Diary blog, 1 October 2020, including news about the fake charity known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism”


Just listening to a discussion among several “ordinary people” on BBC Radio 4 Today. Pathetic. All with different opinions, but what was pathetic was the fact that they were all arguing from completely a distorted or brainwashed basis.

All agreed that they were confused and unimpressed by Government messaging. On whether or not this or that measure should be carried out, though, there was disagreement, but all in fact had obviously been brainwashed into believing that “lockdown” meant “virus control”, and that no “lockdown” meant “virus increases”. Which is a false syllogism.

I was struck by someone who was supposedly a small or smallish businessman. His viewpoint was that there should be a total and immediate “lockdown” across the UK, and that the State should basically pay businesses not to trade, and their employees not to work. No thought at all for the economic unsustainability.

Not one interviewee said “as a matter of fact, lockdowns achieve little and may be counterproductive“; and none mentioned the facemask nonsense either way. The propaganda has cut deep.

Apparently, opinion polls (for what they are worth) show that a majority of British people want stricter “rules” and a continuing series of local or even national “lockdowns”. My conclusion from that is that the money doled out by Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak has anaesthetized the British public. The public now thinks that “lockdowns” etc are painless. What a shock they are going to get.

Meanwhile, it seems that even the scaremongering “experts” are now saying that “the virus” has largely run its course in the UK. They are saving face by saying also that the public must “keep following the rules”. Yet it was only days ago when little Matt Hancock was talking about cases of “the virus” doubling every week.

In fact, the virus peaked, in terms of deaths, in early April, in the UK and in most of Europe. Since then, there has been a steady decline to almost zero, whatever measures were taken or not taken in various countries.

One can see the narrative being prepared: “Britain faced a kind of plague but thanks to the strict measures taken by the Government, it has been brought under control“…

“Boris”, the clown who has scrabbled his way to a prime ministership which he cannot handle, will then be able to half-heartedly present himself as credible.

I am more concerned that this nonsense, carried out over 6 months or more now, has exposed the UK as a country running on empty in all ways. A population easily panicked and willing to accept any manner of stupid (and quite likely legally invalid) “rules”. A Government that veers between dictatorship and complete incompetence. A Parliament which scarcely exists. A police force that bends the knee to black, brown and crazed “antifa” mobs, yet is happy to knock down peaceful (white) elderly protesters in Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park. A university system shown to be useless and pointless. A Border Force that is more like a reception and hotel-allocation service for migrant invaders. It just goes on.

“Campaign Against Antisemitism”

It seems that the fake “charity” known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” is now (I think not for the first time) being investigated by the Charity Commission: https://www.jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk/statement/jvl-complaint-to-the-charities-commission-about-the-campaign-against-antisemitism/.

The Jewish but anti-Zionist group, Jewish Voice for Labour, says in the (linked) submission that, inter alia:

1.3.1 The CAA is not functioning as a charity, but as a highly partisan political campaigning organisation.

1.3.2 Its activities are not genuinely carried on in pursuance of its stated charitable objects and do not significantly contribute to their fulfilment.

1.3.3 Its activities are carried on in ways which are unprofessional and disreputable and are therefore liable to undermine public confidence in the charitable sector.

1.3.4 Its activities are not for the public benefit.

The submission goes on to say: “5.2 CAA also appears to be the preserve of two people, Gideon Falter, CEO: and Stephen Silverman, who is described as Director of Investigations and Enforcement. The very term “enforcement”, and the presumptions that underlie it, point to the tendency of these two individuals to behave as self-appointed enforcement officers or, to use the popular term, vigilantes. The Applicant will now refer to three examples of this type of conduct.

The examples mentioned are redacted, but there are many other examples of “CAA” abuse, manipulation of the police and civil regulatory bodies etc. Stephen Silverman (a former music teacher, apparently), and Gideon Falter, someone of no known profession or occupation (but who has wealthy parents and so seems to be some kind of “trustafarian” or similar) are cited as the main individuals engaged in abuse under “CAA” cover.

[above: Gideon Falter of the “CAA”, talking to Cressida Dick, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police]

Joe Glasman, brother of a life peer (who is head of so-called “Blue Labour”) is also mentioned. Joe Glasman was, and has admitted to being, a key figure in the demonization of Jeremy Corbyn and so also key to the “victory by default” of Boris-idiot (presently posing as Prime Minister).

In fact, that troika of troublemakers have others helping to attack those “accused” of “antisemitism”, one being Stephen Applebaum, house-husband and soi-disant “film critic” (though I believe that he has had little published for years).

Applebaum and Silverman (among others) were once very active on Twitter. They delighted in the sadistic trolling of people (mainly women) online, using a number of pseudonymous accounts. Eventually, they were tracked down, and were finally forced to admit that they operated some of those those Twitter accounts. The “CAA’s” own lawyer in one of the court appearances of Alison Chabloz (who had been one of their victims), admitted their involvement in open court (at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Marylebone Road, London).

