Diary Blog, 3 September 2020

Tweets seen today

H.M. lady ambassador put straight…

Indeed. British diplomats are fond of talking about free speech in other countries, while forgetting the constraints that now exist in the UK: Alison Chabloz, persecuted and prosecuted for posting satirical songs about Jews (particularly “holocaust” frauds) online; Jez Turner, imprisoned for making a speech in Whitehall; Ian Millard (me), disbarred at the behest of a pack of Jews for 5 tweets about politicians and events.

One diplomat unlikely to make that mistake is Rowan Laxton [https://www.gov.uk/government/people/rowan-james-laxton–2], who successfully appealed his conviction for shouting about the evils of Jews and Israel. The judge who heard the appeal disbelieved the only prosecution witness, Gideon Falter of the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”]. Falter’s testimony has proven contentious in other cases since then.

Laxton was reinstated at the Foreign Office and is now High Commissioner in Cameroon (though note his postings: Cameroon, Somalia etc, not Moscow, Paris, Washington…).



Why is it that only now is the consensus shifting, so that it is generally obvious that Boris Johnson is simply out of his depth as PM? I have been blogging since I started in 2016 about his unfitness for public office,and was tweeting the same for years before that. Those who had known and/or employed Boris-idiot were saying the same or similar, yet the msm has been promoting Johnson for nearly 20 years. He is of course part-Jew, and pro-Israel. I suppose that the answer lies there.

As Israeli Embassy official Shai Masot said, when being secretly filmed, “Boris is good…he is solid on Israel. He’s an idiot…[…of course, but suits the Israel/Jewish agenda]”:



More tweets

Import Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, and you get Indian, Pakistani or African politics and corruption in our British politics. Simple as that.

The same is true of the economy (see below)

What a shock. People are reconsidering whether a cup of sugar-loaded weak coffee is really worth several pounds out of what, for many, is a pretty low disposable income.

Britain should have joined with the German Reich to rule most of the world. Second-best option: stay out of the conflicts in Europe and not declare war on Germany (81 years ago, on 3 September 1939). Once that disastrous war had started, it should have been halted by honourable armistice after Dunkirk, in mid-1940.

Get the picture? Huge amount of recent testing for “Coronavirus”, huge increase in people found to be infected, but virtually no deaths from it, because most people tested have few if any symptoms, and are in no real danger from it. The same is true of anyone they might infect.

The most invidious fact of all in that regard is that not only does Britain have a government of dictatorial clowns but also an Opposition consisting of those whose policies are in most respects identical. A non-Opposition.

Click on that to read the whole thread. Not just an amazing story but disturbing. The police, who have recently had so much time to swagger around bullying the public, checking on what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook, simply could not be bothered to make a couple of telephone calls to give a person in need of immediate real help.

Incidentally, I thought (assumed) that the above happened in the UK. Apparently not. Texas. Still noteworthy.

The Jews are by no means all descended from the ancient Israelites; far from it:


The “holocaust” narrative is the binding thread which has created a false sense of identity and nationhood out of disparate elements.

Prime Minister’s Questions

I heard only the Radio 4 highlights of PMQs. Disastrous for Boris-idiot. Keir Starmer might be in the pocket of the Israel lobby, but in terms of domestic policy he is “mainstream”. For Boris-idiot to accuse a former Director of Public Prosecutions of being a sympathizer or apologist for the IRA (by proxy, because Corbyn was Labour leader for 4 years) is just absurd. Not even Oxford Union level. Eton College debating society, maybe.

The problem the British electorate faces at present runs parallel to that pertaining to the USA: a false choice between unworthy candidates.

Having said that, even were Keir Starmer brilliant, he would be no nearer office. On paper, Boris-idiot is there maybe until as late as November 2024.

I predicted after the 2019 General Election that any real or serious opposition to this government would have to come from within the ranks of Conservative MPs themselves, given the 80-seat majority.

I also made the point that there was a false question being asked during the 2019 campaign. Many were writing in the msm, “Boris has the ability to be PM, but does he have the principles?“, to which my answer was “when has Boris proven that he has the ability?“, but answer came there none…

Now the Conservative Party MPs, pro-Conservative newspapers and websites etc are having to wake up to the fact that they have promoted and puffed a total clown as “Prime Minister in Waiting”, in some cases for 20+ years.

Well, they put him there, and there he sits, incapable of doing anything effectively, having shut down the economy and society, listened to idiots like Professor Ferguson (he of the “800,000 Coronavirus deaths” prediction). Soon there will be millions of unemployed wanting solutions.

