Diary Blog, 10 February 2021

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Hitler and the NSDAP were not Zionists; Zionists were not National Socialists. Having said that, there was a community of interest insofar as Hitler wanted Jews out of Germany and out of Europe, while the transnational Jew-Zionist lobby wanted as many Jews as possible to go to British Mandate Palestine in order to gradually colonize the territory and be able to confront the existing Arab inhabitants (and then to dispossess them).

The Zionists therefore treated with the 1933-1945 German Government and particularly (though not exclusively) the SS. Something that both sides prefer to forget these days. The SS and NSDAP no longer exist in their original form, but the Zionists and their post-1948 government, in what is now Israel, certainly do exist. For them, such history is better concealed or buried (or banned under the fake “international definition” of “antisemitism”).

Very true. Look at the self-described “Left” on Twitter etc. It puts forward no socialist or even social programme, no socialist policies to speak of, just “black lives matter” nonsense, “LGBTQXYZ” nonsense, pro-facemask and pro-lockdown nonsense.

What a contrast with the years 1917-1956, or 1956-1989!

The self-describing “Left” now has, as a main aim, “deplatforming” nationalist and other “influencers” on social media etc. In that world, getting someone expelled from Twitter (as happened to me in 2018, the expulsion procured by Jews, but applauded by the Twitter pseudo-socialists) counts as a major victory.

The “nationalist” and allied side of the house is little better. For the “alt-Right” and “Alt-lite” purported nationalists (in the UK), the UKIP/Brexit Party types, what matters is changing a red passport for a blue one, or fishing rights in the Channel, or at least pretending to support free speech. For many of the more solid nationalists, even social nationalists, what matters is trying to fight the social media “deplatforming” by complaining (mainly), or tweeting, blogging (yes, I do not exclude my own efforts), or vlogging.

What should matter to us is having a solid social-national programme; after which, having a solid socio-political movement; after which, having “boots on the ground”…

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That tweeter understands.

This is not a “debate”. This is not a “disagreement”. This is the precursor to a civil war or (perhaps more accurately described) social war. Before the American Civil War started, in 1861, the cannon at Fort Sumter, South Carolina (in the harbour at Charleston, a lovely city which I myself, long ago, visited several times) opened fire. That signalled the conflict about to start.

[Fort Sumter]

Likewise, in 1917, a naval gun on the cruiser Aurora opened fire, signalling the start of the Bolshevik seizure of power in revolutionary Petrograd, and the effective start of the Russian Civil War.

Cruiser Aurora.jpg
[the cruiser Aurora, St. Petersburg]

What we see now, on social media, is the equivalent.

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...but answer came there none

Late music

[Lenin’s funeral, 1924; pallbearers led by Dzerzhinsky]

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 February 2021”

    1. So this pathetic ‘government’ has now decided to govern at long last and is getting a bit serious about enforcing their pretty weak Covid-19 restrictions after THOUSANDS of people have been put into an early grave unnecessarily and the economy has been gravely weakened. Better late than never I suppose!🙄🙄🙄🙄

      Well, Boris-Moron-Idiot did say, “Fuck Business”, didn’t he?🙄🙄🙄🙄 I bet his stupid, moronic party didn’t think he actually meant it since he has a very long-established record of lying constantly.🙄🙄

      Perhaps, they should have elected Jeremy Hunt to be their party leader seeing as he is one of the vanishingly small number of Top Tories with a decent IQ level and basic fitness to be PM then more people would still be alive now and their businesses wouldn’t have been so comprehensively ruined by the scruffy, thick git from Eton College!🙄🙄🙄🙄

      These people are still getting off lightly should they be caught. In China and North Korea there have been reports of people being SHOT for deliberately not informing the authorities if they have Covid-19 and not telling them about where they have been.

      Trust China and North Korea to show us the way!😂😎🙄👌😎

      Ten years imprisonment should be extended as a maximum punishment
      to those ordinary members of the public in the street who are deliberately flouting the rules as it is THEY not the target group announced today who have been doing the most damage in spreading the virus.

