Diary Blog, 9 August 2020, including thoughts about BBC World Service, Claire Fox and Nigel Farage

An annoying early-morning start to the day, waking up not far past the middle of the night to typical rubbish on the BBC World Service. A programme called United Zingdom, in which what sounded like two Welsh women (one certainly was, being one Lisa Angharad) got together to trash England, the UK, and the British people. One of them apparently has a Singapore passport as well as a British one.

Everything, it seems, is the fault of “the British” (English). They, the English, are basically nasty, “racist” etc. They should not want their own country, language, customs, population. Now Wales, Wales is different! It (apparently) should have its own language etc. The bias and sheer untruth in that little broadcast was incredible.

The woman with the Singapore passport was asked about whether she would prefer to live there and seemed to affirm, though she said that “but they have anti-gay laws there…”, which apparently was a drawback. She then added “…but the British brought those to Singapore“. Ah, so once more the British (and failing that, no doubt any other white Northern Europeans) were to blame! I should have guessed. The other woman then chimed in with “ah, the British again“. Why are we paying (forced to pay) the BBC so that it can pay bitches like that to spout anti-British propaganda?

They should have added that, until the British arrived on the island of Singapore, there was nothing there at all, and had not been for at least 200 years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Singapore

Another couple of deliberate inaccuracies: we were told that the Welsh language is vibrant and becoming more spoken, and that there is “a huge upsurge” in Welsh nationalism.

Language: I myself know from experience in the 1980s that Welsh is naturally a first language in some areas, in West Wales especially. It seems however that less than a quarter of the Welsh population as a whole speak Welsh to any useable standard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_language

Welsh nationalism: Plaid Cymru is only nominally “nationalist” anyway, willing to have people in Wales “whatever their race, nationality, gender, colour, creed [etc]” [Plaid Cymru platform].

Even leaving aside the above, the Plaid electoral performance has been poor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaid_Cymru#Electoral_performance

Plaid Cymru controls only one local council in Wales (out of dozens). It also has 4 out of 40 Westminster MPs (a figure unchanged or not much changed since the 1970s), and in the last (and final) EU elections had elected 1 MEP out of 4 (their best result was in 1999, 2 out of 5).

Conclusion: there is no upsurge of Welsh “nationalism”, let alone a huge one.

The trashing of the World Service has been one of the saddest things over the past 30 years. It was once interesting, lively, truthful, stimulating. 1970s and 1980s. Now, it cannot even seem to be able to tell the time clearly! The World Service seemed to go into a kind of spiral of decline in the 1990s. A Jewish woman whose name I forget was on constantly, and —quelle surprise— obsessed on air about “holocaust” and “Nazis” almost nonstop.

The decline of BBC World Service continued, reaching (I hope) the bottom round about 2010. In the past year or two, there has been a slight improvement, but only slight. There are still only a few worthwhile programmes, the best being The Forum, especially when presented by Bridget Kendall: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cszjvc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Kendall.

Martin Bell, the famous broadcaster, journalist and one-term MP [Independent, Tatton] made the point several times that, in dangerous parts of the world (Iraq, Bosnia etc) people know the BBC World Service, yet the World Service is funded on a shoestring compared to rather useless projects such as the British Council [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Council]

I really value the BBC World Service, which is precisely why I despise what it has largely become. As Nietzsche wrote: “the great despisers are also the great reverers” [Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra].

Tweets seen

Here we see science popularizer Professor Brian Cox putting forward, yet again, his tendentious political views. The sort of person all too common in the UK, meaning someone who wants the country to become even more of a multikulti dustbin. After all, “I’m all right, Jack”.

There are two types of scientist: the ones doing serious research and perhaps making real and even great discoveries or leaps forward; then there are the others, who are basically popular in the mass media, write books popular with the public, are on TV frequently, rack up official honours (and plenty of money) for all that. Nuff said…

Cox is a good example of the “clever person” (not infrequently someone of scientific background) who has come to think that he is a good deal more clever than he is and who, at least when out of his specialist area or areas, is rather silly.

