Diary Blog, 3 August 2020, including some thoughts on religiously-mandated slaughter of animals

Pretty horrible. So are the usually mechanized “Western” slaughterhouses, but at least “we” (our society and its people) do not take sadistic pleasure in the pain and suffering of the animals; if sadists are caught doing bad things as employees in abattoirs, they are usually both dismissed and prosecuted (albeit that the penalties are far too light).

People who are cruel to animals are untermenschen (stand up, “prince” Andrew!).

Not all Muslims —Middle Easterners, Arabs, even North Africans— are cruel to animals, and many Turks (especially) are kind to cats and other animals, but far too many Muslims generally are cruel or at least callous (often downright cruel) to our animal friends. It’s ingrained.

[an honourable exception: a Syrian who stayed behind in a ruined city in order to care for abandoned and distressed cats]

Then we have the Jews; they, like the Muslims, use a cruel form of slaughter in which the animal is not stunned before being killed. Halal slaughter by Muslims, Kosher (kashrut) slaughter by Jews. Both peoples are of course Semitic or at least partly Semitic in origin.

I suppose that one has to note that some Jews, like some Muslims, are also animal-lovers.

Both Jews and Muslims claim that their methods of slaughter are humane, or at least no less humane than those currently employed by non-Jews and non-Muslims.

The claims against Western non-Jews and non-Muslims are not entirely without force. There is too much cruelty and callousness towards animals in the “West” and even in the UK (which has, arguably, the best record of any country).

However, at least we non-Jews and non-Muslims recognize the problem and try to lessen the pain and suffering of animals. Our European and European-origined peoples are, at least in part, still evolving in terms of consciousness. The Jews, Arabs and other peoples are generally, as ethnic groups, not evolving in that way, but are at best static and at worst regressing.

The UK laws which ban cruelty to animals and which regulate the slaughter of animals should be extended to Jews and Muslims. We would not countenance most other cruelties just because some ancient religious practice mandates it, so why this? [though UK law still permits male genital mutilation, aka “circumcision”, at present, and quite wrongly]


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_aspects_of_ritual_slaughter https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/may/08/what-does-halal-method-animal-slaughter-involve https://www.gov.uk/guidance/halal-and-kosher-slaughter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhabihah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shechita https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_aspects_of_ritual_slaughter https://www.peta.org/features/agriprocessors/

[personal note: I am not, these days, an eater of meat. I last ate meat (red meat, lamb, pork etc) when I was 21 (63 as of now). Before that, I did eat meat, and had even eaten stuff like biltong (when in Rhodesia: antelope and beef). I did consume, though not daily, maybe weekly or monthly, chicken as well as game such as grouse and teal, until I was about 50; and especially when at places such as (and particularly) Rules https://rules.co.uk/ when I lived in London or later visited the capital. I am now a “pescatarian/vegetarian” hybrid, though I do not claim any moral superiority on that basis].

Our European society must evolve beyond the cruelties and backwardness of the past, whatever it takes to achieve such a quantum leap forward.

Boris-idiot: are people at last waking up to him?


What can stop this madness? A mass awakening? A mass uprising of British and other (so far) “rabbits”? A large-enough meteorite hitting the Earth? A third world war (most likely)? A wave of “lone wolves”?

More tweets seen

Once again, the double-standard: for white people (you know, the people “formerly known as” British), imprisonment for singing a song (Alison Chabloz), for making a speech (Jez Turner) or, in effect, for having Swastika cushion covers and cookie-cutters (the young people recently tried in a kangaroo court for belonging to a “banned” group).

For blacks, it is very different: wear a political uniform (contra the Public Order Act 1936 et seq.), march in paramilitary formation down London streets, tear down British statues etc etc, and nothing happens. (((What))) is really behind all this? #WhiteGenocide

Latest “Campaign Against Antisemitism” provocation

Once again, the malicious fake charity, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”, is persecuting singer-songwriter and satirist, Alison Chabloz.

CAA action results in three new criminal charges against notorious antisemite Alison Chabloz

The CAA goblins write (incorrectly) about Alison Chabloz’s recent appeal victory: “Ms Chabloz was then charged with having breached the conditions of her suspended sentence and was found guilty. The trial followed contact between Campaign Against Antisemitism’s lawyers and the National Probation Service. Ms Chabloz is appealing the decision, and the appeal has been delayed for logistical reasons, including owing to the pandemic.”

This above is in fact simply untrue. The Crown Prosecution Service quite recently informed both the Court in question (Derby Crown Court) and Alison Chabloz’s lawyers that no evidence would be offered against her. I blogged about it at the time: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/free-speech-alison-chabloz-wins-a-victory-but-still-faces-attack/

In fact, that had nothing at all with “the virus” or anything “logistical”, but was because the defence had demanded (and the presiding judge ordered) disclosure of documentation, so that the judge could be sure that Alison’s prosecution for breach was not the result of political pressure on David Gauke (the then-MP, expenses freeloader and, at the time, if ludicrously, “Minister of Justice”), the CPS and the —at the time— privatized probation carpetbaggers.

The CPS were unable or unwilling to comply with the above, and so decided (with much weaselling) not to offer any evidence against Alison Chabloz. She won; the CAA troublemakers lost.

