Diary Blog, 19 November 2020

Tweets seen

God…first of all, British people all but genuflected to “the man in the white coat”; now they accept as gospel what “Dr. Hilary”, a TV talking head, says…

In one tweet, Rentoul exposes the total meaninglessness and irrelevance that is Boris-idiot.

What I object to (mainly) is not black people being shown, as such, but mixed couples (commonly, black man with white woman) and “their” mixed-race children. I stand for a decent future for British, European and other people. The multikulti melting pot would destroy that. Therefore I oppose it.

Interesting new book

Suggested to me by a reader of this blog, who is in Argentina: https://barnesreview.org/product/the-war-against-whites/

Late tweets seen

All the same, fair’s fair. Priti Patel is one of life’s “winners”; after all, 99.99% of Indian women from East Africa, like her and yet unlike her, end up serving behind the counter of a grocery story somewhere like Kampala or Entebbe…

James Cleverly, a personification of much that is wrong with the political system in the UK: a half-caste with a “degree” in “Hospitality Management” from some degree mill. Selected for his seat in 2015 after some backstairs intrigues. Now, only 5 years later, he’s a Minister of State! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Cleverly

A couple of late thoughts

I was listening to Radio 4 in the early evening. There was a report about the delay to remedial work ordered to hundreds of tower blocks etc, ordered by reason of fire hazard after the Grenfell fire.

What struck me (apart from the typically-slow government reaction and equally typical maladministration) was amazement at how councils and private contractors were ever allowed to install cladding which, in one case mentioned, is said to be as flammable “as petrol“, leading to a necessity to maintain a 24/7 firewatch on that building (in which people are still actually living!). I thought that this country had building regulations and fire regulations…

Yesterday, we heard that the NHS has spent hundreds of millions of pounds buying medical protective equipment via a Spanish “go-between” (whose commissions added up to at least £20M!) and a jeweller based in Florida. What the hell is going on?

Late music

Today has been the 192nd anniversary of the death of Schubert [1797-1828]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Schubert

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 November 2020”

  1. Just shut the fuck-up, Peter Hitchens, you profoundly evil, effectively Covid-19 denying libertarian loony extremist CUNT.🤬😡

    Yes, Peter, degenerate liberal-left, libertarian, globalist Sweden, is, of course, such a stunning success story so far and we should copy them!

    The only problem is that is most emphatically NOT what we should do and as a good example of this their CASE RATE, already higher than the socially and politically similar nearby countries of Norway, Denmark, and Finland, has recently increased by 100,000 cases IN JUST A MONTH.



    1. Steven, please calm down! You are going to have a heart attack! I told you, just get voodoo dolls of Priti Patel, Boris and Peter Hitchens and stick pins on them, it will be, perhaps, more cost-effective and faster that have them executed! LOL


      1. Ha, ha!😂🤣😁 Sadly, I don’t have voodoo dolls of them but if I did! Well, you can work out what I would be furiously doing in my spare time!😂🤣😃😎👌 I just get incredibly annoyed that people who should know better and in responsible positions who can influence people ie Hitchens in particular are helping to send some people to an unnecessary early grave AND helping to prolong a ghastly and very serious situation for the country with all that means for our society and the economy.

        Unlike selfish me, me, me ‘Tory’ libertarians and others those of us on the TRUE ‘Right’ of politics don’t think of ourselves as being individuals only in society but as a small part of society in general and that is what makes us different to them in ‘normal’ times and in a situation like this in particular.

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  2. I would much rather trust a person who has trained for YEARS at university and is a member of a RESPECTED profession like Dr Hilary Jones is to talk about this subject than an utterly worthless, degenerate, libertarian loony extremist ‘journalist’ and PRACTICED ‘media gatekeeper’ for the repellent Tory extremists at the Daily Mail group like Peter Hitchens who talks utter bollocks and hasn’t the faintest idea about science or medicine though he thinks of himself as a budding epidemiologist or even a relatively lowly GP!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Dr Hillary Jones attended a decent private school whereas Peter went to one which has educational standards almost as low as a typical state’ sink comprehensive’ so I will take the ‘tv talking head’ of Dr Hilary anyday!



  3. IF Peter had half a functioning brain cell and wasn’t devoted to his extremist libertarian loony ideology he would advocate the approach of countries which HAVE successfully dealt with the virus like China or Taiwan but then being the repellent character and extremist libertarian he is he would rather see avoidable deaths from Covid-19.

    If only he had the decency to catch it and die from it instead of preaching a course of utter irresponsibility that will lead to yet more deaths and heartache amongst decent people.