Incidentally, he presumably meant to say “arrant nonsense“, not “errant nonsense“…

There are huge numbers of bien-pensant idiots in the UK, who love to think of themselves as kind, compassionate, generous etc, as they virtue-signal on Twitter and elsewhere. The famous or infamous ones, such as Yvette Cooper, Lily Allen, Gary Lineker etc are only the tip of the iceberg. Below their capital, income, and public-recognition levels, there are thousands, perhaps even millions of others.

I hesitate to say that none of those people, the “refugees welcome” dimwits, would ever accommodate migrant-invaders in their own homes. A few of the brainwashed and obscure ones might, just as, out of tens of millions, a very few people swim the Channel (to France, usually!), or learn to speak 10 languages fluently.

I met a man once who worked near Elephant and Castle, London, and who could speak, not 10 languages, admittedly, but certainly 8 languages fluently, and those languages did include some of the near-“impossible” ones, such as Finnish and Hungarian.

Such people are rare. They are not the general run. Most of the “refugees welcome” dimwits want the State and/or other people (which is all the State is, in the end) to house and feed those migrant-invaders, and to educate the children of the invaders. The dimwits prioritize the invaders over English/British people such as the ex-soldiers sleeping on the streets, or the middle-aged Brits struggling to survive after the (basically Jewish-influenced) “austerity” of 2010-2020 and the socio-economic upheavals which have occurred and those which lie ahead.

Interesting report

Israel has the highest per capita COVID-19 morbidity rate in the world, according to Gamzu. As of Thursday, the total number of cases in Israel stood at 78,514 with 569 deaths and 53,362 recoveries, according to the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker.” [Jerusalem Post] https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/tourism-officials-were-ready-for-foreign-visitors-when-skies-open-up-637789

More tweets seen

House of Lords, Brexit Party and Nigel Farage

I thought that Richard Tice, 2-i-c of Brexit Party, had been nominated for a peerage; apparently not. Claire Fox has, though. What a strange nomination that is.

I first saw Claire Fox [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claire_Fox] on TV about a decade ago. I think that it was on Newsnight. Or Daily Politics. I think the former. She was supposedly the head of something called The Institute of Ideas. I was curious enough to look it up via Internet. There was not much to see. The “Institute” seemed to consist mainly of Claire Fox, and (I found out after a while) seemed to be funded mainly by a City of London hedge fund speculator Jew, whose name I cannot at present recall.

As for Claire Fox herself, as seen on TV, she was not at all impressive, not convincing; there was something fake about her and her “Institute”, even before I started to look into it.

I found the “Institute of Ideas” to be little more than a facade; indeed, little more than a catchy name. I was unable to discover much about it. The whole thing seemed opaque, insubstantial. One could not grasp hold of it.

I see now that others, such as the journalist and TV news presenter, Jon Snow, had similar problems:

” The news broadcaster Jon Snow, according to a Guardian article, withdrew from an event to which he had been invited by the Royal Society of Arts after realising the IoI’s involvement. Snow felt there was a lack of transparency. ‘I didn’t have a clear idea of who they were,’ he said.  This lack of transparency affects almost every aspect of IoI events, as the article notes:  ‘From the platforms and the floor, the LM [Living Marxism] line is assiduously promoted by the magazine’s supporters and contributors – often without clear attribution of their affiliations.’ ” [Lobbywatch] http://www.lobbywatch.org/profile1.asp?PrId=142]

It seems that the “Institute” was founded in 2000 by Fiona Fox, sister of Claire Fox, and other undisclosed persons. Fiona Fox also heads the Science Media Centre [http://www.lobbywatch.org/profile1.asp?PrId=121], which is embedded within the very Establishment scientific body, the Royal Institution [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Institution]. Another sister, Gemma Fox, heads an EU-funded IT organization in Wales.

