Diary Blog, 10 September 2020

Well worth reading: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8715881/DOMINIC-SANDBROOK-Britain-feet.html

Wouldn’t it be better to focus on shielding the vulnerable, instead of shackling the entire population? And above all, the six-million-dollar question: is this insistent nannystatism really the only way? 

A few weeks ago I wrote in these pages about my recent visit to Sweden. Right from the start, the Swedes had no lockdown, no masks and no curfews. When I visited, I found the restaurants and bars packed

The shops were a little quieter than usual, but still busy enough. Life, in other words, was going on. Mere anecdotal evidence, some people said. And it’s true that back in the spring, the Swedes made a complete mess of shielding their care homes, which drove up their fatality rates

Even so, just look at the facts. Without imposing sweeping restrictions, and by trusting people to behave responsibly, the Swedes have avoided a second surge. Their figures for Covid deaths in the last three days were 2, 1 and 4 respectively.”

They’ve also avoided the worst of the economic damage. According to figures released this week, the Swedes actually made a £4bn budget surplus last month. By contrast, our most recently monthly figure was a deficit of £27bn.”[Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail]

Now it appears that Boris-idiot is intending to spend £100 BILLION or more on useless testing. This is going beyond mere incompetence. It is getting to the point where Boris-idiot and the Cabinet of Clowns can be regarded collectively (with the “scientific advisers, as well) as an existential danger to the British people. They should be put down, pro bono publico, starting with Boris-idiot.

This stupid and interfering government is also intending to create a force of busybody “marshals”: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8715109/Social-media-users-mock-Boris-Johnsons-army-Covid-marshals.html.

I sincerely hope that those busybodies get a good kicking.

Ha ha! Was just reading some of the Daily Mail readers’ comments, and I predict that the new toothless Handmaid’s Tale militia busybodies will face resistance. One reader said that they might end up upended in a wheelie bin! That, in turn reminded me of a incident from the mid-1980s.

When one of the Soviet ballet or dance ensembles visited the UK in the 1980s (I forget which one it was, out of several tours with which I had peripheral contact at the time via people I knew), the large group visited a number of Northern cities.

One day, a few of the main dancers were in, I think, Liverpool, along with their interpreter and their “Ministry of Culture” (KGB) minder. At one point, local “youths” decided to push over some wheelie bins and dustbins. Observing this, the KGB man asked an English person also there, “may I pliss do something about zis?” and, with that, approached the main youth, who was initially truculent until lifted up bodily and smashed into some more bins, with much clattering. End of the nuisance…

These new “marshals” remind me of the “PCSO” “police” (who are not actually police but sort-of look like them, and get paid about half as much). When the Jewish pack were trying to get me into trouble one way or the other, several years ago (in fact, I think that this particular incident happened in 2014 or 2015), the police were pressed into service, and a PCSO actually appeared at my now-humble home. A blonde woman from somewhere like Yorkshire transplanted to Hampshire, she had clearly not only failed to become a real policewoman but also dropped out of the Charm School.

The woman claimed that the Metropolitan Police wanted to speak to me and that my telephone number was required. I gave it to her. She wrote it down. I was told that the Metropolitan Police officer would be calling me at a certain time late that afternoon. In fact, there was no call.

The PCSO waste of space reappeared the following day, furious that I had (deliberately, she alleged!) “given her the wrong number” (I had not), and she said that if necessary she would call for a (real) police officer to come. I reiterated that she had been given the right number. I repeated it. The thick bitch checked. She had written down two repeated digits, but the right number had three repeated digits. The charmless bitch had written down the number wrongly but preferred to pretend that I had deliberately misled her.

The “Metropolitan Police officer” never did call me. There was a kind of ending to the story, though. I saw the aforesaid bitch in Waitrose some weeks later, buying some kind of “free-from” health food snack bars. I stood there until she turned around and saw me. She jumped! Ha ha! She maybe thought that I was about to assault her or worse. Let’s hope so…

I feigned amiability and said hello. She replied, dully. The woman actually then had the effrontery to ask me whether “anything happened” in relation to her visit to me. I thus had the opportunity to reply, “No; never heard anything. I expect that the police must have made a mistake.” Touché…

I did see the bitch once more, again some weeks later, after hours of heavy rain had just stopped. She was “walking the beat” down a side-road in the nearby town. Right next to her was a large and deep puddle, about 20 feet long. I had an unholy desire to drive and indeed roar past her, depositing a tsunami of rainwater all over her, but good sense prevailed (sadly…but she would either have recognized me or got my number). I took another way around.

