Diary Blog, 11 October 2020

The msm campaign to push blacks in everything intensifies. Sky and Channel 4 now has “Black History Month“, despite the fact that “black history”, when set against the rich real history of both Europe and Asia (not to mention the pre-Columbian Americas), is at best peropheral.

I happened to be in Waitrose recently, and glanced at the magazines on sale there. There was one entitled Exploring History, which featured ancient Egypt. The headline? “Explore Africa’s iconic civilization“. Africa? Geographically, yes, but culturally, ethnically, racially, no. Again, there is a deliberate attempt, and has been for about 20-30 years, to call the North African countries, the countries north of the Sahara, simply “African”, when in most respects there is a fairly sharp dividing line between the countries and cultures of North Africa and those of “black Africa” south of the Sahara.

As a matter of fact, when scientists conducted DNA tests on the remains of Tutankhamun and others, it was discovered that their DNA was fairly similar to that of modern Europeans, speaking in broad terms; however, those ancient Egyptians had little DNA in common with the Egyptians of the present day.

If one spends time in Egypt, especially away from the cloistered tourist hotels, it becomes very obvious very soon that the modern Egyptians have little in common with their great ancestors…

Look at any police-connected Twitter accounts: all “black this, black that”. Propaganda from what is now a State/System militia.

Tweets seen

Not really. Cats add joy to life. Unlike most Jews.

Something more amusing:

Something less amusing:

Part-Jew, part-Turk/Levantine, a scribbler and public entertainer. Not a real Prime Minister at all. Not even a halfway-decent human being.

Obviously, I have no time for the “QAnon” people, but I do like their motto: “Where we go one, we go all“. Ungrammatical perhaps, but the sentiment is great. If only the best white British people really lived up to that, we the people would be defended, our enemies exterminated, and a decent future secured.

Muslims and Jews in Europe

Time to restate my view:

The Muslims in Europe and the Jews in Europe (as groups, not individuals) differ in their aims: the one group wishes all Europe to come to Islam; the other (as a “tribal” or ethnocentric religion) has no such aim, but wishes to control Europe for reasons of group profit and benefit.

More tweets seen

If there were an enemy dictator waiting for the right moment to strike, this would be it. Peak madness (?). Frightened young rabbits afraid to dance face to face even while wearing facemasks or muzzles.

Late music

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 October 2020”

  1. So what WILL work then, Mr incredibly sinister with the face scar to prove it Blairite globalist and anti-‘fascist’ violence applauding creep Dan Hodges? We are all ears!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Perhaps Priti effing Useless should have imposed ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country IN MARCH as the nationalist ‘Japan First’ former PM Shinzo Abe did with regard to his country?

    You being an anti-British New Labour globalist open borders supporting crank would have moaned about a sensible nationalist measure like that though!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. They are called FACIAL MASKS NOT ‘muzzles’ Mr Hitchens! PLEASE get the terminology right! You are supposed to be a journalist and your profession is supposed to be good with facts!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Yes, it is undoubtedly the case that Boris Johnson is a crap PM but we knew that he wouldn’t be a good one months if not years before now. Sadly, the more well informed Conservative Party members and voters are not as numerous as those who think Boris is any good.

    However, what frightens me is the Conservative Party doing what they are so good at namely knifing their own leader in the back and getting rid of him soon. Who will we have then? Thick, ever useless and proven Israeli agent Priti Patel or the Indian Sahib and extra from ‘Jewel In The Crown/A Passage To India’ Rishi Sunak?🙄😡🤬☹️😞


    1. As you say, m’Lord of Essex. “If not ‘Boris’, then who?”. Your favourite, Jeremy Hunt, must be one of the likely frontrunners. Obviously none of the present Cabinet are anything other than a waste of space (even leaving aside that most are Indians, Jews etc).


      1. If they as a party do one of the very few things they excel at ie stabbing their leader in the back and getting rid of him even though Boris has only been leader for a short period then I hope Jeremy Hunt is a candidate though I would understand it if he refused to stand since his party should have chosen him last year!

        If Jeremy Hunt had been PM then I believe he would have handled the situation better. He is one of the very few leading Torres with any brains and any real leadership abilities. Others are jokes in that regard as you say.


      2. Mind you, the situation is such that having another leadership election would be bad for the country and pretty obscene so the Conservative Party should just rectify their appalling error of last year and just hand the job of being party leader and PM to Jeremy Hunt immediately without an election. After all, he did come second last year!


  4. “Black History” is an oxymoron because to have a history you must have produced a civilization sophisticated enough as to have left behind buildings, monuments and writing (and this would have included literature, usually in the form of epic poetry). Blacks do not have ANYTHING to show for it. Sorry folks, it is not our fault.


    1. Claudius:
      I am not sure that I agree *completely* with that, inasmuch as it might be objected that some Aryan and/or European cultures have left few if any monuments, books etc. I am thinking, for example, of Sparta.

      Having said that, the known history of the black peoples (and history is not history if not known) is slight. There obviously were black cultures of some sort in West Africa, as there seem to have been in South-Central Africa. However, most of what we know of African history is really just a list of conquests and slaughters; little more. Shaka Zulu, for example.

      I do not think that we can shrink from describing European history and culture as superior, and the best of the blacks and browns agree with that assessment.


      1. Hello Ian: I agree with you, the Spartans, like the Vikings, did not produce anything worthwhile in the fields of culture or civilization but I was speaking for the Aryan people as a whole.

        Other ethnic groups that have produced elaborate civilizations are the Chinese and the Japanese. Apart from them, there is nothing worth remembering. The Arabs had a glorious heyday that lasted about four centuries, but after that, nothing has happened.

        The world as we know rests on the foundations created by the genius of the White man between 1750-1950. Blacks and browns had nothing to do with it, they only benefit from it.


  5. I don’t normally agree with Liberal Democrats apart from the need for genuine electoral reform (though I would differ with them over which system of PR is best for this country) and a few other aspects of constitutional reform but I do agree with Simon Leather’s tweet above. Yes, the government didn’t institute lockdown as early as they should have done to GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE, haven’t been strict enough at enforcing social distancing measures and have sent out messages that are weak and can be easily misinterpreted by too many.


    1. Well, as said previously, m’Lord of Essex, we disagree both about the seriousness of the health threat and about the efficacy (and legitimacy) of the government measures.


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