Diary Blog, 3-4 October 2020

The wicked flourish like the green bay tree

The wicked flourish like the green bay tree, indeed…That bitch should be really grateful to her inept and stupid (and, arguende, over-sentenced) husband. Not only has she got shot of a husband with whom she was probably bored anyway, but she managed to take over his position as MP and now, it appears, sold her story to the Press for £25,000! As good as the plot of a cheap novel by one or another disgraced Conservative MP…

As to why I think that Elphicke was over-sentenced (probably the only thing with which I might agree with Natalie Elphicke), when you look at what Elphicke actually did, it amounted to making very inept attempts to seduce three women. His actions make “cringeworthy” reading, but being a complete idiot and rather unpleasant is not a crime. If it were, there would be few MPs left (yay! ha ha!).

More seriously, a sentence of a month, or a couple of months, would have been enough to mark the badness of his actions. He would still have lost his seat: while that would not have been automatic —the sentence has to be a year or more for that— there is no doubt that he would have gone, and probably within a few months.

There is much too much leniency in some sentencing, but also a great deal of over-sentencing. For example, we see daily in the tabloid or local Press, “she (and it is often a woman) was spared prison” (often but not always because the woman has a child). There are many male thugs too who are let off lightly.

I saw a report about how a gang of “people” attacked two policemen trying to arrest a motor thief, and poured petrol on them, but failed to find matches or a lighter. Sentence for the main perpetrator? 3 years, 9 months, so that one will be out in less than two years. Another got a short sentence, while a third was given a “community penalty”!

Jez Turner of the London Forum got a year for making a short speech! More than a quarter of what he would have got for trying to murder two policemen! (note: those criminals with the petrol were not actually charged with attempted murder; why not?).

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The video itself is nice; I could do without the repetitive and noisy musical soundtrack, though.

Quite! The Royal Navy now has a couple of dozen large vessels of various kinds. The Chinese Navy has many hundreds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Liberation_Army_Navy; the Russian Navy (always the least of that country’s armed forces) dozens if not more. As to the enormous power of the U.S. Navy, that is never in doubt: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Navy.

Again exactly right. From Roman times to our own, the position of an ally can quickly become that of a vassal. The two world wars, and particularly the unnecessary world struggle with the German Reich, killed Britain as a world power. Britain gave many of its bases overseas to the USA, and now many “British” bases (RAF bases) in Britain are really American bases. Britain is still America’s “unsinkable aircraft carrier“, in the words of Roosevelt.

He who has not the mark of the Beast cannot buy or sell…

This video from Laura Towler and Mark Collett is worth seeing. Laura’s account [from about 8 minutes in] of how her bank account was frozen (without right of access, appeal or much information), frozen because of her political views, is chilling.

That is the future that awaits. Dissidents will have their bank accounts closed and/or stolen, and you will be stuffed then even if you have cash for immediate necessities, because almost everything will require a debit or credit card. In the UK, it is halfway there already.

For a number of years, and until about 11 years ago, I used to stay in hotels (mainly in the UK) about 10 days per month, usually arranging things via Internet and paying by debit card. Once, I wanted to pay by cash when I was somewhere in England unexpectedly, and was told that I not only had to get permission to pay cash but also pay a deposit (about the same amount as, or maybe slightly less than, the cost of one night’s stay)!

I once went to Hong Kong without more than a small amount of cash, only a debit card and a credit card. The organization operating the debit card (a major bank) had a serious technical problem that affected much of East Asia. I was unable to use that card. Fortunately, I had the credit card too, and my suite at the Sheraton in Kowloon was paid for in advance, but under other circumstances I might have been stuck for days, without shelter or food.

Imagine a future where there is no cash. You are then entirely dependent on the centralized money power. You can become an unperson overnight, unable to pay utility bills, get fuel for your car, food for yourself, and so on.

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4 October 2020

Coronavirus UK


The true face of the UN and NWO

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All very true, but the eternal bleat of the self-describing “Left” is a function of weakness. No programme, no policy, no power, just a continual “it’s unfair” bleat.

