Diary Blog, 6 October 2020

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Yes, “they” do not like to be exposed as a political lobby, or even simply as Jews. Goebbels spoke about this nearly a century ago:

More about Halfon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Halfon#Israel_and_Judaism; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Halfon#Expenses-funded_affair; https://www.ft.com/content/4ed1a918-951a-11e5-ac15-0f7f7945adba

Details about the aforesaid “ho”, Alexandra Paterson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Halfon#Expenses-funded_affair; https://order-order.com/people/alexandra-paterson/; https://www.businessinsider.com/robert-halfon-admits-affair-with-alexandra-paterson-because-of-blackmail-2015-11?r=US&IR=T; https://www.ozy.com/the-new-and-the-next/alexandra-paterson-and-the-new-breed-of-young-tories/37317/

The “ho” had an affair with, inter alia, the Jew Halfon, which took place, on occasion, within the august precincts of the East India Club! I am surprised that Halfon was able to join in the first place. The Club’s founders must be rotating in their graves.

The Jew paid for his sleazy affair out of his MP expenses, too! As the Sun “newspaper” might put it, “bonking on the rates”: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/minister-put-sex-tryst-club-on-expenses-v77l09fq2sk

Halfon, another (((one))) who puts Israel first…http://www.jewishtelegraph.com/prof_101.html. It turns out that Halfon’s father is a Libyan Jew now resident in Israel.

Britain deserves better.

Incidentally, as to the “ho”, she has vanished without trace, it seems. That little clique all thought that they, having emerged from suburbia or —in a couple of cases— council estates, were about to become “Conservative” MPs. Well, one is apparently unemployed and/or living off his wife, another has blagged a job with the Henry Jackson Society but will never be an MP, that’s for sure; yet another “ho” works for the NHS (last heard of at Guy’s and St. Thomas’s NHS Trust, ordering loo paper and the like), while one became one of those peripheral online “journalists”, recycling political scuttlebutt. None will ever be MPs now.

Tweets seen

Some idiots are still bleating about how the “virus” situation has “brought people together” in “community”. Au contraire, the governmental fear propaganda campaign (not “the virus”, as such) has done the reverse— atomized society. In fact, at some higher conspiratorial level (beyond the incompetence of the Boris-idiot government of clowns), that may be entirely deliberate. A psychological experiment on the grand scale, preparing a later karmic future.

Indian “clever boy”, Rishi Sunak, who has just said that “balancing the books” (a meaningless phrase anyway as far as government is concerned) is “a sacred duty“. So he admits to worshipping the Golden Calf? Well, I suppose it makes more sense to him than it would to the ancient Jews. After all, sacred cows are native to India…

Boris-idiot has seen the Promised Land…

I heard a few minutes of the “Conservative Conference” (online farce) speech by the part-Jew public entertainer who now tries to fill the boots of a Prime Minister. What can I say? A house for every 20-something! A new Britain in a new world! Pigs flying! Everyone happy! Everyone productive!

More seriously, I have heard some shite from the past few holders of Britain’s highest political office, but Boris-idiot’s farrago of utter crap today really does take the biscuit!

More tweets seen

The tweeter above, one Rowland Manthorpe, is apparently the Technology Correspondent of Sky News. Is he really so enthralled by the torrent of shite that came out of “Boris” today? If he is so easily impressed, I have a bridge which he might be interested in buying! Two bridges in fact: one over the Thames, with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon cascading from it, and the other stretching from Scotland to Northern Ireland! Brigadoon-politics? Tomorrow, the magic village will disappear, until the next time reality is suspended…

Hitchens is baffled. There is no reason to be baffled. The UK has been running on empty for decades, certainly since the 1970s, arguably since 1945 in some ways. All the institutions of this country have decayed, been eaten away, until there is just the shell of this or that institution standing, but without real substance. The Bar, the Church, the Monarchy, Parliament (both Lords and Commons), the armed services, the universities, the school exam system— you name it. Even the Welfare State only exists “just about”.

There are no real and living institutions left to defend real rights and freedoms. Even the very concepts of “rights” and “freedoms” have been hollowed out and stuffed with trash. You have the “right” to engage in various once-illegal sexual practices, or to pull down a longstanding statue (of a white man, not of a black or brown), but not the freedom to speak freely about race, culture, religion or even history; you have the “freedom” to do this or that (whatever is inessential), but no right to defend that which is most valuable to you. You have the “freedom” to travel, in principle, but no right to do so except by complying with an ever-lengthening list of requirements. And so on.

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