As noted in the Lobbywatch piece, above, the so-called “Institute” was founded by people connected with the tiny, obscure, and superficially uninfluential Revolutionary Communist Party [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Communist_Party_(UK,_1978)] and its connected magazine, Living Marxism or LM [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_Marxism], which formally shut down in 2000 but in reality has now been rebranded as the online magazine Spiked [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiked_(magazine)], which has a fairly high profile on Twitter etc: https://twitter.com/spikedonline

Another fairly high-profile person connected with the above is Frank Furedi, a person of Hungarian origins, frequently on BBC radio [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Furedi], whose wife is the head of the UK’s largest abortion “advice” organization.

The “Institute of Ideas” has now retitled itself “The Academy of Ideas” [https://www.facebook.com/instofideas/]. Oddly, on Wikipedia, neither “Institute of Ideas” ror “Academy of Ideas” have pages, though the “Academy” has its own website: https://www.academyofideas.org.uk/.

Some of the tweets of Spiked can command my support, many cannot, such as this pitiful article:

Taking just the main contention of that article, the Anglo-American atom-bomb project aka the Manhattan Project or Tube Alloys [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tube_Alloys] had as its primary aim the destruction of Germany and the German people, not Japan. Most of the scientists of importance were Jews. They hated Germany and National Socialism. Some were also Communists. Germany was only saved from atomic destruction by its unconditional surrender before the bomb was ready to be used.

The above exploration may or may not be interesting, but what interests me now and particularly is why did Boris-idiot (Boris Johnson) nominate Claire Fox for a peerage? Why?

Claire Fox has no real academic pedigree. Even in the 1980s (i.e. before the start of the present “award inflation”, by which almost all students get a supposed “First” or “Upper Second” degree), a 2:2 in English and American Literature scarcely cut it in the academic world! She was a mental health social worker for some years after graduation, then for 10 years a lecturer in English Literature at a couple of technical colleges in South Essex and in South Hertfordshire.

I think that we can be sure that Claire Fox’s peerage nomination was not for “services to education”!

We have already seen that, as a “think tank”, the “Institute of Ideas” scarcely existed. Even as an active lobby group, its activities do not seem to have had much impact. Claire Fox, despite a few appearances on TV, including the —now very outdated— Question Time, was not until recently (until 2019) a very publicly-known person; neither has she been involved with anything normally likely to attract an honour of any sort, let alone a peerage.

What about Claire Fox’s political life? Well, membership of the Revolutionary Communist Party or anything like it has never been an easy route to the House of Lords! Anyone with similar views who ended up with a peerage at least had to pretend to be “Labour”! I cannot think of many, even so. A few Jews, now long gone, perhaps. As for a “revolutionary communist”, even one now sort-of apostate, being ennobled “on the recommendation of” a Conservative Party Prime Minister would have been unthinkable, until now.

Claire Fox joined Nigel Farage’s pop-up “Brexit Party” in 2019, was selected (along with at least two other “former” Revolutionary Communist Party members) as a candidate for the European elections. She was elected, and was an MEP for about a year, until the UK nominally left the EU. One year…

It goes beyond that. Claire Fox has said things that many consider unforgiveable, such as, and in particular, her championing of IRA bombing in 1993, specifically the killing of a child.

Looking at it all, it seems inconceivable that, even a few years ago, or today, such a person could ever be nominated for a peerage, to become one of the UK’s upper house legislators, even bearing in mind the weird collection now in the Lords. Yet there she sits (soon). In fact, her previous (never reversed) support for the IRA has not stood in her way. Even the Sun “newspaper” has her on its YouTube channel!

Not that I disagree with everything she says. I agree with some of what she is saying in the above clip. [Having now —several hours later— seen all of the interview, I concede that I agree with a good deal of what she says in it].

So why was she given (nomination for) a peerage? I cannot entirely work it out, but it is obviously connected with her work for Brexit, and even more so with the standing down of most Brexit Party candidates while the election campaign was ongoing. A stunning act of betrayal by con-man Nigel Farage. He shot his own party in the neck. Or the back. Moreover, he stood down only candidates facing previously-incumbent or new Conservative Party candidates! Including Conservative Party candidates who were Remain supporters!

