Diary Blog, 7 October 2020

In the UK of 2020...

Twitter account “@SocialistVoice” (Scott Nelson, who was in the Labour Party until the Jew-Zionists had him expelled) often used to retweet me (until the Jews had me expelled from Twitter in 2019). He seems still popular on Twitter (about 75,000 “followers”).

I might not agree with everything that “Socialist Voice” tweets, but I think that he is basically a decent person (and the Jew-Zionists hate him, which is a good sign).

Other tweets seen

We see the way that this is going: new laws beefing up the powers of police, officials, security and intelligence agencies; pay rises for police and medical profession etc. A germinal police state arising.

The tweeter below has not really thought about this:

Is it really so amazing? Starmer is a complete puppet of the Jewish/Zionist lobby. Since he took over the Labour Party, the Zionist lobby (in the msm, and in Parliament) has pretty much stopped its attacks on Labour, which were constant during Corbyn’s leadership. There again, look at the Boris-idiot government of clowns…

Just as the “Conservative” Party won the 2019 General Election by default, the “Labour” Party is now challenging the Cons not on Labour’s own merits but because the clownish incompetence of Boris-idiot and his bad joke Cabinet is so impossible for the public to miss.

Sadly, not all scientists are objective great brains searching for truth and new ways of looking at the physical world, just as not all priests and prelates are holy, not all academics are scholars, and not all politicians are wise and well-intentioned statesmen.

End the “panicdemic” now…

More tweets seen

Quite. Rupert Murdoch said, a few years ago now, that “the British Press is controlled by Jews” (and went on to say that Jews in the msm should be even more pro-Israel!).

Note that. Two different banks but both obviously controlled or influenced by the enemies of European race and culture.

One can say, with some truth, that ordinary political activity is not the only, or even best way forward, but it remains an important aspect of the whole. Young people (especially) may or may not join this or that party, but will still be influenced by what they read and hear on the website of any party which is social-national. That must be positive.

The BBC is just a kind of TV and radio puppet show, a “Moscow Radio” or “Pravda” now.

Oh, God! Professor Ferguson again! That idiot! Apparently, he is not even a medical man, let alone a virologist or epidemiologist; a physicist, it seems! The best thing he can do is shut up, go away, and focus on screwing his married “ho”. Stalin would have had him shot by now.

The problem with such people (the ones who regard anything before 2000 as a Dark Age, in the face of all evidence) is that when you argue or discuss society with them, you are not having an argument or discussion with someone whose world-view is based on facts or —still less— reality, but with someone who is both deluded and self-deluded, someone who prefers fantasy to reality.

As Hitler said of the Weimar Republic, “they want not only their daily bread but their daily illusion“…

[America-oriented but still pretty accurate]

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15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 October 2020”

  1. If the Tories are proposing to give the police more of a salary that is good and should be commended. The police are one of the most vital public services and they do need to have a decent wage as otherwise they would have a tendency towards becoming corrupt and that is very bad and no police force in the world should be able to be accused of being corrupt. We also need them to be decently paid so they can recruit able people who really want to be decent police officers.

    That being said they can’t be given too much of a salary increase in case it eats into the overall budget for the police too much and therefore we can’t increase the numbers of officers as much as we need to do.


  2. The Tories propose recruiting 20,000 police officers but that will only replace the numbers they stupidly sacked over the last ten years. It is NOT the increase we really need. To be frank, without harsher sentences consistently applied and taking into account this country’s dire crime situation we need many more new officers than that. London, otherwise known as Stab City Upon The Thames, needs that sort of recruitment level alone to deal with its increasingly steep descent into utter lawlessness.


      1. It is easy to conceive that possibility is unlikely but this is Trump we are talking about! He does need to have something to pull out of the hat as I think there is a pretty good likelihood he will lose. He might well poll strongly overall but lose quite a few of the key battleground states in their weird electoral college system. There is talk that Biden has a small but vital lead in the important state of Florida with its 29 electoral college votes (Trump narrowly won it in 2016) and that even Texas might not be a shoe-in for the Republican Party nominee as it has been for a long time now.

        Increasingly, staunch Republicans live in the wrong states with few electoral college votes ie places like South and North Dakota, Wyoming etc.


      2. Well, m’Lord of Essex, I do not take a huge detailed interest but, as said on previous occasions, am aware that a winning Presidential candidate can win by a supposed landslide when in terms of the popular vote he has about the same number of votes as the other candidate, just because of that absurd winner takes all Electoral College system (in 48 out of 50 states).

