecturer in AI”, and does not have a professorial chair. Oh, and he is “Head of Online Monitoring” at the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”] too. The latter is the Jew-Zionist organization which has been conspiring against me and others (to name a few: David Icke, Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner) for years. See: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/ and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

The “CAA” describes Allington’s piece in the Sun “newspaper” as an “op-ed“, meaning a piece of opinion commissioned by the newspaper (sometimes unpaid). The term was first in use, I believe, in the Jew-infested New York Times (“all the news that fits”…), and the New York Times “op-ed” page was once described by Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan as the “Amen Corner” of the newspaper, because the scribblers were all Jew-Zionist neo-cons pushing the Israel First interventionist foreign policy line.

This is yet another attempt by what one might call “ZOG” and/or the Jewish lobby to destroy free speech, both online and offline. (((They))) have been pushing this for 60 years now, at first (of course) re. print media, now re. Internet publishing too.

As for the Sun “newspaper”, Rupert Murdoch has always been even more pro-Israel than most Jews (he himself is said to be part-Jew), and the Sun “newspaper” is and always has been slavishly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish lobby.

It is beyond ironic that Allington got his nonsense printed only in the Sun, long notorious for its invented “news reports” and other trash. There again, perhaps Allington simply does not quite “get” irony…

Some tweets seen

I would not normally repost anything from the unpleasant “Hope Not Hate” Jewish lobby group, but this is worth brief perusal:

So UKIP goes from bad to worse. The quite large quasi-System party “controlled opposition” of years ago has slid inexorably into Monster Raving Loony territory. There was an “interim leader”, some lady called Pat Mountain, and who was (as UKIP leaders since Farage have all been) as thick as two short planks; now this. An Indian with a faked-up CV, who is “libertarian”, and who wants to work against “Nazi” ideas and against “holocaust” “denial” (historical re-examination and revision). Just mad.

UKIP was always a bit of a joke, and was never social-national, but this surely takes the biscuit! I don’t know why the “Hope Not Hate” snoopers are making fun of this Vachha person, though. He sounds not so far from them in some ways, ideologically. Maybe he will join them.

A Joseph Rowntree report. Possibly worth reading:

Evil persons kill swans


The police will probably not catch these degraded individuals. Only Karma can bring justice. They will be punished.

We often underestimate what even one human being can achieve over time. It has been said that many people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, yet underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years. Look at Adolf Hitler. In his first year as political leader, he achieved comparatively little. Even nine years later, in 1928, his party received only 2.6% of the national vote. However, by 1932, that had increased to 33%; the following year, the vote was 44% and he was able to take on full powers of rulership.

[makes you think…]

Tom Watson

Well, as I predicted last year would happen, the Jewish lobby has found a well-paid sinecure for former Labour Party deputy leader, Tom Watson, who was notoriously in the pocket of the Jewish lobby, as well as being a relentless expenses cheat (until the system was slightly reformed, he was even blagging £500 a month on expenses —without fail— for food alone!)

Now I read that Watson has been appointed Chair of UK Music: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_Music. Another “Labour” ex-MP entirely controlled by the Jewish lobby, Michael Dugher, was CEO until recently. Dugher is now the head of another body, to wit, Chief Executive of the Betting and Gaming Council (((BGC))).

In fact, I just discovered that, several years ago, around 2013, Tom Watson was “personally involved” with the (20 years younger) Stephanie Peacock, who was at the time trying to become a Labour Party MP. I do not know whether the affair continued, or continues. She failed in her first attempt to get into the MP racket, in 2015, but succeeded in her second, at the 2017 General Election, having been selected (by the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, i.e. not by the local party) only a week before the election, for the —then— safe seat of Barnsley East. Oh, and guess who was, back in 2013, Chairman of the Labour Party NEC? That’s right…Tom Watson.



Now, Stephanie Peacock retweets posts by the Jewish lobby “Hope Not Hate” crowd. Once you start digging through the compost, you see that it is all (((connected))).

