Diary Blog, 13 November 2020

Alison Chabloz

It has been confirmed that persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz will be put on trial (yet again), on Tuesday 17 November at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in Marylebone Road, London. I link to details of the court address below: https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/courts/westminster-magistrates-court

picture of the court or tribunal building
[Westminster Magistrates’ Court, 181 Marylebone Road, London NW1]

The nearest Underground stations are at Edgware Road (Circle Line, District Line, or Bakerloo line stations) and Marylebone (Bakerloo). Several buses also stop close to the court building.

Anyone wishing to support Alison Chabloz in her latest ordeal should attend court at or before 1000 hrs on Tuesday, though spectators can enter the courtroom at any time during the trial, which will last at least one day (doors open at 0900 hrs).

This latest prosecution has been instigated by the malicious fake charity, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”, members of which were also behind most of the other prosecutions, failed prosecutions, and other complaints made against Alison over the past several years. Details can be found via the “search” function on this WordPress blog.

At present, it seems that Alison’s trial will be presided over by the Chief Magistrate for England and Wales.

[Alison Chabloz]

Anyone who can attend to support Alison will be welcome.

Tweets seen

The Haaretz article noted by Griffin: https://www.haaretz.com/1.4764706

The problem is…that the majority of people in the UK are brainless once you get beyond the practical issues of everyday domestic life.

…and note that the policewoman’s appeal is not “this is against the law” but “this is the rule” and “the Prime Minister has said”…in other words, we in the UK are now living in a police state (albeit as yet a toytown one) and under a form of dictatorship (albeit a cretinously incompetent one).

Tweeter “Jane” is typical of the pseudo-socialist Twitterati. Supports “lockdown” (shutdown), the facemask nonsense, untrammeled police powers, the whole System scam around the “panicdemic”. A social worker and former teacher, she says. My guess? Real knowledge (probably) very poor, and politically-correct to the max.

Here she is, tweeting in favour of the present incompetent Conservative Party government though she would no doubt prefer the police-state measures to be enforced by a “Labour” government, preferably headed by Corbyn (who of course is yesterday’s news, as dead as a dodo).

When you see tweets by people like that, you realize anew why “Labour” has little chance of forming a government, even under Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer (to whom the msm are now suddenly friendly).

Another example of how the “measures”, “advice”, (purported) “rules” and (purported) “laws” proclaimed by this incompetent “we can do whatever we can get away with” “government” of sinister clowns is destroying the very idea of “a society under law” (not “laws”).

Panicdemic news

I read that, in the local government area in which I live (coastal Hampshire/Dorset border), 3 people have (supposedly) died of “the virus” in the past week. That is out of a total population, within the district council area, of about 180,000. So one person out of every 60,000…Sad for the people affected, but statistically close to zero.

Admittedly, this is a very widely spread area of about 4 or 5 small or very small towns, some villages, many isolated houses, farms and farming estates. Still, 1 out of every 60,000. Risk? Minimal.

More tweets

Those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable” [John F. Kennedy].


The equally brilliant 1970s cartoonist McLachlan is somewhat of an unperson now because of his political incorrectness, though his cartoons were not so clearly political, more commentary on society generally. Some of his best cartoons cannot easily be found. https://www.chrisbeetles.com/artists/mclachlan-edward-born-1940.html

This McLachlan cartoon [below] is rather topical (unsurprisingly, having been first published only recently, in August 2020):

Now if you see the person who robbed you, point him out

That echoes my blogged remarks about what a boon the facemask nonsense must be for shoplifters and other criminals…

Another fairly recent one:

A cat has been diagnosed with Coronavirus

I recall one sequence from the 1970s: a beach, with holidaymakers lying on it, or playing volleyball. The second of the triptych showed steel barrels floating ashore marked with skulls and crossbones, the holidaymakers fleeing in terror. The final picture showed illegal immigrants exiting the barrels and running inland.

A not very politically-correct one from last year:

We're trying to involve our ethnic newcomers more into village life

and one for the Twitterati:

Someone's Sent Me a Bleet

My blog

Just looking at the statistics for my blog: with about 7 weeks still to go before the end of the year, views are already up by about 180% on last year (several tens of thousands), and individual visitors about double the number of last year (also well into five figures) .

