Diary Blog, 23 October 2020

The toytown police state (again)

Once again, the political pygmies of 2020 Britain are playing at being petty tyrants, issuing decrees and ordering people about (or pretending to). Look at this idiot!

Welsh supermarkets have been ordered to only sell ‘essential goods’ to customers during the country’s 17-day lockdown.

First Minister Mark Drakeford will tell stores they are unable to sell items such as clothes to shoppers, and to prioritise other products deemed to be more important.” [Daily Mail]


I have to admit that I had never heard of Mark Drakeford. The sort of person who, before devolution, would have been something like a county councillor, rather than “First Minister” of the Welsh “Government”.

This is him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Drakeford. Teacher, probation officer, social worker, university lecturer.

When I read about some silly little person like this laying down the law (probably invalid law at that), I am torn between laughing and being infuriated.

In fact, Wales is a bit of a rotten borough. I just saw that the present Police and Crime Commissioner (and what a stupid idea this “PCC” nonsense is anyway) is one Alun Michael, a Labour Party drone and a former, repeated, and proven, expenses cheat! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alun_Michael#Parliamentary_expenses_claims.

Great. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Wales is himself little better than a fraudster…

Reverting to the ridiculous Drakeford (purported) decree, what possible use can it be to insist that shops only sell “essential” items? Is the hope that fewer people will bother to go to shops? “Essential” is not even defined. Will we once more have police personnel checking purchases? In what little Welsh world will that prevent “Coronavirus” infection? It’s just mad.

So when the Welsh economy completely collapses, which cannot be far away anyway after the stupid 6-month “lockdown” (shutdown) imposed by Boris-idiot, who will pick up the pieces financially? The English taxpayer?

Thing is, you give silly little people like this Mark Drakeford real powers, and then they cannot exercise them usefully or intelligently. They have neither the background nor the common sense and intelligence. “Decrees” are made which are senseless.

Look at his other recent “decrees”, e.g. that people cannot travel from some parts of England to Wales. How is that even enforceable? It isn’t…

This whole “virus” panic in the UK and by that I mean the Boris-idiot “laws”, “rules”, and “advice” (and the way in which the police have acted as a poundland KGB militia) has damaged the rule of law, possibly permanently. You have a government that believes in power and only power, untrammeled by law. What do they think will be done to them should they ever be in the power of a dictator?


The Chop

I had never heard of The Chop until the malicious Jew-Zionist cabal known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” started screaming about it recently. I also have effectively no interest in woodworking. Oh, well, now “they” have managed to have The Chop chopped, thus spoiling the innocent pleasure of many people. It’s what “they” do best. That should give a nice little boost to “antisemitism”…

Tweets seen

So…what percentage of guests on TV shows should be professional criminals? 1%? 2%? More? What percentage should be xyz? Based on recent elections etc, maybe 10% of TV guests should be social nationalists. Will never happen. Well, only when we purge the msm and the swine now running TV stations, and profiting from all the decadence.

China. USA. The only powers of importance, or would be, had Russia no nuclear weapons.

The System msm is now puffing Indian “clever boy”, Rishi Sunak, as Prime Minister in Waiting, just as they puffed Boris-idiot for years. Take a look at the recent tweets of, for example, John Rentoul. They can see that “Boris” is not only incompetent (so was David Cameron-Levita, so was Theresa May) but looks it. Answer? Replace “Boris” before too long. Anyway, if that fails, the Labour Party is once again (((occupied))) territory, so if necessary Keir Starmer will do what the System wants.

The real “only answer”? Social nationalism.

Below, a prime example of that about which I wrote yesterday. [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/10/22/diary-blog-22-october-2020-including-a-few-more-thoughts-about-socialism/]…

You would imagine that Labour Party “socialism” had been a great success “up North” in recent decades…

If the Labour Party is so wonderful, why did the voters of 2019 abandon Labour (mostly in fact not voting “Conservative” but more usually just abstaining)?

As for “Comrade Geordie”, his heroes are thus: “heroes Bruce Lee , Tony Benn, Clem Attlee, Trotsky Marx Engels.” An idiot…

Here below is another not atypical example:

For “Corbyn’s Jewish Cat”, “@ChampagneDosser”, the UK is “a shithole”, which he intends to improve by smuggling in blacks and browns, i.e. completely useless hordes, who mostly hate us as well as want to leech on us. I agree with him on one thing only, about those who combine the Israeli flag with the Union Jack on their Twitter profiles…

Another idiot, in short…

The radio announcement of the death of Adolf Hitler



[Hitler stands before the bust of Anton Bruckner, Walhalla memorial, Donaustauf, near Regensburg, Bavaria; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walhalla_(memorial)]

Late tweets seen

Quite often, the revolutionaries on the ground are not theorists, philosophers or theologians; often disruptive social dissidents, angry young —or old— people, or even criminals of a sort…


Alison Chabloz

Those following the progress of the latest ridiculous prosecution of satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz should be aware that her trial (and application to dismiss the charges) has been adjourned, on Crown Prosecution Service application, until 17 November 2020. May victory be hers.

