Diary Blog, 8 August 2020, including thoughts about the apparent suddenness of revolutions

The above musical fossil, dating from 1977, displays contrived (?) sentiments about “revolution”. As late as 1977, elements of the Soviet state were pretending to be all about proletarian revolution!

I recall commenting to my then girlfriend, about 1982, how the Soviet Union (where I had never been) seemed fossilized; I referred as example to the masthead of Pravda, which showed the cruiser Aurora, the naval vessel which, in October 1917 (old-style), fired the first shot signalling the Bolshevik seizure of power in Petrograd.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Aurora].

[the cruiser Aurora, as shown on the medal, the Order of the Red Banner; the words say “October Revolution”]

My then girlfriend, though certainly not Communist, disagreed with my analysis (that the Soviet Union was fossilized), and she had in a sense the advantage of me, having lived there for a number of years up to about 1978 or so and knew it, in general, far better than me. Still, I was right and she was wrong. Why?

There is a natural human tendency to accept that tomorrow will be at least similar to today. The daily commuter who goes on the train every day, until he dies unexpectedly overnight, or hits the Lotto.

The “Russian” Revolution seems today to have been almost inevitable, looking back over a century, and perhaps even two centuries (i.e. from the Decembrist revolt of 1825 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decembrist_revolt]. Hindsight is always so.

The Russians of 1917, most of them, were taken by surprise when the first (February, old-style) 1917 Revolution happened. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_Revolution]. Lenin, in exile, dismissed it as unimportant, or at least not as “the” predicted revolution (once-bitten, twice-shy, perhaps, Lenin having said, inaccurately, in 1905, that the uprising in that year was “the” revolution): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1905_Russian_Revolution

In 1917, having heard of the revolution, Lenin only arrived in revolutionary Petrograd 2 months later! He then started to organize the coup d’etat which occurred 6 months later and which is now known as the “October Revolution” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Revolution].

When Lenin arrived in Petrograd, he had, in all Russia, probably only between 10,000-50,000 members in his Bolshevik faction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolsheviks#Demographics_of_the_two_factions. Lenin prevailed because his faction had discipline, and because he was unwilling to compromise.

My point here, though, is that it is hard to tell when significant and even —perhaps especially— seismic change will occur, in society or in the world as a whole. Lenin managed to seize power in late 1917 mainly because the real revolution, earlier in the year, had not stabilized into a firm and effective government. Lenin was not the creator or instigator of that first event, in fact he was irrelevant in respect of it.

Turning from events in 1917 to those toward the end of the Soviet period, the Soviet Union had given up the idea of revolution decades before: after the death of Stalin in 1953, and arguably since the exile and —1940— death of Trotsky, or even earlier (“Socialism in one country” was mooted as far back as 1924, and put into practice, in part, in the 1930s).

The “revolution” stuff after that was strictly for the naive: foreign fools and, in the Soviet Union itself, mostly Young Pioneers (akin to the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Britain) and maybe a few Komsomol members.

Yet the image, right up to the collapse of 1989 and the official dissolution of 1991, both outside the Soviet Union and to some extent, officially, within it, was that the Revolution, in some sense, was still guiding the society, along with the Marxism-Leninism still published and taught everywhere (but in reality ignored and/or privately scorned).

The slow collapse of Sovietism was taken by some influential scribblers and “thinkers” in the West as a signal that Western finance-capitalism and “liberal democracy” had triumphed, forever. The name that stands out is the Japanese-American Francis Fukuyama: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Fukuyama, and his book, The End of History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_History_and_the_Last_Man.

In my own unpublished work of 1990, I said that Fukuyama was simplistic and wrong. No-one took any notice of course, because the book was never published, and anyway I was an unknown, completely obscure, whereas Fukuyama was (according to System blurbs and drones) a “respected scholar” etc. Yet I was right and he was wrong.

In fact, a few people do seem to have agreed with my view: “Authors like Ralf Dahrendorf argued in 1990 that the essay gave Fukuyama his 15 minutes of fame, which will be followed by a slide into obscurity.[14][15] “[Wikipedia]

The West has the same problem as had the Soviet Union: an inability to accept its own sclerosis.

The future is, perhaps ipso facto, unexpected. In 1928, the NSDAP got 2.6% of the national vote in Germany. Hitler was considered a joke by many both in Germany and outside. As he later said, “They were laughing at [me and National Socialism] but they are not laughing now!