        America has now over 50% non-whites.The demographics are such as to favour the Democrats. Trump however has a tighter electoral base and one more likely to vote.

        It’s Biden’s race to lose, but I do not know enough to call it either way.


      3. As here with our crazy First Past The Post electoral system, with the Electoral College system it is important WHERE your support is located NOT how many voters you have. Mind you, as the US is a federal stare then the Electoral College may have some justification for it as it ensures the voices of the less populated states like Wyoming etc are not drowned out by states like California or New York.


      4. True, m’Lord if Essex, though when that Electoral College system was set up there *were* no remote states such as Wyoming, the era being prior to the Louisiana Purchase and to the addition of such states as Hawaii and Alaska.


  3. I am not sure how seriously the reach of the “long arm of the law” is understood by Nationalist activism, especially online activism. It is, and has been perfectly legal for sometime now for police and other agencies to allow their secret operatives (CHIS) to break the law when tasked with gaining information especially in relation to perceived threats to national security and or domestic terrorism. One example might be the creation of fake online profiles with the most outrageous “neo Nazi” graphics to post grossly offensive (and illegal) comments onto a Nationalist Youtube or Bitchute account seemingly to show agreement but in reality to smear. The presence of these comments is then used as “evidence” that the Nationalist account holder is responsible for “hate content” and, following the public outcry by the CAA or such other body, the account is taken down. However, more worryingly, if the State is allowed to increasingly break the law with both legal impunity and anonymity on the grounds of national security, are we not witnessing the virtual erosion of the defence of entrapment to vanishing point? How can a serious miscarriage of justice not occur if a state actor is allowed to approach you and goad you into agreeing with some outrageous comment and then turn “whistle-blower” leaving you, the unwitting “dupe” to face prosecution for something that would not otherwise have occurred but for the actions of the “CHIS” operative who not only walks away scot free but receives financial remuneration to boot for services rendered? (Current UK CHIS Regulations are available for all to read at the assets.publishing.service.gov.uk)


    1. DJF:
      Thank you. Good points, which may one day be considered by the Court of Appeal or even Supreme Court.

      It strikes me that, yes, in the past (especially between the wars and in the Second World War), intelligence and security services of the UK did do all those things, up to and including assassination, but to my mind there is a big difference between the State (and law) turning a blind eye to conveniet illegality, and actually approving it (in advance, at that). The latter may be less hypocritical, but is also shameless approval of wickedness; a slippery slope, too. The Israelis were there first (before the UK at least) in State-sanctioned murder, torture etc.

      Times are dark and getting darker…


  4. Julie Hartley-Brewer, I would much rather listen to Professor Ferguson than a truly DAFT pro-Brexit libertarian Tory bitch like you! You are only a lowly journalist for the moronic Tory comic ‘newspaper’ called the Daily Express which is such a simplistic rag that its so-called ‘journalists’ HAVE TO USE CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME on its website thus abusing the English language!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄☹️🙄😷🙄🙄🙄

    Go away, love, and get yourself an IQ level!🙄🙄🙄


  5. What qualifications do YOU have, Julie Hartley-Brewer to talk about ANYTHING let alone a viral outbreak that is still ravaging the world? You are only a thick, gobshite journalist! It is truely no coincidence that pretty much all those who are critical of lockdowns or taking ANY real actions against the virus are moronic Tory bitches like her or other libertarian Tory morons like Daniel Hannan he of the crazy idea to bring over 3 MILLION HK Chinese to build a ‘British’ HK on the supposedly protected landscape of the Isle of Wight,🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. Go away you silly woman! If only we could use the method of capital punishment they use in the Republic of Belarus to execute you namely a bullet in the back of the head.

    Stop being so irresponsible and encouraging people to break the regulations because if infections continue to rise more people will die and that will be partly YOUR FAULT , you cretinous, evil, braindead cow!

    Also, the government you did so much to help elect but are now not very supportive of (how FICKLE you ‘journalists’ are!🙄🙄🙄) will have to impose a new lockdown and then you WILL have something to whinge about!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  7. Remember !love! you are a lowly ‘journalist’ and in the estimation of most Britons that makes you officially a lower life form than a second hand car dealer according to many surveys of public opinion!🙄🙄


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