Diary Blog, 27 June 2020

Alison Chabloz

Some of my blog readers will have read my previous blog posts about the lengthy persecution, by a Jew-Zionist cabal gathered around the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”], of the satirical singer-songwriter, Alison Chabloz.

It now appears that the latest malicious CAA attempt to get Alison sent to prison, this time for “breach of condition” (the condition being part of her 2018 suspended sentence) has failed. I shall be blogging more fully about this victory for Alison. In the meantime, it is now confirmed that the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] has decided not to offer any evidence against her at the appeal which had been set down for hearing at Derby Crown Court on 10 July 2020. The matter will now be withdrawn from the list. In other words, the CPS has given up, and Alison has won.

“They” will be tearing their hair out! I do not mean the CPS, primarily, but (((them)))…

[above: satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz at the piano]

Robert Jenrick

That little pissant, Robert Jenrick, he of the many houses and the Jewish corporate-lawyer wife, is now in trouble again, having already been caught out in Conservative Party-linked corruption in respect of the Jew billionaire Richard Desmond.

Once again an ultra-weathy Jew, this time with an Israeli passport:

Labour has called on the beleaguered housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, to explain a ministerial meeting with a “family friend” who had a financial interest in the future of a rival mining project that Jenrick was overseeing.

The Guardian revealed this week that Jenrick met the Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer while the then exchequer secretary to the Treasury was considering a request for financial support from Sirius Minerals for a mining project that would have rivalled Ofer’s own firm Cleveland Potash.”

Labour has already reported Jenrick to parliament’s watchdog over separate claims about his relationship to the Conservative donor Richard Desmond while serving in his current role as housing secretary. Jenrick appeared to have acted “on direct instruction” from Desmond, Labour said, saving the property and media tycoon tens of millions of pounds on a £1bn property development in east London.” [The Guardian]


As exchequer secretary, [Jenrick] presided over Sirius Minerals’ application for financial support for at least six months after meeting with Ofer, before handing responsibility for the project to Liz Truss in early 2019.

In March 2019, one of Ofer’s other UK firms, the Mayfair-based Quantum Pacific UK Corporation, donated to the Conservative party for the first and only time, giving the party £10,000 in March 2019.

Ofer has said the request for the donation came at the behest of Conservative Friends of Israel and was not discussed with Jenrick, who is a member of the group.

Six months later, in September 2019, Sirius Minerals revealed that the government had refused to provide financial support, a decision that in effect left the company on the brink of financial collapse.

Sirius was eventually bought out in a cut-price deal by the mining firm Anglo American in January 2020, wiping out the shareholdings of hundreds of small investors. Some lost most of their life savings because of the collapse, which Sirius Minerals said would not have happened if the government had supported the project.” [The Guardian].

So…Jewish financial manipulation, leading to small (non-Jew) shareholders losing their investments and in some cases their life savings. Now where have I heard that before?…

Somewhere like that, I expect…

So Jenrick has a Jewish wife, children he is bringing up as Jewish, and he belongs to both Conservative Friends of Israel and to a Cabinet in which most of if not all of the ministers are Jewish, part-Jew, pro-Israel, members of Conservative Friends of Israel, and/or have worked as bankers in the past. Added to all that, it seems that Jenrick’s “family friends” are all ultra-wealthy Jews as well!

Even Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, itself now under the Jew-Zionist thumb, has started to criticize Jenrick. I suppose that he has gone too far.

After all, the Israelis themselves have, in the recent past, tried both the President of Israel and its Prime Minister for corruption. A race of con-men, to a large extent.

Free speech and freedom of expression

Yesterday, I touched yet again on the important subject of free speech, by which I mean freedom of expression on social, political, religious and historical topics. I noted that Oliver Kamm was a hypocrite and, in my opinion, a liar, in constantly saying that he supports free speech, when he applauded my 2016 disbarment (I was disbarred for having spoken the truth in tweets), and when he thinks that platforms online and offline should be closed to anyone deemed “anti-Semitic”.

Well, here’s another example.

I refer not to the writer of that article, nor to tweeter “Thane Prince”/”@ThanePrince”, but to one Matthew Scott, a barrister who tweets under the name “@Barristerblog”. This Scott today retweeted the above tweet and article. So far so good. However, when I was disbarred, not only did Scott join in the (mostly Jewish) mob pile-on, attacking me, but went out of his way to insult me when I took up the matter with him on Twitter (I had a Twitter account then; the Jewish cabal on Twitter finally managed to get me expelled in 2018). Scott, among others, was gratuitously rude. Yet here is Scott, just like Kamm, pretending to support free speech. When it suits…

Another bloody hypocrite… It’s pervasive.

Politicized police

More accurately, “socio-politicized police”, who are most at home on “Pride” marches, or bending the knee in sign of fealty (or surrender) to the mob (so long as said mob is black, brown, or multikulti). Oh, but give them a “hate crime” (someone speaking the truth) on Twitter or Facebook, and they are out of their kennels faster than a dog after the hare!