The above idiot tweeter (a teacher…wouldn’t you know? Almost a guarantee of ignorance) thinks that the importation of millions of immigrants, and their having bred for decades now, resulting in a population of over 70 million, compared to 56 million in the 1990s, has nothing to do with homelessness! Oh, no, nothing at all! It’s all the fault of government! Didn’t you know? It is the fault of government, failing to wave a magic wand to solve the (homelessness and housing) problem(s).

Well, when government has waved a magic wand to solve the terrible and increasing housing problems in the UK, perhaps tweeter “@JamieKay22” can get government to wave that wand for a second time, and thus magically transform the migrant-invaders of all sorts (and their UK-born offspring), almost all of whom are totally useless, and totally unemployable, into the brain surgeons, nurses, entrepreneurs and public service staff that we are always being told that they are…

Here’s another gem from “@JamieKay22”:

Well, my grandfather fought in WW2 (France/Dunkirk and, later, Burma). He was older than average, having been born in 1901. Even someone who was 18 in 1944 and so might just have served in, or even actually “fought” in, WW2 by the time it ended (Spring 1945), would have to have been born no later than 1926. In other words, such a person would now be at least 94 years old.

What evidence is there that the few surviving “veterans” of WW2, 94+ years old, are “anti-racists”, let alone “Remainers”? None. Typical pseudo-socialist drivel. Yet note how many similar types have “liked” that last tweet. Hundreds…

Incidentally, that tweeter has no less than 37,000 Twitter followers (over 10x more than I had when the Jewish lobby had me expelled from Twitter in 2018). Another indication of how pointless Twitter is as a tool of real influence.

Seems that “@JamieKay22” does not like the truth being said; see below:

To recycle the words of Enoch Powell, Britain “must be mad, literally mad“, to allow this continuing invasion. What Powell did not understand is that the System is actually colluding in the invasion: https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi.

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Meanwhile, on the mental health front…

I just hope that her derangement does not result in anyone getting poisoned at the fried chicken joint where she probably works…

A reminder about the existence of Jud Suss [The Jew Suss], a German film of 1940 (remake of a 1934 one), which is now banned by the BBC, other TV channels, and even YouTube, despite it having been based on real historical events in the Germany of the 18th Century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jud_S%C3%BC%C3%9F.

I once had a copy of a booklet which listed all the “antisemitic” famous composers, writers, artists, scientists, inventors etc of Europe. Hundreds. Most people who are educated and intelligent enough to think for themselves see the problem.

Without judging the judge, he might have stayed, in order to mete out the very harshest measures and sentences to the abusers. Maximum, every time.

Quite right.

I have blogged about this numerous times. See: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/

A very significant cultural figure, influential in his day and later. I once had a lease of a house in Cornwall with (originally) 26 bedrooms. In the entrance hall or Outer Hall, there was panelling to head height, and above that original William Morris wallpaper, though sadly decayed thanks to over a century of the damp Cornish climate, and neglect.

More tweets seen

This “Femi Sorry” person is a UK-born Nigerian who has been pushed and puffed by the System merely because he can string a few words together, and because there is now a campaign for more blacks in the msm and politics (despite the proportion on TV and in the Commons being in fact at least as great as that in the population).

“Femi” has parents who both have well-paid positions in the NHS, his father being a surgeon, his mother a paediatrician.

“Femi” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femi_Oluwole] apparently “worked in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and human rights agencies” for a few years, presumably as a “gopher”. He “gave up his job” (whatever that was; teaboy?) at age 27 in order to campaign against Brexit. His Wikipedia entry does not point out that his organization, “Our Future Our Choice”, was bankrolled by an EU-funded entity.

Wikipedia: “Oluwole regularly appeared in the media during the process of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.[16][17] Oluwole has written for The Independent,[18] The Guardian,[19] and the Metro,[20] and is a regular guest on Talkradio.” “Femi” has also attacked “antisemitism”, apparently. Ah, I think we can see who or what is pulling the strings of this puppet…

In fact, the tweet from “@CentralReserva9” is slightly unfair. “Femi” is still only 30. Perhaps he hopes that Keir Starmer Labour will eventually ask him to become a Labour Party MP. Alternatively, that he can build on his now-weekly appearance on the Sky News talking head show, which features such as Nick Ferrari and Rachel Johnson.

