Diary Blog, 20 July 2020

Today is 20 July. On the same date, 76 years ago, there was an attempt to assassinate the Chancellor of the German Reich, Adolf Hitler. It failed, but Hitler was wounded, and the remaining months of his life were affected by the physical and psychological effects of that treasonous act and the conspiracy behind it.

I have blogged about these matters in previous years. https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/07/20/the-20th-of-july-2019-thoughts/ and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/the-20th-of-july/

Tweets seen

This tweet, below, is very true:

Those who planned the atrocity at the top level were rewarded by the System not by death but preferment: Martin McGuinness “Deputy First Minister” in Northern Ireland (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_McGuinness); Gerry Adams fairly similarly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Adams

These terrorists were more welcome at, say, 10 Downing Street, or London television studios, than I would ever be. We really need a (real) purge of the political and, even more important, cultural sectors of our society.


“The WHO changed its view on facemasks because it came under political pressure”… [from the broadcast above]

Some good points there. Many employers, in office-based trades, do not actually want their employees to “return”, because they get at least basic output from people working from home. True, and as many have commented, people often work at a lower intensity when they work from home, but in a period of economic slide anyway, that may not be determinative.

Hitchens also makes the good point that, as with the collapse of the Soviet Union, eventually a different future emerges, but only (as he implied) after much pain. He might have added that that future may be, for many, worse than was the past.

Musical interlude

They tweet my name in vain

The following is so typical of the nonsense that is, often, Twitter!

Some people are tweeting about “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery. One, of whom I had never heard, and called @HaydenHewitt, tweets this:

His approbation (of my blog article) brings however this tweet, attacking me, from a “Mr. Nobody”, one Sean Reilly aka @SeanJamesReilly, of (it seems) Melbourne, Australia.

Seems that that silly little man has heard of me, anyway! Ha ha! I notice that, despite the fact that he has only 1,481 Twitter followers, he follows 5,000!

Then soi-disant “film critic”and house-husband Stephen Applebaum, posing as “@Rattus2384”, jumps in.

Applebaum, or “@Rattus2384”, whose other main Twitter account is @grubstreetsteve, was exposed during the Alison Chabloz court hearings as having been one of several sadistic Jew-Zionist trolls from the Jew/Israel lobby “Campaign Against Antisemitism” on Twitter, trolling mainly women opposed to Zionism.


Applebaum has been stalking me and others on Twitter and elsewhere for years (I was expelled from Twitter in 2018 by reason of a concerted attempt by a pack of Jews).

After all, Applebaum has no job or profession (and a working wife), so has time on his hands. (He does very occasionally write about film for the Jewish Chronicle).

It made me laugh to see how even the original tweeter had to agree (not knowing a thing about me) with stalker/obsessive Applebaum and “Mr. Nobody of Melbourne” that I must be a terrible person if I, as they apprehend, dislike Jews, those benefactors of humanity!

Still, I give the above tweeter, Hewitt, a few credits for at least being intellectually honest enough to stick with his original assessment of my article about Stuchbery. Many people like that article: thousands have seen it, including about 100-200 in the past few days.

Musical interlude

Tweets seen this late evening

Oh, dear…


It does not surprise me that “Prison Planet” Watson, the best-known of the “Alt-right” wastes of space, is as described in that blog post, assuming it to be a true account.

Effectively free of real ideology, interested in money, a drug abuser, as well as a drunk and (a lesser fault, arguably, but added to the rest…) cynical in his relations with fairly young girls. In addition to which, Watson is unshaven, like a Jew, or an Iranian rabble-rouser.

Of course, to me Watson’s biggest fault is that he cynically kow-tows to the Jews and the Israel lobby, in the hope, perhaps, that they will not gang up on him and take away his rice bowl (his remaining online platforms, which provide his income). He is surely old enough to know that one cannot make a fair or lasting pact with the forces of Evil.

My overarching problem with Watson (and all of the “alt-Right” wastes of space) is that they offer no way forward for the British people, the other European peoples, or the world. All they can do is decry (justly, so be it) mass immigration (aka migration invasion), the Islamists, and cultural decadence (that last, hypocritically, in his and other cases).