In the following months, the Hampshire Police made most if not all of the PCSOs in my part of the county redundant for costs reasons, so she was probably chucked onto the dole. I hope that she was. Power-mad bitches like that should not be irritating and harassing members of the public and trying to intimidate them. Maybe she will apply to become one of Boris-idiot’s “Covid marshals”. If so, I hope that I see her patrolling after another cloudburst. I am less patient these days.

Tweets seen today

[redacted] him!

Not only Peter Hitchens! He, however, has a platform on the msm.

…and that is precisely why a “Conservative” Prime Minister can elevate a former Revolutionary Communist Party member, and defender of IRA terror bombing, to the House of Lords. Power above principle (or even decency).

Musical interlude

David Vance

I never had much time for David Vance, the minor politico from Northern Ireland, who has now been “suspended” from Twitter (probably expelled in reality, like me, Katie Hopkins and thousands of others).

Vance is an unpleasant man who was rude to me on at least two occasions. Probably a minor freemason, certainly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish lobby. A typical Northern Irish/Scottish “kosher nationalist” or Unionist, in short.

These “kosher nationalists” never seem to see that, no matter how much they proclaim their misguided devotion to Jewry and Israel, the Jewish element hates them anyway, as do those dupes of the Jews known as “antifa” (who often, and risibly, tend to be both pro-Jew and anti-Israel!).

Having said that, Vance’s expulsion is the latest attack on free speech on Twitter.

The funny thing is that the anti-free speech types on Twitter (Jews, “antifa” etc) fail to see that their tweeting accomplishes nothing in the real socio-political world. Not only are tweets ephemeral but people tweet in little bubbles or, as often said, “echo-chambers”. I see the same people tweeting pretty much the same things to each other that I have seen for a decade.

I repost tweets on my blog because it is a quick way of making points or taking the pulse, but tweets have no real weight, politically.

The tweet below by one “Dave Monk” (must be a misprint: that is “Dave Spart”, nicht wahr?) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recurring_themes_and_in-jokes_in_Private_Eye] is fairly typical. Everyone not of his exact viewpoint must be “deplatformed” if not actually prosecuted or executed.

[Update, 2 February 2022: Well, “Dave Spart”/Dave Monk has himself now been “deplatformed”! Point proven, I think. The Twitter wannabee revolution has devoured (another of) its own children. “I’m lovin’ it!]

That “@TheRealGrumpDad” idiot, above, like many of the same sort, fails to see that his formula “you have free speech but not freedom from the consequences of that speech” could be said of, say, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China etc. Yes, you can say whatever you like, but say the wrong thing and there will be “consequences” (imprisonment, even execution).

“GrumpDad” is not alone in his defective reasoning. A law lecturer from East Anglia, one Paul Bernal (a descendant of the part-Jew Marxist scientist J.D. Bernal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Bernal), often tweets in similar vein. Pathetic.

Those who rub their hands in glee as dissenting voices are censored or expelled from, eg, Twitter, seem not to realize that, if all peaceful means are taken away, people will turn to less peaceful means. In other words, there are “consequences” to actions as well.


As I have said previously, I favour exit from the EU and have done so for a long time, well over a decade, but the fact is that several prime ministers of the UK have messed it up. That applies especially to Theresa May and Boris-idiot.

I may have been mistaken on one point: I thought that the UK would in reality stay under the EU’s rule even if the UK left the EU formally. Some kind of “agreement”, so little change on the ground (akin to the past year). To my surprise, it now seems that the UK might really leave, and under conditions of chaos and confusion. We read of government contingency plans involving the use of troops to contain urban discontent if there are shortages of medicine and even food.

In the immortal words of that little moneygrubbing MP, Johnny Mercer, this is shaping up to be be a complete “shitshow”.