“Femi” tweets fairly often (as I write, several times in one hour) and has about a quarter of a million “followers” on Twitter. I should imagine that his real political influence is close to zero, but it says a lot about the naivety of so many self-describing “Left” people on Twitter that they see him as some sort of, so to speak, “great white hope”. After all, what has he ever done, really? Blagged a fairly soft degree (from Nottingham) in French and Law, worked in very minor jobs for about 3-4 years, then —thanks to the support of the EU and his own parents (in whose home he was and maybe still is living)— presented himself as anti-Brexit “youth” figurehead.

I should add that the financial support for “Our Future Our Choice” must have been considerable. During the Referendum campaign, it had offices in a Westminster building that also housed departments of the Labour and Conservative parties, and offices of major transnational enterprises and organizations. Someone laid out quite a bit of money for this puppet.

The above says something about more than just one System-approved talking head. It goes to the way in which what is on TV and radio is presented to the general public. Put “Femi” with Nick Ferrari, maybe Rachel Johnson and a few others, and you have the semblance of a “diverse” discussion, whereas in reality it is as controlled as a Punch and Judy show.

ps. Seems that I am not the only person who wants to tell irrelevant little “Femi” to shut up and get lost (preferably out of both the UK and the rest of Europe):

Hitchens is quite wrong. Abstention, even organized abstention, does not affect the System, because it will then just be said that “people have a right to vote; if they fail to exercise that right, then they cannot complain”. Already only about two-thirds bother to vote in general elections in the UK; in by-elections, sometimes as few as a fifth vote. In local elections, so few vote that a handful of voters (a few dozen) can change the outcome.

It might be the case that if 90% or more were to boycott general elections, there would be enough pressure to change the electoral system etc, but such an event is unlikely to happen.

…and even Peter Hitchens has never alleged (as others have) that Tony Blair, as a student, was actually arrested, charged and convicted (on a guilty plea) on a charge of gross indecency in a public loo, but (allegedly again) gave a false name, and so escaped any negative career consequences.

I think that those allegations say that Blair came up before the “beak” at Great Marlborough Street Mags (Magistrates) in London, where I appeared a couple of times as Counsel when I was still a “second-six” Bar pupil, i.e. a pretty green recent-trainee barrister. I think that both of my appearances related to theft charges, though.

Ah. I see that others cite Bow Street Mags, the historic and now closed mags’ court which was opposite the Royal Opera House. I also appeared there a couple of times as Counsel, circa 1993. There seems to be little hard evidence against Blair, though: http://ukchildabuseinquiry.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-alleged-cottaging-conviction-of.html; https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/charles_lyntons_convictions

This is interesting: http://sexoffendersinpositionsofpower.blogspot.com/2011/04/tony-blair.html

I have blogged on previous occasions [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/] about Mike Stuchbery, who keeps making empty threats about suing me in libel. Hardy ha ha…Even less chance of that than of his suing Tommy Robinson (in respect of which Stuchbery, his cohort Roanna Carleton-Taylor of Derbyshire —“@AntiFashWitch” on Twitter— and a Pakistani back-room solicitor extracted over £11,000 from mugs via GoFundMe…https://www.gofundme.com/f/sue-tommy-robinson.


So there it is. Trump is 74, unfit, very overweight, has had “the virus”, yet has only been in hospital a couple of days and is likely to be discharged tomorrow. He personifies the opposition to the “panicdemic”. His wife, Melania, has not even been hospitalized. Yet the fearmongers have had societies and economies across the world shut down because of this virus which, worldwide, has killed only 1 out of every 8,000 people. Madness.

Covid-19 “Coronavirus”

Beware of official statistics, cause-of-death statistics in particular…

Image preview


Also nice…

More tweets

Andew Neil should read my previous blog posts in which I examine the phenomenon. It comes down to political infantilism.

The people who are usually Twitter pseudo-socialists are basically politically naive. They think that mass immigration can be combined with high pay, high State benefits, a decent NHS and a viable national future. They think that they support “freedom” yet want to remove the free speech rights of those whom they deem “Nazi”, “fascist”, “racist” etc etc. They think that the “lockdown” and facemask nonsense is essential, should be stricter, and will have little effect on the economy (or all those high salaries and State benefits they also want…). They love being told what to do, love the restrictions on liberty; they also (quelle surprise) love the EU.

