Diary Blog, 10 October 2020

US Presidential Election

Kevin McCullough [https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/Kevin_McCullough] predicted previous elections more accurately than others. His prediction:

The demographics favour the Democrats and Biden, but I would not necessarily write off Trump, whose own “virus” experience obviously bolsters his own views on the Coronavirus generally. It might be objected that everyone is different etc, but fact is, Trump is 74, in a poor state of health and fitness, yet has recovered in days and having had only minor treatment.

Most people are predicting a win for Biden, and for all I know they may be right, but I wonder whether that really will be the result. Still, whichever candidate wins, (((they))) will win…

A young country

In years, the USA is still relatively young, a fact underlined by the recent death of one Lyon Gardiner Tyler [https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2020/10/09/lyon-gardiner-tyler-historian-spanned-history-grandson-americas/], the grandson (yes, grandson, not great-grandson) of John Tyler, the 10th President of the USA, and who annexed Texas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Tyler

Historical U.S. map, 1843. Most of the eastern states have been established, while the western half remains loosely divided into territories. Mexico and the Republic of Texas share a disputed border.
[America as it was in the early to mid 1840s]

John Tyler was already 46 years old when the Battle of The Alamo occurred, in 1836. He became U.S. President at the age of 50, in 1841.

Imagine that…someone whose grandfather was born in 1790, during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and only months after the French Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille, has only just died! To me, it’s almost incredible. My own (maternal) grandfather was born in 1901.

For all that, in some respects the USA gives an old impression, one lacking in youthfulness. Its personification, after all, is an old man, “Uncle Sam”.

BBC World Service

I occasionally remind people, who perhaps never heard the BBC World Service in its 1970s/1980s heyday, how good it was, and how rubbish it now is. Last night, they had some spiteful-sounding black girl talking rubbish about the 1977 “battle” in Lewisham, London: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lewisham

Biased throughout, the 15-30 minute piece never attempted to give a balanced view, or any perspective. There was one main interviewee, a black man who was an “antifascist” activist at the time. Poor.

Never go back

They say “never go back“. Usually that is good advice. It can be disturbing to see again places once known, and even loved, changed. That can be so even when the changes have improved the place in question. All the same, there is a strange fascination in seeing again places you once knew well. Google Earth can be addictive in this regard. It is a peculiar feeling to see just how quickly the world changes. In 20, 30, 40, 50 years, an area can change out of all recognition. Fascinating but unsettling.

Tweets seen

Allegra Stratton might usefully take note of the above tweets.


Well, isn’t that interesting? No doubt a…co-incidence(?). All the same, it would tend to support the idea that “Covid-19” was created for a purpose, a purpose connected with the “Great Reset”…

Free Ursula Haverbeck!!

More tweets

The BBC too. Its output is now of incredibly low quality, something most obvious on the BBC News on television. Endless “interviews” on Skype with boring and usually non-white persons, very little foreign news and that mostly of little depth, or even casual interest. Without the “licence fee” (enforced tax), the BBC would just go out of business. The “licence fee” protects it, enables it to pay ex-footballers a million or two a year, newsreaders half a million a year and many others £300,000, £200,000 or whatever. No wonder most are unwilling to rock the boat by standing up for the future of European humanity!

Nuremberg, as it was…


Germany and Austria in 1938

Late music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 October 2020”

  1. Yes BBC World Service and the rest of the organisation is so biased now and with appalling output, I gave up on the BBC a long time ago. An institution that I once loved.


  2. I disagree profoundly with your opinion that Trump’s recent experience with Covid-19 bolsters his irresponsible handling and view of the virus which has so far cost the lives of 200,000 plus Americans. I assert this based-upon my opinion and that of many others around the world and in the US who don’t believe he had the virus in the first place. Quite simply, Trump’s so-called illness with it is (in his favourite phrase) FAKE NEWS!


    1. Well, m’Lord of Essex, whether that is so or not, Trump has gained electorally, I think, from his hospitalization. We shall not know whether enough or not until polling day.Looking at Trump, one would imagine that he has no chance…until you look at Biden!


