Diary Blog, 5 August 2020

I was just looking at the statistics for my blog. So far, and with nearly 5 months to run, the blog has had about as many hits in 2020 as it had in the whole of 2019, and about four times as many hits as the blog had in both 2018 and 2017 (the first full year). In other words, it looks as though by the end of 2020, the blog will this year probably number twice the hits of 2019 and eight times the numbers of hits in both 2018 and 2017. Tens of thousands of people want to read my thoughts and feelings about policy, events and personalities.

Tweets seen so far today


Why is this news not getting through to “the masses”? Partly because the msm, especially the TV, is intent on supporting the government of clowns and its fear propaganda (about how we are supposedly facing a deadly plague). Partly, though, because the British people are just complacent or lazy, especially intellectually. Rather than even look at a simple graph, as above, most of the people prefer to allow themselves to be scared, and panicked, like the plebs of ancient Rome.

The government of clowns is continuing with the fear propaganda, the facemask nonsense etc, and so most of the (human) rabbits in this country are still going along with it despite the fact that hardly anyone in he UK is really dying from “the virus” now (the statistics have been hugely inflated by designating people who died of all sorts of conditions as “Covid-19” victims. One was even killed in a car crash!). Few (perhaps none) have died purely from Coronavirus for weeks past.

If the “virus” laws or purported laws, and regulations under those laws, are upheld, then any pretence of real democracy, or freedom under law, in the UK is dead. The government would henceforth become fair game.

Good luck to those raising legal challenge to these bad laws and regulations.

The blacks tend to be “brave” when in a mob or when, as in the clip shown above, they are attacking someone from behind, and/or when the victim is very old and/or infirm and/or sick or vulnerable in some other way. Otherwise, speaking generally, not…If white people (including the police) actually got up off their knees and took concrete action, hostile blacks (and browns, for that matter) would quickly be dealt with.

More “virus” nonsense. The only “retail” premises that should have been shut for the duration, or until the summer at least, and across the UK, are pubs and nightclubs. Instead, they are not only open now but, at least in England and I think in Scotland too, are not even facemask areas (leaving aside whether facemasks are necessary anyway), whereas people are very unlikely to get infected in supermarkets, yet those places are facemask areas!

Yet look below! Sturgeon’s faux-“nationalist” Ruritania-regime has taken the opportunity even to restrict travel more than 5 miles out of Aberdeen!

To adapt Rick in Casablanca, I might accept a dictatorship (when there is a necessity, a real necessity), but object to a cut-rate one…

Sturgeon and the SNP are the front for such crazy tyrannical laws in Scotland, but Sturgeon and the SNP are (((fully-owned))) by “them”. Don’t imagine that their own little brains thought it up…

The above is, in essence, more or less my view too.

Why is the SNP so popular up there? Because, firstly, the SNP puts up a fake “nationalist” front, despite being pro-mass immigration and completely in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist lobby. Secondly, because at least half of the voters in Scotland despise the former “three main parties” and so vote SNP; in England, there is no such choice, not even an SNP-style false one.

Other tweets seen

Yes. I still see tweets or comments here and there about the British people, and how they are going to “take back” the UK, stop mass immigration, deal with the Jewish lobby, and many other issues. Really? Few will even fight back against being masked (muzzled) by government diktat. I have no confidence at all that many will do anything, not even form (or even join) a legal (State-approved) political party.

We have seen the definition of —and State action against— “terrorism” change. In the past, terrorists were serious conspirators who let off bombs, shot at people etc. The Jewish terrorists of the 1930s and 1940s, the Irish ones during much of the 20th Century, the Arab and other Muslim ones of more recent times.

Now? Even the most active and dangerous terrorists of recent times, the Islamists, have moved from taking over whole countries, or crashing airliners into cities etc, to crashing cars into crowds almost at random, or simply stabbing unfortunate passers-by in the streets of London and elsewhere.

As for the more or less nationalist British “extremists”, despite much noise in the mass media (((the msm))), there is little evidence that much if any “terrorism” exists at all. A few young people who owned Swastika cushions, who made cookies in Swastika shapes and owned a few big knives or swords. A few people imprisoned for putting stickers on lamp-posts. Also, a man, probably not quite compos mentis, who killed an MP a number of years ago. What else? I cannot think of anything else at all.

As for the mass of the British public, they have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by the biggest charlatan since Horatio Bottomley into believing that the whole country has to be “locked down” to prevent the spead of a virus (which peaked before the “lockdown” was even implemented); into wearing facemasks in supermarkets and on trains and buses (but not at work or in pubs…).

Sadly, the British people have proven themselves, most of them, to be scared rabbits. To my surprise, the elderly seem to be worse even than the brainwashed young.

