Diary Blog, 15 September 2020

Interesting, if accurate, graphic (below). The devil is in the detail (losses in transmission etc, though some claim that that can be as low as 10% now). Hopeful, in terms of world energy possibilities.

An interesting talk by Nick Griffin. Not sure whether all his remarks about American cities are completely accurate. True, the American cities are becoming less habitable, but this is (as Griffin admittedly concedes) not a new phenomenon.

In the late 1960s, those cities burned, and the white people fled to the suburbs. I used to get coffee beans, in the early 1990s, from a coffee grind shop in Newark, New Jersey, a kind of island left standing after the riots of, I believe, 1968.

New York City was in a terrible state when I was first there, in 1989. After I left in 1993, administration changed, was tightened, and crime was reduced by more severe measures. Cities can come back. Look at Beirut (which is now in trouble again, but not to the same extent that it was during the 1970s civil war). Berlin was largely rubble in 1945. There are many other examples.

I am usually cautious in commenting on American politics, but I agree with Griffin that the demographics favour a Democrat victory in November. Having said that, I wonder…I would not necessarily write off Trump.

I agreed with some of Griffin’s more general comments.

I was interested to hear from Griffin (in the video) that he says that it was not the notorious Question Time broadcast that collapsed BNP support among the voters but the promotion of Nigel Farage and UKIP as “controlled opposition”. I agree with that, though I do not know whether Griffin is correct in saying that BNP support before the broadcast was 6%, and that it was 22% afterward. Is that true?

The above claim is not consonant with the BNP result in the 2010 General Election (1.9%), though that was a large increase on its 2005 result (0.7%). UKIP’s results were 2.2% in 2005 and 3.1% in 2010, though the BNP beat UKIP in most seats where both parties stood candidates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_United_Kingdom_general_election#Results

[Later addendum and clarification: In 2010, the BNP only contested 338 seats. There are 533 seats in England, and another 40 in Wales, so 573 in all (leaving aside the remaining seats, i.e. those in Scotland and Northern Ireland). The BNP therefore achieved an overall vote, in the seats actually contested, closer to 3.5%, and better in real terms than UKIP, which contested 558 seats]

Apathy rules

The same is true in the other most longstanding “democratic” nation of the Anglosphere (if it is a nation now), the UK.

In the UK 2019 General Election, only two-thirds (67.3%) of those registered to vote actually voted. About 47.5 million were registered to vote, but only 32 million voted. 15 million or so people who might have voted, did not. That beat both the Conservative Party vote (just under 14 million), as well as the Labour Party vote (just over 10 million): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_United_Kingdom_general_election#Full_results

Labour particularly was a victim of apathy. In 2019, almost as many former (2017) Labour voters simply failed to vote as voted for other parties.

The vast swathes of white English and Welsh voters who did not vote Labour did not do so, largely, because of the way in which Corbyn was surrounded both by black MPs (especially by black women) and by those who think that Castroite Cuba, Venezuela etc are success stories.

Many of those voters might have been willing to vote Labour even if the individual candidate was black or brown, but not when the national leadership seemed to be mostly like that. The sub-Marxist or post-Marxist advisers were probably also a factor.

Now, the voters are in a similar position. Neither main “leader” is credible. Boris-idiot is plainly (people now understand) incapable of being a Prime Minister, yet Keir Starmer (a tool of the Jewish lobby, with a Jewish wife and children brought up as Jewish) is unappealing; there again, Starmer is not really opposing Government policy, but supporting most of it!

Why has Labour got to within a few points of the Conservatives in the opinion polls if Starmer and his Israel First clique are not appealing to the voters? Simple: just look at Boris-idiot and his Cabinet! Labour is doing sort-of OK by default.

Tweets seen

I don’t know who the ghastly old cow was in that clip. A Jewish-looking woman of some sort. Griffin presented his case well.

The zealots who love facemasks, “social distancing”, “lockdowns” etc are the same sort as those who say, whenever something irritating and unnecessary is proposed, “well, if it saves only one life...”, which they sometimes rev up by amending it to “well, if it saves only one child’s life…“. By that measure, of course, cars, for example, should be banned entirely, and thousands of lives saved annually in the UK alone (2,000 in the UK each year, but about 1.35 MILLION worldwide). Why are cars not banned? Because to ban them would be disproportionate.

“Lockdowns” are both disproportionate and crazy. Facemasks are unneccessary and a symbol of tyranny. Wake up, people. This is not the Plague.

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Musical interlude

Tweets seen

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 September 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Just a question, the song that the Russian tenor sings, what is about?

    I just watched Nick Griffin talk/interview with a Scottish chap from Knights Templar. It was OK until they both got emotional about how wonderful is to be a Christian. Very sad. It seems they don’t know that ALL Christian churches are overwhelmingly pro-invasion (immigration), pro LGBT, pro miscegenation, Holohoax, etc. Christianity is a disgusting disease.


    1. Claudius:
      The song is called “Life, I love you!” and the singer sings about that. I have just now found you a translation:

      I apprehend that Nick Griffin is referring to the crusading Christianity of the early and mid Middle Ages but I agree with you about the institutions of formal Christianity today.

      I am not very comfortable with the American “Church of God Incorporated” versions of “Christianity”…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Ian: Thank you very much for the translation. The man has a very fine voice. Russia has produced some great tenors.

        Regarding Griffin and many others like him, is very sad that he has not taken into account the awful decadence and corruption of the Catholic church, I ignore the Protestants because they were from the beginning a Jewish inspired sect. Chrisitnaty was never my cup of tea and has proven to be poison for the Aryan race in the long term.

        As good as it may have been (I personally don’t think so) Middel Ages Christianity is GONE and in its place, we have this disgusting globalist, multikulti cult bent on racial mixing and sexual degeneracy in the name of “tolerance”.

        The great North American scholar and thinker Revilo Oliver has some fantastic articles against Christianity, among many other things. Here is a link to the greatest collection of his articles (336)



  2. Given Griffin’s more recent frolicking with his Knights Templars International minions, I no longer know what can be made of anything he asserts.

    Here is a short film from ca. 1973 concerning the effect on English communities of mass immigration. Interesting because while stating the obvious (when it was less so) it speaks as if from our own times; particularly the cynical use by ‘elites’ of so-called ethnic (and often unwitting) minorities in a campaign against the majority. ‘Let’s you and them fight’.

    Counterblast: England, Whose England?

    The muzzlers might do well to reflect on I Thessalonians, 5:3.

    {5:3} For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then
    sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a
    woman with child; and they shall not escape.


    1. Wigger:
      Around 1973 a few, such as me (aged about 16-17 at the time), were already worried about the mass immigration, but most were not. They had perhaps the excuse that the effects were relatively unknown. What, though, is the excuse of those who, in 2020, see nothing wrong with migration invasion and the genocide of the white British?


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