Diary Blog, 6 August 2020

“Lockdown”/shutdown madness: when will Britain awake?

Everyone should read this damning critique.

This too:

In fact, things must be getting bad: even Fortnum’s are laying off staff, which is a pity, and undeserved. The last time I was in Fortnum’s, in October 2016 (in fact on the day of my maliciously-procured disbarment, procured by a pack of evil Jews), the staff were superb, and much better than some had been back in 2001-2002 when I was a frequent customer (mainly for the excellent Fortnum & Mason Viennese Coffee)

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How long before people start to realize that, as a really serious or fatal condition, “the virus” in the UK is pretty much at an end?

[The death rate was in fact already falling before “lockdown” was even implemented, let alone the very recent facemask nonsense]

The economic fallout has only just started.

Psychological aspects

It occurred to me yesterday, as I observed both dissenters and “rabbits” (eager or very compliant facemask-wearers) in Waitrose, that there is a strong psychological aspect to this facemask nonsense.

When masked, you cannot much express your feelings, whether by smiling or scowling. The people are distanced from each other by the mask(s), as they are also by the 6-foot “social distancing”, another government diktat which is without much independent scientific backing.

There may be, behind the scenes, a long-term psychological experiment or programme being carried out here, carried out on the public at large, in order to produce results later on, perhaps decades or even centuries in the future.

When a candidate-freemason is initiated as a member of a masonic lodge, certain things are done to him: he is blindfolded, a cold sword is placed on his flesh etc. This is done, beyond the outward symbolism, in order to inculcate definite sensations in the feeling and will of the candidate. [also worth reading but more generally: https://wn.rsarchive.org/GA/GA0167/19160404p01.html]

There is an analogy to be made between what that masonic ceremony inculcates by way of conditioning a candidate, and what is being done to the general public by way of conditioning using “social distancing”, facemask wearing etc. Avoidance of others, even relatives, even non-resident girlfriends/boyfriends; the wearing of masks which show little or no emotion; the staying 6 feet clear of others. All these are not without effect, possibly profound and longlasting effect.

I noticed when in the local Waitrose (a couple of miles from my humble home) that people, who otherwise may be perfectly sensible, steer their shopping trolleys or carts around me so as to keep as near to the silly “6 feet” or “2 metres” distance as they can (because, after all, I might have the plague…)! Rabbits.

Many if not most probably realize that, in general, Boris Johnson is an idiot, his ministers stupid clowns, and “SAGE” ludicrously misnamed; yet there they all are, wearing masks, “social distancing”, in one part of their minds pretending to themselves that there is real danger around, while they (at least the more intelligent) must know that that is simply not so.

Was I myself wearing a mask? Sadly, yes, because without the mask, the Handmaid’s Tale militia that Waitrose now have, loitering outside their stores, will not let you in (though they have no power to do anything more beyond chucking you out if a manager-person tells them to do that). I half-wear the mask (the smallest ones purchaseable), leaving my nose free, and make sure to express my dissent to any staff I encounter who know me by sight (in fact, so far all have agreed with me).

You sometimes see people on Twitter etc saying that, were they to live under some repressive regime, they would be part of some “resistance” movement. Yeah, right! They will not even question the most absurd excesses of this”virus” nonsense, such as suddenly wearing masks in all shops, but not in pubs or offices, and despite the fact that “the virus”, as a serious health threat, peaked in March/April and is now ebbing away.

“Enriched” Britain: more news from the multikulti society



A sad but strangely comforting story


News from Germany

Looks as if Germany may be slowly stirring… https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/harrowing-neo-nazi-plot-kill-22460958

Tweets seen

Blackwell’s certainly is or was (seems still to be) a first class bookshop. When I was 18, I went in there looking for the late mediaeval or early modern (1486) text, Malleus Maleficarum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_Maleficarum; http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/.

They had a copy. It was too expensive for me, but they let me sit reading it at a table for 2 hours! Now, that’s a real bookshop!

More tweets

Some good news at last.

A serious crime in most countries, but the maximum possible sentence of 35 years reported is, to say the least, Draconian. A tenth of that might be about right, in my view, and that despite the fact that I am ideologically hostile to those idiots if they support the “Black Lives Matter” uprising.

Being a lawyer of some kind does not innoculate against radicalism or even “terrorism”. After all, Lenin himself was a lawyer by training, and had worked as one for a short while (his very nom de guerre came from a case with which he was involved, along the Lena river).