  4. Quarantines and other firm social distancing requirements DO work, libertarian loony extremist tweeter, as mainland China shows but ONLY if people follow the rules as I expect a selfish cunt like you hasn’t been doing.

    It is about time this weak and pathetic ‘government’ here got seriously TOUGH and not just fined by MORE SUBSTANTIAL amounts repellent law breakers like you but threw you into PRISON as Singapore is doing for the most despicable offenders.




  5. As for Peter and the grotesquely irresponsible Daily Mail editors who publish pieces that encourage people to break the regulations then we should adopt the Taiwanese method of capital punishment of giving them a strong sedative, placing them on a mat so that their back is towards the sky and then administering a fatal gunshot to the back of the head.

    QUICK, CLEAN, and EFFICIENT as is the Chinese and Taiwanese way!😂👌😎😷🤣




  6. Men in white coats and people genuflecting to them? Now, we could try that method with Peter and morons like him but re-opening the mental asylums libertarian Maggie closed down would be very expensive so for the excretable likes of Hitchens and similar idiotic company the Taiwanese method of executions would be better and far, far cheaper.


  7. No, we don’t have a problem with attribution, Peter, we have a
    serious problem with blatant extremist Covid-19 denying pricks like you totally failing to see that the virus is REAL and that it poses a significant public health problem that needs to dealt with seriously and effectively lest it grow to the situation in the USA which looks likely to be at the point very soon where normality can’t return.🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬

    The USA is very emphatically NOT a good example of how to deal with Covid-19, you extremist libertarian loony prick.🙄🙄🙄

    Looks like the utterly irresponsible Orange Tango Man has left a situation that is utterly horrendous and will be difficult for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to deal with and rectify:



  8. I suspect some of the problem has been caused by Boris Johnson himself. Most people in Britain regard him, with good reason, as a clown so when he goes on tv at anytime but particularly in this kind of situation which calls for a serious, sober, statesman like , Prime Ministerial kind of broadcast to the nation many just laugh and ignore what he has to say.

    Now, if we had Jeremy Hunt as PM that would be different because he DOES have the ability to do those kind of broadcasts. Whilst many people don’t like him mainly because of his being Health Secretary virtually no one regards him as a clown because he simply isn’t one and that can be very important in a situation like this.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      You are right re. “Boris”. I blogged about this a couple of years ago. It is hard for anyone to attach scandal to Boris-idiot, not because no-one would believe it but because everyone expects it. The idiot has, incredibly, managed to “weaponize” his own incompetence and lack of probity! No-one actually *expects* the bastard to behave like a real Prime Minister in the first place!


      1. Boris is a massive ball of nothingness. There is just nothing there and never was! Now, no one expects the PM to look like a male model type but the bloke can’t even ensure his hair is smart at all times! He looks like an unkempt, shaggy, Old English Sheep dog! So, it is no wonder he makes people laugh when he starts to speak regardless of what he says even if it is very serious and in a situation like this that is fatal for a PM, government and a country.

        The countries that have done best have had PMs who look and speak authoritatively like PMs should and, as a result, the populations of these countries have had trust in their governments and done their best to follow governmental advice whether that is backed by the law or not.

        Certainly, because Boris just can’t cut it as an typical British statesman his speech to the nation in March was widely ignored by too many with dire results.


  9. I wonder if he really knows his own mind at times. I think his girlfriend is having quite a large influence on him now. Perhaps, we will have her as PM soon!😃😄 She definitely seems to be the ‘back seat’ driver now!


    1. Dear DJF: What you have said is very serious, the worst part of it is that millions of morons will believe her.

      The situation in my own country is very much the same. Last week I went out early in the morning (8.00) to buy some bread. I live in a tranquil, nice residential area of small houses. Therefore there was almost nobody on the street. Yet, I saw a moron washing his car wearing a muzzle!!!

      Human intelligence has its limits; unfortunately, human stupidity has not.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Interesting.

      I have just refreshed myself re. Simon de Montfort. Confusing that his father, the suppressor of the Cathars, was also Simon, as was the son and grandson of them.

      “His son Simon led a further attack on Jews in Winchester. Jews in Canterbury,[29] were murdered or driven out in by a force led by Gilbert de Clare[30][31] There was further violence in Lincoln, Cambridge, Wilton[29] and Northampton.[32][28].”

      “Each attack was aimed at seizure of the records of debts, stored in locked chests within each community, called ‘archae’. Archae were legally mandated by the king for Jews to be allowed to conduct any business.[33] They were destroyed or gathered for instance at Ely by the rebels.” [Wikipedia]



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