Diary Blog, 21 February 2021

[Note, 21 February 2022: a greater than usual number of embedded tweets and videos have fallen foul of the increasing censorship online since this blog post was written; regret nothing can be done]

Interesting video seen

also (until censored) available at:


Image result for siegfried kills dragon images
[Siegfried battles the dragon, Fafnir]

The legendary heroes of the past killed dragons. They did not debate with them, tweet about them, or blog about them, and certainly did not surrender to them.

Tweets seen today

The very fact that a dim and corrupt woman such as Jacqui Smith became an MP says much about the decadence of the political system in the UK. That she became Home Secretary beggars belief. Corrupt, an expenses cheat, a freeloader and a fraudster, as well as an influence-peddler.

She resigned as Home Secretary on 5 June 2009 following her involvement in the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal in which she had falsely claimed that a room in her sister’s house was her main home.” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacqui_Smith#Expenses_controversies.

Thick as two short planks, she was a teacher in the State school system before latching to to the old MP racket.

Now look. Despite her disgrace and removal as MP, she is sometimes invited onto TV shows as (risibly) having some kind of weight or credibility (why?), is paid much for “consultancy” “work” with KPMG etc (why? she knows nothing), and is even invited to take part in pleb-TV such as Strictly Come Dancing. How does she get away with it? Well, she is pro-NWO, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby. Das ist’s! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacqui_Smith#After_politics

Not that I have much time for George Galloway, who had the cheek to insult me and block me on Twitter. A political self-server and chancer, who (like not a few of the self-describing “Left” and “antifascists”) loudly opposes Israel while at the same time giving lip-service to the “holocaust” fable (even the absurd fiction of “gas chambers”) which fable is Israel’s main weapon; he pretends (?) to be not “antisemitic” (as if being “antisemitic” were a bad thing).

James O’Brien. Just another msm drone and Jewish-lobby puppet.

There is little point in arguing with enemies of that sort…

Emma Barnett describes herself as “a camouflaged Jew“. Not much! “They” always imagine that they are not immediately obvious but, in 99% of cases, are (if one is not asleep).

I repeat, arguing with such individuals is a waste of time…

When I myself was about 7, 8, 9, in the early-mid 1960s, I would often cycle from my home (almost at the very point at which Reading, Berkshire, becomes South Oxfordshire and open fields). I would sometimes venture several miles further, often to Mapledurham (the Thames-side village used, a few years later, in The Eagle Has Landed, though in that film the location was transposed to coastal Norfolk).

Hitchens is right. Almost everyone now is afraid of others, of a virus most will either not get or, if they get it, will not be aware of it, and of their own shadows.

Yes. I occasionally used to use Downing Street as a short cut, in the early 1980s, before the “Thatcher Gates” were installed.


Hitler etc

The huge “Hitler industry” rolls on, making profits for (often) Jews and others. Much of it is nonsensical. The typical TV “documentary” on Hitler has a number of “experts” (not infrequently Jewish), and often not very expert.

I was just watching a film about Hitler’s own art collection, and his own private funds. There were a number of schoolboy-level errors, as when one American “expert” mentioned the concentration camp “near the little town of Dachau, just south of Munich.” Dachau is north-west of Munich. I remember seeing the roadsigns for that place as I myself drove north out of Munich. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dachau,_Bavaria#Geography.

A small point, admittedly, but typical of the careless scholarship on anything to do with the NSDAP, Hitler, or the Reich generally.

The film about Hitler’s private funds did contain some points of interest, as when one researcher said that, when he started to research the subject, he was expecting to find that Hitler had looted his art collection (“expecting“…!), but was “surprised” (!) to find that every last item had actually been paid for in the usual way.

Looks like that researcher had had his mind warped by anti-Hitler propaganda…at least he was honest to admit what he had found out.

More music

Interesting video

More tweets seen

This is but the start. Whether the repression will reach its peak in 2021-2022 is as yet uncertain. It may not reach its peak until many years down the line. I do not know. What is happening now seems to be in the nature of a mass psychological experiment. How much will people take? How far can they be led? How much control will they accept? And so on.

“The Britain we have lost?”


9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 February 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: As usual, lots of good stuff from you and others. I can’t stand that self-righteous prick of George Galloway, he is very much like Corbyn and other Lefties who criticize/attack Israel but grovel endlessly to the Jews at home. I have just remembered another one, Roger Waters, that bastard who keeps mouthing-off on behalf of the Palestinians but has never said a word about the cultural and ethnic genocide of the White nations.

    Talking about Hitler, I started reading the Memoirs of his personal assistant or valet, Heinz Linge. They seem to be OK. You can get them on PDF. The title of the English version is “With Hitler to the End”


    1. Stupid morons more like! Also, extremely ungrateful to their superb Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who has done an excellent job keeping Australians safe from Covid-19 unlike the moronic, scruffy git cretin fucking thick and probably senile idiots in the non CONServative Party and moronic voters saddled us with.😡🤬😞☹️

      If Australians don’t want Scott we will gladly take him instead.🙄




    2. Yes, it is a utterly vile and evil Tory rag so sarcasm should be expected but then they are also being vile hypocrites too seeing as that rag has published article after article castigating what pathetic, half-hearted, often badly-designed, NOT ENFORCED in too many cases, restrictions this incompetent mess of a ‘government’ has put into place to try and deal effectively with this WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC.

      It also gives effectively Covid-19 denying cunts like Hitchens the space to push his unscientific bilge thereby effectively encouraging the many selfish, non law abiding idiots we have in this fucked-up,’country’/floating mere business park to ignore the restrictions and thereby putting some into an early grave or give them a severe illness with sometimes life long complications.

      Genuinely, I hope these vile editors of that rag die of Covid-19 and see how they like dying in a hospital with your relatives often not at the bedside.

      Evil Tory cunts like the editors of that rag can go and fuck themselves or preferably die so that the rest of us normal, law abiding folk can live in some degree of safety.🙄😡🤬


  2. There is no point in debating with people like James O’ Brian. I agree however you don’t extend this to other wretches like Peter Hitchens who is a palpably evil, effectively Covid-19 denying cunt.

    There is no point in debating with him as well. Doing so, along with other cunts like that stupendously thick and fellow libertarian extremist Tory bitch,, Julie Hartley-Brewer, only gives them a spurious credibility they don’t deserve to have.

    You shouldn’t give the ‘oxygen of publicity’ to these utterly vile people . In sensible, well run countries like Singapore (no wonder Hitchens insults that fine ex British colony as a ‘despotism’) he and people like him such as Julie would be serving time in the austere Changi jail for effectively encouraging people to ignore Covid 19 restrictions and thereby effectively MURDER other people.🤬😡


  3. English Patriot is NO REAL patriot. iF he was he would willingly take the jab so as to prevent him getting ill with COVID-19 AND prevent HIM from becoming a possible spreader of this horrific virus but then selfish cunts like him don’t think of others in society so, by definition. they are NOT patriots just like selfish, libertarian ‘Tory’ extremists don’t give a damm about others and therefore can’t be called patriots.🙄🙄🙄

    Of course, if he refuses to take the vaccine it is right he should be required to have a COVID-19 passport in order to access public services OR we could give him and vile cunts like Hitchens and the simply excretable Julie Hartley-Brewer a VERY different kind of jab like this one in the libertarian extremist darling country of the USA though strangely these evil, anti-social muppets don’t approve of this Yankee tradition🙄🙄🙄:


    How about that jab then?🙄😂😁


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