Diary Blog, 26 September 2020

Jess Phillips

This made me laugh: https://order-order.com/2020/09/23/jess-phillips-sheds-tear-over-obvious-troll-photoshop/

I have blogged about deadhead MP Jess Phillips before: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-jess-phillips-story/

Like so many “democratically-elected” MPs (in fact, first selected, and by a very exclusionary selection process, and only then “elected” in what amounts to a rigged public show), Jess Phillips is a bad joke who should be binned.

Tweets seen


One of the best tweets I have seen.

The whole Western world needs a cultural revolution and a cultural purge.


Well-intentioned, but writing letters and sending emails (or even blogging) only has limited influential effect in a corrupt system riven with Evil. Most MPs are willing collaborators with the forces destroying Britain and all Europe.

When Britain has a real government, it must launch a real inquiry (not the usual toothless “judge-led” or other PR exercise) into the decadence and subversion riddling our society and particularly the msm, which baleful influence has been growing for decades, and which has intensified recently (because 2022 is approaching). Something akin to the Star Chamber, or —for a limited time— the “troikas” of Stalin’s time.

We are presently being subjected to social mass conditioning on the grand scale: the “lockdown(s)”, the facemask muzzling of the population, the attempt to create a forest of fear from an acorn of reality. It is connected with “the Great Reset” and “the Great Replacement”. Look at TV ads, soaps, dramas on TV etc. All part of the evil conspiracy.

What tweeter “@Sputnik71” means, I think, is that if MPs were “dense idiots”, they…well…would never be MPs at all! Ha ha! No doubt kind and well-meaning, but has he ever seen these idiots?! I refer him to my “Deadhead MPs” series for a small selection. A few names might give “Sputnik71” pause: Diane Abbott, Fiona Onasanya, Scott Mann, Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Jess Phillips; and many more. See the Jess Phillips profile above in today’s blog; or another, such as this one about Kate Osamor: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2018/12/02/troop-cartload-barrel-or-family/

It is human nature to suppose that an MP or political leader must be extremely intelligent or at least quite intelligent, educated etc; otherwise he (or she) would not be there. Likewise, that a very wealthy person must be pretty aware and skilled to have their money. Sadly, no.

Many politicians have had both help and luck (though they do need ambition), while most (I concede not all) of the very wealthy simply inherited the loot. Zac Goldsmith. Where would he be, otherwise? An office bod, at best. Or look at Boris-idiot…

Likewise again, when the public are scared witless by “fake news” about a (real) virus being a kind of plague, it is human nature to comply with the “advice” (in the UK backed by fake “law”) and regulation laid down by “the authorities”.

The truth is that, unpleasant though “Covid-19” Coronavirus is for a relative few who both get it and also cannot fight off the symptoms, it has actually killed (even on officially-inflated statistics) under 50,000 people in the UK, out of over 70,000,000, roughly 1 person in 1,500, and most of the deaths were of the very elderly not expected to live long anyway. That is sad, but simply reality. Like life itself, arguably…

As for the world as a whole, a million deaths out of 8 thousand million people! One death for every 8,000 people living.

There is more behind this. The “virus” may have been deliberately created and/or deliberately released. Whatever the truth of that, it is being used to create a robot-society across much of the world.

“Pfeffel” of course being “Boris” (Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot).

When I lived in Almaty (former Alma-Ata), Kazakhstan (this was in 1996-1997), I once saw, from a car, on the road to the former Olympic skating facility in the mountains (I myself occasionally skated there), a quite large number of Kazakh people bathing naked, or wearing only swimming clothing, in a shallow stream or small river fed by mountain snow and flowing through a wooded glade. This was in October and the temperature in the foothills of the mountains was rather low. Such streams are very cold even in Summer (I know— I tried one once!).

[the ice-skating stadium, Medeo, Kazakhstan]

I later asked what the people were doing there and was told that Nazarbaeva, the wife of the President, had recommended bathing in that place as a cure (for almost anything). She claimed to have done so herself. Those brainless Kazakhs were bathing there because they believed her, and they believed her because she was the wife of the President.