Nigel Farage ensured that the Conservative Party won the 2019 General Election. It might have won anyway, but might not have done, and certainly would not have achieved a Commons majority of 80 (or any majority).

If I am correct, and Claire Fox has been somehow rewarded for supporting Farage in his betrayal, why has Farage himself (or his 2-i-c, Tice), not been nominated for the House of Lords? There could be a number of reasons, such as (speculating) that Farage has been paid, as his reward, millions of pounds into an offshore secret account. Why not? I have no evidence that that is the case, but it seems not unlikely to me. £10 million? £20 million? Cheap at the price, when you get the UK in exchange…

Anyway, “the night is young”. Farage still might get a peerage from Boris-idiot; next year, or the year after. Tice too, maybe. Maybe Claire Fox getting one now is in the nature of a “statement of intent” or down-payment to Farage. Maybe giving Farage a peerage right now would make the corruption and betrayal just too obvious. Next year? 2022? Maybe.

The present politics of the System is more than sleazy. It has to be exterminated.

Other tweets seen

Patriots Day

Just watched an American film, Patriots Day, about the ghastly bombing of the Boston Marathon, and the hunt for the perpetrators. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriots_Day_(film)

I think that the film is one of the best of its type that I have seen. Quite long on TV (with ad breaks, 2 hrs 35 mins), it nonetheless kept the attention throughout (and that is not always the case with me: in younger days, as a 20-something, I was notorious among my friends for getting bored and walking out of cinemas after 20 or 30 minutes of the start of a film).

Assuming that the film was accurate (and I do remember some of the details of that terrible event of 2013), the wife of the main terrorist —she was a Muslim convert, he a Chechen resident in the Boston area— was lucky that it was considered that there was insufficient evidence to charge her.

As for the surviving terrorist, he only last week won his appeal against the death sentence he eventually received. He will spend the rest of his life in some soulless American prison. He was only 19 when he helped his brother to bomb the marathon event.

Such people cannot be described as “urban guerrillas”, if that term is still in use. They are purely terrorists, actuated by malice rather than anything approaching real ideology.

Some may say, “but look what American forces do, bombing civilians“, and that is true, but even from the point of view of hearts and minds, and leaving aside ethics, to bomb a civilian event like the Boston Marathon has no point and indeed is counter-productive: the Islamists gain nothing but the enmity of a superpower and its people.

A film I can thoroughly recommend.

Music at midnight

Update, 16 August 2020

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  1. Peter Hitchens is whinging AGAIN, is he? Well, my advice for him is for him to either die or just shut himself into his house permanently and then he won’t have a plausible reason to moan about having to wear a mask to protect others and be as much of a selfish, self-seeking Tory @#a£ as he wants to be! Simples as the Meerkat would say!👌😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌😎😎😎

    Meanwhile, down in the land of Oz run by the COMPETENT PM of Scott Morrison (I’ve forgotten his first name) they are now handing out $1,000 on the spot fines for not wearing a mask or deliberating braking curfew restrictions in Melbourne. Now there is a smack of firm government for you!😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🍷🍷🍷🍷👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎


  2. Spiked is a evil little publication run by ‘former’ Marxists who are now libertarian globalists. To those with an real knowledge of politics it won’t come as any surprise to find that they are just the latest example out of many that have travelled that path and that they found that journey very easy to do.

    This strong tendency just confirms for me why I am suspicious of most Libertarians and their motives for being one.

    Unlike you, I don’t think I have ever approved of even a single one of their tweets or articles. As for Claire Fox, she is evil for not once apologising for lauding the IRA and it should come as no surprise she ended-up as an MEP for fraud Nigel Farage’s Tory Brexit front ‘party’.

    How ANY supposed Tory PM can put such an evil woman like Claire Fox into the Lords is beyond me but then today’s fake Conservative Party is a vile liberal-left globalist party nowadays!


