Diary Blog, 22 October 2020, including a few more thoughts about “socialism” in the UK

The infantile and disordered


I must have missed that particular storm in a Twitter teacup. Typical, though. The self-described “Left” (a term which, like “Right”, I never use), or (pseudo-) “socialist” element has nohing much to say.

In 1989, socialism died, all over the world. That was as true of British socialism or social democracy as it was of Soviet socialism (which just expired and evaporated within a couple of years, being replaced by “oligarchic” kleptocracy), and Chinese socialism (which kept the names and forms of socialism while transforming into complete cut-throat capitalism under overall State supervision).

In Britain, the Labour Party changed from a social-democratic party with socialist roots and pretensions into a basically finance-capitalist party with social-democratic pretensions. Clause 4 (nationalization) was ditched; within a few years it was uncontroversial for the half-Jew Mandelson, Tony Blair’s most important ally, to say that he was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich“. Imagine Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson or, say, James Callaghan saying that (in public)!

As Labour became a non-socialist party in the 1990s, the more socialist-oriented element in it became infected more and more with the peripheral politics of identity.

As a frequent browser in Collet’s London Bookshop in Charing Cross Road in 1976 (aged 19), I saw that they had shelves devoted to books and magazines about “sexual politics” and the like, as well as what became known as “multiculturalism”. I was social-national even then, and thought that those areas were, even in the context of Marxist/post-Marxist ideology, sideshows at best. I was right then, but wrong down the line, because it was exactly that sort of stuff that eventually took over, not the Labour Party as such, but the more “socialist”-leaning element within it.

What are the concerns of those “socialists” on, say, Twitter? “Refugees” (most of whom are bogus anyway); “LGBT” etc; supporting all the “Covid-19” nonsense (facemasks, lockdowns etc); “black lives matter”. After all those, maybe poverty too, but the real old-style socialists focussed on relief of poverty as of prime importance, together with the whole socio-economic pattern of society. Also, those old-style activists had a idea of how to achieve their objectives. The post-Marxists have exchanged that for what amounts to a virtue-signalling whine.

The Twitterati who think themselves “socialist” (there are exceptions), especially the “antifa” element and the Jew-Zionists, find their greatest pleasure and victory when someone with whom they disagree (usually unthinkingly) is expelled from Twitter. Most interesting tweeters (like me, if I immodestly say so) are now gone from increasingly dull Twitter.

Also, the Twitterati are often found complacently reciting that xyz (like me) have rightly been expelled from Twitter because “Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc are commercial companies and can expel or deny service to anyone”. Pretty pathetic. A surrender to the marketplace, and a quasi-monopolistic marketplace at that. No thought as to the rights of the citizen qua citizen (eg free speech rights) going beyond mere contractual rights.

One might add that Twitter is the main playground of such people. Not the real world where real events happen and where questions of politics, questions of importance, are decided.

Whining on Twitter (“slacktivism”) becomes the substitute for real political or social action.

You can see all of that in the Corbyn saga of recent years. Corbyn Labour was not without its virtues, though Corbyn was really a surviving example of an old-style socialist surrounded by those new-style pseudo-socialist virtue-signallers; political coelacanth [“Coelacanths were thought to have become extinct in the Late Cretaceous, around 66 million years ago, but were rediscovered in 1938The coelacanth was long considered a “living fossil“— Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coelacanth].

The result of the obsession with peripheral matters (perhaps the most bizarre and off-piste is re. “transphobia”) has been that Labour itself (and the so-called “Left” in general) has become politically almost irrelevant, despite the Labour Party being the only major “opposition” to a Conservative Party government of surpassing incompetence.

Matters of wide public concern: mass immigration and migration-invasion; education; NHS services; a future for the young; security for the old; the environment; housing; pay and benefits.

There are really only two groups now vying for ideological supremacy under the superficial show of politics: the System of “ZOG”, “NWO” etc, and social nationalism. The so-called “Left”, though vocal, is an irrelevance on the wider stage.

The year 2022, 33 years on from the last “reset” of world politics in and after 1989, will be of prime importance. Large-scale change.

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Tweets seen


I had not previously heard of this backwoods MP. Seems that he was a teacher, somewhere; where? Only a (brief?) stint as headmaster of an unspecified school in Romania is noted. I suspect that he is yet another chancer and freeloader in the Commons. A Romanian wife who is a doctor in Bassetlaw, wherever that is (actually, Nottinghamshire). A prime candidate for my “Deadhead MPs” series. Watch this space.

Perhaps Clarke-Smith might think about how real pay and the real level of State benefits have declined over the years, placing many —even many who are in full-time work— in poverty. He himself has presumably been able to live off his wife’s earnings (at least to a large extent) for years.

Brendan Clarke-Smith seems to be yet another “pleb-Con”. In the German phrase, “put a beggar on a horse and he rides it to death“. Typisch…

More tweets seen

Quite. My own experience (in part): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

The idea that evil hypocrites such as Dunce Duncan Smith, the jew “lord” Freud, Esther McVey and Therese Coffey want to “help” people is naive, to say the least.