What about that 2.6% vote? In 1932, it became 33%, and then, in 1933, 44%. Hitler was Chancellor, unchallenged, and everything changed in Germany and in Europe.

Moving to the UK of 2020, there are parallels. The Coronavirus situation has been blown up out of all proportion, allowing the System (not only in the UK, but across the “West”) to attempt a “Reset” of the Western world. The political sphere in the UK has been frozen. People cannot gather, or even easily talk face to face.

Parliament is not in any real sense sitting; in fact Parliament has been sidelined, unable or unwilling to scrutinize new “laws”, laws passed not by Parliament, but rammed through as secondary legislation, using obscure statutes, and by a would-be despotic government headed by the biggest idiot of the lot, the part-Jew (ex?) public entertainer, Boris Johnson, aka Boris-idiot, sitting on his pediment (of a Conservative Party majority of 80).

In other words, Parliament may still exist but its useful life in its present form has ended. Not just the Commons: the House of Lords now has nearly 800 members. The quantity is a problem, but so is the quality. Boris-idiot has added 38 “peers” just recently. Our “legislators” now include cricketer “lord” Ian Botham, pseudo-intellectual “baroness” Claire Fox of the Brexit Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party (!), and many many other deadheads, such as the failed bra-designer “entrepreneuse”— and so many others that I do not choose to list them all.

What about the Monarchy? It is being held together as a once-respected institution by a public relations effort and by the fact that the Queen is still there. The Queen is a link with the past, with Britain as it was when it was 99% white, and when it however had a global empire etc.

There are efforts being put in to make the public believe that “King Charles III” (already nearly 72) and then “King William V” (now 38) will take the place of the present Queen. On paper, perhaps, but not in terms of mass psychology.

Of course we also have the lesser lights and hangers-on, such as the dim “cuck” Harry and his “Royal Mulatta”, entitled arrogant idiot and doormat for several Jews, Andrew, and theatrical am-drammer Edward; and their stupid spoiled offspring.

Then we have the other pillars of English life, on paper: the Bar, the “free” Press, the Church of England etc. All now facades, mere Potemkin villages.

Will this present society survive the coming years? I think not. True, there is at present little sign of upheaval in the UK, despite the above-mentioned matters, despite mass immigration (migration-invasion), despite Boris-idiot inviting 4 million Chinese to come to live here, despite everything. That may not be the last word, though.

Was there obvious sign of imminent political upheaval in the Germany of 1928? No. In fact, Germany seemed to have finally found stability both economically and politically by 1928. Then came the Wall Street Crash followed by the Great Depression.

Was there obvious sign of upheaval in the Russia of, say, 1916? Some, by reason of the war with the Central Powers, and the consequent poverty and general discontent. However, if you take it back to 1913, there was no such sign.

“Extremist” solutions to Britain’s problems may be unpopular in 2020; by 2022 or 2023, they may be the only ones that seem to make any sense.

Tweets seen

If Israel is eventually defeated, and passes into history, that will still not be the [redacted…]

God, that horrible cruel ape! I have often thought that T.E. Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia”, has a lot to answer for. Had Lawrence not fanned the flames of Arab nationalism and indeed Saudi nationalism, the Western states, and in fact maybe even just the European empires, could easily have taken the oil of Arabia and the surrounding region for the use of the advanced part of the world, and without having to give vast sums to any of the Arabs. Most of the wealth of the Arabs has been squandered anyway, one way or the other.

I may dislike (and oppose) the Jews, speaking generally, but I despise most of the Arabs.

A thought out of season

Statistics show that the Chinese have, as a national group, the highest IQ in the world, higher even than Northern Europeans. It is true that some of their achievements, both ancient and modern, are hugely impressive, yet I have to say that (with the arguable exception of a nuclear scientist I once met in the USA), all those that I have met personally or observed have seemed to me to be dimwits. Maybe I have just been unfortunate.

Tweets seen


That little bastard is up to everything: former near-top employee of Common Purpose (so supported by that conspiracy), doormat for the Jewish/Israel lobby (so always supported by “them”); also supported by the gay lobby. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Personal_life.

As the tweet says, he was a major expenses cheat and is still an avid expenses freeloader https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Expenses_claims_scandal

The sort of careerist who would be an early casualty in any real reform of Westminster.

Three words: the Great Reset; or if you prefer, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Late music

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 August 2020, including thoughts about the apparent suddenness of revolutions”

      1. I am sorry, I did not explain myself properly, I meant in which year this video was made. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. It is all water under the bridge. I read the information about the enquiry about the sexual abuse complaints provided by the vile Wikipedia and the pro-Janner bias is disgusting.