Meanwhile, the formerly quite good Soviet medical facilities in the city (Alma-Ata was something of a showplace) were degrading because of funding being diverted from such spending to the offshore bank accounts of the few at the top of the new post-Soviet society in Kazakhstan. Who needs hospitals and medicines etc when a dip in a cold stream will cure you?…

You may say, “well, what do you expect?”, and I agree, but look at British people all going to Waitrose muzzled, and mainly out of both social conformity and because they have been fed a pack of rubbish by clowns posing as “Government” ministers or “Government experts”.

Some silly rabbits can even be seen walking outside, muzzled even though alone and with strong winds blowing!

Boris-idiot: boo-hoo!

Look at who we have to feel sorry for now! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8774005/Wholl-bail-Boris-Johnson-taken-vast-pay-cut-PM.html

Apparently, “Boris” was making £800,000 a year before he became PM, from book royalties (about £10,000), scribbling rubbish for newspapers, from after-dinner speeches and from TV appearances. Unbelievable.

It seems that he is whining about only getting £150,000 as PM. Admittedly, that is parsimonious, but at the end of the day, he volunteered, he wanted to show off by being PM (for he has no programme, no ideology, no real ideas), and he can always resign. Why not? He is useless anyway.

In fact, while the report claims that his ex-wife “cleaned him out”, they had two houses worth, together, some £5 million.

It seems that the house “Boris” owns with his present “ho” is now worth over £1.5M. Apparently, he still uses it from time to time. If they are short of money, they could sell it.

If “Boris” complains about the cost of having friends as guests at Chequers (£75 a head), the answer is simple: don’t do it. Also, I doubt that many “ordinary citizens” will feel sorry for him that his Downing Street flat has only a cleaner and no housekeeper, or that it costs him £7,000 a year out of his £150,000 (gross) salary.

In fact, if “Boris” was making £800,000 p.a. (gross) until 2018, did he not manage to put aside any of it?!

Reports of this sort from the “friends of Boris” are more likely to intensify public unease and dislike of the clown.

I suspect that that Daily Mail piece was written, not to create sympathy for the clown posing as Prime Minister but to provoke the opposite. The Conservative Party is ruthless. It stabs underperforming leaders in the back. The latter-day Mrs. Thatcher, Major, Hague, Dunce Duncan Smith, “Howard”. “Boris” is simply not up to the job. It’s a wrong fit for him, something many (including me) realized years ago, but is now apparent to almost everyone across the political spectrum.

My theory is that those influential in the Conservative Party are now thinking how to dump “Boris” and then blame the nonsense of the past 6+ months especially on him. The coming fallout, too.

More tweets seen

Whatever one may say about causation, it is fairly clear that big things are happening climatically. In my view, the only thing that can prevent the Earth becoming a shrivelled husk of what it should be is a gigantic population decrease, and that means a gigantic decrease in the non-white population(s), because white Northern Europeans are now only a tiny percentage of the world population.

Ha. I take Griffin’s point, but am not sure that I agree about any sort of “over-education” in the police, not in the ones I have “met” in recent years!

Meanwhile, Boris-idiot has just given away a total of £800 million to useless WHO and other organizations.

I myself have never met Mark Collett, and know relatively little about him, but he seems at least to be trying to wake people up, and to do something.

Surgeons and operating room personnel are well trained, experienced, and meticulous about maintaining sterility. We only wear fresh sterile masks. We don the mask in a sterile fashion. We wear the mask for short periods of time and change it out at the first signs of the excessive moisture build up that we know degrades mask effectiveness and increases their negative effects. Surgeons NEVER re-use surgical masks, nor do we ever wear cloth masks.

The public is being told to wear masks for which they have not been trained in the proper techniques. As a result, they are mishandling, frequently touching, and constantly reusing masks in a way that increase contamination and are more likely than not to increase transmission of disease.” [Dr. Jim Meehan M.D.]


Because we in the UK now live in a toytown police state which is groping its way to becoming a real one…

Late music

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 September 2020”

  1. Peter Hitchens has never nailed anything in his entire miserable existence! He is just a pathetic ‘journalist’ (in other words the lowest of the low’ ) paid grotesque sums of money by the Tory extremists of the virulently anti-British Daily Mail group to write utter crap and to constantly provoke controversy in those rags so they earn money through advertising revenue. He is, in short, a click bait artist extraordinaire who never offers practical and workable solutions to any problem just complains incessantly about them.


