Diary Blog, 13 October 2020

Alison Chabloz

[Alison Chabloz]

The satirical singer-songwriter, Alison Chabloz, is still under attack from the Jew-Zionist element. The latest news is that she will be on trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 26 October 2020. Her application to dismiss the charge(s) on strict legal grounds will then be heard, presumably as a preliminary matter.

There is a strict limit on what I, even as uninvolved observer, can say at this time, the matter being quite shortly before the court, but I shall keep readers of this blog informed as to any developments of which I become aware.

If anyone in the London area would like to support Alison at court, address and transport details can be found here: https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/courts/westminster-magistrates-court

picture of the court or tribunal building
[Westminster Magistrates’ Court, 181 Marylebone Road, London NW1]

The hearing will start at 1000 hours, so if supporting Alison please be there as early as possible.

Foreign affairs

…and if any knocked up any (consenting) Norwegian women, eliminate both.

Coronavirus madness

I would not usually bother with Richard Littlejohn, but… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8832693/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Driven-fear-dodgy-science-bound-end-tiers.html

I happened to have to visit the small local hospital (not as patient) yesterday. As on another recent visit, the place was almost deserted. Patients all have to book appointments, that hospital has no A&E department, and no visitors are allowed (with the exception of a few like me). I was briefly seated in a waiting area with two muzzled ladies, one very old, the other maybe 70.

The very old lady started to talk about how terrible the “virus” situation was, and how it was “worse than the War“, that old chestnut. Well, she was about 80-90, so would have been either a baby or a small child, at most about 10-15, during that huge and unnecessary conflict. Anyway, she then droned on until I tentatively suggested that there are 8 thousand million people on the Earth, and 1 million have (supposedly) died from “the virus”. The old lady seemed bemused until I elucidated: one “virus” death out of every 8,000 people. Even then, I am not sure that she quite understood how few people have died worldwide from the virus, though she nodded, but the other lady then interjected, “I think that there is a lot of hysteria about all this“… Then I was summoned by a nurse, so the conversation ended there.

Anecdotal, and statistically meaningless. No argument about that. Still, when you see various people masked and quiet, you might think that all accept the System’s narrative. In reality, there may be many dissidents hiding behind those facemasks.

As for the “advisers” such as Professors Whitty, Ferguson etc, Stalin would already have had them shot. Here in the UK, we do not usually take such sanguinary measures, but those turbulent scientists should at the least be put back in their box.

So far, in 7-8 months, a total of 127 people under 40 have died from or with “the virus” in the UK. Out of 70 million people…The average age of death from/with “the virus” is 82.

I liked this comment from a Daily Mail reader: “Politicians are doing amateur science, and scientists are doing amateur politics.”

Migration-invasion: Sweden


Tweets seen


“The Great Replacement”…and “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”…

For once, I agree with Trump.

Whatever the true statistics might be, the point is that the “virus” situation has been folded in to the mix required by the international conspiracy, other elements being the whole “Greta Nut” climate panic, the LGBT-etc farrago, and the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. The conspiracy wants to get this rolling by 2022 and all stops are being pulled out to make it happen, from “holocaust” “memorials” (propaganda centres) constructed to dissidents arrested and/or repressed.

This is the person behind that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Khan_(activist)

Slava! If only there were more like her! Maybe there are, but unknown…

One might add that that is connected with the danger of relying on “social media” or any part of the Internet for a political foundation. As even the “controlled opposition” “alt-Right” wastes of space have found, the System can take away your prominence, even visibility, and Internet income very very quickly, leaving you an “unperson” of the digital age. Inter alia, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin) etc.

The most well-known and arguably most useless of these “paper tigers”, “Prison Planet” Watson, has had most of his outlets restored to him, so long as he toes the line…He has never defended my free speech rights, nor those of Alison Chabloz (persecuted and prosecuted) and Jez Turner (imprisoned). Oh, and Watson is always saying how much he loves the Jews…

(((Controlled))) opposition.

Only yesterday came the news that Facebook (i.e. the Jew Zuckerberg) will ban “holocaust” “denial” with immediate effect. Even that does not satisfy the Jewish lobby, who now want any and all criticism of Jews or their behaviour to be banned, under cover of the spurious “International Definition of Antisemitism” which in fact has been adopted by only about 20 out of about 200 states worldwide.

The only thing that matters is to command boots on the ground.

Musical interlude

Late tweets seen

Musical interlude

The stunning Sadie Marquardt:

Late amusement

Seems like Jew-Zionist troll and snoop “@badscooter” (aka “OG ABU POCH”) has finally gone up the chimney (though as yet only the Twitter chimney, sadly), following in the footsteps of his frequent (((interlocutor))) “@nathanjoseph198”, who went up the chimney a week ago. Both expelled from Twitter now, for casting dark (though empty) threats around. “What goes around comes around”…

More late tweets…

That has been my impression for some time.

The thread is worth reading.

Ecce the usual type of idiot useful to the Jew-Zionist lobby! That’s assuming that “John Sullivan” is not a Jew using a non-Jewish surname, of course.

“John Sullivan” is “not going to look up all these people” (of whom he has obviously never heard), because those people are (he assumes) “scum“! Idiot.

“John Sullivan” is, according to his Twitter profile, in California, but his method of expression sounds like someone with a British background.