        It does not surprise me that this ended as it did. He had all the right connections, the money and the influence to buy “friends” and allies who would cover-up for him. May he rot in hell.


  1. Hello Ian: I believe that T.E.Lawrence was an idealistic, bright junior officer and a natural leader of men who did not have a clue about politics, especially those pursued by his evil masters at Westminster. He was obviously used as the great film by David Lean shows.

    The fact that he led a miserable life afterwards WW1 and suffered severe bouts of depression is fairly revealing. Luckily for the British government, Lawrence was “the right man in the right place”.

    I agree with you, generally speaking, the Arabs are a despicable lot. The concept of honour is something totally alien to them, among other things.


    1. Claudius:
      I have met Arabs from (and in) places as far apart as Tunisia, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and elsewhere. There were a few honourable exceptions, but the bulk of them are a waste of space, and that applies especially to those from the Gulf area, such as Kuwaitis and Qataris.

      The Gulf Arabs especially prospered in the crack between the Soviet bloc and the USA/NATO bloc. They have no merit, just huge amounts of unmerited wealth, most of which they waste.


      1. Although I did not have the chance to visit any of those places I agree with you, based on information I gathered over the years, I have reached the same conclusion. Some fools believe in the myth of “the great Arab civilization”. If there was such a thing, it certainly died nearly 1.000 years ago. Since then the Arabs have not produced anything of cultural or scientific value.

        The Saudis and their cousins from the UAE are awfully vulgar in their obscene displays of wealth. As you said, that is the only thing they are good at. I would not visit those countries even if you pay me.


      2. Claudius:
        I should add that, of the Arabs I have met personally, the best have been the Palestinians, especially their women (actually, that’s true of all Arabs…the women are almost always more impressive, more honest, and less arrogant than the men).


  2. I feel a reprise coming on…

    “We, the leaders of the new society, must prepare for an abrupt shift in economic, social and political patterns. The changes could take as long as twenty years to fully manifest. On the other hand, the old society could unravel very swiftly, almost overnight.
    There are several quick change scenarios which could bring the old society to a grinding halt. Most of the scenarios involve shortages of oil, money, or both. One way or another, it could all be over in three weeks.”
    — “The Power of One” 1995 by Shariff Abdullah aka Sherwood James Sanders. <——–

    Speaking of revolutions one's thoughts turn to French/Russian Revolution 'operatives', incendiaries and the like – and here as previously noted on the blog Farage details one festering source of same which just keeps on giving under the auspices of HMG – I advert to it irrespective of the credentials of the messenger:

    Twitter, Gab, Minds, Telegraph etc:
    Given twitter is a blue-checkmark, Blue Meanie ghetto-echo-chamber, I was wondering if you had found time more recently to explore other forums/messaging platforms to which refugees with ideals more reflective perhaps of popular aspirations have flown following expulsion from the ranks of twatterati. I am aware of Gab but wonder if it is active; I have seen mention made of Telegram [?] but when I looked into it, the forum (if that is the right word) seemed to require use of a specific application in place of a standard web-browser. Perhaps there are others (Minds?) that are growing in size and scope and so far remain free of chutzpah-censorship. It would be helpful to know what is out there and to get a handle on how much of it comprises useful information given the skim-milk conformity wasteland that twitter now is.

    COVID Masque of Death:
    I'm given to understand halters/lanyards may be available which proclaim the wearer entitled to medical exemption from mouth-diaper compliance – I have yet to investigate whether this possibility would be relevant to myself, but I wonder perhaps if such would repulse the unwanted attentions of Waitrose greeters/cadets?


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      Re. wearing anti-mask notices etc, they may work but only after “discussions” with the shop staff etc. I don’t like having to explain myself like that.

      The only reason or main reason why people bother at all with these masks is because of an ingrained respect for what “the authorities” say. The back-up, via the (largely empty) threat of police and fines, is just a buttress for that ingrained obedience by the public.

      There is also the constant propaganda about “the virus” on TV. Few are asking “why is almost no-one actually dying from this now? Why masks *now*? Why now, months after the virus wave has come and gone?” Few really see the truth, i.e. that people are still being “infected” but most are unaware and are in no danger at all.

      An incompetent “government” is using the virus as a means of extracting compliance; Boris-idiot has no real ideas and he only has “the virus” as a means of continuing his am-dram Churchill impressions.