[“police” car in toytown UK]

Some of the replies to that tweet are amusing, some despairing…

Some tweets seen today

The above tweet from BBC drone Jeremy Vine is of course correct. There was always the fact that people with family or similar money (provided by gift, loan, or inheritance) had a far easier time buying real property than those without such help. The latter either had to win a large sum, somehow, or have a job or profession in which it was possible to make a fairly large or at least adequate income.

All the same, there were various forms of help in the 1950s through to the 1980s. The first of these was an economy in which almost-full employment was the norm. Until the late 1970s, a base-level job could be had for the asking. Mass immigration was not such a factor, and labour was required.

Few people in the 1960s or 1970s would have believed that, 30, 40, 50 years down the line, anyone wanting a quite standard job such as dustman, worker in a shop, salesman, or even cleaner, would need a “CV”! Few would have believed that a “degree” from a “university” would be so common that it would almost be the default position. Neither would they have believed that almost everyone who took a “degree” would get a “First” or a “2:1” (at Oxford University now, 93%!); nor would they have believed that, as the supply of “graduates” from McUniversities became a flood, that the demand for graduates would become a trickle, relatively; that there would be a bottleneck resulting in low pay, and graduates getting jobs in warehouses and cafes on minimum wage.

Then there were other factors: the MIRAS scheme, which allowed people to deduct mortgage payments from taxable income; the Thatcher “Right to Buy” council house scheme (which in the long run has proven disastrous but at the time created a “feel-good” atmosphere of tenants buying their council houses at a heavy discount, which houses, over time, became valuable assets).

Now we see 2020: for most young people without family money, and that does mean most young people, the idea or dream of being able to buy a house, even with a mortgage, is a non-starter.

The other factor is cost. Britain has invested its money in property rather than whatever else. The semi-detached Victorian villa in Little Venice, London, where I spent many years on and off from 1976 to 1998, and which a friend had bought from her original lessors (the Church Commissioners) for a discounted £66,000 (the full value then, in about 1979, being £100,000), is now valued (looking at similar ones in the same road) at somewhere between £3 million and £4 million!

The exploding price of residential property in the UK over the past decades and especially since about 2000, has made owning even a modest house an impossible dream for many. Especially most of the under-30s. This will have political consequences.

Other tweets seen today

…and that tweeter claims to be a physicist!

Sarah Vine; Douglas Murray

I would not usually repost anything by either of the above, but Murray’s article on the Cambridge University scandal is worth a look:

Schools re-opening

I cannot really understand why there is such a fuss about re-opening the schools. I am constantly surprised to find that I have, once again, underestimated the huge ignorance in this country. Most people seem to spend what is now a mandatory 13 years in full-time education, with many then doing another 3 years (4 years in some cases in England and Wales, and I believe usually 4 years in Scotland) without actually knowing very much.

When we see anyone over 18, and under the age of about 30, that person has spent about 13 years in education (with a few vocational exceptions); about half have also done the extra 3-4 years mentioned above; yet the educational level, even of many “university graduates” is low, on average.

This is not a problem confined to the “McUniversities”, the redbricks, or any other tranche. Oxford is just as bad. For example, Louise Mensch, the crazed one-time chicklit scribbler (and, briefly, MP), who was at Oxford, is one of the least informed, least educated of the semi-“celebrity” Twitterati.

[above: one-time Conservative Party MP, Louise Mensch, smoking drugs]

I have often wondered what schools in the UK are for, really. There are years of language teaching, yet few British people speak even a rudimentary version of any foreign language, years of mathematics teaching, yet the level in the population is, at best, basic. As for History, Geography etc, don’t ask…

Are schools valued as a kind of “warehousing”, while the parents are occupied at work? Is that it?

Newspaper quiz

I tried this quiz. Got 7 out of 10, so room for improvement, but I feel a bit better having seen that political commentator John Rentoul only managed 5.


Those questions are not very taxing; about the level of The Chase on TV.

Jew, disappointed

“Nate#protected”/”@NathanJoseph” has obviously not heard the news. Alison Chabloz has —in effect— won her appeal, in that the CPS have thrown in the towel. There will now not even be a hearing. Alison is home free, finally, in relation to the fallout from her 2018 trial. Bitter herbs for some…

More tweets seen

Midnight music

20 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 June 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Regarding your comment about how is almost impossible for a young working-class or even middle-class person to buy a house here is an excellent article from a New Zealander about the situation n his country which mirrors that of any other Western country


  2. It says all you need to know about how utterly useless the ‘police’ are in this country when you look at the state of that police car! How much did that vibrant colour scheme cost the taxpayer?

    I like to think I am pretty tolerant when it comes to the ‘LGB’ community. As to their rights, the only ones I have ever had any real concern over are gay adoption and the age of consent. Parliament voted in 1994 under John Major to reduce it from the pretty high age of 21 to 18. That would have been a good compromise. It is possible to argue that it should have been that age it was lowered to rather than 16 which can be considered to be a touch young but then the straight age would need to be raised as well and the law change was all about providing equality for all sexual orientations.