  3. Watching the NBC Nightly News on YouTube can prove to be quite interesting at times I find. A few days ago I did this and saw a rather sad report on some silly sod who had listened too much to President Trump and put too much belief in him not wearing a mask so he did likewise and now he is dead after having been ill with Covid 19 for only a few days. His daughter said her father was a staunch Republican and big supporter of Trump so he believed that as he was the President he could be relied upon to not tell lies and that mask wearing was not important as Trump was not doing it at that stage.


    1. Please do tell us, do you wear your face nappy at night? Or in the morning shower? Or pottering about the garden mowing the lawn perhaps? Or whilst watching the news from Vietnam on your cable television?


  4. Very well said, Andrew Tjaardstra!🍷👌Yes, Peter has been incessantly whinging about mandatory mask wearing here and all other social distancing requirements yet he praises Japan! He forgets to mention that whilst Japan has had no lockdown as such Japs have been showing their usual patriotism by having a very high degree of social and national solidarity with each other and thereby voluntarily wearing facial masks. Being a sensible nation Japs have no truck with Peter’s selfish ‘Tory’ rabid individualism and libertarianism as they want to help their fellow Japs remain healthy and the country to stay strong prosper and get over the crisis quickly.


      1. Peter has been decrying the use of facial masks whether that is either mandatory or voluntary. He even goes as far as calling them ‘muzzles’ in order to conjure up images of a government not mandating them for practical and responsible national health reasons but to shut-up a bolshy population that likes their freedom of speech too much. That is childish.

        He likes to point to Japan as a success story yet refuses to acknowledge the fact they are wearing the masks en mass voluntarily which he is against and they also don’t whinge about and refuse to comply with other social distancing recommendations which he is also against.

        Put simply, Peter is irresponsible, wants there to be no effective measures against the virus to be taken and is doing what he does best ie write contrarian opinions for click bait purposes.🙄🙄🙄


  5. That electoral map above is interesting. I really can’t see Trump winning by that much even if he does pull it off Demographics is destiny and the fact is Republicans tend to increasingly live in the sparsely populated heartland states of America in the middle like Kansas, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota etc with few electoral college votes rather than the populated ones like Texas etc.

    If he wins he will only just get over the 270 Electoral College mark. That being said the state of Ohio is said to be extremely close and in play for him still and that could be a good omen since it is a classic ‘bellweather’’ state that has been won by the national victor since 1964.


    1. It occurs to me, m’Lord of Essex, that the USA is in one way like the UK, politically, in that people may well vote *against* rather than *for*. Trump may seem almost lunatic, but it may be that fear of what is *behind* Biden and Kamala Harris will result in votes for Trump.


      1. Indeed. It isn’t surprising that US presidential elections routinely have appalling turnouts eg I think the last one was only just over 50% when they have even less choice than we do!

        Both Republicans and Democrats are heavily influenced by the USA’s extremely powerful Zionist Jew/Israel First Lobby but Democrats are a bit worse for this. Also, the latter party is full of embittered Irish-Americans who seriously think they have real connections with that island! The REAL Irish in Ireland tend nowadays to laugh at them and call them ‘plastic Paddies’.😂👌😁😆😎


      2. Indeed, m’Lord of Essex, though the Republicans are now pretty much as (((infested))) as the Democrats. Look at the neo-con hawks, who have been around since the days of Ronnie Reagan.


  6. This Israel First/Zionist Jew Lobby that has such a powerful influence over America’s two main parties is one reason why I have always thought we in Britain. should keep a certain distance from America in our foreign policy.

    Although he has handled Covid-19 badly I hope Trump gets re-elected as the Republican Party tends to be a bit less anti-British than the Irish-American filled Democrats. Joe Biden has Irish-American heritage and could well have a chip on his shoulder towards us like Obama did.🤬😡

    It is good to see the US also have a President who has recent British ancestry.👌😀😁😎


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