Add to the above Brexit confusion the “virus” absurdities of this government, the continuing migration-invasion, and the general economic slide (including the slide in confidence and currency) and you have the basic conditions for a situation in a year or two which is, in principle, very favourable for social nationalism.


The very wealthy are buying assets. Confidence in the pound sterling is waning. Gold continues to appreciate in value, and I have noticed that, compared to 10 or even 5 years ago, large estates are not readily available now for any money. For example, Rightmove had numerous large Scottish estates for sale at any one moment during the years 2010-2018 or 2019, but now there are few. Any that come onto the market go quickly.

The same is true of England. Valuable real estate is being bought up now, as a hedge. For example, one place, a house with 40 acres and a sea view, and only a mile from my own humble home, has just sold for £8.5 million, having been up for sale for weeks only. Another, about 5 miles away, seems to have sold for about £6 million.

These otherwise unremarkable incidents are all signs of a lack of confidence in both cash and equities.

Meanwhile, we are in the hands of people whose incompetence is boundless, led by a total idiot who has somehow been elevated to the position and rank of a prime minister, but who is incapable of fulfilling that role with even modest competence.

Boris-idiot is now planning to spend £100 BILLION (!) on entirely useless daily or weekly testing of the entire population! For a disease or condition which is now killing only 1 person out of thousand upon thousand of the population! It is madness. As said before, is this just total incompetence, or is it a form of conspiracy and treason?

Late tweets

38 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 September 2020”

  1. How do we shield the vulnerable, oh enlightened one, Mr Sandbrook in this country? The oldies who vote Tory would soon moan and whinge and complain about ‘age discrimination’!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Sensible people will ignore what you have to say about this matter since you are yet another of those low grade anti-British spivs who are ‘journalists’ for that disgusting and repellent ant-British Tory rag called The Daily Mail. I seem to recall you wrote an extremely nasty, inaccurate and below the belt (as is typical for your snide kind) article in that obnoxious rag about Nick Griffin and the BNP.

    So, if you want to do this sadly blighted and misrule country a service I suggest you move permanently to the ‘land of the dead’ otherwise knowns as Trump’s libertarian loony USA or to Sweden which is Europe’s most degenerate country (apart from us) although that being said they are better than Britain in at least one respect namely that unlike here thanks to your Tory (and Labour) mates they ARE a genuine democracy with a system of Proportional Representation that is so fair you only have to get 4% of the national vote to start getting MPs.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Whereas here, as with UKIP in 2015, you can get a substantial proportion of the national vote ie 12.6% in their case that year and get a grand total of ONE MP!

    Perhaps, Mr snide Tory wanker, Mr Sandbrook, if we had a GENUINE democracy like Sweden has under a FAIR voting system then we would have a government now based-upon collaboration and better politicians than we have in the present joke cabinet coming together to solve this crisis in the national interest as in Germany under a QUALIFIED SCIENTIST in Angela Merkel?🙄🙄🙄🙄




  3. My, my how this crisis has led to all the snide Tory libertarian wanker ‘journalists’ coming out from under their rocks to offer the ‘nation’ they often despise their ‘advice’. First of all, Mr Hitchens and now this truely abysmal and low urchin. I rate Hitchens to be a better person though than this particularly excretable and foul character. To be fair, Peter Hitchens does have SOME intellectual quality to him whereas Dominic Sandbrook has NONE.


  4. There are SOME people who should be excused from having to wear a mask and people should be conscious of that need and show these people kindness and consideration like that person who suffers from asthma but others should be wearing them but are not through selfishness etc and these people SHOULD be condemned by others.


  5. Yes, ennobling that evil IRA supporting rat from Fraudulent Farage’s Tory front Brexit ‘Party’ is quite typical of the power-mad fake Conservative Party but is particularly the case now with the unkempt monkey from London Zoo, Boris-idiot, being PM.

    Haven’t more people sussed Boris out yet? He has only ever wanted to be PM merely for the sake of being PM not to do anything constructive with the power!🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex, that (wish to be PM for the sake of it) was also true of David Cameron-Levita, but Boris-idiot is far more disordered in mind. Not only is his “Britishness” only skin-deep, he is scarcely even European, really. He is content for his bad-joke “Cabinet” to be full of Jews and Indians and thrives in chaos and creating more.