More tweets seen

[above: Daily Mail graphic. Note the mixed-race backpacking couple; the propaganda for what amounts to White Genocide never stops now, because time is running short for the NWO/ZOG conspiracy]

The first picture above is certainly accurate or at least plausible; I myself saw scenes like that (usually minus the lady) in Rhodesia, when I was there in 1977.

The Japanese, while quite impressive in some ways, indulge in habits which may or may not be harmless but which we (as a “nation”) do not do: buying used schoolgirls’ panties from vending machines, overnighting in coffin-like transparent capsules, washing before getting into a bath etc. I put the wearing of facemasks into that sort of category.

I noticed that long ago. Thus it is that the Twitter mob mostly favour “lockdown” as well as Remain; also, internet “regulation” (aka “censorship”), harsh laws against any expression of freedom re. the migration-invasion, “holocaust” “denial”, and so on.

Burnley aerial banner

The young hero who organized the recent “White Lives Matter” aerial banner has been sacked from his job at a factory. “Long live freedom”. Not in the UK!

There is little or no real freedom left in this country. The young man’s girlfriend has also been sacked. Guilt by association? True, we are not yet shot or chucked into labour camps in the Stalinist way, but the slope is there and getting slippery.



“Things are looking bleak”, they say, for that little pissant, Robert Jenrick, who has a Jewish lawyer wife and who is a complete doormat for the Jewish/Israel lobby.

Oh, and here is part-Jew “prime minister” Boris-idiot with the same Jew businessman, who seems to be sporting an Eton tie (lefthand photo below), though he did not attend Eton (he went to a local authority school in North London: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ%27s_College,_Finchley#Notable_former_pupils). Boris Johnson (who did attend Eton) is not wearing an Eton or OE tie).

Tweets seen

Now why would Keir Starmer, new leader of the “Labour” Party, be so unwilling to attack the behaviour of pissant Robert Jenrick of the “Conservative” Party? Could it because both are in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist-Israel lobby, both have Jewish wives (both of which are lawyers, too!), and both have half-Jewish children that both are bringing up as Jewish? Answers on a postcard…

Oh, and the Conservative Party donor and businessman (property vulture, publisher of porn etc) involved, and who gained £40 million by Jenrick’s corruption, is a Jew. What a shock. Not.


The ones who are kneeling are craven traitors and/or careerists.

I would say that the evil Indian woman noted by Nick Griffin, below, an academic at Churchill College of Cambridge University, is another “traitor”, were she British, but of course she is not. She is an enemy of the British people, living here and spewing poison against us.

35 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 June 2020”

  1. The Tories are very much the ‘party of the rich’, have always been and will always be. As a party they are only in operation to secure the wealth of the top 10% of people in society and in particular the top 1%.

    As distinct from the past when they could always be described as the ‘party of the rich’ they have now dumped any pretence, let alone the reality, of being a socially conservative party.

    The want to preserve social liberalism and PC globalist values. In effect, they are the Liberal Democrats for slow learners.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      For the average Joe, the kind of wealth the *really* rich have is like the surface of Pluto, something of which they have no experience, have not even seen from a distance and do not understand. Thus it is that, to many, “rich” means a *salary* of say £200,000 (or even £100,000) a year. The masses are unaware except in headline terms that some people have not even tens, but hundreds or thousands of millions of pounds of *capital*, and live off a proportion of the proceeds of that, invested.


      1. Indeed. It always makes me laugh when I read the silly, uniformed comments of Americans on YouTube and elsewhere when they rant about the wealth of the British Royal Family in general and the Queen in particular. The Queen is, of course, a very rich old lady but her wealth pales into insignificance when it is compared to even other Royals like the Prince of Monaco, Liechtenstein or the King of Thailand let alone the truely obscene wealth of Americans like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos the boss of Amazon who is the world’s richest man and a MULTI BILLIONAIRE.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        “Ownership” and so “wealth” is a question of definition, to some extent. Stalin had no money to speak of. He had nothing, yet everything. If he wanted a new villa (dacha), he simply ordered one. The landwas chosen, the villa built by builders and architects, but there was never a price tag. If he wanted a plane, a car, a book, it appeared by order. The Queen is to some extent in a similar position, not quite but partly. Whether she as a individual “owns” this or that palace is almost irrelevant.