      1. Yes, I saw that story. What an utter disgrace! The ONLY person in this country who should have expensive means of transportation and regular upgrades to livery ext is the Head of State of Her Majesty The Queen NOT a here today and gone tomorrow PM.

        Boris needs to be reminded of the fact the United Kingdom has its Monarch as its top person not him!


  3. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are like straights in that they wish to see their hard earnt taxes being used as efficiently as possible for a police service that concentrates on real crimes rather than one that is only effective at enforcing a prevailing political ideology.

    Even many of them would be embarrassed when seeing that police vehicle. They have no wish to be patronised by the police or anyone else.


  4. Very good observation about schools opening. Who cares? I would say that since the 1980s, the aim of the governments in the Western world has been to provide the worst kind of education possible. This has been achieved by A) Distorting and falsifying history to instil in us whites a guilt complex. B) Lowering the standards in all subjects, especially language.

    The results are evident. Most people under 50 have a very poor, if any, knowledge of their country’s history. Most people under 50 do not know how to express eloquently, and their spelling is rather weak. If we look into the 30-years-old and younger, the results are even worse, far worse.

    There are unbelievable and inexcusable spelling mistakes in ads or even articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as on Internet forums. Ironically, there are some language programs which are supposed to correct your spelling mistakes and help you with your grammar and even them present errors.


  5. Re Nick Griffin’s tweet well Zionist Jews don’t mind viewing themselves as a collective so why begrudge whites doing the same?

    Yes, Mark Collet, the Tommy Robinsons of this world will be silent over that. I suppose ultra-Orthodox Jews do that frankly unacceptable thing so that they can separate themselves more from gentiles and maintain the boundaries between them and us.

    Personally, I am not too worried about these Ultra-Orthodox Jews because as far as I am aware they mostly keep their distance from we gentiles, are often anti-Israel/anti-Zionist and don’t interfere in politics and/or the media too much.

    It is the fanatical Zionist/Israel First mob we have to keep an eye on who are secular or barely religious.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Yes, the black-hat lot may be repulsive to see but, as you say, tend to be less (openly) aggressive. They, however, do tend to accumulate financial power, though that would not apply to the ultra-religious ones.


  6. All month long this June the CONServatives,, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been celebrating Pride Month. Is that really necessary? Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals are for the most part completely accepted now and there are no discriminatory laws against them today in this country unlike in some others around the world.

    Doing this just gets people’s backs up along with those ridiculous looking police cars and turns people against the LGB community.

    Let us have a rest from incessant PC virtue signalling!☹️😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the (?) Canadian popular “philosopher”, Marshall McLuhan, said in the 1960s that “the medium is the message”. He meant television, but it applies at least as much now to the Internet and, indeed, to the virtue-signalling which is all but ubiquitous.

      I used to think McLuhan a charlatan, but now take a more (as they now say) “nuanced” view.

      The NHS may be failing in most areas, but that’s OK, because the population are told to “clap for the NHS”, and that makes it all OK…

      Likewise, we are told by TV, radio etc (amplified by Internet) that we are all one big happy multikulti “community”. Riots all over London? Stabbings daily? Oh, just fail to report such events, or say “it was ever thus”, and keep pretending that all is well.

      Also, keep tweeting…



  7. The CPS have over reached themselves concerning Alison Chabloz. As to Louise Bagshawe (Mensch) why wasn’t she arrested by North Wales Police for naming Ched Evans “victim”?


    1. Ciaran Goggins:
      I do not know why Mensch was not arrested. I am not very familiar with this matter, though I know the outline of what happened with the footballer.

      Possibly because whatever she said was said or posted from the USA (if it was), in which case any offence might be said to have beeen committed in that foreign jurisdiction. In the Alison Chabloz case, one alleged offence was dropped from the charge sheet because the allegedly unlawful act was said to have been done in Switzerland (material uploaded in Switzerland, so either not an offence in Switzerland or anyway not one done in the England and Wales jurisdiction).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Original trial 2012, retrial years later. Mensch had technically stopped being an MP but still was not a member of the public. Two laws, one for the rich another for the poor.


  8. I am so happy to hear the great news about Alison Chabloz!

    The obnoxious enemies of free speech must be hopping mad! LOL

    BTW, I didn’t know who the hell Louise Bagshawe is. It turned out to be another dim-witted female ex-politician posing as a writer. I couldn’t give a damn about her or Ched Evans.

    Just a question, what is the story about Boris’ aeroplane livery?


    1. Claudius:
      Louise Mensch was a chick-lit scribbler who composed a number of such brainless novels. She was never a serious politician but was pushed into a marginal seat in 2010.She just made it. She resigned, in effect, in 2012, a year or so later. She is now living in New York. Her husband is a wealthy Jew. Her ignorance about many things has become a byword.

      Boris-idiot’s plane colours. It’s typical of Boris Johnson, a silly idea that accomplishes nothing. He has seen Air Force One etc and wanted an equivalent. In fact, having a quasi-presidential plane is rather like having a Twitter account: on its own it means little.


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