The “Alt-Right” is or was a complete dead-end, politically, ideologically. “Prison Planet” Watson personifies the uselessness of that cul-de-sac of politics.

To my mind, someone like “Prison Planet” Watson has a great deal more in common with someone like Tommy Robinson (minus the beer-bottle-throwing followers, perhaps) than with me. At best a distraction; at worst, an enemy of social nationalism.

At least he has one saving grace: he seems to be a cat lover.

Last words for today

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 July 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Nick Griffin’s tweet about the horrendous attack in Hyde Park on 20 July 1982 is a decent and praiseworthy act. No wonder the disgusting British establishment has rewarded the murderers who planned such atrocity. The same thing happened here in Argentina during the Marxist rule of Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) when former terrorists were considered victims of the “brutal military dictatorship” (1976-83) and given huge amounts of money as “compensation” whereas the relatives of those murdered by the terrorists received none.

    I must say that the military government that took power in 1976 and that has been presented to the world like a “right-wing/fascist dictatorship” was a pathetic group of numbskulls who were manipulated by the USA (via Kissinger who came several times to supervise his servants). They destroyed the economy of Argentina (like Margaret Thatcher did in the UK) by privatizing everything and putting in charge of the Treasury a crypto-Jew (Martinez de Hoz) who was an old friend of Kissinger. The only positive thing they did was to destroy the Marxist terrorist organizations that foolishly tried to take power. These morons were the “useful idiots” that Lenin mentions in his writings. They served their purpose and were eliminated accordingly.


  2. I have looked into the murderous IRA attack of Hyde Park. I found infuriating and disgusting that apart from that bastard Gilbert MacNamee NOBODY else was ever charged! Talk about a totally corrupt “justice” system that exists to protect criminals!

    The article even mentions that MacNamee received a letter from the Police telling him that he won’t be prosecuted! What the hell was that? Obviously “somebody” made a deal with the IRA.

    I bet that there is no Memorial Day for the victims of 20 July 1982.



    1. No, Claudius, there is no such memorial day.

      Tony Blair wanted peace at any price. That had various strands, one of which was to let off the terrorists in relation to their atrocities.

      I feel that “peace” could have been made by shooting the IRA and Sinn Fein high command both here and in (North and South) Ireland. Afterwards, more “social justice” over there in Northern Ireland, fine, but get rid of the rebels first.

      There is another point. The CIA, indeed US Govt in general, saw the “war” from an American perspective: a little sort-of-war in a tiny corner of a small part of Western Europe. They saw it with their binoculars reversed, if you like.

      The America concern was (esp. until 1991) the NATO-Warsaw Pact standoff.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.It is appalling. Even (?) when I was living there in the early 1990s, some areas were terrible. My first wife told me that some FBI agents (ie officers) had been mugged (two of them at the same time), in the car park she used in Newark, New Jersey! That despite the fact that both FBI people were armed, and despite the fact that the car park was *reserved for Federal employees* and had an attendant present most of the time.


  3. Hello Ian, you are going to love this one! The psychopaths of “Campaign against Antisemitism” are complaining about “anti-semitic slogans” within the BLM movement! LOL

    Sooner or later, some blacks would find out they are being manipulated.


    The BBC has reportedly ordered its television presenters not to wear Black Lives Matter (BLM) badges on air after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed worrying antisemitism in the movement, and its other extreme views emerged.

    A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “We are not surprised that the antisemitic outbursts and revelations of other extremist views from within the BLM movement are causing those who had lent their support to distance themselves. All decent people oppose racism, which is why seeing anti-Jewish racism emerging from within the movement against anti-black racism has been an ugly sight. Prejudice cannot be beaten with more prejudice.”


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Apropos of nothing much, I find it incredible that Argentina is even bigger than the huge country of Kazakhstan, where I lived during 1996-97.

      Argentina, as I’m sure you know, is the 8th-largest country on Earth, and Kazakhstan “only” the 9th. The north-west of Kazakhstan is actually nearer to *Vienna* than to Almaty, the former capital (where I lived).


      1. Thank you very much for that surprising information, I knew that Argentina is a very large country but not to that extent. Incidentally, I found that Argentina is 11 times bigger than the UK, something that I found almost incredible.



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