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I was looking on Oddschecker Political for odds around current UK politics. I see that the betting is that “Boris” will depart from Downing Street next year (2021). That is the favourite bet, followed by this year! Few are willing to bet that he will still be there in 2022, 2023, or 2024.

I cannot say that I am surprised. Recently, I saw someone deflated, someone who has achieved a lifetime ambition only to find that it has turned to ashes in his hands.

“Boris” never was fitted to be a Prime Minister, or any kind of minister. For all his spouting of rote-learned Latin and Greek tags etc, he has not the intellectual horsepower; neither has he any real ideas. In fact, “Boris” is unsuitable in every possible way.

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When the time comes, we shall know what to do with such elements.

Look at that: the “British” police will brutalize a British (i.e. white) middleaged woman, but they will kneel down in surrender to a mob of blacks, and will do the bidding of a pack of organized Jews such as the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, which has suborned senior officers of several forces.

I agree. My sympathy for the police ran out, to a large extent, long ago. Being summoned in 2017 to a “voluntary” involuntary interview in godforsaken estuarial Essex, an interview instigated by a pack of malicious Jews, did not improve my view of them… https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Amazingly, malicious and useless Sadiq Khan is still second or third favourite to become Labour leader after Starmer (according to Oddschecker)!

True (though I notice that the baby in the poster is non-European; the non-European population has to be reduced worldwide).

Whether one takes at face value the “global warming” idea, or not, it is clear, surely, that something is happening to the global climate? It may or may not be caused by “emissions” of carbon gases; that is unproven. However, there seems to be, putting it this way, more happening in various ways than was the case at least in the last few centuries.

They look a lot more impressive than the UK equivalent, it has to be admitted…

…and, though few know it, the Guantanamo concentration camp inmates were/are not the first victims of American “dehumanization by mask”; those accused of helping John Wilkes Booth were held on a ship or hulk in the Potomac, hooded and/or masked, for months.

Good grief. What a disgrace.

After this, no prisoners. If the police do the dirty work of an emergent police state, they are part of that emergent police state.

Douglas Murray is just a well-paid puppet of the Jewish lobby, Israel lobby and the NWO/ZOG “System”. Much of what he writes is correct in itself, yet serves the power cabals.

The sheer conformism of the students is incredible. I saw some on a TV news broadcast. Not one said anything like “let’s all march/demonstrate/go home when we feel like it/ do whatever we want to do”. One even said that he does not like the “lockdown” but it must be necessary or some such BS…

Thinking beyond the immediate present, one wonders what those students are actually getting out of their “degree” courses. Presumably most will be rewarded for their passivity and conformity by being awarded “top” degrees (meaningless because almost all will get them), after which they will struggle to get any jobs, certainly any lucrative ones or any that aspire to being part of a “career”.

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28 September 2020

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Too late for that!

Ingrid Seward, Editor of Majesty magazine, said the couple were ‘hypocritical’ for agreeing to the reality series after they left the UK for the US for greater privacy. It is extraordinary. This is exactly what they said they wouldn’t do,’ she said.” [Daily Mail]

Royal Married with Children“? (my suggestion of a couple of years ago). Or “The Real Housewives of Windsor Castle“? What a farce, and predictably so. Harry and the Royal Mulatta…

Britain no longer has an Empire, just a few remnants, but I suppose that Harry could be appointed to a post such as Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, thus following in the footsteps of the one-time Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, who was kept out of the way as Governor of the Bahamas


The land of plenty…

News from the Westminster monkeyhouse

The MP for Leicester East, Claudia Webbe [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudia_Webbe] has been charged with harassment: https://news.sky.com/story/leicester-east-mp-claudia-webbe-charged-with-harassment-against-female-12084430

I look forward to blogging about her when her trial (assuming that there is one) is over.

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Unsurprising. After all, what we have in the UK, whatever the party label, is ZOG— Zionist Occupation Government. Now if only Peter Hitchens (or others, for that matter) would make that clear in columns and on radio and TV (before the Zionist Jews gang up to get radio, TV and Press to sack him), that really would be a game-changer; but it is asking a lot to expect any msm journalist, scribbler, or talking head to sacrifice career, income etc for the truth.

ZOG police

Worth reading: https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/

People might also be interested in this: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/my-visit-to-the-london-forum/

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Ten deaths! Out of thousands of cases recorded, and a population of maybe 70 million! This is madness. It is clear from the graph above that “the virus” peaked, in terms of deaths from (with) it, in early April, and that there is virtually no danger to most people now.

Neil was not “woke” enough for those who now run the BBC, and he tended to “cut through the crap”. He has his faults, such as being completely on the side of the Jew lobby, but he is still by far the best political interviewer around.

Oh, no, not another old fool…When I was living for a few months in Egypt (1997-98), I became friendly with a British woman and her Coptic Christian husband (an Egyptian). They told me that this sort of thing is a perennial problem: the older woman from (usually) the UK, aged 40-60 usually, but sometimes older, who “falls in love” with a younger Egyptian (20-40), sometimes a felucca skipper on the Nile, sometimes just someone met at a bar or hotel dance. These days, I suppose one has to add “met on Facebook” or similar to the possibilities…

The woman, divorced or widowed, but sometimes married (but if so, husband not en poste on the holiday) gets seduced and eventually marries the Egyptian. She returns to the UK to sell her house to fund her exciting new life, buys property in Egypt (put into the husband’s name), then, after another trip back to the UK, returns to find her husband living with his real or prior wife (whom the Englishwoman may have met, maybe at the “wedding”, when that other woman posed as the man’s “sister” or “cousin”!).