  3. The rationale for America using the Atom bomb on Japan was nothing to do with their being East Asians as opposed to being white people but because the US was rightfully afraid of the potential huge loss of life amongst their servicemen should a full scale invasion of Japan be necessary. This was a correct prediction since the Japs would have fought very tenaciously and fanatically to defend their homeland from foreign occupation and to defend the ‘honour’ of their beloved Emperor Hirohito who was then thought to be a ‘living God’.

    Just another stupid and nonsensical article from libertarian globalist no nothings.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Whilst the first atomic bomb was justified the second one against Nagasaki was not since Hirohito and his generals were preparing to announce an unconditional surrender.

    The first priority in war is to defeat your enemies whilst aiming to preserve the lives of your own service personal as much as that is possible. This reason is why I get annoyed when Yanks moan at Britain for the RAF bombing Dresden to utter rubble. ALL lives lost in war are tragic but Dresden did have some important military targets AND the fact is it was done to SAVE the British lives of OUR servicemen as they were viewed as of more value than German civilians and Germans using anti aircraft guns etc.


  4. There is a very good book about the Dresden bombings by British author Frederick Taylor? The city was being used as a transportation hub and was therefore a vital part of the military strategy of the Nazi regime and there were gun sight factories owned by that excellent German company Zeiss who nowadays collaborate with China’s Huawei to make the cameras on their mobile phones.

    Even at that stage in the war, Germany was still fiercely resisting the Allies and the war could have gone on for months more thereby killing more British servicemen and using yet more vast reserves of British money.

    The real tragedy of Dresden is that it should never have come to that in the first place as the war should have been long over by that point in time or preferably have never have started in the first place.☹️😞

    A military operation like Dresden today would be inexcusable since technology can bomb targets much more effectively and accurately without losing civilian lives at such a high rate.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, While I naturally agree with you that the war between the British Empire and the German Reich should never have started (or should have been halted in 1940), I cannot agree that the bombing of Dresden (and the deliberate creation of a firestorm) was anything other than a war crime. Dresden is in the east of Germany, and from 1945-1990 was in, at first, the Soviet zone of occupation, and then in the DDR (in fact, I myself was once not far from Dresden, though never saw it). It was not directly relevant to British ground troops. In fact, Dresden was not a very industrial city, or (despite being a rail hub) very strategic.

      I once was slightly acquainted via a friend with a woman in Little Venice (London) who was in Dresden at the time, when a girl of 9. She saw all the terrible things, people on fire etc. By some miracle she survived, and by some means I do not know, ended up in Little Venice, having been an art restorer. She was 50+ then, but looked older. She was called the Pigeon Lady, because she fed pigeons, but more than that was always followed by a cloud of pigeons flying behind her in the sky. A very odd woman, obviously traumatized during by what she had experienced at Dresden.

      People like that woman were never “compensated”, unlike grasping Jews, and no-one will make a Hollywood film about them…


  5. Dresden had gunsight factories etc and was being used as a vital transportation hub. Also, it contributed to Germany’s war economy. The regime used it to try and slow down the advancing Soviets.a military strategy which it it had been successful would have cost us yet more hard cash and more BRITISH lives lost.

    It WAS a legitimate military target as Frederick Taylor’s book explains so well.

    The firestorm was not intentional as would have been the case of the firestorm the Germans nearly created in Coventry.

    Whilst ignorant Yanks criticise us for Dresden whilst forgetting or not even knowing about the fact that V2 rockets were still killing Brits in February 1945 they conveniently forget about the REAL war crime of Nagasaki.


  6. It is easy to criticise Dresden’s bombing now in 2020 but we have to remember that military technology then was not anywhere near as sophisticated as it is now and also that even in February 1945 Germany was still fiercely resisting its then unknown impending defeat. Many Germans and the regime thought they could continue the war for months or even a year or so more but Dresden rudely disabused them of that mistaken assumption.

    Goebbles roused Germans to support ‘totaller Krieg’ which means Total War in a famous speech in 1943 but they thought it would not be Germany on the receiving end of the concept.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I cannot see that accuracy in bombing was a factor, inasmuch as pretty much the whole of Dresden was destroyed, right out to the suburbs, though some areas were not so badly affected:

      Also, though (see below), British bombing *was* very inaccurate, the bombing of Dresden took place at reletively low level and was led by Pathfinders as well. The Germans were fairly defenceless. The city was not heavily defended, because its industries were not mainly war-related.