(((Typical))) lies…

As for the new contrived prosecution of Alison Chabloz, she is currently on police bail, purportedly until January 2021, with conditions attached. One condition purports to bar her from posting on the Internet. Until January 2021! The toytown police state and/or poundland KGB in action…

I have not been a practising barrister for 12 years now (2008), and (thanks to “UK Lawyers for Israel”, a group largely identical with the “CAA” in Venn diagram terms) have been disbarred since October 2016. In addition, I was never really a criminal barrister (though I did quite a number of criminal cases both in Crown Court and “the mags” in the early 1990s), so I always hesitate to pronounce on the criminal law or criminal procedure. Having said that, I find this prosecution, and the police bail aspect, puzzling.

For one thing, I cannot see that anything allegedly said by Alison Chabloz (as quoted by the “CAA”) could possibly be “grossly offensive” in the first place.

It is very strange that the CPS have brought this prosecution. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the CPS and CAA have just been knocked down in relation to the recent appeal victory?

Is the prosecution properly within time limitation(s)? I wonder…

Secondly, the purported Internet ban, laid down by the police, not by any court, is surely unlawful in the circumstances. Contra human rights both in itself and in terms of its duration. Perhaps Alison Chabloz will have that removed by application to a court.

Thirdly, looking at what the “CAA” (i.e. or mainly the proven social media troll, Stephen Silverman) has published, it strikes me that, Alison Chabloz having now been charged, the CAA publication contains assertions in clear contempt of court.

It seems transparently obvious to me that the CAA has made these malicious complaints both to gag Alison via the police bail conditions, and also out of revenge for having been cheated of their prey recently. Vultures.

Notes: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/ https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

More “Coronavirus” (shutdown) fallout

A quite large company called DW Sports has collapsed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53635211, and 1,700 employees will probably soon be on the dole.

The company says that it is closing “because of Covid-19” though of course the shutdown (“lockdown”) is the direct and most proximate reason.

We are not told how many smaller enterprises are now failing. Probably too many to report upon.

The ludicrously-misnamed “SAGE” ivory tower types advising the clowns now in government seem to be ignoring the wider consequences of their advice and the consequent executive decisions. The economy is now all but collapsing, though some parts of it are affected, so far, worse than others.

The spiral is fast and not controlled by anyone, least of all by Boris-idiot. The result will be more long-term decline for the UK. Economic decline, falling standards in all areas, mass immigration and migration-invasion.

Keen to avoid another national lockdown and derail the economic recovery, a ‘flexible’ strategy to target areas with high infection rates are being hammered out in Whitehall.” [Daily Mail]

Well, I am willing to presume that the Government is not really “keen to…derail the economic recovery” (what “recovery”, anyway?). I am presuming that that sentence is either a publishing error or the kind of semi-literate “journalism” which is today ubiquitous. All the same, “many a true word”…

Goodbye, green and pleasant land


That little pissant, Robert Jenrick, he of the several houses, wants to destroy the current planning regime for development. A bonanza for shoddy builders and (((speculators))) of various kinds. Oh, what a surprise! He is married to a Jewish woman who just happens to be a commercial property lawyer (and several of their “close friends”, he said recently, are Jewish speculators and developers). All co-incidental, no doubt…

This country needs a real national revolution now.

[Also, note that that Mail piece, written by Jemma Carr and Jonathan Bucks, presumably “journalists” (scribblers, dogsbodies), contains the words “...put developers off all together...”. Jesus H. Christ! The Mail on Sunday is scarcely a work of high literature, but “all together” for “altogether”? Also, “...put developers off“? The latter phrasing not “incorrect”, arguably, but very colloquial. Too colloquial.]

Standards in journalism have dropped through the floor in recent years.

The main problem the UK faces in terms of environment is too many people, and that oversupply has been caused by mass immigration and migration-invasion over the past decades. Much of it was driven and encouraged by Jews in the Cabinet of Tony Blair. 10 million or more in the past 20 or so years. Immigration, and also births to immigrants.

Oh, and don’t forget the 3-4 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese that Boris-idiot and his bunch of clowns have just invited to flood into the UK.

“And none dare call it treason”…

The UK is rapidly becoming a toytown police state with a mixed-race population, a collapsing economy, and a despoiled environment. Also, very little free speech…

Latest news

Whoops, there goes another…

Mainly the fault of this incredibly shambolic government (and the Spanish government which has also panicked), rather than “the virus” itself. Now the UK government is hunting for completely asymptomatic infectees! So that they can “find” completely OK people, who have few if any symptoms and will soon be clear! They are desperate to keep the panic going…

Just saw a tweet from someone who works in a supermarket and has done so throughout the “lockdown”/shutdown. Apparently 600+ people work there, in all, and not one has (knowingly) had “the virus”.

This whole thing is madness, and is being used (perhaps was even planned) for sinister purposes.

CAA snooper on YouTube

Saw a brief clip of Stephen Silverman, “Head of Investigations and Enforcement” at the malicious Zionist fake charity, “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, or “CAA”, being (obsequiously) interviewed by one Ian Collins, on a radio station to which I have never listened, called TalkRadio.

The Collins person (or should that be “doormat”) even mentioned “the terrible recent history of the Jews…I mean the 1930s…”. “Recent”?! That was 80-90 years ago! Will “they” be playing the same tune in another 90 years?

The Ian Collins person is in the wrong job. He would be better as a butler or maitre-d than as a radio interviewer. Not one even slightly challenging question. Perhaps he is unaware that Silverman and his friends were proven in open court (in 2017 and 2018) to have sadistically trolled several women on Twitter, using pseudonyms at that!

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