[Alison Chabloz]

Late music

37 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 October 2020”

  1. So, libertarian loony Tory Peter Hitchen’s ideal country is loony-Liberal degenerate Sweden – a country which is only good for ABBA, some attractive women, and a fair party list version of Proportional Representation where a party only has to obtain just 4% of the national vote or 12% of the vote in an individual (county) constituency to start winning MPs in parliament.

    He lauds their so-called libertarian ‘success’ in coping with this crisis but, as ever, his praise for them is not in accordance with the REAL facts of the situation there:




  2. Give it up, Peter! Your stupid and highly irresponsible ranting about what are, for the most part, fairly mild social distancing requirements here in Britain are NOT helping the situation here.

    You are simply WRONG on every level and your infantile libertarian extremist approach wouldn’t work.

    Sweden is a failure compared to countries that took Covid-19 genuinely very seriously like Taiwan, Communist Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and even its culturally similar neighbouring countries like Norway and Denmark.

    Sweden has neither saved lives NOR has its economy been especially protected!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Even now Sweden HAS NOT built-up herd immunity to a degree whereby its approach can be said to be a wiser one than lockdowns and enforced social distancing.


  4. Some people may say that cartoon by Bob Moron is just a trifle ‘racist’.! Making our esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer though I have yet to see why he is thought of that way look like a cast extra from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, A Passage To India or The Jewel In The Crown is pretty close to the bone!😂🤣

    It is a shame that excellent drama series The Jewel In The Crown is now never shown on terrestrial tv in this country. It was one of ITV’s finest drama productions and of a quality that terrestrial tv only very rarely shows nowdays here but I suppose it is banned because of ‘racist’ reasons. After all, we wouldn’t want indigenous Britons to compare the characters in that series to Priti or Rishi and think of themselves as in any way superior now would we?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Steve: Thank you for mentioning that mini-series “The Jewel in the Crown”. I just watch a bit on YouTube and looks very good. I suggest you download it before it disappears.

      I am sure someone will complain about the “racist” cartoon! Give them some time. LOL


      1. Yes, it is very wise suggestion of yours to do that. Yes, it will no doubt be taken down soon because of its alleged ‘racist’ stereotypes of Indians!🙄

        There was another excellent drama series on our terrestrial tv this time made in the late 1990’s on the life of Sir Oswald Mosley of British Union of Fascists fame whilst he led that party. It was made by Channel Four and entitled Mosley. Two of our talented Jewish comedy writers responsible for comedies such as Birds of a Feather and The New Statesman wrote it and yes it was biased against him as you would expect but not as biased as many people would have expected with two Jews at the head of its production.

        I think you can still find some small snippets of it on Youtube.


      2. Thank you, Steven. I remember reading Sir Oswald Mosley’s autobiography “My Life” nearly 25 years ago. I got if from a public library. He was ahead of its time, the only Englishman who realized that the two-party system was a sham.

        I know it is easy to criticize now with the benefit of hindsight but I think Sir Oswald made a mistake when he uniformed his followers. The British at that time did not like “foreign” manners and imitating Mussolini was perhaps a wrong move.


    2. Rishi Sunak’s alleged ‘genius’ so far seems to be limited to one scheme he has copied directly from Germany and which they have had since Chancellor Schroeder was in office during pre Covid 19 times twenty odd years ago! Apparently, Rishi copying Germany in that way has been the subject of some comment and indeed mirth in that country!

      It is a shame the CON Party doesn’t adopt more things from Deutschland like their admiration and support for engineers who make things instead of spivs in the City of London moving around in many cases phantom money on a computer screen and their fair Mixed-Member Proportional Representation voting system.🙄🙄🙄

      Merely copying a decades old scheme from a foreign country does not make for a financial genius nor a Chancellor of the Exchequer going down in history as one of the country’s best!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Yes, those pro Labour Party tweeters are congenital idiots who don’t recognise the fact that Labour is unpopular because they refuse to dump their fanatical support of open borders globalism and mass immigration.

    A winning formula for political success it most certainly is not. What would be is a party to adopt economically slightly left-of-centre or centrist policies combined with socially conservative stances of opposing immigration, being in favour of a increase in the number of police officers, tougher punishments for offenders, restrictive abortion laws, harder divorce, and a ‘Britain First’ foreign and defence policy.