      You may be interested to know that my now-deceased father-in-law was an RAF officer who served mainly in Bomber Command from early in the Second World War until the end, when he eventually became an air traffic controller, a job which he had (latterly as a civilian) in East Africa and the UK for much of his life. He told me that the bomb-aiming accuracy was pitiful, sometimes no closer than 10 miles to any target, so as to that you are correct.

      In fact, in occupied Germany, he had to escort some stupid woman MP (maybe the infamous Bessie Braddock, I thought). She saw places like schools etc unbombed amid bombed ruins and said how much more moral and ethical were British air personnel, because they had left the school (etc) unbombed! My late father-in-law said that he politely put her right…as in “If you think, Ma’am, that we could be as accurate as that, you are very much mistaken!”…

      “It was war” (Es war Krieg)/”War is Hell”, of course, but one should keep to as high standards as are possible, for the sake of one’s own soul…


      1. According to Frederick Taylor’s book there were as many as 110 odd factories producing war materials and besides that as a major city even then (today the city is the centre of ‘Silicon Saxony’) it was an economic centre and thus contributed to the overall war economy of Germany and its Nazi regime which made it a legitimate military target. Bombing Dresden contributed to the fall of the regime and eroded the remaining still fierce resistance of the German people. If it had been spared the war could have continued for months if not a year or so longer thus costing us yet more vast sums of money and British lives. Needless to say that prospect was wholly unacceptable.


  7. Yes, the area bombing of Dresden, Hamburg etc was certainly a blunt instrument and the accuracy was pitiful hence large and unavoidable civilian casualties but, sadly, due to the fact that more accurate bombing was not available then there was no way to bomb military targets and to curtail Germany’s ability to resist the Soviets and Western Allies without using inaccurate large scale mass bombing. Area bombing was the only real military strategy that could be used in those days.

    The bombing of Dresden was done principally to help the Soviets to counter German counter offensives on the Eastern Front which were still occurring then, to disrupt German troop movements to the Eastern Front, to stop military production in the city (there were around 110 military factories from the famous one of Zeiss to many others) and to kill those military workers.


  8. What a truely vile traitor Professor Cox is. His type are selfish to the very core of their beings and massive hypocrites too in that they are all too willing to force blatantly fake ‘asylum seekers’ onto working-class communities yet wouldn’t ever see fit to have the courage of their alleged convictions and put them up in own homes and pay out of their deep pockets for their upkeep.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I don’t know what he and others like him are afraid of anyway Priti Damm Useless isn’t going to do f all about the dire situation anyway other than to let them in.😡🤬

    I see on Twitter that some of these types have even been castigating the fact that our nation’s finest troops used some brutal methods on occasions to suppress IRA terrorism in NI which just goes to show how treasonous these left wing scumbags are.😡

    When the day of judgement arrives in this country we are going to have to use an awful lot of rope for the likes of Professor Cox, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson etc!😂😀😎🍷


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      One of the strange aspects of contemporary Britain is that many of those most keen to destroy the country and society, or least concerned about it, are those with large amounts of money.The Gary Linekers, the Brian Cox’s etc. I suppose that they think that they can always relocate, and in any case are insulated by money from the immediate effects of migration-invasion and societal collapse. I believe that I read somewhere that Brian Cox is paid several hundred thousand a year by the BBC, in addition to whatever he makes from books etc, and his professorial stipend.


      1. Undoubtedly, Gary Lineker is one of the more vile examples of this very unfortunate globalist disease. It should come as no surprise globalist politicians and the BBC ext have used sports in general and the plebeian sport of football in particular to promote globalist open borders and to make globalist principles not just acceptable but very much applauded values in society at that.

        A thick ex footballer (most footballers famously don’t have much in the way of an IQ) and the sport of football is perfect for pushing the ideology of globalism into the hearts of the masses.


