Diary Blog, 2 October 2020, including thoughts about Trump and the U.S. Presidential Election 2020

Trump and “the virus”

Just thinking about how this latest news about Trump and Melania will play politically. Already I have seen opinions to the effect that Trump does not really have “the virus” and that Boris-idiot likewise never had it. Maybe so, but my inclination is to believe that both had/have it.

In respect of Trump, what matters is whether he recovers or not. If not, then (obviously) he will not win the upcoming election because he will be dead. In that event, Mike Pence would have every chance of beating Joe Biden and winning the Presidency for the Republican Party.

The more likely event is that Trump will recover. In the world as a whole, only one person has died so far out of every 8,000. In the USA, there have been (as the BBC and Sky keep telling us, usually without giving the per capita context…) about 200,000 or so deaths; that, though, is out of a population of about 330,000,000. 1 death out of every 1,500 or so of the population. In respect of known (tested) cases, nearly 5 million cases and, of those, 96% (4,737,000 approx) recovered; about 4% died: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

Trump is 74, overweight etc, and so in a generally more vulnerable than average category. However, the odds are that he will recover. So how does that play?

In my view, Trump getting “the virus” and then recovering would boost his standing considerably. It would validate what he has always said, and which is after all backed by the statistics: that in the USA, 96% of those who actually have had “Coronavirus” have recovered. Thus, while this virus is certainly a major public health threat, it is not the plague, not the Black Death, and society must not be shut down because of its existence.

Boris Johnson please note…

The US election is close, and not so easy to predict. The Electoral College electoral system is very odd, a very 18th Century idea of democracy. Each state has a number of Electoral College votes, based on the amount of population. Whichever candidate wins the most votes in each state gets all the Electoral College votes for that state (with two exceptions, Maine and Nebraska): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Electoral_College

Thus (as with the British electoral system based on MPs elected from constituencies), it is quite possible for a Presidential candidate to get a minority of the popular vote yet win the Presidency because that candidate has won a majority of the Electoral College votes. That is in fact what happened in 2016: Trump won a minority of the popular vote, but a majority of the Electoral College vote.

The bookmakers (in the UK) are making Joe Biden a close favourite over Trump, but it is still close enough to be uncertain. The demographics (increasing non-white populations in the US) favour the Democrats, but the majority is still small, though growing.

Superficially, Biden seems to have the election half-won, but I am not sure that Trump can be written off (assuming that he does not succumb to “the virus”). Trump’s handling of the virus situation is a major card for the Democrats. If Trump himself, at his age and in his condition of health and fitness, can pull through, that must strengthen his case on the virus and how to handle it, and would tend to back his preference for fully re-opening the economy.

There again, many white Americans especially will have been looking at the scenes of near-anarchy and even near civil war in some cities, and wondering whether Trump is not a better bet than Biden and the Democrats. After the recent “debate” shouting match, when (from what I have heard) Biden seemed almost ga-ga, this election may be very close indeed.


I see that msm commentators are using the (admittedly obvious) metaphor for “Boris” that I have been using of late in this blog, i.e. “a deflated balloon”. None that I have seen have described him also (as I have done) as a “sack of s***”, though! Not yet, at least. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8796623/JAN-MOIR-Ive-joined-bitter-flotilla-women-let-Boris-Johnson.html

I see that the public is now well and truly in agreement with my long-held view of “Boris”: “Johnson is all gong and no dinner; all hat and no cattle…” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/600271359.

Tweets seen

Soon, Europe must confront both Israel and the Zionists based in Europe. The Arabs —and Muslims generally— are likewise antipathetic to European race and culture. We need a pan-European “third way”, linked to the people of Russia and to their future.

Crony capitalists ripping off the US taxpayer. The same or similar happens in the UK.

Yes. Most countries too have not adopted the so-called “International Definition” of “Antisemitism”. It’s a Jew-Zionist scam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Definition_of_Antisemitism

In fact, only about 20 states have adopted the so-called “Definition”; out of about 200 states in the world.

As for corrupt little pissant Robert Jenrick, member of Conservative Friends of Israel, he is completely (((suborned))). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Jenrick#Controversies. He is married to a Jewish woman, a property lawyer, and their children are being brought up as Jewish. In fact, Jenrick has a lot in common with Keir Starmer.