      1. It Is a real shame that he detracts from his sensible socially conservative views and lessens the credibility of those and himself as a spokesperson for them by being so utterly wrong on Covid-19 and how we should fight it.


  6. Corbyn’s Jewish Cat needs to be told that patriotism is an entirely natural and powerful human emotion and should not be denigrated. In normal countries a love of one’s country and a wish to defend it is considered to be a virtue of an individual and of a society not a vice.

    That being said, I do understand the tweeter’s point about those on Twitter who feel they an overwhelming and rather weird need to put the Union Flag alongside the Stars and Stripes and the flag of Israel. I have a feeling American and Israeli tweeters don’t often fly our flag alongside theirs.


  7. Ian another fine, ferocious rage against the lunatic tyranny we have stumbled into. Welcome to Great Britain, the place where you can’t cross into Newtown but can cross the English Channel on a dinghy and get taken on an air conditioned luxury coach to a FOUR STAR HOTEL. Absolute, complete, utter BONKERS!!!!!

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    1. The Covid-19 restrictions are fine in my view but yes having them at the same time as that anti-British cow Priti effing Useless makes no effort whatsoever to control our borders is encouraging people to break them. Her inaction at the present time is a stunning demonstration of the utter contempt she and the rest of this wretched ‘government’ has for indigenous Britons.

      Personally, I have long had my fill of Tory insults to the native population.😡🤬’ She and they can go and fuck themselves as far as I am concerned.

      If only we could execute the whole damm lot of them by a British-style long drop hanging or we could ask the Yanks if we could borrow an electric chair of theirs.

      The CON Party are globalist, treasonous filth and deserve the ultimate punishment. Let ‘em swing or fry!😂😀😆😎👌


  8. Put simply, the Labour Party needs to understand that PC zealotry, open borders globalism and an adherence to the most extreme ‘woke’ values is not popular. If you go politically ‘woke’ you will go politically broke!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      You only have to look at the opinion polls. Yes, Starmer is “doing better” with the public vis a vis Corbyn, but that is because the “Lugenpresse” (Judenpresse) has stopped constantly saying that Labour are terrorists, neo-SS etc. Labour though is *still* behind the Cons in those polls, despite the inane excuse for a government under Boris-idiot.


  9. Yes, the Labour Party’s rise is due to two factors only: 1.)the lying press with its Jewish Zionist/Israel First element has all of a sudden decided that Labour is now a ‘safe’ party for Jews and no longer wishes to repeat the Holocaust as under that ‘Nazi’ grandpa, Jeremy Corbyn so their attacks upon the party have mysteriously ceased and 2.) more members of the ever dozy British electorate now know that Boris Johnson is not going to be the finest PM we have ever had and is merely a court jester/clown.


  10. Even so I have yet to see many polls putting them ahead of the increasingly globalist and loony-left Conservative Party (their sickest stunt must be that 50p new coin released this week. Such an utter lying absurdity would never have seen the light of day under even Major let alone Thatcher).

    Labour is barely reaching level pegging with the CON Party. I saw one poll recently on Britain Elects that had them about four points behind. Starmer has only improved their standing by about five or six points on average.


  11. Still, according to the election polling website and I think the electoral calculus one as well that would be enough to wipe-out the CON Party’s very ill-deserved majority.


  12. Peter Hitchens, just FOR ONCE, use your brain cells or whatever passes for them.🙄🙄🙄 There ARE tentative signs of a second wave in this country unlike those countries that HAVE DEALT PROPERLY with this crisis such as South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam, China.

    The cases and deaths in this country are only being even contained to a mild degree by the enforced social distancing measures you don’t want to maintain.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Having a herd immunity strategy like you want is NOT VIABLE as the immunity takes far too long to build up in a population and that is especially the case here since your Tory moron mates have grotesquely irresponsibly allowed our population to grow to an extreme and unsustainable level through constant mass immigration.🙄😡🤬

    Just go away you dumb fuck!🙄🙄🙄


  13. Heroic? Hardly! More like the complete opposite actually. They are selfish and I hope they get Covid-19. They are a disgrace to Germany most of whose population has been abiding by the restrictions faithfully in order to protect the health of their fellow Germans.

    If Hitler were still the Fuhrer he would have had them put up against a wall and shot them or be placed in in a concentration camp. There is no way Hitler would have tolerated selfish libertarian degeneracy like that. After all, one of the National Socialists’ main party slogans was ‘The Common Good Before The Private Good’ Needless to say, that concept is inherently alien to selfish degenerate libertarian Tory scum.