      2. Yes, these irredeemably selfish globalist gobshites think they are all so wealthy they can protect themselves permanently from the ultimate results of their globalist ideology but a time will come soon when even the likes of them will have it visited upon them in their mansions in leafy Henley Upon Thames etc.

        Gary Lineker no doubt has a foreign bolthole in Monaco or some other tax haven!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. The generous use of the rope will represent a great cleansing operation for this severely blighted by globalist extremists country. Be a globalist traitor to Britain and our nation and you might very well have an appointment with a latter day Albert Pierrepoint so it is best to not spread your globalist poison or to enact it in government if you want to prevent your neck being broken between the second and third vertebrae…..😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎🍷🍷🍷


    1. I think that, if I ever have to overcome my highminded objection to capital punishment (though I regard some similar programme as national cleansing, not “punishment”…it would be a public health measure), I shall have to appoint the Lord of Essex and Margrave of Brentwood as Lord High Executioner and Great Panjandrum.


      1. Yes, you know who to call for the vital task!🤣😝😝😝😜😜😜😄😄😄😁😁😁😆😆😆😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😎😎😎

        Before the 1990’s when we still had a few retired elderly ex hangmen to help to train people to be a hangman and a working gallows at Wandsworth Prison to practice on I could have done a week’s training here at home but now this craft in this country has been lost to the mists of time so I will have to be trained by Singapore’s hangman instead.😎👌😂


      2. A good question to ask of your typical leftie opposing the use of capital punishment on moral/religious grounds for ‘normal’ criminals is to ask that same person whether they, with the benefit of hindsight, would have approved of a British earlier version of Operation Foxley (ie our planned assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1944) in the Spring of 1939 before Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia and Poland in September of that year.

        Would they still keep to their principled position of opposing the death penalty in that circumstance knowing that failing to assassinate Der Fuhrer then would lead to millions of lives lost or would they bend their principles in that one case?


      3. M’Lord of Essex, I fancy that most of those you term “Lefties” have little objection to the use of violence…

        As far as assassinating Adolf Hitler goes, he was protected by Divine Providence, or Fate. I refer you to the account (I think by Plutarch) of the reign of Nero. Anyone who fell asleep during Nero’s artistic performances was put to death. Plutarch (or was it Suetonius?) says that Vespasian *did* fall asleep, and that Nero noticed, but that Vespasian was spared: “…his imperial destiny saved him”…


  10. My hero, Albert Pierrepoint, received a sum of about £300 in today’s money from the authorities for every judicial execution he carried out. Now, if I were to take up Albert’s profession I would be a rich man for doing the oh so necessary task of executing Priti Damm nuisance, Dominic Raab, Boris The Buffoon, Rishi Sunak, Professor Brian Cox, Keir Starmer and all the other traitors this country sadly has.


  11. Such a person might well counter that a planned British assassination of Adolf Hitler in the Spring of 1939 isn’t a relevant comparison since an assassination involves no fair capital trial in a court of law with a judge and jury.

    However, what if Adolf had not committed suicide and the Allies had put him on trial at Nuremberg along with Hess, Ribbentrop etc and he had been undoubtedly sentenced to hang like Ribbentrop was? Would this leftie opponent of capital punishment approve of Hitler’s death sentence or not?


  12. Mass hangings of globalist traitors like Boris The Buffoon, Dominic Raab, Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel (although, saying the word traitor in reference to these people is inaccurate since they are all of significant foreign extraction) , Professor Brian Cox, Gary bloody arrogant rich tosser Lineker is the ‘Final Solution’ to this country’s increasingly dire globalist extremist problem.😂😂😂😂😎😎😎👌👌👌🍷🍷🍷


  13. I think Neville Chamberlain ordering the assassination of Adolf Hitler just after he first broke Neville’s very laudable and honourable effort to preserve peace ie the Munich Agreement by invading the rest of Czechoslovakia in early 1939 would have been an entirely moral use of capital punishment albeit in the unconventional form of a political assassination .


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