Surprisingly, neither Silverman nor Applebaum have been charged, at least as yet, with harassment or any “malcomms” offences. Silverman is now on Twitter (officially) as “@ssilvuk”, while Applebaum not only tweets openly as “@grubstreetsteve” but covertly as (inter alia) “@rattus2384” aka “Raven” (surely “Vulture” would be better?).

The Twitter account “@MaierViv” has plenty of information about the above criminals.

Satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz has been a constant victim of the above criminals, and of other Jewish criminals, prominent among the pack being, notably, a few mentally-afflicted women in North London.

Other victims have included society photographer Jo Stowell, whose business was ruined by those Jews.

[photographer Jo Stowell]

“Me too”! https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

It is about time that both the Charity Commission and Twitter (and the so-far supine police) took action against the “CAA” criminals.

Keir Starmer, doormat for Israel and the Jewish lobby

Tweets seen

Why October? Surely, if such a thing as “Black History Month” were necessary (which it is not), then it should be February, because that is shorter…

The difference being that the SS were trying to create a new world, not trying to defend the power and money of an old world.

As I predicted…

Parliament is now useless. If it were to fall victim to obliteration, and its MPs to elimination, it would make little difference any more.

In the expressive American vernacular, a “chimp-out”.

Another kind of “chimp-out”.

Ha ha! (see below). The video clip below is not, repeat not, a parody!

That ignorant n** even seems to believe it!

Keir Starmer is shaping up to be the most useless “Labour” Party “leader” yet.

More tweets seen

The essence of the discussion within social-nationalism in the UK today. A “party”, which may gain power eventually via the ballot box? A grassroots movement based around “community”? Armed insurgency? These are the three main potential paths.

More of that Twitter discussion:

My view? My view is that “all roads lead to Rome”. An approach on several fronts simultaneously is necessary, but at present none of those above-mentioned ways forward exists, in any serious form, in the UK.

I will say that tweeter “@TirChonaill” is very mistaken to focus only on the Muslim aspect. Muslims have far less real power in the UK than the Jews, despite outnumbering the latter by at least 10 to 1.

Very true. I happened to visit a hospital this week (once), not as patient but incidentally. On my brief visit, I noticed that the place was almost deserted, but was told by someone who had just been told by a nurse that within the hospital was a homeless man who —despite being disabled— had nowhere else to go.

It is long since I was at the Bar (2016 officially, 2008 in reality), and even longer since I did any social housing law (about 1994), so I actually do not know whether local authorities still have the duty they once had to house anyone designated as homeless, or whether immigrants and other riff-raff have been allocated all the housing space. Still, pretty disgraceful either way.

…and the word “Jew” was never uttered…

Apparently, the child of the Jew newspaper scribbler, Nick Cohen, denounced a passenger on a London Underground train for not wearing a facemask. Instead of shutting up his rude child, and/or explaining that some passengers are exempt from wearing a mask, Cohen sat there until the passenger had to respond, albeit rudely too.

People may say that I am biased, but I have noticed over the years that almost all young Jew and even part-Jew children seem to be rude, insolent or simply lacking in normal human courtesy. It certainly seems to be a fairly common trait. I have to admit that, over the years, the phrase “the simulacrum of the human” has entered my mind…

Children denouncing adults who are not compliant (or may not be) with (probably legally-invalid) governmental decrees? As Hitchens says elsewhere, reminiscent of Pavel Morozov…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlik_Morozov]

14 thoughts on “Diary blog, 1 October 2020, including news about the fake charity known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism””

  1. Hello Ian!

    You should not be surprised about the morons arguing on BBC Radio since: A) That is the prevailing mindset of the British people. B) These people are surely screened and hand-picked to ensure a “correct” opinion and message.

    Better late than never, that stupid and pathetic TV show called “Have I Got News From You?” has been cancelled. Unfortunately, it has earned lots of money to their deplorable presenters, the politically-correct scumbags known as Paul Merton and Ian Hislop (or Hipslob). I remember the latter interviewing the great former leader of the BNP, John Tyndall, nearly 20 years ago. Of course, Hipslob was patronizing and hostile.

    Just one comment: Gideon Falter is not “talking to” Cressida Dick, he is actually “ordering” her. That is what these people do. They are natural bullies.


    1. Claudius:
      Of course the radio guests are screened first. No dissent allowed, beyond a small token.

      I would never allow myself to be “interviewed”. Look at Nick Griffin. Ambushed and all but defenceless.


