Diary Blog, 11 February 2021

“Thought for the day”

The Roman Empire slowly collapsed from not one but many causes. However, one was the combination of decadence, luxury, profligacy and cultural degeneration at the top of that society; another was mass immigration into Rome and Italy generally from all parts of the Empire.

There is no exact parallel with the Europe of today and the Britain of today. Close enough, though.

Tweets seen

Even Jews critical of Israel are now censored and sacked! In the UK! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_J._Robinson.

The Western world is now almost completely under the sway of the NWO and ZOG.

Dogs’ lives matter


Johnson has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok
[Not the dog…oh no, wait…]

Britain, 2021


The UK has gone almost mad, and the police sometimes seem completely mad.

Black privilege?


The incident, on May 29, 2018, began as Ms Lancaster was about to leave the Tesco store and Doris’s son was swinging on a metal bar.”

Doris [black defendant], believing [white victim] Ms Lancaster’s basket had touched her son’s head, shouted “you have met the wrong woman you white b***h”, the court heard.

She shoved Ms Lancaster inside the store, hurled racial abuse, and told her: “Watch out, watch what happens to you when you come outside”, Southwark Crown Court heard.

She then shoved Ms Lancaster on the shoulder, forcing her to stumble forward”.

Ms Lancaster, who works in the travel industry, suffered injuries to her head and knees, and was left with post-traumatic stress disorder, the court heard.

Doris, who was sentenced via videolink from her home, admitted assault by beating and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“Darryl Cherrett, her barrister, said Doris has learning difficulties and mental health difficulties.”

She entered guilty pleas last month on the first day of her trial, with the judge agreeing for her to be sentenced remotely as she was not going to send her straight to prison.”

Sentence? A “suspended” (plus some “mental health” and “rehabilitation” bs). I wonder what a white person would have got, had the roles been reversed?

Several other aspects of that case are troubling: the judge apparently decided to give a non-custodial sentence before even having heard the full history, or any mitigation; the defendant being allowed to sit at home to be “sentenced”; the fact that this low-IQ and lunatic black woman has children at all; finally, a barrister called “Darryl” (chalk that one up to my prejudice). Well, there it is. Britain in 2021…

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In the 1980s and later, I myself would sometimes visit that market, off Edgware Road, more to walk through than buy, though I did once buy an excellent-quality 2-flask spirit set in tan leather-covered steel from a woman vending from an old suitcase (and probably without a licence). Secondhand but pristine. £10, I think. Provenance (of both flasks and woman) unknown, beyond both obviously having come from Scotland.

As I have remarked before, this is not a debate; it is a war, or the very beginnings of a war. A war of survival…

Unfortunately, but inevitably, the “big battalions” of the (ZOG) Government, Opposition, msm, and their Twitterati camp followers, have won the argument for the majority of the public mind, won not on merit but because the fear propaganda has been massive and is now embedded.

It will be a different story once people realize that they are permanently poor, marginalized, unable to travel without huge expense and convenience, corralled and controlled, and muzzled everywhere. Then, they will look desperately for a solution…and a leader.

…and to think that I thought that only Russians eat ice-cream in the street when the temperature is sub-zero! Having said that, I myself once or twice had a Baskin-Robbins cone (probably coffee-flavour…I am very much a creature of habit) in a frozen Manhattan, a long long time ago.

So it begins…

These ancient remedies and preventatives are very useful, but we must not lose completely the advanced knowledge developed over the past 500 years (much of it in the past century). If world society steps back, let it then step forward twice, and our society bounce back even if and when a short-to-medium term disaster occurs.

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I have experienced similar problems with the police a few times over the past few years, particularly in 2017 and 2018. Police who not only do not know the specific law they themselves are purporting to enforce, but are simply unwilling to be instructed by me, a former practising barrister (one wrongfully disbarred some 8 years after I ceased practice: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/) as to what the law is.

What the law is, not what stray police constables think that it is or might be, and certainly not what malicious Jew-Zionist individuals would like it to be.

I have never been to Copenhagen, but I once read somewhere that, until quite recent times (possibly 1980s), the gates of the Carlsberg brewery had Swastikas either on the gateposts or worked into the brickwork of those gateposts. Maybe the latter. I doubt that they are still there today, wherever they used to be.

Interesting claims

Leaflet from Germany claims that leading “German” politicians, including Merkel, are Jew or part-Jew:


n.b. I myself have not researched any of the above, so can neither endorse nor dismiss the claims made.

Late tweets

The journalist John Rentoul usually presents himself quite well, a political “all-seeing eye”, but I have noticed that he normally scores below me in the Saturday quiz in the i newspaper, so it may be that he is not a fount of knowledge after all.

Then take the next logical step and stop calling “holocaust” “deniers”, “deniers“. “Historians” would be OK, where appropriate, or “historical revisionists“.