  2. As for what happens next, well, with any luck his utterly disgraceful actions of writing tweet after tweet to deliberately undermine the nation’s fight against a REAL highly infectious disease will come to an end soon by his own death at the hands of Covid-19.

    Or, we will have to utilise the highly efficient method the Chinese would use to shut him up namely a single bullet aimed at the base of where his brain should be.

    There is no doubt the Chinese would not tolerate someone like him putting many people at risk of contracting Covid-19 by stirring-up the more easily led simpletons we have here into believing they don’t need to follow the LAW.😡😡😡😡.


  3. Well said Ian. How could this all play out? A massive fall in the UK’s GDP and increase in unemployment leads to an increase in Government borrowing ( from international finance – great news for usurers!), a collapse of high street local retailers leads to an increase in online companies ( great for global business like Amazon), a collapse in airlines/ferries/cruise lines/tourism due to bankruptcy leads to a de facto loss of freedom of international movement (without need to disturb existing jurisprudence- the fat golden tit for the Human Rights brigade of Cheri Blair & co ), the concomitant economic crash will lead to the justification for the imposition of greater taxation, lowering of wages, and increase in illegal & legal routes of immigration from third world countries, the removal of the “triple lock” on pensions will further purposefully demoralise and de stabilize societal cohesion and public order leading to the justification for ever more draconian reductions to freedom of speech and civil liberties. Is this the “New ( World Order) Normal?


      1. I agree. The co-ordination is the giveaway. A planned pandemic is less harmful to globalists rulers than a war as a harbinger of desired change. One must ask oneself deep down “Is this really as deadly as cancer?” One remembers surely the scene in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” with the removal of the gas masks in the helicopter?


      2. DJF:
        I regret that I have never seen “Close Encounters”. I shall have to look up a concise plot of it.

        I would not rule out war. Whatever Putin’s flaws, he has prevented the NWO from completely taking over Russia (as it was about to do in the 1990s during the Yeltsin chaos, some of which I saw firsthand in Moscow in 1993). The NWO (to use the convenient term) still wants Russia. China, for all its power and numbers, is not the key to the world’s future. Russia is, and Europe is too (I regard Russia as sui generis rather than part of Europe or Asia); Europe at least for the next 1,500 years.

        A European war, i.e. one with Europe as victim-battlefield rather than main protagonist, is quite likely, sadly.


  4. Has Peter Hitchens the apparent world expert in viral diseases (he wishes!) got around to mentioning the WORST mistake by far this government has made during this WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC ie Priti effing useless not imposing very tough restrictions on travel to this country IN MARCH?

    No.he has not STILL! If he doesn’t we can easily conclude all he is interested in doing is doing the only thing he is good at ie stirring-up easily led Tory libertarian extremist simpletons.🙄


  5. Peter Hitchens, please, for ONCE, do the decent thing and just shut the hell up! You are not even a GP let alone a world expert in viral diseases so what basis do you think you have to write your loony libertarian garbage?

    If we followed your unscientific ‘advice’ we would have a country that had NO CHANCE whatever of recovering from this virus because the virus would infect so many people it would literally never run out of hosts!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. I think Dr Hilary Jones – a QUALIFIED GP – knows a heck of a lot more about viruses and how they can so easily spread as this one undoubtedly does than you as a stupid, lowly, worthless ‘journalist’ – ‘profession’ many Britons rate with less regard than even second hand car dealers!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Hitchens may be unqualified as a medical man, and certainly is not a virologist, let alone epidemiologist. On the other hand, neither are Boris-idiot (a scribbler on a lower level than Hitchens…) or little Matt Hancock. Indeed, neither is Professor Ferguson, one of the most guilty in the whole nonsensical fear-propaganda operation (he is a *physicist* by training!). As for Dr. Hilary Jones, he is, I believe, merely a GP and TV presenter, who deals with peculiar medical problems suffered by individuals.


      1. Dr Hilary Jones is still of far more use to Britons being a qualified GP than Peter ‘I don’t give a damm how many others die or have damaged lungs for life if I survive this disease and I get to earn tens of thousands from the Daily Mail group doing the normal job they pay me for ie being a licensed click bait merchant ‘ Hitchens. He truely is the lowest of the low. Before this crisis erupted I already had a low opinion of him on account of recognising his Daily Mail clickbait merchant role but I still had a tiny smidgeon of regard for some of his writings but now I have none at all.