      As for alternatives to Twitter, I did, a year or two ago, stake a claim on both GAB and MInds, but do not now post anything. Telegram I thought about, but I do not think that it would be very useful to me, at present at least. I am of course barred from Twitter; I use it merely to illustrate points on my blog, or to show “tweets seen”…what people are saying etc.

      Many are outraged at the continuing migration-invasion by boats across the Channel. I am too, and it is obvious that the French authorities are mostly turning a blind eye, glad to be rid of the untermenschen. Having said that, literally 98-99% of immigration to the UK comes in “legally”. In fact, though I want the Channel invasion stopped —needless to say— the main invasions are being almost ignored: “legal” immigration and births to immigrants and/or non-whites.

      Events such as radical changes, revolutions etc happen after long preparation (not by revolutionaries but in society generally), but the changes then happen quickly once the tipping-point is reached.


  3. My personal experience has been that entering major supermarket chains etc without mask = no challenge or indeed so far odd looks from customers. That’s the (already) faceless and impersonal metropolis for you! Maybe my exterior look of apparent confidence is bolstered by the fact I can now actually summon up a few reasons… of sorts…. should I be challenged. Keep ’em guessing.
    I’ve also noted a few isolated cases of people unmasked on the buses.

    Couple of livestreams that may be of interest for some as a break from the written word – though the first is lamentably inept (to our advantage):

    (note the time start in url, for some reason the first hour and 10m appx seems to be dead).
    Rikki Doolan Vs Laura Towler – #BRITISHLIVESMATTER LIVE Debate
    6 August 2020 – Immigration

    Whitney Webb – 6 June 2020 – Head of the Snake – Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed (condensed version of the three hour phone call between survivor Maria Farmer & investigative journalist Whitney Webb).
    Some absolutely choice quotes rivalling even Mrs Madoff’s lament “the Goyim made him do it!!”


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      We have the almost incredible situation whereby the actual virus is now killing hardly anyone in the UK, even with “co-morbidities”, but most of the population has obeyed the “facemask” nonsense without question and really seems to think that danger is around.

      Eventually, they make wake up.


  4. Does Peter Hitchens EVER tire of uttering his fatuous nonsense about this virus? 🙄🙄🙄🙄If only he would be so unselfish (not a human quality libertarian loons like him have) as to perform a public service and just die! Perhaps he could go around touching someone with Covid 19 like our illustrious monkey from London Zoo Boris Idiot done and promptly then got infected and had to go to hospital! After all, it is just the harmless flu, isn’t it?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Ah, m’Lord of Essex…
      Deaths from (or *with*) Coronavirus are tailing off. May people are being tested and have it, but show no symptoms and need no help. Most who would be likely to need help, or who might even die from this virus, have done so. The real danger has passed.


  5. I would rather trust Arabs than Israel anytime. Yes, the Arabs have faults as all peoples do but at least the Arabs don’t normally aspire to control Britain and other Western countries like your average Zionist Jewish fanatic like Mr Glasman above does.

    Jews whinge all the time about the British goyim being ‘anti Semitic’ but most of that ‘anti semitism’ is not genuine anti semitism at all but opposition to Zionist Jew zealotry and anti-goy practices and attitudes. Jews as a group have been expelled from over a hundred countries even ours at one point of time or another yet they never ask themselves why that has been the case. The only kind of Jews that don’t seem too bad are the ultra-Orthodox very religious ones.


  6. Before Bliar become PM, Britain used to have fairly good relations with all of the Arab countries and that even included the likes of Iran let alone the Gulf states. Blair by stupidly following George W Bush around like a pathetic lost puppy and kowtowing to the pro-Israel Lobby here and in the US where they are ridiculously powerful damaged these relationships for no good reason. At least Saudi Arabia and others didn’t sell Exocet missles to the other side during the Falklands like Israel did under that vile anti-British terrorist Menachem Begin.


  7. I don’t see much wrong with Saudi Arabia from a British person’s point of view. I won’t be too critical of how that Kingdom conducts its internal affairs as it is none of my business. My only problem with that country is that it has been known to try and export its particularly hardline version of Islam to us and to other Western countries and that is not right.

    If the Saudi King lived here and I had to make a choice between deporting him or Joe Glasman the Zionist pro-Israel extremist and hater of Corbyn then it is the latter person who would be on that El Al plane out of here where it would arrive in his beloved land of Israel.


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