Diary Blog, 14 October 2020, including links re. the creation of a germinal ethnostate

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My policy? Break up estates larger than a certain acreage (depending on region: Scottish Highlands maybe 10,000 acres; South of England perhaps 1,000); ban kosher and halal slaughter; ban any form of cage or battery production of meat or fowl; no GM; promote organic and biodynamic; stop farm subsidies; reafforest the barren hills; stop building vast numbers of ugly houses in the countryside, and stop importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year; create trawl-free sea zones; create a “wildlife grid”. https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/the-british-countryside-under-the-future-ethnostate/; https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/07/rewilding-and-reafforestation-of-parts-of-the-uk/

Leon Black. A (((Zionist Jew))). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Black Every. Single. Time…

Griffin is right, in essence. I have blogged prolifically about this in the past:














As for Golden Dawn and Greece, the bamboozled Greeks voted for the fake “radical” self-described “Left” party, Syriza, which betrayed the Greek people, and left them helpless under ZOG/NWO rule (and international bank extortion). Syriza delivered the Greeks back into the hands of the System parties. The Greeks should have elected Golden Dawn…

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Even Peter Hitchens is getting it now. As Lenin said, “a revolution without firing squads is not worth much“…

What powers needed a “warm-up act” so that they could impose a kind of psycho-tyranny on the UK? NWO/ZOG. What was the chosen trigger? “Coronavirus”. Who was the (((chosen))) puppet? Boris-idiot.

As one sees in his tweets and writings, Hitchens is here again let down by his ingrained belief in the sanctity of “elections”, despite the fact that they are really just a rigged show for the masses.

Some highlights from the above article by Professor Dingwall:

“...advocacy of this so-called ‘circuit-breaker’ shows how some members of the scientific community have lost their sense of proportion. In essence, they want the entire wellbeing of the nation to be sacrificed on the altar of the fight against Covid.”

…it ignores the devastating social and economic impact of Covid restrictions, and exaggerates the threat the disease poses.

Of course we must seek to save the lives of those seriously affected by the coronavirus, but we must not be so narrow-minded as to forget people suffering from other conditions and the catastrophic effect of our approach on the economy.”

Despite all the hysteria, this is not a modern plague. In the week ending October 2, Covid accounted for just 3.2 per cent of all fatalities in British hospitals. Even with the recent rise in infections, Covid mortality levels are drastically lower now than at the peak of the pandemic in the spring.”

For those admitted to intensive care with Covid, the chances of survival have gone up to 80 per cent. Even for the very elderly, contracting it need not be a death sentence.

Contrary to the depressing propaganda, six in every seven people who are infected over the age of 90 actually survive.”

Official figures for the fall in GDP during the three months to June have been revised down from 20.4 per cent to 19.8 per cent. However, the scale of the drop still makes it the biggest in modern history

Note the direction of travel. Straight down.

A social national movement must arise. By 2022, its time will have come.

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In other words, “never mind the quality, feel the width“…

” Although her mother and grandmother identified as Christians, her great-grandfather was Jewish...” [Wikipedia]. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wera_Hobhouse

I had a feeling…

So it will be OK to have all-black or all-Pakistani shortlists, but not OK to have all white Northern European ones? White genocide (or halfway there…).

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I reported yesterday that Jew-Zionist play-Mossadist, “@badscooter”, had gone up the (Twitter) chimney; others preceded it. Meanwhile “@rattus2384” (aka “@grubstreetsteve”, aka “film critic” and house-husband Stephen Applebaum, of the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity) is hiding behind a protected Twitter account. He obviously fears that Twitter will send at least the Rattus account up that same chimney.

Get rid of catch-all “race-hate” laws!


A reasonably interesting article, though I was not persuaded by the author’s importation of American law (Constitutional law) into his argument. US law is of only persuasive (non-binding) effect in the UK.

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God, how stupid Starmer looks in his muzzle, just like Boris-idiot! Go on, Starmer, bend your knee in fealty to the blacks and to Israel (again), so that you can really reach “peak cuck”!




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The toytown police state in operation again. In Liverpool, where there is a huge amount of organized and violent crime…

Excellent humour and comment. Keir Starmer, who has inherited the leadership of a once semi-socialist (then social-democratic) party which is now just a bad joke. Keir Starmer, freemason and Labour Friends of Israel member, who seems (slightly to my surprise) to be utterly clueless…

Well…someone (not me and not Hitchens) needs a quick read of “Teach Yourself World Economics”!

“Boris” was adopted by all the pseudo-liberal semi-traitors as a “Conservative”/non-Conservative mascot. They are still supporting him. You only have to look at Twitter. All the “socialists” and “liberals” gagging for lockdowns, fines, police “firmness” against “Covidiots” etc. With “socialists” like that, no wonder Labour, even under a kind-of “socialist” leader, could not get close to winning a general election.

I think that many MPs fear something else much much more…

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 October 2020, including links re. the creation of a germinal ethnostate”

    1. Ross:
      Thank you. I see now:

      There is, increasingly, a blurring of the lines between what is against the law and what is disapproved of by “the authorities” yet treated as “socially unlawful”, if you like. I blogged about it a couple of years ago:

      You see it in the present “panicdemic”, too. “Law” passed on the nod, but also “rules” and “advice” *conflated* with law, and given spurious legal weight by having been passed as or under “secondary legislation”, using pre-existing laws which were themselves passed for totally different purposes.

      I am talking about the UK, of course.


  1. I think your last point must surely be wrong. The legislation Matt Hancock has used is lawful and he has been enabled to come to the present position by virtue of Mrs Thatcher’s government passing a law in 1984 which provides for powers for government to control a serious public heath matter ie a possible pandemic. This was passed by her government for that specific purpose only even though the government then could not possibly have foreseen a pandemic arising over three decades later.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      While I concede that that is a grey area, if a law is passed to do “A”, and under that law secondary legislation can be passed *within the ambit of “A”*, and in order to give effect to the purpose of “A”, it is not lawful for a politician to misuse that law nearly 40 years later to lay down “rules”, with purported legal effect, to do “B” (“B” never having been mentioned or authorized under the main “A” law).


  2. In actual fact, basically anything Matt Hancock or any other government minister does in this country is inherently lawful because unlike a genuine, modern democracy like Germany for instance the British government isn’t limited in what it can do by a constitutional court overseeing a written and codified constitution. Perhaps that is how Matt Hancock has ultimately arrived at his Covid-19 regulations and how the wretched Boris Johnson has effectively ignored the referendum of 2016 and run a coach and horses through the Belfast Agreement, the Act of Union of 1801 by imposing trade barriers between NI and GB and thus undermining the entire constitutional basis of the UK by his so-called Brexit? If we had a constitutional court then the unionist population of NI and in the rest of the kingdom could take the government to that court for undermining the union!


    1. No no, m’Lord of Essex: if Little Matt Hancock and/or Boris-idiot want to impose the “laws” or “rules” of a police state, then they must at the least pass *specific* legislation authorizing that (and any secondary legislation under that main law). They are not permitted to trawl up a law from decades ago, with quite other aims and purposes, and purport to create, by fiat, secondary legislation of an entirely novel kind under that old law.


    1. …and, m’Lord of Essex, that Act of 1984 provides for emergency quarantiing of those known to be infected, not the house arrest of the entire UK population! I imagine that, were it possible to ask the MPs of 1984 what they had in mind, it would be the sequestration o a “Typhoid Mary”, not the locking up of an entire population because the country has a virus that kills only 1 in 1,400 of the population.


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