      3. In Montefiore’s Stalin – The Court of the Red Tsar, he writes that Joe and his fellow top Bolsheviks would borrow money off each other (in quite small amounts) when short – he quotes from begging letters sent between the bosses. And Stalin had the use of several former millionaire’s mansions on the Black Sea coast at Sukhumi and Sochi. As you say, one was built specially for him with steps leading down to a jetty.


  2. Being a ‘party of the rich’ is further illustrated with respect to their fanatical opposition to any move to dump First Past The Post and introduce a more proportional electoral system.

    The real reason they fear PR is because under the more rigorous competition for votes PR would encourage the Tories would have to change completely or water down their neo-liberal economic and tax policies which mostly favour the wealthier sections of society.


    1. There is also a secondary reason the Tories want to preserve First Past The Post in aspic for all time and oppose Britain ever having even a SEMI- PR voting system like Parallel Voting as in Japan let alone the full PR Mixed-Member PR system of Germany.

      That reason is because they fear the possible growth of a national conservative/nationalist party in Britain to their party’s ‘Right’ just like Angela Merkel in Germany now has to contend with the Alternative For Germany (AfD) as she has moved the CDU too far to the ‘centre’ for many traditional CDU supporters to stomach.


      1. Merkel isn’t going to be Germany’s Chancellor for much longer but if she was and attempted to pull another ‘fast one’ on the German people by importing another one million or so migrants/ mostly fake ‘asylum seekers’ as she did in 2015 she knows that due to her country’s highly democratic voting system of Mixed-Member Proportional Representation there are a significant number of Germans who would use their electoral system to hit out at her and vote AfD to oppose such actions.

        Basically, the German Chancellor knows that they can’t get away with it for ever with genocidal mass immigration policies. They always have to take possible public backlashes into account.


      2. Maybe, M’Lord of Essex, but already the cracks are showing and the damage done. Germany is full of white race-traitors “welcoming” the existing influx. The “refugees” were out in force rioting in Stuttgart last night, together with white “chavscum” equivalents.

        In the end, as in the UK, probably, voting is not going to deal with or end the situation.


  3. The Japanese have succeeded in containing the virus because 99% of Japs are very obedient, do as they are told by government , are superbly law-abiding even though according to that Wikipedia article I talked about the other day listing the ratio of police officers to populations Japan DOES NOT have a very good ratio, and are naturally a very clean and hygienic people.

    To put it bluntly, there are few examples of lawless ‘ChavScum’ roaming the streets in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka unlike here.


    1. The sensible ‘Japan First’ government of Japanese nationalist Shinzo Abe has no time for the moronic libertarian unworkable ,socially destructive fantasies of Tory idiots over here.

      Libertarianism in Japan is viewed as the anti-social Yankee anarchic philosophy it is.

      Sensible people Japs! If they were not so strict about immigration and I could speak fluent Japanese I wouldn’t mind emigrating there. It must be good to live in a non loony-left, law abiding country instead of living in the Third World, foreign , lawless dump that Tory ‘Britain’ is increasingly becoming.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. HItchens now looks like our forebears in the war wearing a gas mask while cycling or travelling by train. Will we see one of those sealed prams used for infants? I recall watching archive new reels of dancers at clubs prancing around in the gas masks for a lark.


    1. Watcher:
      Hitchens is of course doing so deliberately, as a defiant satirical gesture.

      Yes, I do not think that any other countries issued millions of gas masks to citizens. You still sometimes see them in curio shops.