“Boris” and his record: Economy and society shut down for about 6 months. Ludicrous facemask policy adopted. Absurd local “lockdowns” implemented. Migration invasion worse than ever (over 400 yesterday alone, and that’s only on the beaches; what about all the others?). Unemployment soaring. DWP and HMRC even less efficient. Nothing done to stamp out exploitation by (((predators))) such as Philip Green.

More tweets seen

Encourage the bitch. Maybe a few more white people will awaken to the menace that is expanding all over Europe but especially right here in the UK.

I daresay that a few short bursts would take care of the problem.

Interesting up to a point. Meaningless in any statistical way, though.

Midnight music

20 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 September 2020”

  1. Costa Coffee doesn’t just sell weak sugar laden coffee but also some very refreshing ice cold drinks and cakes in Summer. .I haven’t used their shops all that often but I did enjoy one of those drinks in in the quaint town of Wendover , Buckinghamshire (soon to be ruined by Boris’s very expensive train set of HS2) once.


  2. Boris-Idiot has ALWAYS been wholly unsuitable to be PM and anyone with half a functioning brain cell has known that for years so it shouldn’t have taken the present crisis for people to recognise this fact.

    I see that according to the latest polls at the Britain Elects Twitter account Keir Starmer is well on his way at successfully ‘detoxifying’ the Labour Party brand. My, my, how this can be done so easily when the Jew Zionist infested ‘British’ media help to get a pro-Israel puppet elected as their leader replacing a ‘anti-semitic’ (in reality, a slightly anti-Israel figure) one in Corbyn and as a result the same media lay off their constant demonisation of Labour for a few months.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Are Britons really that THICK to not realise how blatantly the Jew Zionist/Israel First media is manipulating them?


  3. How many more times does it need to be said?🙄🙄🙄 Covid-19 is a highly infectious airborne viral disease and for it to be spread to more people throughout the population it only requires people to be infected WITHOUT their necessarily showing ANY symptoms AT ALL.

    The number of infections in a population is, in many ways, just as important as the numbers who have sadly died from it as if it gets too high the country concerned is unlikely to be free of this horrible disease EVER.


  4. Once a country has a very high infection rate then that poses massive potential health problems for that land AND continuing economic disruption and destruction hence measures to contain Covid-19’s spread and thereby effectively quarantine the still healthy parts of the population from the infected sick parts.


    1. Look at the graphs of deaths v. positive test results. Deaths are now effectively flat all over Europe, but many people are testing positive because everyone and his dog is being tested. Most have no symptoms or few. Meanwhile, all over Europe, the facemask nonsense continues.


      1. Yes, people may show few symptoms or none but that is NOT the point that is important. The fact is those who have it ARE infected thus social distancing is needed to PREVENT ever more infections being passed on to others and new HOSTS for the disease ie the continual infection cycle MUST be smashed if we are ever to get rid of this viral disease.


  5. Doesn’t Peter Hitchens ever tire of making his ludicrous libertarian points about this viral disease outbreak? Surely he must realise by now that outside of loony libertarian ‘Tory’ newspapers like the formerly respected Daily Telegraph NO ONE in government or elsewhere is listening to him?

    Personally, I can’t take him seriously because I think he suffers from schizophrenia as all good Tory Daily Mail journalists should. HOW in god’s name can someone be FOR the unique life ending punishment of the death penalty YET vigorously oppose the much milder punishment of rattan cane flogging a la Singapore? Frankly, I can’t see a logic in that position!


  6. Being in favour of the death penalty but against judicial corporal punishment is a curious position to take. Both punishments are severe especially if you have corporal punishment in the form of the painful and pretty brutal rattan cane as in Singapore BUT the death penalty IS in a class all of its own as far as punishments go since, uniquely, it ends a human life and is thereby irreversible so innocent people can be put to death and that person can’t be possibly compensated for the mistake should it happen.

    It is also a ‘double’ punishment in that not only is a criminal severely punished but the family of the criminal is too by losing a loved one which doesn’t happen with a rattan cane flogging.


    1. It might be argued, m’Lord of Essex, that corporal punishment is less than capital, and also that the damage to a family or its reputation by having a family member flogged is real enough, though of course a lesser stigma than having one hanged (etc).