More tweets seen

Late tweets seen

The facemask zealots all pretend to be following The Science, but in reality their zealotry goes far deeper and has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with some strange wish to conform.

Late music

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 October 2020, including a few more thoughts about “socialism” in the UK”

  1. OBEY the LAW, old granny! An 83 year old SHOULD know better than to be a contemptible law breaker! No wonder this broken ‘country’ is in such a mess when people of the older generation who grew-up in an era when the vast majority respected the law because they wanted to live in a safe and secure society that benefitted EVERYBODY have now decided, suddenly, only others should do that and they have no need to participate in abiding by the law.

    The ONLY laws that people have every right to break are those that are clearly unjust ie those laws we have in this country explicitly designed to remove people’s right to free speech on racial matters etc.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The unspoken corollary to “everyone must obey the law” is, surely, “the law must be based on common sense and reasonable decency” (and, moreover, must have been properly passed by Parliament, which the “Coronavirus” decrees and official “advice” have *not* been).


      1. As far as I can see, these Covid-19 restrictions are proportionate to the actual and potential threat to the health of the community the virus poses. Matt Hancock has used the existing freedom to act in this case given to him by that darling of the LIBERTARIAN Party (formerly the Conservative Party before she appeared on the scene) Mrs Margaret Thatcher in 1984 when her government passed an infectious diseases act.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        You must be aware that this government has misused the 1984 Act in question in order to decree the “rules” and “advice” via very questionable secondary legislation.The 1984 Act was not passed in order to facilitate such measures or decrees.


  2. Peter Hitchens, just fuck off and die, you evil Covid-19 denying cunt. It doesn’t matter what kind for pseudo intellectual gloss you put on your increasingly deranged tweets you are someone who positively WANTS people to die of Covid-19 because you continually encourage people to BREAK THE LAW.😡🤬

    It really is about time you were locked-up. A decent country like Singapore with a government that takes the protection of society’s health and law and order seriously would have you inside a Singaporean prison dungeon and their prisons are VERY SPARTAN affairs to put it mildly.

    You, Peter Hitchens, are an utterly despicable person that is effectively spitting in the face of our doctors and nurses, the police and decent people everywhere who are collaborating TOGETHER to try and rid Britain of Covid-19 or reduce its spread here so much we can can go about our lives normally once again but YOU are irresponsibly delaying that day and causing YET MORE DEATHS.🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡


  3. Peter Hitchens, Sir Oswald Mosley and Lady Diana Mosley were locked-up by Churchill in May 1940 even though they were protesting against Britain being involved in a disastrous war that killed many Britons, millions throughout the world and bankrupted this country. They had a decent and humane cause to fight.

    That stands in stark contrast to you. At least Mosley and his wife never wrote or did anything for their own selfish reasons or to ‘earn’ money for clickbait articles in the Daily Mail.🙄🙄🙄

    Just go away you rancid, pathetic, libertarian Tory moron. Try finding another country (if there is one that is as degenerate or stupid enough as this one is to tolerate you) that will put-up with you continually undermining this country’s efforts against Cover-19 though I will admit those efforts are not as well-planned for by government etc as they could and should have been.


  4. Ha, ha, Spiked that libertarian rag founded by ‘former’ communists (isn’t that the usual pattern Ie so-called ‘former’ communists dumping that hideous ideology and then becoming in many ways equally hideous libertarian capitalists! And what is the common thread between a communist and a libertarian capitalist? Yes, they both support open borders globalism!🙄🙄🙄Spiked has revealed its true nature in that first item you posted.

    Those who fought Oswald Mosley at the Battle of Cable Street were NOT heroes by any means. They were your usual Jewish and non-Jewish Marxist thugs intent upon stopping Mosley from exercising his right to freedom of speech even by the use of the most extreme violence. They were anti-democratic THUGS that is all.🙄

    It is funny that libertarians like Spiked have plenty of time for Covid19 deniers like Peter Hitchens, evil IRA Brexit Party supporters like Claire Fox etc but they also deplore ‘racists’ ie nationalists and want to shut them up.


  5. YET ANOTHER dimwit Tory MP? That isn’t surprising. There are many of them. He sounds like your typical ‘modern’ ( whatever that is meant to mean) Conservative MP! Chav scum is about the typical level of most of them that sit on the Tory benches nowdays! It was so different in Mosley’s day when the average Tory MP had been a company director IN INDUSTRY too occasionally like Chamberlain’s family, an army officer etc.

    Now, we get dodgy second-hand car dealers or just plain thickos with higher class pretensions ie double-barrelled surnames even though not of the class to naturally have that.🙄🙄🙄


  6. Indeed, Mark Berry. From blatant Jew Zionist/IsraelFirst puppet John Mann (who could ever forget his utterly demented argument with Ken Livingstone on the stairs of the House of Commons?🙄🙄🙄’) to this piss-poor ‘modern’ Tory Chav Scum. The Bassetlaw constituency doesn’t half pick ‘em!