Musical interlude (time for an early-afternoon nap)


I happened to see this video, made in July 2020:

This one too:

I myself would never waste time “debating” with such [redacted because of the lack of freedom of expression in the UK]. In fact, I would not bother to “debate” with most white British people either. I am here to put forward my own views, ideas and policies, uncompromisingly. “Debates” tend to produce heat but no light, as on the pathetic BBC Question Time. A show for the entertainment of people with little better to do.

I know that I am not alone in noticing that TV ads in the UK are now even more than heretobefore the vehicle for racemixing propaganda. Almost every ad now is replete with blacks and other non-whites, as well as the TV “families” with the white (often blonde) woman, the black man, and the mixed-race children.

Who do you think is behind all this? You know who…(((the you-know-who))).

All part of “the Plan” (the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan)…


Stray thought

Those people who say “I have lost a son/daughter/father/mother/grandparent/significant other to Coronavirus, so please do XYZ, and do not be COVID-19 deniers” are like people who say “I have lost [whoever] because of a traffic accident, so please never drive a car except at below 10 mph, and do not be traffic accident deniers“. Except that no-one sane ever says the latter, because such a suggestion would be seen as wildly disproportionate, as well as importing emotional blackmail into what should be a reasoned argument.

More tweets seen

Pleasant sentiments, but I noticed that that tweet was retweeted by Jew-Zionist fanatic and Twitter troll “@frankiescar” (real name Andrew Roberjot, apparently a failed businessman of some kind and now a “legal people” groupie, though not legally-qualified, I believe), someone so unpleasant that he actually turned up to gloat when I appeared at the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal (I was disbarred thanks to a pack of Jews, most of whom were known to him): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

That is, so to speak, “very Twitter”, people who tweet or retweet all sorts of beautiful sentiments, while behaving like shits. Virtue-signallers. Fakes.

More tweets seen

A pseudonymous but obviously Jew-Zionist Twitter account, tied in with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” criminals, and making dark, if obscure, threats. In fact, I seem to recall “@badscooter” making the very same or very similar threats as long ago as 2012 or thereabouts. This is the kind of tweeter that the Metropolitan Police should investigate. If not, perhaps someone with money can discover his identity via civil litigation (e.g. via methods such as a Norwich Pharmacal order: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_Pharmacal_order).

Meanwhile, badscooter’s Twitter friend and fellow criminal, “@nathanjoseph198”, has just gone up the Twitter chimney: https://twitter.com/nathanjoseph198.

More tweets

Censorship and banning (etc) is becoming the norm. The “West” used to stand for freedom, more or less. No longer.

Britain is a country the governmental policies of which are driven largely by lobbies: the Jew-Zionist lobby, the subsidized-farming lobby, the banking lobby, and so on; in this case, the defence procurement and military lobby. One can however oppose, say, the military-industrial lobby, or the subsidized farming lobby, without being hostile to either defence or agriculture.

I vaguely remember “@JimmySecUK”, one of a number of insolent and ignorant bastards who were put in their place by me (and blocked me) on Twitter. Britain is full of these would-be “defence and security” “experts”, often armed with degrees from places that offer obscure “security and intelligence” or “international relations” courses; Exeter, Lancaster, KCL etc. This particular “expert”, or postgraduate student, or whatever he is, is very tied in with the Zionist/Israel/NWO/”interventionism” cabal on Twitter.

An enemy of European race and culture

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/01/white-supremacist-protest-activism-emily-gorcenski; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Gorcenski

Late music

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 October 2020, including thoughts about Trump and the U.S. Presidential Election 2020”

  1. So Trump has Covid-19 and so does his wife! Whilst she doesn’t deserve to have it I can’t say the same for him. After all, he has consistently downplayed it since this crisis began and 200,000 plus wholly innocent Americans both old and young have paid a very heavy price for his libertarian stupidity.

    Whilst I don’t normally wish for anyone to catch the virus or to die from it or any other cause short of some kinds of murderers getting their just desserts via a hanging I wouldn’t be averse to seeing Peter Hitchens the loony libertarian Covid-19 denier getting it and dying from it.