      Liberal judges should piss off! It is because we have far too many of them that this country has a bad law and order situation. Semi-decent Home Secretary (at least in respect of prison sentencing policy if nothing else) ,Michael Howard, started the process of giving them real deterrent sentences but too many judges don’t use them unless an offender is un PC in some way!🙄


      1. Barmy you are. Don’t you see the irony – particular in comparison to gun offences or sex crimes, in such “draconian” punishments?


      2. I abhor those who use guns or who engage in sex crimes. Rape is a grave criminal offence and causes a woman a lot of emotional distress which can last for years afterwards thus it normally attracts a stiff custodial sentence and rightly so. However, even though rape IS a serious crime, the perpetrators of it don’t normally KILL during the commission of the offence hence they don’t take way the right to life of the woman and this is why even the very tough ‘law and order’ state of Singapore which isn’t averse to the use of the death penalty doesn’t execute rapists.

        There is your difference. People who intentionally mislead the authorities in this country as to whether they have Covid-19 and are able to pass on the infection to others and possibly KILL them thus taking away from someone else the right to life SHOULD be treated by the government very seriously indeed with very strict criminal penalties.

        Normal countries DO treat criminals who kill or who have the intention of or serious possibility of killing others in a more serious way than others who commit offences that don’t kill.


      3. Proportionality is important when deciding upon criminal sentencing policy ie the punishment should fit the crime. Intentional Murder is regarded as the most serious criminal offence and is thus punished accordingly and in some countries like Singapore if you convicted of it it will mean you are required to forfeit your own life to pay in a proportionate manner for taking way the right to life of another person or as some call it ‘ an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.

        Rapists don’t normally kill another person so whilst the offence is still serious the punishment even in Singapore is not to be hanged.

        In Singapore, drug dealers are routinely executed still if they traffic drugs over a certain quantity. Speaking for myself, I am a bit divided in my mind as to whether that is correct: on the one hand drug dealers do cause a great deal of misery in society, the crime is a very serious one that needs to be deterred and drugs can be, and often are, at the root of much serious crime including murders but, on the other hand, unlike intentional murderers the drug dealer doesn’t inflict death in a direct way so should they be punished with the ultimate punishment of death?

        It is debatable whether they should be either way, I think, and there is no real ‘correct’ answer.

        Rapists though should NOT be executed as there are no fatal consequences to that crime for the woman so the penalty of death would be clearly disproportionate.


      4. Well, m’Lord of Essex,
        As you know, I tend to be contra the death penalty. Were I a dictator, I might find it necessary to have people eliminated, but if so that would not be a punishment but a matter of national political or social necessity; I distinguish emergency measures from judicial punishment.

        England in the past (I think that the peak was around 1800) executed people for about a hundred offences! I am sure that you know that.

        Other societies have executed people for what we would think normal business activity (as in the Soviet Union, esp. under Stalin, sub nom “economic sabotage” or “stealing State assets”), or for what we (until now…) regarded as a civil right, i.e. disagreeing with government policy.


      5. I would like to see people who willingly and openly flout the Covid-19 restrictions to be punished properly for this CRIME. That should mean hefty fines and YES PRISON sentences for the worst offenders and certainly incarceration should be the sentence for those who keep on flouting them.

        Ignoring these restrictions CAN potentially KILL somebody else and I happen to believe those who potentially take away the right to life in others in the worst scenario or make those people very ill with sometimes LIFELONG serious side effects should not be allowed to laugh at the law and be able to get away with it.

        Those who continually flout the restrictions should be treated as seriously as someone convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

        In well run Singapore, you can be fined up to $10,000 or a prison sentence of up to six months for a first OFFENCE and up to $20,000 or up to a YEAR in austere Changi Jail for second and subsequent offences.

        There is absolutely no reason at all why that shouldn’t be done here. Perhaps if it had been, this country wouldn’t have had so many tragic deaths and shattered families mourning the loss of their loved ones and as a country we would have made more progress in getting out of this awful crisis!


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