      1. For all of his many faults, I credit David Cameron-Levita with a slightly higher IQ, intellectual quality, basic capacity to be PM than the half-Turkish/half god knows what/born in New York monkey that senile Tory Party members thought would be a good laugh to foist upon this sadly blighted country!😡🙄🤬

        Yes, I think you could say I have never been a fan of Boris Johnson! I really don’t know what Tory Party members see in him. The Liberal Democrats managed to choose the right person to lead them recently even though they had a very limited choice on offer so why didn’t Tory members give us the far more able Jeremy Hunt as PM?


      2. There is a pattern here, m’Lord of Essex: both Labour and LibDems have chosen dull “Safety First” leaders recently. The Con Party, though, is stuck with a cartoon “character” as fake PM…


  6. This latter tendency of his is the reason he quickly signed the Withdrawal Agreement last year despite supposedly having read it and surely knowing it had many flaws contained within it particularly those pertaining to NI.

    He is now trying to rectify them but at the cost of this country having to break international law!🙄🙄🙄


    1. I say he had read it and understood its real implications particularly for Northern Ireland but I do wonder if I am correct in saying that. After all, John Major was supposedly once berated by Chancellor Kohl of Germany for not reading and/or not truely understanding the Maastricht Treaty before he put his name to that international treaty! Can Britain ever be free of these moronic PMs?🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


      1. M’Lord of Essex, the conceit of Johnson isthat he sees himself as the big cheese who looks at the big picture, leaving the minutiae to others. In reality, he has no strategic sense at all, and is just a part-Jew public entertainer and scribbler whose jokes are now falling very flat. He is *unable* to see the big picture and incapable of doing detail. He’s a big nothing, a deflated balloon. It would have been better if he (and his “ho”) had died of the bloody virus…


  7. PCSO’s are volunteers but, apparently, they do have the full powers of the REAL paid officers of the law ie police constables. If someone wants a career as a police officer it can be a good way to join by applying to be a PCSO first.

    I am in too minds about PCSO’s. They can be a good way to augment the numbers of police forces but really the government should be putting in sustained investment into the entire criminal justice system from prison officers and prisons to courts to the numbers of real police officers on the beat and their equipment ie cars and the number of manned police stations anyway.

    In this country it seems as if we have never had particularly large police forces even before the brutal Tory cuts to them from 2010 onwards.

    I wonder what Germany’s crime rate is like? They have around 325 or so policemen and women to every 100,000 residents whereas England and Wales in 2019 only has 209 which is slightly below UN recommendations.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      A PCSO is not a “Special” Constable, and is paid a salary. These are full-time employees.

      A PCSO does *not* have the same powers as a sworn police officer but may have more, overall, than a simple “civilian”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_community_support_officer#Powers

      “Unlike other civilians employed by the police, PCSOs are usually not Special Constables, as this may cause confusion with their PCSO role, since Specials have the same powers as paid police constables.[92]” [Wikipedia]

      It all sounds like a typical British muddle. Having seen the woman I described in the blog, I can only say that the quality was insufficient for whatever powers she did have.

      The only advantage to having PCSOs at all is that they walk around showing a uniform and so deterring crime (just like the real police used to do) but at a cost which is half as much as a constable.


  8. Theresa May should have cancelled Brexit. She SHOULD have said to the country you had your chance to elect a majority Tory government to push it through and to give her a decent majority to negotiate it properly and you failed to take it and that has a consequence to it ie the cancellation of Brexit.

    I don’t understand why people get so heated-up about anyway since the CON Party DOES NOT want to use it for what ordinary people do ie much lower levels of mass immigration, rebuilding of our shattered manufacturing industry but to enrich further Tory voting Spiv merchant types in the City of London, bankers etc.


  9. They are threatening the existence of the United Kingdom with their Brexit obsession and not just in relation to NI but also with regard to Scotland and even Wales. Their new Internal Market Bill not only will break international law but will undermine devolution.

