Diary Blog, 9 September 2020

Tweets seen

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed my article of yesterday which included an investigation into one Tim Crosland, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/09/08/diary-blog-8-september-2020-including-further-assessment-of-extinction-rebellion-as-well-as-of-tim-crosland-and-plan-b-etc/ as well as my blog articles of last year about Extinction Rebellion [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/], Greta Nut [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/] and the whole farrago [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/].

I find it extraordinarily disturbing to discover that one of the former main people at [what is now] the National Crime Agency, and who —according to a commentator on my blog yesterday, which commentator claimed to know Tim Crosland— (it was implied) has been involved at a high level in British civil service security matters, and who was apparently given high-level security clearance, is now a major player in Extinction Rebellion and related activity.

In a way, “shocking but unsurprising”, though, given that the actual Prime Minister of the UK is now a part-Jew public entertainer, ruling over a Cabinet of complete clowns, most of them Jewish or Indian.

I noticed that there was some African being interviewed on Sky News this morning, a former investment banker (apparently), who is now yet another “ex-something” who is a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion. I did not see much of the interview, but he was being given a remarkably easy time by Kay Burley.


Telling. Extinction Rebellion people seem to think that yesterday’s “car crash” interview with Tim Crosland on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme showed Extinction Rebellion in a good light!

Here, below, is another one, a seemingly not entirely unintelligent woman (looking at her main work) but who, however, seems completely accepting of the Extinction Rebellion nonsense:

and note the censorious tone: the Today Programme presenter Justin Webb (admittedly not someone I favour) “needs to be severely disciplined for this…”.

As I have blogged previously, there is a definite sense of Pol Pot, Year Zero and even The Killing Fields about Extinction Rebellion. Roger Hallam, another co-leader of the cult (and see my initial blog post about Extinction Rebellion), recently said that those “collaborating with” the supposed causes of “climate change” should get a bullet in the head! That could include people as far down the food chain as anyone with a car, a fridge or a holiday home in Spain. Hallam is at present in prison, remanded in custody pending trial on some other matter.

One of the most disturbing aspects of UK society today (seen elsewhere too: Germany, Scandinavia etc) is the sight of persons, sometimes of reasonably good education (if often narrow in their outlook), persons often well-meaning, who are paving the way to socio-political hell with their virtue-signalling and other behaviour; supporting migration-invasion, supporting “Extinction Rebellion”, supporting the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense. And so on.

I have now seen material and/or msm interview footage on many of the main people involved in Extinction Rebellion. The connecting thread seems to be a mental unreality divorcing them from seeing either the climate or society as it is. They think that the public support them, when only about 5% do; they think that they might take power (though they take cover in fantasies about popular assemblies running things), when the only time that Hallam, for example, stood for election, only 4 voters out of every 10,000 voted for him.

A tweet from last year, showing Extinction Rebellion idiots escaping most of what might be regarded as a well-deserved kicking:


Below, a tweet which shows the essential pointlessness of Twitter. Some young black woman who apparently has nearly 30,000 “followers” on Twitter. Claims to be a “columnist” on some online “magazine”. Look at the tweet! Almost illiterate, as well as plainly unthinking.

How can Britain, how can Europe, ever develop a higher culture and civilization when the population is increasingly composed of “human material” of this sort? Yet the above tweeter has ten times the number of Twitter “followers” that I had when the Jew lobby had me expelled (in 2018)!

Other tweets seen

The Government of Clowns in the UK can keep juggling until 2022, which is the year when the NWO will want to seize the agenda for the following 33 years. The present social noise, from “the virus” to “Black Lives Matter”and “Extinction Rebellion” etc is all about that wish to take world society in a certain direction. After 2022, the System will, it hopes, be able to impose a complete dystopian tyranny.

More tweets seen

Below, a tweet of staggering political naivety:

From a Twitter account the profile piece of which says “#BringDownTheGovernment and replace it with citizen-led decision making on everything. We need #CitizensAssemblies to go #BeyondPolitics for people and planet.

I like the tweet’s deliberate typo (“arrest” instead of “a rest“)! Quite appropriate! More seriously, I thought that “citizens’ assemblies” died out at Kronstadt…


There are some phrases which, when said by some people, grate. Today it was Boris Johnson intoning, “...as your Prime Minister…” etc. Geben mir einen Luger!

Lifestyle restrictions

Are there really people willing to go to restaurants and pubs on the basis that they have to sign in, give all their contact details etc? I suppose that there are, maybe regular customers in a local area. Many however will avoid going out on that basis, though, especially if the staff are all masked. Not very pleasant. Pubs? The same, I think.

I notice that one of the two pubs near Waitrose that I sometimes pass in the car, in the local small town, has closed, it seems permanently, while another is open but has a “militiaman” stationed outside in the evening, presumably to enforce some of the stupid rules imposed by government.

More tweets seen

The tweeter below, some kind of Australian girl, seems to believe that China is “socialist” just because that is the name on the outside of the box! She also seems to think that buildings with trees growing through them or on them (and nothing wrong with that— I myself had that idea as a child of 12) will somehow “save us” from climate change! Or rather that “a centrally-planned socialist economy will”. Grow up…

As a matter of fact, I heard an interesting fact from the UN today: despite a huge fall in worldwide CO2 “emissions” in the 5 months of the Coronavirus panic, there has been no fall at all in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. How will the “climate change” lobby explain that? In fact, there has been a rise in atmospheric CO2!

I suppose that the climate change lobby will attempt to explain these awkward facts, probably, by some fantasy that the Earth is releasing carbon stored since 1800. That however does not explain very plausibly why there has been no reduction but a rise recently..


More tweets

I have heard the same recently from people who have been occasionally using trains. Empty carriages. This government of clowns has not only scared off most passengers, but is paying out large sums to run almost-empty trains up and down the UK. They hope that no-one will notice.

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