      2. I would still trust the qualified GP of Dr Hilary Jones to write or speak sense on this matter than a Tory libertarian extremist who, despite all the abundant evidence, that a highly infectious virus simply does not respect the degenerate US origin political theory of libertarianism that the Tories stupidly allowed to infect this country from the 1970’s onwards still thinks total personal freedom can combat it.

        This viral pandemic is the death sentence for the innately selfish creed of libertarianism and it is high time the likes of Hitchens and other Tory loons recognised it.


  7. We don’t want to encourage the Tory Party to get rid of Boris. After all, they have a very long record of getting their leadership wrong and he is just the latest example ie in 1940 they should have had Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax instead of Churchill and last year they made the same mistake again of passing over another Foreign Secretary in Jeremy Hunt.

    If they get rid of Boris, we won’t get Jeremy as PM but Rishi Sunak or god forbid loudmouth, ever smirking and totally useless non entity Priti Damm Useless.

    If Rishi or Patel become PM then it is goodnight Vienna for Britons and I along with many others will have to consider emigrating!😡😡🙄


  8. Oh, it is only a million people that have died throughout the world! Well, it could have been damm sight MORE if governments had followed the advice of mouthy, unscientific pricks like Peter libertarian extremist Hitchens. By the way, that figure of a million worldwide deaths is ALREADY one in fifty of the numbers of those estimated to have died of the last similar viral disease outbreak to have hit the world ie the Spanish Flu that lasted TWO YEARS in 1918- 1920.


  9. Yes, Daily/Sunday Mail, Rishi Sunak is obviously on manoeuvres and is angling for the top job. Time for him to be sacked! Ask Jeremy Hunt to come back into the Cabinet! Jeremy is one of the very few top Tories to have any degree of competence and brains! Perhaps, he could be Chancellor of the Exchequer? At any rate, Jeremy should not be wasted on the back benches.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The bookies are already putting up suggestions. I was looking at Oddschecker Political. I had to look up this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gillian_Keegan. Typically, the msm and/or Con Party think that someone brought up in modest circumstances will be “electable” even when, as in her case, she owns numerous properties in the UK, France, Spain etc, and is married to someone whose income alone is in the millions.


      1. Not for leader and PM, surely? 🙄 She has only been an MP for five minutes! Good move on her part to move away from Merseyside. Liverpool and its surroundings (apart from the Southport area) aren’t exactly renowned for strong Tory support nowdays though Liverpool once had Tory MPs up until the 1960’s!


  10. I like your classical music selections, Ian! However, I don’t think you have so far put up any pieces from Beethoven! One of my favourite compositions by him and of classical music in general is his No 5 symphony.🍷😎👌

    Yes, I am a bit partial to Beethoven and I also like Ravel’s Bolero made famous by that wonderful performance of Torvill and Dean at the Winter Olympics in 1984.👌😎


    1. Glad you like my somewhat eclectic musical taste, m’Lord of Essex. I do not *dislike* Beethoven, but my taste in serious music does incline more to the late 19thC, 20C and —in some cases— 21stC composers.


  11. Germany and Austria had the best classical music composers. They ought to be very proud of them and I am sure they are. Yes, those two countries have given the world much in terms of classical music whilst the United Kingdom is famous for the quality of our popular music ie Queen, The Beetles, Sir Elton John, The Rolling Stones the list goes on and on!


    1. M’Lord of Essex, you cannot ignore the very fine *British* composers! Elgar, Vaughan Williams (probably my “favourite” British composer), Bax, Bliss (between the wars, the Bliss “Colour Symphony” was one of the most played in Britain), Delius (if he is to be taken as British) and the more “difficult” ones: Britten, Tippett, Arnold, among others.

      As far as more popular music is concerned, I do very much like the music of John Barry, so lush and encompassing. Of course, I was brought up on his output, the soundtracks for the James Bond films and so on.


    1. Claudius:
      Everything that we are now seeing in the UK around “the virus” is part of a huge psychological experiment which will inform later, and even more serious, attempts to impose a robot society…


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