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox has revealed that he was dropped by his acting agent in a phone call but insisted he has not done anything that ‘could be deemed racist’.

The controversial Lewis star said on Twitter that his agent ‘let me go on the phone’ in a move which reaffirmed ‘exactly why I am doing what I’m doing‘. “: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8947075/Laurence-Fox-DROPPED-acting-agent-phone-call.html.

The (((name))) of the theatrical agent is not mentioned. What a (((surprise)))…

Dominic Cummings

Cummings has been sacked, and/or walked out. I have blogged about him a few times in the past year, eg: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/dominic-cummings-a-government-of-dystopia-and-lunacy-posing-as-genius/; and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/10/les-eminences-grises-of-dystopia/.

Late tweets and videos seen

Brave (from a distance) “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery (a sacked temporary teacher) commends State repression of this sort. Not a word of concern from him about a repressive emergent UK police state “pulling out of class” a boy who had been (allegedly) giving out a few leaflets…

I have written about Stuchbery previously: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

Here, his latest words of political “wisdom”:

Typically, Stuchbery fantasizes about “putting down” people with whose view he disagrees. “What goes around comes around”…

Looks as though Stuchbery did not take his medication (he has mental problems) this evening:

Well, I think that it becomes obvious why Stuchbery is no longer even a temporary teacher! He hopes that a boy whose only “crime” (which was probably not in fact a “crime” even in 2020 Britain) was to (allegedly) give out leaflets is placed in a State brainwash programme (“Prevent”).

I bet that Stuchbery wishes that he had the power to have the boy (and anyone else with whom Stuchbery disagrees) put in a prison or camp.

Oh, by the way, have a look at my blog post about him to see more about “brave” Stuchbery, and his meltdowns…

Also, note how he brings up the “panicdemic”, as if that bolsters his “argument”.

More tweets

Stuchbery thinks himself an expert on National Socialism (which he usually confuses with “Fascism”). My blog post about him noted a few of his ludicrous errors, but he makes many more. Incidentally, he “self-identifies” as both “historian” and “journalist”, without being —or ever having been— either.

I notice that my blog post of a year or so ago about Stuchbery has proven to be one of my most popular. Thousands of people have read it.


If Trump or any of his cohorts are reading this, my suggestion for a Parthian shot [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthian_shot] is this: extend Presidential pardon to as many social-national, ordinary nationalist and/or anti-“antifa” prisoners as you can. Pardon them all, in their hundreds, and let the chips fall where they may!

Late music

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 November 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: I have just listened to a podcast from 4 days ago, where a very perceptive American nationalist warns his political brothers to be careful and do not get involved in any violent actions against Joe Biden’s followers as these are being instigated by nothing less than the jew shill Alex Jones (a very cheap and coarse version of Nigel Farage). Alex Jones is an obnoxious loud-mouth that has been at it for years with his ridiculous website “Info Wars”. Paul Joseph Watson was a protege of his.

    It makes perfect sense, this would give a perfectly legal reason to unleash a wave of terror and persecution against any ethno-nationalists or national-socialists who would be the real targets. The moronic Trump supporters, known as Tumptards (LOL), will be the “useful idiots” that Lenin mentioned.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I can contribute little on the topic, except to say that, were there to be a new American civil war, Trump should not be the cause fought for…

      I have blogged about “Prison Planet” Watson and similar wastes of space.

      As to Alex Jones, I recall seeing this video clip! In fact, I saw the original on TV in 2013.


  2. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/peter-sutcliffe-yorkshire-ripper-dead-b69308.html

    “Peter Sutcliffe, one of the UK’s most notorious prisoners also known as the Yorkshire Ripper, has died at the age of 74 after testing positive for coronavirus.”
    “….after testing positive for coronavirus…..” oh do SHUDDUP lugenpresse!
    Presumably died Friday 13th. How very symbolic if so.
    7+4 = 11. A favourite number LOL!
    Apology issued by Poice for their 1970s naughty words.
    I think Sutcliffe may have been allowed free REIN (or REIGN this time?!)
    Why? Spread fear, possibly distraction – but from what…? Also, there ensued an early simulacrum of the societal lockdown.
    Is the brain geared for pattern recognition? I have a nagging doubt this was more likely conspiracy not cockup. A bit like the suspicion that conditions were not improved in the post-industrial wastelands of the North, Wales and Scotland in order to ensure a continuing supply of young men with no alternative economic prospects beyond the armed forces.


