Diary Blog, 19 July 2020

The controversial Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell is to leave the Guardian after 40 years with the newspaper.

Mr Bell – who has repeatedly faced claims that some of his drawings where antisemitic and racist – has been told that his contract will not be renewed by the media organisation when it expires next year.

Guardian editor Kath Viner announced that the paper was axing 180 jobs earlier this week. But the decision not to renew Mr Bell’s contract is said to be unrelated to the latest round of redundancies.” [Jewish Chronicle] https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/controversial-cartoonist-steve-bell-to-leave-the-guardian-1.501690

It is clear that the Guardian, certainly in print format, is on its last legs. I am some distance from the Guardian, ideologically (though perhaps no further than I am from the Daily Telegraph or other famous outlets of msm propaganda); all the same I might regret its passing slightly, if only because it has people who at least know how to spell (despite the old —and very outworn— Private EyeGrauniad” joke about its former typesetting).

In the end, the msm in the UK are completely under the thumb of the Jewish (Jewish-Zionist) element. That applies particularly to the newspapers. I cannot do other than rejoice as msm journalists lose their jobs and platforms; it is just a pity that an honest cartoonist shares their fate..

ps: sack Owen Jones! Make my day!

What is behind it all?

Saw an ad for a Muslim-style mask/veil, marketed to British women as fashion! The “Coronavirus” scam or semi-scam meeting “The Great Replacement”?

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 July 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: As a former barrister could you tell me: Why David Irving committed suicide by suing that obnoxious female called Lipstadt?

    Was he:
    A) Ill-advised
    B) Badly served by his legal team?

    I don’t know the details and I am not going to look in Wikipedia for information. Is a disgusting organization under the thumb of “the chosen ones”


    1. Claudius:
      Ha (your comment about Wikipedia). True, but sometimes you have to sieve through polluted waters to find gold.

      Re. David Irving, I have never actually met him, but my impression is that he is extremely self-willed. People like that often think that they “know best” etc; they do not seek, or take, advice easily or at all.

      I blogged briefly about this a couple of years ago.

      I am not sure that Irving ever *had* a “legal team” of his own. You have to bear in mind that he sued not only the Jewess, Lipstadt, but also her publishers, Penguin, one of the biggest publishers in the UK, owned since 1970 by the huge Random House operation in the USA:

      Irving, though far from poor, could not possibly have retained solicitors and counsel for such a trial. There is no civil legal aid in defamation cases.
      Irving represented himself at trial.

      Having said that, he may have had informal advice. If that advice was any good, it would have been “DON’T” (do this).

      Oscar Wilde was the same. Had no need to sue yet was determined to sue…

      Irving, like Wilde, seems to have been recklessly set on his own destruction.
      Pity, I have several of Irving’s books. A very good historian.

      ps, if you can overcome a natural distaste for the Jew influence over Wikipedia:

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      1. Thank you so much for that link to Wikipedia’s article about “Irving vs Penguin Books” Although I haven’t read it in detail (I will do it later though) it is clear the Irving was a fool (to say the least) by suing a giant like Penguin. Already Lipstadt was a formidable enemy as she had the enormous resources of international Jewry at her disposition.

        Apart from the facts reported, the article is a disgusting piece of Jewish propaganda consistent with Wikipedia’s bias which is not limited to WW2 or the “Holohoax”. If you look into the Spanish Civil War, the articles show a clear favour towards the Republicans/Marxists. The same applies to anything related to the Marxist terrorist campaign waged in Argentina in the 1970s.


      2. Claudius:
        Thank you. Yes, you are right. I forgot to add that, as you say, Irving was fighting the money-power of international Jewry, not just one old Jew lesbian (Lipstadt).

        As for the Spanish Civil War, the bias in, say, the BBC, against Franco and his side, outstrips at times even the bias against National Socialism. Completely one-sided and actually very ignorant. That is why Andres Segovia’s death was ignored by the BBC. I recall that from when it happened. Because Segovia was not anti-Franco.


      3. Thank you for your observation about Andres Segovia. In Wikipedia, they just say that he returned to Spain in the early 1950s. The devious bastards do not mention his obvious support of Franco. On the other hand, they showed their bias in the biography of the famous cellist Pablo Casals who was either a Marxist or Liberal (in the end the same thing) because he never returned to Spain and spent his miserable life attacking Franco, for that they showered him with awards and even proposed him for the Peace Nobel Prize!


  2. The Japanese live a bit longer on average than British people generally do but that is probably down to genetics and the fact they ARE a different RACE to Britons not that a Tory like Mr Hitchens would ever acknowledge the fact there ARE different races in the world because that would be shock, horror ‘racist’ and your average Tory follows the lead of their increasingly insane party and treats all human beings as being merely homo economicus – ie just an economic unit of production and OUR country (or what little is left of it thanks to them) as a large floating business park/economic zone.


  3. There IS a reason why Japan so often holds the world record for the oldest living human being in the world, why they have such a large proportion of the world’s supercentenarians ie those who have attained the age of 110 and greater etc. It ISN’T just do with their diet as Spain often has many supercentenarians as well with their ‘Mediterranean Diet’ of healthy olive oil etc

    Shinzo Abe’s competent ‘Japan First’ nationalist government had its reasons for spending large amounts of money giving out FREE face masks to the vast Japanese population. Unlike stupid British governments Jap governments don’t go around spending vast amounts of money on wasteful things.


    1. Not sure that I agree with you, m’Lord of Essex, that the Jap governments never waste money. They kept whaling going *at a loss* for one reason only: so as not to be seen to have surrendered to the Western (white) demand to end that disgusting abuse. Even now, though driven off the Southern Ocean, the Japs still do whaling around their own coasts (hundreds of miles out, to the limit of their Exclusive Economic Zone), for the same reason, ie so as not to lose face…


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