  2. I have said it before but I will sat it yet again: SHUT THE EFF UP, Mr libertarian loony extremist Peter Hitchens! Your crazed libertarian lunacy is no way to deal with a easily transmitted and mostly AIRBORNE virus which has no vaccine or cure!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    If you continue to rant like this (no one having to deal with REALITY in power is taking you seriously by the way) then the only sensible course of action to take regarding you is to either do as the regime in Beijing would do ie a shot in the back of the head where your brain should be or to take you away to a mental hospital in a white coat!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    In a mental hospital (mind you, didn’t your libertarian loony heroine Maggie Thatcher close them all down under the ‘care in the community’ policy?) you can spout your inane theories to your heart’s content without boring the sane folk in this country!


  3. Ha, ha, the Labour Party STILL wonders why sane Britons don’t want to vote for them!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact the Labour Party hates white people in Britain, abhors our nation’s long and mostly distinguished history and frankly regards we natives as optional extras Britain could do without, disregards us totally and treats us as invisible ghosts?🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡

    We have enough loony-left globalism to deal with from the severely misnamed Conservative Party without your lot doubling-down on it!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      To me, Keir Starmer does not look like a Prime Minister. Less than less, in fact, though it is hardly surprising that Labour is now on top in the opinion polls, looking at the (other) bunch of clowns now in power. If the “Conservatives” were to ditch “Boris” and his pack of idiots, Labour would probably start to fade again.


  4. Many of those demonstrators at the Covid 19 denial demonstration in Trafalgar Square have no reason to complain about their treatment. Certainly, if you go to a demonstration intent upon BREAKING THE LAW by not wearing a mask as so many of them did you shouldn’t be whinging.🙄

    I wonder why Peter Hitchens was not there? Too much of an effort by any chance? Was he scared of potentially catching a virus from those which he has done his level best to incite to BREAK THE LAW by not wearing a mask?🙄

    It is a shame he didn’t have the courage of his loony convictions attending it as I would have paid good money to see his head cracked-in by the Met’s finest!

    That being said, the police should NOT be so biased when it comes to policing demonstrations and SHOULD have treated the anti white racist BLM mob the SAME!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. A further indication of the Labour Party’s loony-left globalist nature: I saw the other day that a leading figure in the party has suggested that Labour should, “put Britain First” in order to win back the trust of voters in the marginal seats.

    This was reported on that ‘Britain Elects’ Twitter account and this remark hasn’t gone down well amongst many of their party members and supporters. They are very angered by it.


  6. Yes, Labour Party loonies I know the slogan was first used by Sir Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists (BUF) and it even appeared on the front cover of a Conservative Party manifesto once (not that they ever put the sentiment into effect) but at its root it is a simple expression of basic British patriotism so why are you so allergic to it? It isn’t as if it is a new plague or something!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  7. Indeed, declaring his whole hearted support for a grotesquely ugly monument which will destroy the great setting of the world famous WORLD HERITAGE SITE of the British Houses of Parliament is nothing less than informed people would expect of Sir Keir Starmer.

    Yes, completely out of touch, Champagne Globalist Sir Keir kowtow continuously to a tiny and overly influential ethnic minority whilst ignoring and treating with profound contempt your hated and much more numerous British goyim!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬


  8. I am not normally an advocate of vandalism or criminal damage but I hope if that eyesore gets built then someone or some people use hammers etc to smash it up or that a lightening strike hits it and it gets severely damaged. Not only is it utterly hideous it is an appalling demonstration of Jew Zionist supremacy and power over we lowly British goyim (‘cattle’ in their religion).

    If only we had true Tories like this one nowdays to speak-up for we goyim and oppose their power and this awful architectural monstrosity:


    They don’t make ‘Old Etonians’ like that anymore! Unfortunately, Eton College only turns out people like Boris!🤬😞☹️

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ha, ha, so even the pro Israel Zionist Jew, Nick Cohen, has his uses at times! Well done Nick for putting loony libertarian fantasy land inhabiter Peter Hitchens in his place.

    Also, well done to your child for denouncing the lawbreaker though you should have explained to your child that SOME deserved cases of people ARE correctly exempted from the regulations.

    Peter is a disgrace for encouraging and giving succour to lawbreakers through his pseudo intellectual arguments. As a journalist for a widely circulated newspaper he should know he is in a position which comes with some responsibility attached to it.🙄🤬🤬😡😡


  10. The Tory above needs to know Nick Cohen’s ethnic origin and support for Zionism may well have had something to do with his wrong from Britain’s point of view eagerness for Bliar’s stupid and disastrous adventure in Iraq and in the ‘good old days’ of the 1930’s to even the 1970’s the Tories would have been at least slightly suspicious of Jews pushing for Britain to get involved in wars but now they are bad as Labour etc in not willing to acknowledge that Jew Zionists often have interests that differ from the native ‘goyim’ of Britain and that Jew Zionists often act like a ‘nation within a nation’.

    Saying that, Nick Cohen does seem to have the right ideas about this Covid 19 situation.


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