  7. Derek McGillivray should be voting Liberal Democrat as he supports a universal basic income. That is one of their party policies now though originally it was a Green Party idea. In Germany they even have a small political party dedicated to that policy and campaigning for the big parties like the CDU/CSU, SPD ext to adopt it.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Basic Income will have to come. AI and robotics will hugely reduce human jobs. If there is no Basic Income, there will be insufficient money being used to buy the goods and services produced by the economy. Marx predicted this situation.

      Alaska already has basic income to a limited extent (I believe that it is $2,000-$3,000 per year, dependent on oil revenue).

      We see at present that very large amounts overall are paid out by the UK State in State poor benefits, pensions, Child Benefit and other payments to individuals, and huge amounts of money are used to keep that system running. With Basic Income, the “Jobcentres” can all be closed, the snoopers and office bods etc can all be dispensed with, the buildings administering the system reduced to almost nothing.

      It has to come. *How much* it can be or should be, that isanother question, as is how much —if any— can be clawed back from persons whose income is “too high”.


      1. Yes, with the advent of artificial intelligence and robotics being increasingly sophisticated enough to replace many of the most mundane jobs then an idea like basic income is certainly worthy of consideration and being seriously looked at.

        God knows how you will get the libertarian capitalist loons of the CONServative Party to take that idea seriously especially when they have such renowned intellectuals on board like Sir ‘all unemployed people are feckless, worthless scum’ Iain Dunce-Smith as leading MPs still!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        As you say, the Dunce Duncan Smith types are too malicious and have not the “horsepower” to understand the necessity for Basic Income. Other persons on the more pro-business side of politics will support it eventually, once they see that, without Basic Income, there will be no demand, or not enough, in the economy. That is why the “austerity” of 2010-2015 was so disastrous. People whose income was so low that they *had* to spend whatever they received were denied funds, while those who did not need more income were given more, which was then just invested in hedging assets, notably real property but also gold etc.


  8. It must be great fun to be a police officer at the present time because if you see a degenerate, non law-abiding, libertarian, Covid-19 denying and encourager of others to break the restrictions loon like Peter Hitchens at a demonstration you can legally bash them over the head with your truncheon and try and bludgeon some IQ level into their heads where their brains should be.

    Well, they do say the police tend to attract the ‘authoritarian personality’ types, don’t they?😂😂😂😷😷😷😷🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌😎😎😎

    Sometimes, I wish I had been a police officer.😀🤣😂


  9. Universal Credit was, of course, the ‘brainchild’ of noted Tory intellectual🙄 Iain Dumbo-Smith so it is no wonder it isn’t working well. You are surely not that well equipped with an IQ level when even George Gideon Oliver Osbourne was reputed to have remarked that,”Iain is too thick to be a member of the Cabinet”.🙄😂🤣😃 Mind you, Gideon or Gidiot as some called him wasn’t exactly a contestant for Mastermind either!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I have read that one well-informed person said that he had met many thick ex-Guards officers, but that Dunce Duncan Smith took the biscuit…

      I prefer goodness to intelligence, if that were the choice, but malice allied to stupidity is the worst. Stand up, Dunce Duncan Smith!


  10. “…a (brief?) stint as headmaster of an unspecified school in Romania is noted”. What would take someone to an economic disaster zone like Romania? Hey, once we’re “out”, will all those Roma beggars on the streets of London be going back?

    “Cases”…. basket cases!

    gullible-as-Brits Kiwis get what they deserve

    MI5 operative talking up his book: “…fast-growing right-wing terrorism…”

    HMG are now the Viz Bottom Inspectors

    Observation of the day: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children is now flying the LGBT+ rainbow (Noahide) flag.


    1. Wigger:
      I well remember driving from Bulgaria through Romania to Hungary in 2001. Pre-EU days. A motorized raft across the Danube (border) from a place called Vidin in Bulgaria (used to be a one-horse town, but then the horse left) to the Romanian town of Calafat. Like some pre-revolutionary Russian or Ukrainian town circa 1900. Rather charming in a leafy, almost abandoned way.

      Of course, one must not mistake the Romanians for the Roma (Gypsies).

      Your MI5 link. Good grief. Their new D-G…

      Those MI5 types, in the past, were obsessed by Soviet spies, when the real danger to “the Realm” was from cultural decadence (often controlled by Jews), mass immigration (often encouraged by Jews) etc, none of which MI5 could do anything about. In fact, even in their own narrow field, they hunted for, and sometimes caught, IRA (real) “terrorists”, only to have Blair and his pack of puppets release them all after 1997!

      ps. writing this reply, I looked up Vidin on Wikipedia. EU money has certainly come into play! They are even able to cross the Danube by bridge now


      A new road too…
      Quite different from the poor and completely empty roads I recall, with their misleading road signs (often full of bullet-holes)…


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