      1. Yes, the stigma is lower but capital punishment also punishes the family of the criminal who are sometimes as badly criminally inclined as the murderer etc but mostly are not and can be and often are exceptionally law abiding. They, by having a family member executed and losing a loved one, are being punished severely too which could be justified if their criminal family member were a murderer as they have killed a loved one of another family but not really so if the family member were executed for non violent though still very serious offences like drug dealing as in Singapore.


    2. Here is an interesting documentary on the death penalty from the BBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhWcX9vZiKc

      The last ten minutes or so are, perhaps, the best part, so wind it forward to that section. Here we have a former Secretary of State for the Home Office, Michael Howard, saying he used to support capital punishment but changed his mind about it, despite still viewing it as an effective deterrent, because of the possibility of the justice system not being infallible and therefore the possibility of an innocent person being killed by being sent to the gallows.


      1. M’Lord of Essex, my own view has not much changed over the years.

        I think that capital punishment is morally wrong. Having said that, “no-one can rule guiltlessly” (St. Just), so I accept that there are circumstances when the death penalty may be uavoidable (eg where a society is plunged into otherwise uncontrollable gangsterism). “The welfare of the people is the highest law” (Cicero).

        The State cannot simply wring its hands and avoid taking action to make society safe.

        In terms of most “domestic” murders etc, the death penalty’s existence may not deter, or much deter. Other types of murderers, i.e. a minority, may be deterred.

        Human justice is fallible. If a society has capital punishment, it must accept that some people *will* be killed unjustly, even though safeguards be put in place.

        I distinguish “capital punishment” from justifiable executive action, as where the agents of the State (eg police, Army) fire on a mob, or where those intent on terror attacks are removed informally.


  7. Logically, you can be pro judicial corporal punishment and pro capital punishment and just in favour of corporal punishment alone whilst being opposed to the death penalty but not, as Hitchens is, in favour of the hangman’s rope alone.


    1. Here we have an excellent documentary on the history of capital punishment which is mainly concerned with the penalty in Britain by the BBC from 2011:

      The most interesting part could be said to be the last ten minutes or so so wind it forward to that section. That part has former famed “prison works” speech Secretary of State for the Home Office, Michael Howard, declaring he once believed in capital punishment and even now thinks it would be a deterrent but has now changed his mind about it because he sees the justice system as being imperfect and thus able to send an innocent person to their death via the gallows.


    2. Well, Michael Howard is making a perfectly valid point about capital punishment there and one can see how he has changed his mind about the issue because of that view HOWEVER he then goes off on a frankly pretty weird tack and then says he has also changed his mind because he has now become averse to the state deliberately taking a life.

      He hasn’t said so but I wonder now if this former leading Tory (and a not too shabby Home Secretary at least as far as purely law and order matters were concerned) is now in favour of abolishing the British Armed Forces because if he follows that logic about hanging to its ultimate conclusion then he would have to be in favour of such a scenario since one of the main functions of armed forces for a state IS for them to deliberately take lives!


      1. See my last reply, m’Lord of Essex, in which I distinguished capital punishment (judicial State killing) from ad hoc State killing in war, civil war, or other executive action.


  8. NO ONE can be sure of how they will react if they become infected which is why it is important for the rate of infections to fall to a very low number before social distancing is seriously relaxed.

    Some young people have died even though it is elderly people who are more at risk of serious consequences. Also, some people have had it, luckily survived BUT now have damaged lungs etc for LIFE not that callous libertarian loony Peter Hitchens cares about a little minor detail like that!🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. and what, m’Lord of Essex, about the huge numbers of people who have died or who will die because unable to access diagnosis or treatment for *other* conditions while the NHS is “protecting” itself?…

      The damage done to NHS itself and to the economy (which pays for NHS, social care etc) by “lockdown” shutdown is huge. But we have disagreed about this on numerous occasions…


  9. I will start to take Peter Hitchens seriously WHEN he writes article after article or tweet after tweet condemning this pathetic quasi Labour government for not introducing ultra tough travel restrictions at the borders in March but until he does this it is evident that as a libertarian loony and a typical Daily Mail columnist ALL he is interested in is DEFLECTING blame AWAY from this wretched government and down a useless political cul de sac. The man is a PHONY par excellence which is why he has such an impressive salary from the Dail,Mail. This IS his job at the Daily Mail and he is exceptionally skillful at it.

    Covid-19 DID NOT originate in these islands so who is to blame, ultimately, for the economic damage he whinges about and the deaths? Priti effing Useless and the entire lot of them!


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