Diary Blog, 24 October 2020

The madness continues


More English than the English

Happened to hear on radio the plummy voice of a “Conservative” MP, and for the past months the Minister for International Trade, which turned out to be that of a Sri Lankan/Indian, albeit born in London, called Ranil Jayawardena [Con, North East Hampshire]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranil_Jayawardena. The constituency is one of the safest Conservative Party seats in the UK.

From where the plummy voice, though? Not from his local comprehensive school, which he attended before attending a nearby sixth-form college. The London School of Economics? Doubtful. He was then at Lloyds Banking Group, where he worked for several years until elected as MP in 2015.

Looking at the way things are going, wih Rishi Sunak talked about (puffed in the msm) as the next Prime Minister, it may be that, in the Commons as elsewhere, the real British people are being completely sidelined; marginalized. Outbred by the non-whites, as well. White Genocide.

“The Great Replacement”. No mere “conspiracy theory”. It’s happening. Just look around you.

Animal welfare

Even a rotten government does a few things right. Good to see that the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill, a private member’s bill, providing for a max of 5 years’ imprisonment (in place of the present 6 months) has survived its Second Reading in the Commons, with Government support, and is likely to become law by early 2021. https://www.bridportnews.co.uk/news/18815650.chris-loder-inspired-push-animal-welfare-sentencing-bill-pet-dog/

Tweets seen

There was more support (29%) for the claim that there is “a single group of people who secretly control events and rule the world together” regardless of who is in government. This was believed by 42% of 25- to 34-year-olds.” [The Guardian]

Perhaps that 42% is largely right…

The Jew behind Rishi Sunak



A couple wearing a visor and a mask to fend off the coronavirus go shopping in Knighton, a town that sits on the border between England and Wales, earlier this week
[an elderly couple in Knighton, in the Welsh Marches]

A rainswept Welsh hill town, in the open air, few if any others around, and a poor old couple who have evidently been scared out of their skins by the “virus” fear propaganda.


More tweets seen

“Long live freedom!”…oh, no…wait…

I recall an interview, on British TV in the mid 1970s, with Lindsay, the Mayor of New York in the 1960s and early 1970s, and conducted by either Michael Parkinson or David Frost. Lindsay said that he had been able to walk around in Manhattan, alone and unmolested (at first), until the atmosphere changed in the early 1970s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lindsay#Mayoralty; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lindsay.

Apropos of nothing much…

In looking up the Wikipedia entry for John Lindsay (see above), I saw that he attended a very “elite” school in New Hampshire, St. Paul’s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Paul%27s_School_(New_Hampshire). What struck me particularly was the amount of land that the school has: 2,000 acres! Also, 118 teaching staff, yet only 539 students. Eat your heart out, Eton, Harrow and Winchester! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Paul%27s_School_(New_Hampshire)#Facilities.

[above: The Sheldon Building, St. Paul’s School, New Hampshire, USA, in winter]
File:Sheldon admissions building (St. Paul's school).jpg
[above: the Sheldon Building, St. Paul’s School, New Hampshire, USA, in summer]

Impressive. Sadly, even the Garden of Eden fell prey to decadence…https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/03/st-pauls-owen-labrie-rape-trial.

More tweets seen

Professor Ferguson again! He has not even the grace to shut up, not even now! A serial fantasist. Stalin would have had him shot, and rightly so. So where will the professor spend Christmas? Breaking “the rules” again with his married “ho”?

Will no-one rid us of these turbulent “experts”?

Also, why does BBC Radio 4 Today Programme give this Ferguson charlatan airtime, and thus spurious credibility?


For that, abstention is not enough. For that, one needs a new party and/or movement, and/or a new army and/or other “boots on the ground”…

The “virus” hysteria is instructive for those who wonder how it was that the Inquisition could hunt down heretics, or the NKVD hunt down anti-Soviet dissidents (often imagined).

Good grief!

Boris-idiot and his clowns have now imposed something not far off martial law in the North! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/24/army-drafted-help-covid-response-tier-3-areas-combat-second/

More tweets

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…

Oh, that’s clever: just when the pubs, cafes and restaurants are on their knees by reason of the stupid “lockdown”/shutdown and social distancing policies, hit them hard in the one thing they can do to make any money, i.e. serve customersin the open air! Is this more government and local government incompetence, or some kind of sinister plan to deliberately smash everything?

Late music

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 October 2020”

  1. BTW Do you know what to do to post an image/photo in your blog? I tried with a picture of Sanmartino’s statue put it will not give me the option of “Paste”. I had to post the link with the full article.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. BTW, I saw your reply to Steven, “the Lord of Essex” re. Mosley. Very perceptive of you. Uniforms of the paramilitary sort are now banned in the UK and were not much liked even before the Public Order Act 1936. Even bona fide officers of the UK armed services are not supposed to wear their uniforms when off-duty (except in times of war). Mosley would have been better to have not done that.


      1. Yes Ian, although a very long time ago, I would say 25 years ago when I was living in Australia. That reminds me of another epic English war film “Sink the Bismarck” (1960) with Kenneth More.

        BTW I just remembered a great war film: “The enemy below” (1957) with Curt Jürgens and Robert Mitchum. Is about a USN destroyer and a German U-Boat playing cat-and-mouse in the Atlantic. A wonderful film without any obnoxious anti-German propaganda.


      2. Claudius:
        Regret late reply. I was drafting a blog about an MP.

        So you were in Australia? I was there for just under 3 years, as a child of 10-13. During 1967/1968/1969.