    If the Tories want to take back powers to Westminster then they have to do it in a dishonest fashion and come-up with a set of proposals and take them to the people of Wales and Scotland in referendums.

    To me, it seems as if the Good Friday Agreement is not compatible with a genuine ALL UK exit from the EU so why were we not told this BEFORE the referendum in 2016?


    1. M’Lord of Essex: I think that Scotland will pull away in the end. Northern Ireland will probably become a kind of autonomous region allied with the Republic. England and Wales are going down…


      1. I think that NI would have to become an independent state. NI IS different to the rest of that island which is why its government exercised its right to opt out of the Irish Free State in 1922. At any rate, the Republic couldn’t afford to take NI on and I can’t see how they could successfully integrate about a million resentful Ulster Protestants into their society.

        As usual, Britain’s least suspected enemy the USA is purposefully pushing their noses into this most sensitive of matters at the moment and laying down the law to us. Well, I say GET LOST to that ugly Yank Democrat bitch, Nancy Pelosi!

        Butt OUT to use that quaint Americanism! It is high time this country stood up to interfering Yanks for once! Can’t we chuck out the US ambassador to Britain?

        The Democrats have always been an anti-British party what with all those fake ‘plastic paddies’ they have within their ranks. We had better hope President Trump wins in November! The Republicans aren’t quite as anti-British as the Democrats are and Trump, unusually for a US President, has some recent British ancestry.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        I’m not so sure about that (Ulstermen as Irish citizens). After all, a million of them in with a few million Southern Irish gives them a great deal more clout than they have vis a vis 70 million others, i.e. in the UK. There are already non-Catholics in the Republic.

        In the past, the North was more prosperous than the South, overall. That is not really the case now.

        I cannot see Northern Ireland as an independent state, unless it accepted even lower living standards. The UK has been subsidizing it for 50+ years.


  10. Some people may say in regard to Scotland ‘good riddance’ which, I will admit, is a tempting thing to say because of the often completely deranged SNP cult supporters they have up there that I have come across on the web ie the ‘Cyber Nats’ however not all Scots are of the cult tendency and they shouldn’t be blamed for enraging us. Also, I would still prefer the Scots to be pissing INSIDE the tent than on the outside dong that! Who really wants a perpetual SNP cult ruled quasi-Marxist loon land on our doorstep? For one thing, that scenario could prove to be a huge security risk for us!


  11. If Boris HAD succumbed to the virus in April then we would have got Dominic Raab the hardfaced and cold half Czech Jew from a so-called refugee family as PM! Whilst he might be more competent than Boris in an administrative way he wouldn’t have been an enticing prospect otherwise.


      1. Perhaps not! We might have got one of the numerous obviously essentially foreign ethics in this wretched cabinet. Priti effing Useless and proven Israeli agent for PM anyone? That thought doesn’t even bear thinking about! All she wants to do seemingly is bring in yet more illegals and other foreigners of every kind and smash the Extinction Rebellion group.

        One may violently disagree with them but they have a right to that quaint and now long forgotten British principle of freedom of speech which Priti being of foreign Indian extraction doesn’t seem to understand. Evil Bitch should go back to India or that lowly existence her family had serving behind a Kampala (Uganda) grocery store. India and Uganda are, of course, Third World excrement holes that even we Brits couldn’t improve much and don’t really understand traditional British freedoms which is one good reason, amongst many others, someone with her foreign origins should NOT be OUR Home Secretary.🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞

        Just eff off you useless bitch and your fellow Cabinet members can do likewise. No one with a brain likes you or them!


  12. Shame YOU can’t be ‘muzzled’ Mr Hitchens! The CORRECT term is facially masked rather than your emotive and sensationalist muzzling. If it were up to me you would be ‘muzzled’ PERMANENTLY! Little old me is helpful you see!😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎👌👌👌😁😁😁😀😀😀


  13. Why for Sandbrook does it have to be “the six-million-dollar question”? What the hell is it with that number in particular?
    “At least five million of the six million were “total goyim,” Mizrachi told the crowd, adopting a Hebrew word for non-Jews that many consider pejorative.”