    That would be just punishment from the Lord for his utterly disgraceful and constant undermining of the national effort against this very serious and dangerous viral pandemic. I have no doubt that some people in this country have died because he encouraged them to take little or no notice of the precautions so that either they died or they caught Covid 19 survived and then passed it on to someone else. Peter Hitchens is an utterly irresponsible cretin who should be thoroughly ashamed of himself and should be severely punished.


  2. I wouldn’t be sad to see Frazer Nelson get it and die from it as well.

    He is yet another libertarian moron who is too thick to realise that his degenerate political philosophy that makes a virtue out of complete personal freedom at all times is wholly impractical in the face of a worldwide viral pandemic.

    Frazer Nelson is an utter degenerate. He is so much one of these immoral libertarians that he wants to give yet another amnesty to illegal immigrants because to a libertarian like him exercising the power and authority of the state in that way is a terrible symbol of ‘big government’. Libertarians are obsessed completely with this idea that ‘big government’ is an evil that must be avoided at all times regardless of circumstances or needs even to the extent of exercising important and necessary powers of the state such as border control.

    These people have infiltrated the Conservative Party en mass since the 1970’s and it is this loony fear of ‘big government’ that is the principle reason why the Tories DON’T control our borders properly.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Leaving aside “the virus” etc, Fraser Nelson is a pseudo-“Conservative” greaseball and smarm-lizard. He blocked me on Twitter because he disliked my views *about* him (never said anything *to* him). The Spectator is just part of the Judenpresse…


      1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised at his actions there. These libertarian neo conservatives are not always exactly consistent with a supposed libertarian belief in freedom of speech!🙄🙄🙄

        Yes, Frazer Nelson, is undoubtedly a libertarian neo-Conservative ie a FAKE REAL TORY. He is the kind of Scotsman who makes me wish for Scottish independence though that is a concept I normally oppose since I don’t wish to see the break-up of one of the world’s greatest countries.


  3. I am not surprised at all to find that a very large number of the critics of the lockdown and the other social distancing regulations Boris and his government have introduced are to be found with the ranks of those who adhere to this mostly loony, degenerate, anarchy promoting, socially disruptive, and inherently selfish alien import of a political philosophy.

    Libertarians have the courage of your weird convictions by forming your OWN party and get OUT of the Conservative Party!


  4. This ‘we must have freedom from big government’ political philosophy only has any real relevance and intellectual credibility in two areas of government and they are: 1.) The most basic kinds of civil liberties ie freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly etc though you could say that is already covered by classical British liberalism rather than US libertarianism and 2.) most of the rights that LGBT people now have in Britain.


  5. Forgive me if I am wrong in this but I always thought encouraging someone to break the law was a criminal offence by itself? On that basis, why is action not being taken against the likes of Peter Hitchens? By his tweets and articles he is actively encouraging people to break the Covid 19 regulations which are not mere recommendations from government but the LAW OF THE LAND and have been for quite some time now.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      First of all the “Covid-19” “regulations” have very doubtful legal status, in fact. Secondly, a general encouragement to break even a valid law is not necessarily unlawful, e.g. “I propose that everyone commits perjury as soon as possible.” I am sure that you see my point.


  6. Stop whinging, Mr Hitchens! We DON’T have a lockdown at the moment! We have some fairly mild social distancing regulations/LAWS which have had to be imposed to cope with a worldwide viral pandemic and because the government DID TRY your approach in March which lost us some valuable time AND LIVES because mere recommendations DIDN’T work as far too many selfish and irresponsible people contemptuously ignored them!🤬😡


  7. Peter, IF too many people become influenced by your blatant irresponsibility and they willingly break the regulations and set-off myriad new chains of infection then Boris will have little alternative but to go on national tv and impose a new national lockdown thereby acting like the ‘Grinch At Christmas’. Christmas will have to be formally cancelled through your irresponsible behaviour and that of people you have encouraged to break the regulations and I don’t think that should make people like you popular with the majority of people who find Christmas to be a normally joyous time of the year.🤬😡😞☹️


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