Sadly, I am no longer on Twitter (thanks to the Jew lobby that Andrew Neil usually seems to support). Maybe someone else can tweet my views to him…

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3-4 October 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I may sound paranoid but I think is all too real and this is NOT a coincidence. The enemy is striking in its usual devious, hateful way. English patriots are being targeted by the f… banks. Watch the video from minute 8.00 to 14.00 and you may be shocked by what happened to Laura, it is a sample of what is in store for those who challenge the system.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I shall post the video on my blog.

      That is the future that awaits. Dissidents will have their bank accounts closed and/or stolen, and you will be stuffed then even if you have cash for immediate necessities, because almost everything will require a debit or credit card. In the UK, it is halfway there already. About 15 years ago, I used to stay in hotels in the UK (mainly) about 10 days per month, usually arranging things via Internet and paying by debit card. Once, I wanted to pay by cash when I was somewhere unexpectedly, and was told that I had to get permission to pay cash and also pay a deposit (about the same as the cost of one night’s stay)!

      Imagine a future where there *is* no cash. You are then entirely dependent on the centralized money power. You can become an unperson overnight.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The freezing of bank accounts is actually nothing new. In 2014 the HSBC decided to freeze the account of the Finsbury Park mosque based upon a terrorist listing on the World Check database which was in turn supplied by FInancial information company Thomson Reuters who subsequently were sued successfully in the High Court and were ordered to remove their false information and pay the mosque’s legal costs along with an apology. The journalist Peter Oborne did some investigative work around this area and this should be the first point of research for anyone affected. Similar issues affected Marine le Pen’s Front National some years back. (I would imagine Laura Towler will also find difficulty should she ever decide to travel out of the UK and return through UK Customs)


    1. DJF:
      Thank you. I suppose that the difference is that the Finsbury Park Mosque and the Front National were and are high-profile targets, whereas Laura Towler is not far from being an ordinary member of the public, someone who has a job, it seems, and who is dependent on her pay. If she can be targeted, anyone can be and perhaps will be, somewhere down the line.

      Of course, Laura Towler is prominent in “Patriotic Alternative” but I myself only became aware of her quite recently, and I do not think that it can besaid that she is a public figure at this time.

      Looking at others who have lost their bank accounts or been told off by banks and supermarkets recently, it seems clear that we are looking at a near future when dissenters will become social outcasts, unable to bank, get mortgages, even shop (eventually).


      1. Ian I think there are a number of points around this. Assuming the reason for the draconian closure of Towler’s bank account was based upon a terrorism category, the actual process by which her bank arrived at the decision is by way of devolved agency i.e. reliant on information given to it by World Check who, in turn, were supplied, in the Finsbury Mosque case unsubstantiated information by Thomson Reuters. The decision making is effectively outsourced to sub-contractors providing the Bank with some measure of legal and reputational protection (HSBC were not the ones apologising). In the same manner a solicitor’s firm will often engage an “enquiry agent” to process some of the less savoury aspects of litigation. So the first point is who is actually responsible for this? The bank itself? Or those who have provided the information upon which the bank has acted. This point becomes important when we consider what might happen if Towler decides to take her bank to Court in the same manner as Finsbury Mosque. In that instance the Mosque was able to negate the alleged smears of terrorism because its primary purpose is for religious activity. Towler and others who openly use Mosleyite iconography or especially Third Reich imagery/graphics to underscore their political ideology immediately undermine their case that theirs is a non-terroristic political ideology as such imagery is now prima facie evidence of “glorification” under current anti-terrorism legislation. It is therefore by no means certain that an application by Towler for judicial review would actually succeed. Furthermore, I suspect the bank would be fully prepared for “adverse” publicity and may actually welcome it as a form of politically correct marketing! Even if Towler was to succeed legally (unlikely) the Bank would win politically as an Antifa bank! The moral is that this is not a game, these young people are like children playing on a motorway.