        In Sydney (though I did visit Canberra and Queensland with parents). I went to Middle Harbour PS and then North Sydney Boys’ High.


      3. Hello Ian: A grey and wet day here in Buenos Aires!. Yes, I lived in Australia between 1994 and 2005, and I love the country and its people. The Australians are generally very nice, polite and friendly, according to the Brits they are also “laid-back” like the North Americans something I believed too.

        For the first nine months, I lived in a small country town in NSW, where I had cousins. Loved it. Then I move to Sydney, where I met my wife, who is English. We lived in Double Bay, beautiful place, and then we move to Hornsby in the Upper North Shore. One thing I remember is the big wave of Chinese, mostly from HK, immigrants who came around the year 2000. Most people didn’t like it because they came with plenty of cash and pushed the prices of property up.

        Australia is a beautiful country and an example of the wonderful creativity and talent of the White man (in this case the Brits) who created prosperous countries out of nothing.


      4. Claudius:
        I have never returned. When I left by sea on the old and now scrapped Oriana, in Sept.1969, a day or two after my 13th birthday, the Opera House was still in the final stages of construction.

        My family lived at first in Mosman (North Shore) and then nearby Cremorne. We rarely went south or east of the city centre, but I did go to Double Bay a couple of times, once on my 11th birthday to the then popular Doyle’s fish restaurant, which was on a pier, I seem to remember. Also, once to my uncle’s (he had lived in Sydney, also in Mosman, since about 1959 or 1960) mother in law, who lived in what was then called Piper’s Point (I think now called Point Piper) near Double Bay.

        I had to look up Hornsby. I see that it is near Ku-rin-gai Chase. Went there a couple of times, and to Palm Beach (not far away, I think?), where my uncle had a holiday lodge of some kind, overlooking the bay and beach near Lion Head.

        When I was in Kazakhstan, 1996-97, I was friendly with the Australian Ambassador and his wife; they even dined privately with me once or twice. I went to a few Australian diplomatic receptions. “His Excellency”, when I met him for the first time, was addressed like that by me, in accordance with diplomatic protocol, and replied, shaking my hand, “I’m not yer Excellency! I’m Doug”! Typically Australian! The ambassador told me how Sydney had proliferated since I was there. Population and footprint had doubled from about 2M to 4M (now 5.3M, I believe). In fact, Australia only had 12M people in 1967, compared to over 26M+ now.

        I think that the Australian governments since the 1970s were mistaken in importing so many Middle Eastern and African immigrants. Importing trouble.

        Anyway, there it is.


  2. That elderly couple in Wales are NOT pathetic at all. Intact, they are being highly responsible, LAW ABIDING, and are evidently wishing to protect their own health and that of others so they should be PRAISED.

    Others, like Peter Moron Hitchens and that highly irresponsible New Labour foul, utter wretch should be severely condemned for being selfish bastards.


  3. I wonder of that evil New Labour , anti-British Blairite #### Andy Burnham would be sounding-off and saying the most stupid things if the PM in 10 Downing Street were Jeremy Corbyn? No, I doubt he would. How utterly pathetic of him to moan about the restrictions just to say ‘I’m the Mayor of Greater Manchester and I am important, don’t you know!’🙄🙄🙄

    As for Peter Hitchens, he is going increasingly ga ga! Now, he is decrying and dismissing the evidence of increased infections through POSITIVE test results! The men in white coats really need to pay him a visit and SOON!🙄


  4. Peter, I know you are a loony libertarian simpleton on this issue but I will try my hardest for even people like you to understand so here goes: the government has EVERY RIGHT to use the law in order to protect the health of the community from a mostly airborne virus which CAN infect large numbers of people and KILL quite a few of them.

    There is NO viable vaccine for this virus yet so the government has to use other measures to try and reduce human interaction and thereby decrease the opportunities for the virus to pass from human to human and be hosts for it hence mandated social distancing requirements and previously lockdowns.


  5. So most of the idiots that comprise the British electorate support Andy Burnham. do they? Well, there has always been a lot if truth in the phrase that people get the politicians they deserve.

    Andy Burnham is just seeking to burnish his credentials as the Mayor of Greater Manchester and appear to be more important than he is which is the level of total insignificance. Sadly, jumped-up nobodies with little if anything worth saying tend to thrive under devolution.🙄

    If he was responsible he would be aiming to work with a government he despises to improve the situation and thereby seek to bring it to a close earlier than it would otherwise.

    In Germany, the SPD state premiers are doing exactly that even though they dislike Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union (CDU) party.

    They are putting Germany’s collective health as a nation FIRST instead of being petty political point scorers.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      A noted historian was on BBC World Service talking about the 1918 “Spanish flu”. He said that, if “Covid-19” were as bad as that 1918 flu, there would now be *200 million* deaths worldwide, not (as is the case) 1 million. That puts the panicdemic in perspective. Nicht wahr?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Increased restrictions in the North would not be needed if jumped-up nobodies like Andy Burnham stopped encouraging people to willingly break the existing ones and told people to just buckle down and OBEY them just like the good people of Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam are doing!🙄🙄🙄


    1. Well, m’Lord of Essex, as you well know, I hold very different views to you re the “panicdemic” (which is 200 times less lethal than the real pandemic of 1918 —“Spanish flu”—) but even leaving that aside, surely you can see that the “rules” (quite likely legally invalid) have become so convoluted and absurd (people on different sides of the same street subject to different regimes etc) that many do not know what “rules” are supposed to apply anyway.

      Many also see the economic (and social) disaster being created. The only question for me is: “how much of all this is gigantic incompetence by a very stupid government, and how much is conspiracy/treason?”


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