Griffin forgot to note that that individual is also a Jew. I don’t blame Griffin, though: he wants to stay on Twitter as long as he can, I expect.

Below: the Jew-Zionist bullies of the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake “charity” now want the power (and duty) of the Crown Prosecution Service to monitor private prosecutions to be taken away, which would leave individuals open to unrestricted “lawfare” by heavily-funded Jewish para-terrorists, abusing the law (even more than at present) for political purposes

Any MPs not in the pocket of the Jewish lobby must be made fully aware of the malice pervading the “CAA” and its members.

Look at the expensive RIB, with powerful outboard motor. Just abandoned, along with the lifejackets. These “refugees” are not short of money. A boat with outboard motor like that costs thousands, even secondhand.

Some idiots will not only call these migrant-invaders “refugees” but also say “what does it matter? Only 10 persons“, missing several points: there are sometimes dozens of similar landings in a single day, meaning as many as 5,000-10,000 a year and adding up to maybe 50,000-100,000 invaders.

Then there is the point that this is only part of the invasion. Trucks, boots of cars etc, plus “legally permitted” immigration of students, “family members”, persons on work visas who never go home etc. That’s without even taking into account births to non-Europeans already living in the UK. Pop! Pop! Pop! Goodbye England?

Musical interlude

Late tweets seen

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 August 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Several things to comment on:

    First of all the article by Dr JohnLee is excellent.

    Second: The tweets from Nick Griffin. Spot on

    Third: At last good news! Beavers back in Devon!

    Fourth: Those disgusting race-traitors who joined BLM and threw Molotov cocktails deserve the 35 years, not for burning the car but for joining BLM. Serves them right!

    To finish off nicely: A little video from a beautiful place in England, and a symbol of the beauty that only White men are capable to create. In my opinion, the XVIII century was the Golden Age of Western civilization.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.Yes, Stowe is beautiful, though I have never been there.

      You are not alone in thinking that the peak of our culture was in the 18thC. Many others think similarly, including that great mind, Rudolf Steiner. According to his view, our present age started not long after 1400 AD and will continue until about 2500 AD, but the cultural peak was in the 18thC.

      I always think that some people undervalue the 19thC and indeed 20thC, but it is hard to argue that the 21st has created anything at all worthwhile so far…

      It may be that we are about to suffer a massive hit in terms of civilization. It may be necessary to start again from a low point, though I hope (with at least much of my mind) that such a terrible correction will not be necessary.


      1. Hello Ian: Just a question. Where is that huge monument to (I assume) Victory? I remember reading that is a Soviet one dedicated to the fallen in WW2.

        Regarding the Stowe video, I found it particularly beautiful because the creator (Syd Hutchinson) had the happy idea of blending 18th-century landscaping, architecture and music (Vivaldi and Bach) capturing successfully the spirit of the era. There is another beautiful video of his (about 22 minutes long) about Stourhead in Wiltshire.

        Have a good day


      2. Claudius:
        It is at (just outside) Volgograd (former Stalingrad) and is on a hill which was there before the battle but which was augmented by shrapnel etc and later, I think, by some of the rubble of Stalingrad (Berlin has a similar hill, made almost entirely from rubble, called the Teufelsberg or Devil’s Mountain, but without anything impressive on top).

        The monument itself is called “Mother Russia Calling”, lit.”Native-Land Mother Calls”.

        Other similar memorials exist, inc. one at Kiev https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motherland_Monument and one in Minsk.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mound_of_Glory#/media/File:The_Mound_of_Glory.jpg

        ps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teufelsberg

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. Ian: Amazing information. I will pass it on to a friend who is a fan and expert on the battle of Stalingrad.

    BTW, the article of Peter Hitchens on “firstthings.com” is very good, although I do not share his religious views. Talking about Peter Hitchens what happened to Steve, his “bete noire”? I hope he is OK as I have not seen posts by him over the last two days.


    1. Claudius:
      You refer to the Lord of Essex, a frequent commentator on this blog. I do not know why he has not recently commented, but it is the traditional summer holiday season here. In fact, it is unpleasantly hot (for me): today 27C here, but I think as high as 35C in the London area.

      Despite having lived in Australia as a child, and as an adult having lived in and/or made visits to countries where the summer temperatures get to 40C and even higher, I now prefer a cool temperate climate.


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