      2. DJF:
        Thank you. I was unaware that Laura Towler was considering applying for a judicial review. I cannot see how that would be sustainable (I often appeared in the High Court on judicial review matters in the years 1993-1995).

        I see that the Finsbury Park Mosque legal action was in libel: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-38824925

        Laura Towler could try that route, expensive and risky though it is, but she might be better publicizing the injustice etc and finding a less censorious bank.


  3. Nick Griffin, being a supposed nationalist, should have more sense than to tweet his endorsement of those so-called ‘former’Marxists of Spiked.

    Spiked are libertarian, degenerate morons. Many ‘former’ Marxists dump Marxism and then find it incredibly easy to move to being libertarians instead. This shouldn’t come as a surprise really seeing as both Marxism and libertarianism are inherently anti-nationalist and globalist philosophies which have a view of humans and the world as a materialistic sphere only and man as an economic being and not a spiritual one.

    Nationalists should always be wary of ‘former’🙄 Marxists. Unsurprisingly, Peter Hitchens is , ahem, a ‘former’ one himself!🙄


  4. NIck Griffin should pipe down about the so-called ‘abuse’ of state power lest people think he is a loony libertarian degenerate. The government haven’t been abusing their power at all. If anything they are being too soft still ie the ‘rule of six’ .THAT is a nonsense. Being allowed to meet up to six people still gives the virus ample opportunity to spread as Dr Hillary Jones has said. It is time the government bit the bullet and reduced that to four people, three or even as few as two as the scientist Angela Merkel has done in Germany or we will still not gain sufficient control over the virus and Christmas will have to be formally cancelled.


    1. Or, m’Lord of Essex, abandon these silly and counterproductive “rules”, give people non-binding advice only, and *get this country moving again*…

      As things stand, a juggernaut of socio-economic pain is rolling towards us as this government tinkers with legally-questionable “rules” and diktats. Worldwide, “the virus” has killed 1 in 8,000 people; in the UK about 1 in 1,500. This does not justify the closing down of what was normal life.


      1. If governments had not taken action then there would have been MILLIONS of dead by now. I would prefer to take a lead from qualified SCIENTISTS like Angela Dorothea Merkel rather than whinging, boring, libertarian loony, Covid 19 effective deniers like Peter Hitchens who, as far as I am aware, has no training or background in SCIENCE or medicine like Dr Hillary Jones.

        The British Medical Association only a week or two ago said that the Swedish approach here wouldn’t work.


      2. Well, m’Lord of Essex, we shall never know for sure, but it seems unlikely that “millions” would ever be killed in the UK, because that would mean that at least 1 out of every 35 people in the population would fall victim (i.e. die) as against 1 in 1,500 at present. If my arithmetic is right, about 45x the present rate. Not very plausible.

        Hardly anyone under 60 is being killed by “the virus” but, as said previously, for me there is no choice anyway— society and its economy *has to be* opened up again, *whatever* the cost. I do not believe, though, that that cost would be as high as many claim.


  5. If Nick Griffin were PM he would have to have done pretty much what the present government has done though I would hope and believe he would have prevented a large part of the problem in this country by imposing ultra-tough travel restrictions to both non-EU and EU countries IN MARCH – something Priti effing Useless conspicuously failed to do and which pretty much all other Interior Ministers/Home Secretaries around the world did.🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    It is funny though not surprising to the politically well-informed as to why libertarian loony Peter Hitchens STILL hasn’t condemned the globalist open borders supporting fake Conservatives for failing to do that!🙄🙄🙄


  6. DJF: If you bothered to visit PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE’s website (www.patrioticalternative.org.uk) you would see that they do not employ any kind of National-Socialist imagery, neither do they use symbols connected with Sir Oswald Mosley and the BUF. They are sensible, decent patriots focused in the future, not the past.

    Having said that, regardless of what they may say or do they will be depicted as dangerous thugs guilty of “thought crime” and the average moronic Briton that gets his ideas from the media and TV would agree to that.

    As neither Laura nor any of his associates have ever advocated violence she may have very good grounds for a lawsuit since what the bank did to her is absolutely disgusting (I know of somewhat similar cases) and inexcusable. I only hope she will get a competent and intelligent barrister.


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