I heard from an elderly lady who very recently went on one of the ferries to the Isle of Wight, with her grand-daughter, a young woman in her mid-twenties. Both complied with the mask “requirements”, despite the fact that the saloon was almost empty. A retirement-age man decided to sit close to them (despite the emptiness of the large saloon) and then told the lady that her facemask was not properly above her nose, and that “the law” demanded it! Unfazed, the lady replied that the law did not require it in her case, for medical reasons, and that she need not be wearing a facemask at all. The man then shut up and apparently muttered some apology. Why did he sit so close in the first place? So that he could act as school prefect?

It’s that sort of 80-year-old bullshitter who is liable to talk rubbish about how the Second World War was a “fight for freedom”. Some “freedom”, now. People afraid to write a letter, a newspaper comment, a tweet, in case some Jew or black sees it and is looking for an opportunity to (pretend to be) “offended” so that he/she can make a malicious complaint to Twitter or even the police. Some freedom, when you cannot go into a supermarket, or sit on an empty train, without being muzzled,and/or lectured by some idiot brainwashee. Not that those interfering persons (the old ones) were themselves ever in any war anyway.

Think about it, though! Some interfering old bastard decides to snoop on people whom he does not know, then tell one off for not complying with one of the most stupid laws ever passed (not that this “law” ever has been properly passed, incidentally: Parliament has not passed either the rules or any recent statute about this; the Government has misused a statute passed for completely other purposes to lay down these various ludicrous “rules”).

No, I have little faith that there will be any concerted action against even this pathetic toytown dictatorship of a “government”. Individuals? Individual action? Maybe, though I doubt it.

Meanwhile, Britain continues to be “enriched”…


More “enrichment”… https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/harrowing-cctv-shows-woman-seriously-22472486

Interesting report about food micro-economy

Can this report be true? Amazing, if it is accurate:

A mum-of-four has shared how she manages to feed her family while only spending £3.09 a week, and even has things left over to donate to food banks and care homes.” [Daily Mirror]


The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” but the British people fell asleep many years ago…

Yet Peter Hitchens does not examine why the Western governments are imposing gradual and ever-more absurd (in the details) police states, using “the virus” as whip. Try the Great Replacement and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan… https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

Evening foray to Waitrose

Black-clad Handmaid’s Tale militia on duty outside Waitrose. I overheard several people (in the store) saying how mad the facemask nonsense is. The discontent is growing.

Talking about my trip to Waitrose, I have previously mentioned the Chinese infiltration into the local small town (where the supermarket is). Today I noticed several middleaged and/or retirement-age men with younger Chinese women.

2 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5 August 2020”

  1. Has there been some scientific development recently that dispels all the doubts about “climate change” being caused by human originated activity/co2? All I can vaguely recall is on the contrary, some scandal from about 2011 involving UEA (?) falsifying stats / graphs and hockey sticks etc etc.
    The reason I ask is because the ‘zero carbon’ mission is being stepped up in a number of places in UK and also offshore British islands as if the whole thing were now sure science and unarguable. This is translating into narrowing of road space for vehicles, giving over space to cycles, temporary plastic bollards mushrooming overnight and paint being spilt all over the roads designating cycle lanes etc etc. This all being doubtless the Agenda 2030 / Great Reset and other plutocrat-mandated agendas none of which anybody was ever asked specifically to vote for that I recall.

    The last I heard on COVID19 mortalities is that they don’t even match the flu season of 1999-2000 never mind 2017-18 (not verified by me).

    Surely MPs themselves must be wondering if they are going to be “found out” sooner or later, whether as complicits or just culpable fools. A few of those who, maybe, just maybe, apprehend something is awry, certainly seem to be expressing concerns – at last – that the orders being issued by the Cabinet Office cabal are in such volume and in such haste that they cannot be reviewed properly before passing into force. If civil disturbance occurs in the States, who does the Briitsh Government count on bringing in to quell similar here? Albanians, as in the Prayerbook Rebellion?

    I’ve just been chilling for a while and watching for signs that the mob will assert itself. Maybe we’re not quite there yet as life is too easy, but it can’t be long off that some serious conflict is going to start occurring since the government of occupation does seem intent on taking down our civilization. Cui bono?

    PS: Classic Agenda 2030:

    They really want that further Whites -vs- Whites war:


    1. Wigger:
      I have not seen anything re climate chamge recently. As you say, the international System was pushing it hugely 10-15 years ago, with pronoucements of how “we” had only 5, 7 or 8 years in which to “save the planet”, 2020 being the final frontier. Then, somehow, 2020 arrived, and mirabile dictu!, we are all still here and so is the planet…

      As for the UEA frauds and UN frauds, yes, I remember that. Some Indian at the UN committee also said that the glaciers of the Himalayas were disappearing and that the Ganges would run dry. Not yet, at least…

      The promotion of Greta Nut likewise did not quite crack public attitudes much,or enough for the System.

      To me it seems clear that the “virus” scam (not the virus itself but what has been overlaid— the police state worldwide) is a last-ditch attempt to *seize* the global agenda before the world-historic year 2022.

      The UK may not be seeing anything like a rebellion, but I notice more and more discontent about these confused governmental “rules” etc. Nothing more will happen until/unless the food, medicine and order runs out. Then, we shall see.


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