    1. Wigger:
      interesting sideview…cf. the death of Rudolf Hess, at the very time (late 1980s) when the NWO was being launched, soon publicly under its own name (proclaimed by President Bush in early 1990). The death of Hess put a seal on the old post-WW2 4-power split of Berlin (and previously Germany as a whole). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Hess#Death_and_aftermath

      As for the recruitment of young men from Northern England/UK to the armed forces, I was told about that in the late 1980s by a friend at the Bar who was from “up there”. He said that almost everyone joined up, and himself knew a number who had joined the Royal Marines.

      You can see a similar trend in the recent Royal Navy ads: “I was born in Carlisle/Blyth/wherever, but I was made in the Royal Navy”.


  3. On actor Lawrence Fox and his agent:

    “Indeed, I remember my first agent. Raymond Duck. This dreadful little Israelite. Four floors up on the Charing Cross road and never a job at the top of them.”
    —- Uncle Monty, Withnail and I

    “I’m a trained actor reduced to the status of a bum!”
    — Withnail (Richard E. Grant), Withnail and I

    “The older order changeth, yielding place to new. God fulfils himself in many ways. And soon, I suppose, I shall be swept away by some vulgar little tumour. Oh, my boys, my boys, we’re at the end of an age. We live in a land of weather forecasts and breakfasts that set in. Shat on by Tories, shovelled up by Labour. And here we are, we three, perhaps the last island of beauty in the world.”
    — Uncle Monty summing up


  4. What an UTTER, UTTER MORON Peter Hitchens truely is! I yield to no man or woman in this country in my total detestation of Boris Johnson and the rest of the thick and incompetent rabble that makes-up this wicked, virulently anti-British, environment wrecking, globalist administration.

    Indeed, if it was up to me the whole damm lot of them with the sole possible exception of Matt Hancock would be lined up against a wall and summarily shot after a trial in the manner of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu!

    Some people who wear masks in public can’t stand this incompetent sick joke of a ‘government’.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Just because you are an innately selfish, libertarian loony bastard on this Covid-19 issue and don’t mind seeing people being killed or fall vey seriously ill with it and therefore come come out with spurious reasons for ranting against mask use doesn’t mean everyone is like that and obeying the law on mask use has NO bearing on political opinions either with regard to this!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. Oh, and by the way, Peter, at least as regards THIS issue is concerned Boris Johnson is being. A TRADITIONAL REAL TORY! Previous Tory governments of the 1950’s which operated capital punishment would NOT have been averse to using a bit of the old ‘authoritarianism’ stance in order to try and combat the disease if it had occurred then.

    So, wearing a mask now, could actually mark said person out for being a traditional Tory or a nationalist rather than a liberal or liking Johnson!


  7. Authoritarianism is BACK, Peter! Now, let us use this new found belief in the virtues of state action to get to grips with our to all intents and purposes non existent border controls and to radically expand police forces and combat REAL criminals.


  8. Peter, I know you will find it this incomprehensible seeing as you are a libertarian loony on the issue, but the fact is people are wearing masks not just because the law obliges them to do that but also to show some social solidarity with others in society. People being conscious of the needs of others in society is not a sign of unreasonable, stifling conformity but the mark of a conscientious citizen and this should be praised not denigrated!

    It is what the Japs are doing in their millions and all without being forced to do it by the law!😎👌🍷😷😄


  9. Peter needs to know that authoritarianism and a belief that the state can be a force for good and not just evil is a perfectly valid political position and has as long a tradition on the ‘Right’ of politics as it does on the ‘Left’.

    Libertarians, by the way, really belong in the centre of the spectrum rather than on the true ‘Right’.


  10. Stuchbery is, in the parlance of the demi-monde a “nonce” he is also the far rights greatest recruiter. Alison Chabloz’s trial has repercussions for free speech, I do not support nor agree with denial of the Shoah but wish her well as her ordeal continues.


    1. Mr. Goggins:
      If you say so (re. Stuchbery). I know only that he was sacked from a temporary position in the UK (I think in East Anglia somewhere); I have read that he was similarly sacked in Melbourne (but that may or may not be so). As for my own view of Stuchbery, I think that my blog post about him is clear…

      Liked by 1 person

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