Simple. Indian “clever boy” Rishi Sunak is not anything like as clever as he and the supine msm suppose or believe.

Exactly. The Government is not respected but the “Labour” “Oppositon” is just irrelevant, and is unwilling to oppose “lockdown”, the facemask nonsense etc; indeed, wants more “controls”!

Labour (label) just has nothing to offer. The fact that Keir Starmer is a puppet of the Jewish lobby (meaning Zionist lobby, Israel lobby, NWO/ZOG) is not very relevant in terms of public attitudes, because the public is mostly asleep. Jew-Zionist “control” is rather “caviar to the general”. What does sink Starmer is that (as I blogged before he even took over from Corbyn) he is as dull as ditchwater.

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 February 2021”

  1. Just fuck off and die, Peter Hitchens, you evil, effectively Covid-19 denying cunt. You are ever so fucking tiresome!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Sweden is emphatically NOT any kind of success story with respect to Covid-19 and you know that since you have just started to mention them again instead of lauding Japan which was your new favoured nation and which compared to the Third World, criminal infested hellhole you evil,Tories have created here is a 98% ethnically homogenous REAL nation where people are obediently following governmental health advice without the government ordering them to do it.

    That kind of national resolve would never happen here thanks to you evil Tories not bothering to maintain REAL standards of law and order down the years and our nationhood. We are NOT the kind of self-disciplined nation the Japs undoubtedly still are and how we were before you evil,Tory globalist, nation-wrecking, constantly LYING bastards wrecked it.🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞😞☹️☹️

    By the way, Peter, for god’s sake man, GET UP TO DATE and stop lauding Sweden as they have a far worse death rate and case rate than Norway, Finland, Denmark AND the situation there is so bad the Swedish King no less broke all Royal Protocol and his own personal habits of a lifetime and directly criticised the libertarian morons of the Swedish government for the mess and national disaster they have created.

    Unless you are prepared to help this country by NOT constantly encouraging lawless scum to break the restrictions and make the police’s jobs harder and to KILL people then please, kindly, fuck off!

    Brain dead, simplistic, libertarian extremist Tory wankers like you should basically shut-up for having played a key role in this national disaster.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡☹️☹️😞😞


  2. WHEN, oh, WHEN, is Peter Hitchens and other libertarian extremist Tory morons like him such as Richard Tice of ‘Brexit ‘ party’ fame, Julie Hartley-Brewer etc going to grow-up and realise that you can’t have complete personal freedom in the midst of a worldwide viral pandemic without potentially killing many hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent people and thereby depriving them of their right to life?😡🤬😞☹️

    Your personal freedom to do what you want when you want to do it is LESS IMPORTANT than the right to life in others you profoundly SICK libertarian extremist bastards.

    The government has mandated restrictions because in the sick, lawless ‘society’ you lot have managed to create here too many people don’t think of the rights of others in SOCIETY unlike in Japan where they have a highly COMMUNITY oriented mindset and are highly disciplined which starts in their state schools.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. I don’t think we need to think too deeply as to how a Briton would be treated in that situation above.🙄🤬😡

    Yes, this double standards sickness has all come about because so-called ‘New’ Labour decided that criminal offences would he treated more seriously if the victim was PC in some way ie black, Asian, Jewish, Chinese, gay/lesbian/bisexual etc hence ‘hate’ crimes legislation.

    I remember a Tory MP ( I think he was a junior Home Office minister) back in those long lost days of the early 1990’s when, even then🙄, they weren’t as loony-left and PC as they are now arguing on Newsnight that this Labour proposal was massively ill-conceived as it created an inevitable hierarchy of victims and that why should an elderly grandmother’s assault be treated less seriously than a black person being assaulted by a white person for perceived ‘racial’ motives?

    He said, “crime is crime is crime and that all serious assaults should be dealt with by the courts with equal severity and there should be no hierarchy of victims.”

    Indeed so. It is profoundly dangerous for the judicial system to treat crimes more seriously because of the perceived PC nature of the victim not least for the fact that if you do this with regard to sentencing policy you can’t assume that EVERY judge will treat ALL cases before them on a COMPLETELY EQUAL BASIS AT ALL TIMES and legislation like this assumes that this is not just possible but WILL happen in reality.

    It leads, inevitably, when this doesn’t happen to a loss of confidence by the public in the judicial system and to less people giving help to the police when they need it and, I think, we can see a possible bad result of this now during the pandemic.


    1. Indeed, m’Lord of Essex.

      It is patent now. A similar situation arises when there is an assault in a bar, anything from common assault through ABH, GBH, GBH with intent, to attempted murder. A woman will, pretty much always, get a more lenient sentence than a man. Even more obvious when the defendant can say that she has a child or children. The judge will then feel obliged to give a non-custodial sentence “for the good of the child/children”…


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