    Bozo’s £800billion is obviously a return bung to the pharmas etc and nothing more – whether or not for support received/services to be rendered. Incidentally wasn’t the death of the inventor of the PCR test sudden and unexpected? Quite a nutter going by this:

    As for the logical inconsistencies in form and application of the various rules on containment which government has ostensibly enacted, was this approach shaped by the self-regarding onanists of the Behavioural Insights Team https://www.bi.team/ to promote confusion among and atomisation of the general public thereby also rendering them more politically impotent?

    Conversely, the more governmental idiocy and tyranny, the more the Streissand Effect will have effect and therefore the more likely it will over time become counterproductive.

    New place, same story:


    This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious – Vernon Coleman

    There are definite and growing signs of dissent in ‘polite company’ online over the reality of Government policy on COVID19 even if one still sees plenty of biped mutts mooching around in the daytime wearing muzzles..


    1. Yes, Wigger. There is resistance starting to happen. The System is relying mainly on social pressure. It cannot enforce the facemask nonsense via the weak police, weakened by cuts in staff.

      As you say, “six million”…the scribbler is a Jew, of course.

      The “holocaust” narrative is unravelling, and many understand its fakeries. The masses are mainly fooled not by pseudo-scholarly Jew-Zionist “studies” in print, but by the popular films, which are completely or 90% fictional: Schindler’s List, Sophie’s Choice etc.

      The “lockdown” has of course crippled political dissent. Even a village hall meeting is effectively illegal (leaving aside likely invalidity of the “laws” in question).


    2. The only kind of Jews who don’t make too much of a fuss over the Holocaust and seek to gain advantage by bashing we lowly goyim over the head about it continually seem to be the ultra-Orthodox ones. I think quite a few of them are not too fond of Israel so they don’t use the Holocaust to defend Israel with. The Israeli government uses it as an emotional crux to swat away critics of that state in the rest of the world. After all, No Holocaust No Israel!


  14. I find Priti Patel to be sinister on the whole. She has an overwhelming desire to censor people and to try and control how people think. Needless to say, she should cut this disturbing tendency out at once and at least try and attend to the day job of defending our borders and combating real criminals.🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Priti Patel is effectively an Israeli agent. The only thing that persuades me that she is not one formally is that she was exposed so easily. She is really only semi-educated, uncultured, and extremely unpleasant. Incompetent in office, dishonest…it just goes on.


      1. She should be the Member for Tel Aviv Central rather than Witham though that constituency being known as the ‘arsehole of Essex’ along with Thurrock seems to be a good fit for her. If my former Tory MP, Eric Pickles, had not already been our MP in 2010 we might have got her here. Brentwood would never live that down!🙄


  15. It surely means something pretty damm serious that even Teresa May found a good enough reason to sack her.🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡


  16. It isn’t surprising that present day Ulstermen and women find the prospect of Irish ‘unity’ to not be an enticing or compelling prospect when you consider that their fellow Protestants in places like County Cork were often subjected to vicious sectarian beatings and even murders in the 1920’s when the 26 counties of what is now the Republic seceded from the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    The Protestant population in the South declined from around 10% to today’s 3% or so.


    1. Yes, m’Lord of Essex, but the era to which you refer in Eire was 100 years ago now! Ireland changed radically from the 1970s, when I first saw it, to my last visit (in the 1980s), and even more so since then. Above all, the sway of the Roman Catholic Church has all but been forgotten.


      1. I along with the Protestant Ulstermen and women of today have reason to believe those kind of disgraceful events of a century ago could well happen again if the island were to be ‘reunited’. There is quite a lot of lingering resentment from Republicans about ‘Planters’ from what I have seen on Twitter and in various web forums some of which can get decidedly nasty.

        If I were a Prod I would want to be able to call upon assistance from British police officers or British soldiers rather than rely upon the Garda tc.

        It is better to be safe than sorry!


  17. I can’t stand Boris but if he manages to rectify the flaws of the Withdrawal Agreement with regard to NI then he has my full support in that endeavour. To be frank, anything that pisses off vile US Democrat bitches like Nancy Pelosi and the usual Irish American scumbags in her party and elsewhere in America who so often gave money to the IRA to murder and maim British civilians and soldiers is fine by me.


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