At any rate, he is typical of the brainwashed who hate the fake history being questioned.

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 October 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Paul Joseph Watson is one of the worst cases of controlled opposition. Apart from his 2 or 3 videos attacking modern “art and architecture”, which are very good, the rest is just hot air. I remember how he moaned about the “suffering” of the Jews in Muslim-controlled France. Incidentally, I suspect he is queer, since he complained several times about “the brutality of Muslims towards homosexuals”. Let’s not forget he started as an assistant/employee of that pro-Jewish clown and shill Alex Jones.


    1. I don’t care whether or not Paul Watson is a gay man or not. That is not relevant. I do care that he appears to be a libertarian which is often a sign of real sickness in a person especially at the preset time in history as libertarian extremist Peter Hitchens amply demonstrates by writing tweet after tweet everyday to the point of utter nauseous tedium. .


  2. Libertarian loony, LGBT member not, Mr Paul Joseph Watson is right to condemn muslims for the way they so often treat LGB people. Too often, muslims are very brutal towards gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Many muslim countries treat them despicably which sometimes ends in them even executing them for being that way inclined such as Iran does. This is one reason why muslim immigration to Britain should be either banned outright or very severely restricted.


  3. Marine Le Pen has found some considerable political success by softening her father’s policies on LGBT people. The new stance adopted by her Rassemblement National (RN) (formerly the Front National (FN) has led to a surge in LGB support for her party.


  4. As for him saying Jews suffer from muslim treatment of them in France that is also true but most of it is down to muslim resentment of how Israel represses the Palestinians though it is also true to say that muslims pretty much dislike every other group in society not just Jews whether they are normal Jews or Zionist/pro Israel First fanatical ones or ordinary non-Jewish gentile Frenchmen and Frenchwomen. Muslims generally treat only their own kind well and deal with others with suspicion or hatred as the Koran teaches them to do. It is difficult if not impossible to successfully integrate large numbers of muslims into Western societies.


  5. So President Trump gets it wrong again!🙄 He should show a bit more concern for the health of the American people particularly the elderly many of whom are or were staunch Republican voters.

    According to the news report below a surge in cases is happening in many states and some of them are crucial ‘swing’ states like Wisconsin he has to hold to have any real iris chance of winning in November!


  6. There have been only a few general elections this year. South Korea has had one and its government was re-elected with a landslide victory for handling Covid 19 superbly well.

    New Zealand’s Labour-led government has also responded very well indeed and it may win on Saturday and it looks as if Jacinda Ardern may earn an overall majority for her party which would be the first time a single party would have done that since New Zealand dumped our archaic First Past The Post electoral system for the German-style Mixed Member Proportional Representation in 1996.


  7. Trump might well be this year’s biggest electoral casualty of the pandemic. It looks as if that may well be the case since he isn’t in a good position in the national polls or in the crucial swing states with even the normally solid Republican and non swing state of Iowa said to be at risk if falling to ‘sleepy Joe’.

    Some of the states where the cases are rising fastest are amongst the battleground ones and Trump is losing the support of crucial Republican voting in normal times older people in Florida which as it has 29 votes in the Electoral College and as these older people are an important part of the Republican Party base in that state may lead to his losing the presidency.


    1. Perhaps, m’Lord of Essex, but we have been here before, in 2016, and “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”…At present it does like like Biden has it, but whichever one wins, the ZOG reality will continue.


      1. Indeed. As Harold Wilson once famously remarked, “a week is a long time in politics.”so three weeks is an eternity. The election looks like it will have a larger turnout than normal which might help Trump’s party in some ways but could also help Biden with the black voters his party has such high support amongst turning-out to vote Democrat in larger numbers than they did for Hilary Clinton. That may be the crucial difference in the battleground states especially if Trump loses white support amongst older people in states like Florida.

        Yes, both parties are very heavily influenced by the many Zionist Israel First fanatics they have in the USA ie organisations like the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) but I’ve always believed this is especially true of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have more Jewish support than the Republicans.


      2. Well, m’Lord of Essex, the demographics and voter enrolment seem to have this in the bag for Biden, but I cannot rule out a fluke win for Trump. Also, Trump can point to successes: economic upturn until “Coronavirus” etc, and the Israel/UAE peace deal.


  8. If one looks at that NBC News programme above one can see a reporter from it detailing the disgraceful actions of blacks in London blatantly ignoring the restrictions and putting lives at risk. This is why I believe Peter Hitchens is so wrong in castigating the government for taking some mildly authoritarian measures to enforce social distancing.

    His libertarian ideals are wholly impractical in this crime ridden Third World cesspit called the United Kingdom and could only have worked in the 1950’s when London and other places were British cities.

    Mind you, I am not just criticising ethnics for disobeying the regulations with so much contempt but too many of our own people too.


  9. As a Briton, I find it embarrassing and shameful that a US tv news programme has broadcast that report to Americans saying we are the worst country in Europe for disobeying governmentally mandated social distancing regulations. We should all hang our heads in shame over that and it is this attitude that Peter Hitchens and his kind are effectively encouraging. This is one reason why we are having such difficulties with our national response to the pandemic whereas as homogeneous countries like Japan are not with their populations showing great national and social solidarity.


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