  14. Typical of that evil Tory rag to slander a respected scientist in public like that!🙄

    I hope he sues them and bankrupts the degenerate, anti-British Tory lie sheet. They normally only pick-upon defenceless targets like those young men they accused without ANY credible evidence of murdering Saint Steven Lawrence of Eltham in a so-called ‘racist’ attack when, in reality, the motive was petty drug turf wars amongst common low-life drug dealers.🙄🙄

    Sue them to hell, Sir Iain Vallance! With any luck, that detestable rag will have, finally, met its match and be ruined.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. By the time, Priti Patel the most useless Tory Home Secretary for many decades is finished ‘serving’ this country everywhere will be a replica of Brixton and Tower Hamlets including those ‘true blue’ Tory areas damm stupid enough to vote for the globalist traitors of the Conservative Party like the ‘arsehole of Essex’ she is the MP for that is just up the road from me ie Witham.

      Please, for God’s Sake, can we have a decent Home Secretary like K Shamugam of Singapore!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks mainly to that excretable Tory rag we now longer have an effective police forces. In the late 1990’s they had a demented and obsessive focus on the murder case of Saint Steven Lawrence of Eltham calling it out for being an particularity brutal example of white ‘racism’ in this country when, in fact, it was nothing of the sort and has never been proven conclusively that was the case. Infact, Steven Lawrence was just a common drug dealer criminal along with those who murdered him yet thanks to the ‘journalists’ at that lie sheet the next Labour government instituted a public inquiry into the Metropolitan Police which found them guilty of so-called ‘institutional racism’ so Jack Straw put the boot into the police not just in London but elsewhere and now Britain has police forces more interested in ensuring the population adhere to PC globalist values than in fighting real criminals..

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  15. Peter Hitchens, the Conservative Party has not been genuinely Conservative for quite some time now though their authoritarianism over Covid-19 is not misplaced and is fully inline with true Tory traditions. A libertarian approach as you want WOULD be going against what earlier generations of Tories would recognise. The Conservative Party is, after all, not supposed to be a libertarian party and really that philosophy finds its most natural home in this country either in a specifically libertarian party or in the Liberal Democrats.


  16. This Covid-19 issue aside, you are clearly correct to say that the Conservative Party has abandoned genuine conservatism. Social conservatism is on headlong retreat within it and social conservatives are ostracised and contemptuously ignored. Thus, we have people like Priti Patel in Cabinet with her extremist open borders and PC zealotry agenda. She is the worst Home Secretary we had for a longtime and on a par with the likes of Jack Straw. She is a a globalist left-liberal
    and needs to be urgently sacked.

    Michael Howard wasn’t much good on border control either but better than she is though he wasn’t too poor on sentencing policy and tilting the scales of justice towards the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators.


  17. I have never seen the Daily Mail make a similar fuss over the REAL racist murders of Ross Parker in Peterborough, Gavin Hopley in Oldham or that of that young Scottish lad in Glasgow who was burnt alive but then al, those victims were white and their murderers were ethnics so that doesn’t matter then in the opinion of Daily Mail ’journalists’.😡🤬


  18. Under a proper Home Secretary like Mr K Shanmugam of Singapore instead of utterly useless Priti Patel Steven Lawrence along with his murderers would have been hanged or, at least, caned severely with the rattan cane for drug dealing.






  19. https://www.mha.gov.sg/newsroom/in-parliament/written-replies-to-parliamentary-questions/news/written-reply-to-pq-on-studies-on-the-deterrent-effect-of-a-life-sentence-relative-to-the-death-penalty

    Yes, I think it is fair to say the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore and Mr K Shanmugam as that country’s Home Secretary/Interior Minister take their responsibilities for maintaining law and order very seriously indeed.

    https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore /courts-crime


  20. https://www.mha.gov.sg/newsroom/in-parliament/written-replies-to-parliamentary-questions/news/written-reply-to-pq-on-studies-on-the-deterrent-effect-of-a-life-sentence-relative-to-the-death-penalty

    Looks like the Singaporean Ministry of Home Affairs, the country’s Home Secretary/Interior Minister, Mr K Shanmugam and the courts there take their responsibilities for maintaining law and order very seriously indeed.



  21. Ha, ha, look at this! A British yob actually thought he could treat Singapore’s strict mandated Covid-19 social distancing/circuit breaker requirements with up utter contempt as he could do in Britain and get away with it! No, matey, Singapore takes these measures seriously so you had better obey them or else!🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂👌👌👌😎😎😎🍷🍷🍷


    How about that, Peter ‘let’s ignore British mandated social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic and regard it as an utterly deplorable and wholly unjustified lessening of our personal freedoms’ Hitchens?😎😂👌😀😆


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