  5. Apparently, the Japs have given us six weeks to do a trade deal with them. When we have typical blonde Tory airhead Liz Truss as Trade Secretary what could possibly go wrong? 🙄🙄🙄For us that is rather than Japan?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    The Japs can sure spot an opportunity to make a killing, can’t they?🙄


  6. Japan’s International Trade Secretary must be laughing his head off that we have sent her to negotiate a deal with them! Liz Truss is a daft cow even with regard to the usual abysmally low Tory ‘wimmin’ standards!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I try not to “discuss a lady in a public saloon”, to quote the old film “Jezebel” (as in “a…gentleman…does not discuss a lady in a public saloon”), but she is a public figure (and did get to be an MP on her back), so…
      (you should see it now, before it is withdrawn from public access…)


  7. The UKIP was crap from the very beginning, if you want to be polite you can call it “controlled opposition”. Nigel Farage’s successors have been/are far worse than him, which says a lot. Those two disgusting critters that appeared in the photo of the tweet look like aliens. LOL

    BTW, what a pleasure to see that fake-patriot Farage kicked out of LBC. The idiot was tolerated because it served their purpose, as soon as he overstepped the mark he was fired. Serves him right! A typical “kosher nationalist.”


    1. Yes,how strange that licensed ‘opposition’ Farage would be let on to LBC to present programmes yet they would never allow Nick Griffin or a genuine nationalist to be able to make their points with complete freedom. It is all about ensuring political opinion in this country doesn’t stray too far away from a narrow range of PC liberal and globalist viewpoints.

      What did he say or do to get fired anyway?


  8. Re that Indian academic and her obnoxious tweet: I thought Tory globalist fantasists and others thought Indians living here were all meant to represent a fantastic addition to the British population and had all successfully ‘integrated’ like Priti Vacant and our esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer show!

    Perhaps this is not the case after all and many of them are like quite a few Pakistani Muslims who haven’t either. Maybe some of them harbour resentment towards us because of the British Raj still!🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      My impression is that it is the low-caste Indians (now UK-based academics of some unwanted and obscure sort) who hate the British. Another example would be Ask Sarkar. Strange (or not so strange): the System invites her onto Sky, BBC etc. Would I be invited on? Ha ha! I think that we know the answer…


      1. A lot of Indians whether they are in Britain or reside in India itself do seem to have a lingering resentment towards Britons mostly on account of the British Raj time. I have often seen this on YouTube comments by them. We only gave them modern railways, education, managed to eliminate the vile, lawless thugs of the ‘Thugee’ cult by mass hangings and that is the thanks we get!🙄🤬😡


  9. Yes, well done to that cop for having some self-respect!👌😎 As for those other two perhaps policing is not the right occupation for them? Maybe social work is more their ideal profession? Yes, sadly, that standing policeman is unlikely now to get a chance of promotion even if he is excellent at his job which he might well be and deserves it.😡☹️😞


  10. Indeed so obscenely rich is the boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, he has over 100 billion dollars to his name and some people think he might be on course to become the world’s first TRILLIONAIRE. Apparently, his wealth has increased by tens of billions since this Covid-19 crisis began.



      1. Yes, you can’t take it with you! Some lottery winners annoy me in this respect. Yes, money still has to be respected unless you have a virtually entirely inexhaustible amount like Jeff Bezos has but go and spend some you boring ones and have some fun with it! Money by itself doesn’t do anyone any good. It is meant to be used and enjoyed and there is no point to being the richest person in the graveyard.


      2. If the boring lottery winners are so devoid of an imagination as to what to do with their winnings ie buy a nice car, an impressive property, take numerous holidays to the many interesting countries the world has then give the money away by making donations to the huge number of very worthwhile charities we have in this country ie dementia research, cancer research, those ones who take children with terminal diseases on holiday etc, etc. Giving money to decent charities can make you feel good!


      1. Indeed. There is a famous quote by somebody describing Monaco as, “a shady place for shady people” which is why it is a favourite place of residence for the world’s super-rich. No wonder the Jew Sir Phillip Green and his wife like it so much!


      2. M’Lord of Essex, the quotation to which you refer is “a *sunny* place for shady people” and was said or written by W. Somerset Maugham. I shall try to find the reference for you.

        ps: https://www.historytoday.com/reviews/sunny-place-shady-people


        Cannot find the exact reference, unless it is in “The Razor’s Edge” (later made into a 1946 film which I like very much, starring Tyrone Power)



  11. Yes, that is the quote I was looking for. I thought it was by W Somerset Maugham as well. I remember reading it in one of those colourful Insight travel guides about the French Riviera.


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