The British woman soon finds that she has been well and truly “stitched-up”, unable to reclaim her property or money, and quite likely finding that the “marriage” is not even valid under local law.

I might add that a few such marriages are genuine, as with the couple I met, but most are not.

You find this sort of thing reported on occasionally in the UK Press, not only re. Egypt but when British women even marry black Africans from some tribe or other. Absolutely ridiculous.

“Elected” dictatorship…

What stupid vandalism, for a service road “needed” for a rail line upon which may or may not eventually run a train which by that time will itself not be needed or wanted.

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27-28 September 2020”

  1. After watching the videos where the woman was punched, and Dr Schoening was arrested, my hatred for the British Police has reached new depths. I could not give a damn for the policeman shot dead the other day in Croydon. You reap what you sowed. If you join the Police you must know you are joining an anti-British, White-hating institution bent on terrorizing and brutalizing real Britons and by that, I mean White people. Therefore no sympathy for them. They are the system’s willing executioners. They are the enemy.


    1. I have little sympathy for the police either nowadays due to their blatant anti-British ethos that has been foisted upon by the evil globalist parties of so-called ‘New’ Labour and fake CONServative alike but your celebration of that officer’s murder is not right.

      This particular policeman was a New Zealander and from what I have read about him seems to have bern someone who loved his job and who entered what was once a noble profession in this country for all the RIGHT reasons like so many did in the past ie someone who wanted to protect the lives of the innocent against the criminals who would do them harm and wanted to uphold the law without fear or favour. This officer was a good one from the ‘old school’ and certainly didn’t deserve to be murdered by a contemptible lowlife scumbag.


  2. Have you noticed how popular that fake/traitor Laurence Fox has become? He and Douglas Murray are the darlings of the moronic “kosher nationalists” who love Nigel Farage. BTW, Laurence Fox’s sister is a mudshark married to a mulatto. What a disgusting family!


    1. Claudius:
      The danger is that someone who says anything at all against the madness of the times becomes an “instant hero”, who then can be taken over and so become “controlled opposition” of a sort.


  3. I have a lot of sympathy for the idea of dispatching Prince Harry to one of our remaining overseas dependencies as a means to get this Royal troublemaker and his lower class, blatantly manipulative, ‘Trailer Park Trash’ Yankee tart/hussy out of the way before he and she manages to turn the United Kingdom into the world’s latest Republic which surely can’t be far off now as their behaviour is increasingly plumbing the depths.

    However, there is one big problem with this idea and that is Harry is far too dim to even be much good as a governor of a British overseas territory. We need to remember that governors DON’T just smile at and shake the hands of the residents of these places and be the local figureheads representing the Queen in these territories but are also sometimes asked to take over the local administrations to provide ‘good governance’.


    1. True, m’Lord of Essex, but some of the remaining territories are very small in both area and population. I was once on one where the official population was over 10,000 but many worked overseas and so the real population was about 8,000, if that. Yet this island had a kind of Parliament with a number of “Government MPs” (I think about 11) and an Opposition (1 MP), and, yes, a British man as HM Governor!

      All a bit of a joke…


  4. The British Foreign Office in London normally leaves these territories alone and allows the local self-government authorities to rule them but sometimes the administrations have problems which means the Foreign Office has to intervene and ask the governor to rule directly. It is funny you mention that it would be a good idea to send Harry to be governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands because the scenario I outlined above happened there in 2009 when the Foreign Office became concerned about corruption occurring within the local government of those islands so they asked the governor appointed by the Queen to sack the administration there and to rule the islands directly for a few years and provide ‘good governance’ for the inhabitants.


  5. Most colonial/British overseas territory governors are well-trained and experienced diplomats from the Foreign Office and many were and still are educated at private fee paying schools. Some have been ex pupils of the leading ‘public schools’ such as Eton College, Harrow School, Winchester College (ex school of Sir Oswald Mosley), Rugby School, Charterhouse School (Jeremy Hunt went there).

    Harry went to Eton College like many rubbish PM’s such as David Cameron and the even worse ‘Eton Mess’ Boris Johnson!

    Harry had to cheat at his art work there and be a teacher to do some of his coursework!


  6. The Duke of Windsor was educated at home instead of attending a world famous but poor in educational standards public school as Prince Harry did. The saying about Eton College is that ‘the rich and thick’ go there whilst wealthy parents with intelligent children send their boys to better schools like Winchester College (especially) and Charterhouse ( Jeremy Hunt was Head Boy there apparently).

    Edward VIII was sent away to be Governor of the Bahamas because he was against Churchill and his war and therefore had to kept out of harm’s way. However, in contrast to Harry, The Duke of Windsor was fairly intelligent and had the ABILITY to be a governor of a larger colony than the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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