Diary Blog, 23 February 2021

The migration invasion continues


Another 49 “detained” (i.e. registered, given shelter and food and about £50 a week in spending money, then allowed to roam British streets).

In fact, not 49 but 175, because the French navy etc “detained” 126 others, then brought them to Dover!

175 a day now, in the winter. That will be 500 a day, probably more, by midsummer. Note also that most of the invaders today were picked up by French naval forces, then “escorted to Britain“!

Many appeared to be men of African origin with one young teenage boy spotted among the groups.

This is a disguised shuttle service, designed to flood the UK with more untermenschen, and in large numbers over time. In ordinary language, treason.



I have blogged previously about Bitcoin: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/12/10/thoughts-about-bitcoin/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/02/20/diary-blog-20-february-2021/

“Ruben Hood, Ruben Hood, riding through the glen…”

I happened to catch the end credits of an episode of the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Robin_Hood_(TV_series)], which I recall seeing as a young child (I was born in 1956, but the series was being shown in the UK until 1961 or even later).

I was unaware until today that the executive producer was a Jewish woman called Hannah Weinstein [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Weinstein]: “In 1952, after settling in London, she established her own production company, Sapphire Films, financially aided by the American Communist Party.[3][4] The company eventually made series for the British commercial ITV network via an arrangement with ITC‘s Lew Grade.” [Wikipedia].

Who would have thought it? Robin Hood filmed by an American Jewess closely connected with the American Communist Party?

Even I am amazed that the contamination of (in) UK-based TV was so blatant as long ago as 1956.

Maybe the theme song was a clue, using the Scottish word “glen” for a location in England. I noted also, today, that the Script Supervisor was one “Ruben”…

Tweets seen

From 1939. When I set foot on the Charles Bridge, in 1988, there were even fewer people than in that 1939 photograph.

It occurs to me, not for the first time, that a major difference between the UK and most of Europe is that, by reason of the Second World War and other upheavals, those other countries have had to look at and revalue their societies and institutions in a way that Britain has not. Not to anything like the same extent. Which is perhaps why Britain has institutions of various sorts that really are running on empty, that are just shells, without much real substance.

What do I mean by the above? Look at, inter alia, Parliament (the Commons and, even more so, the House of Lords), the Monarchy, the FPTP voting system, the Bar, the overall educational system, and the devalued Honours system.

Midday music

More tweets

The Quiet Don

I had no idea that the 1957 film of The Quiet Don (aka And Quiet Flows the Don) is on YouTube! The amazing contemporary world of the Internet…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Quiet_Flows_the_Don_(1958_film); https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Quiet_Flows_the_Don

More music

Not that I “support” the invasion of Budapest by the Red Army looters and rapists of 1945, but my “support” or “opposition” is scarcely relevant, 76 years after the event.

Of course, this is “cartoon history”, of less truth, probably, than Francis Drake playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe, or other events.

More tweets

I thought that that “@RickSacrop” tweet must be a joke, but apparently the idiot is serious!

Late music

I am told that today is the anniversary of the birth of Handel.

[Dresden, 1945]

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 February 2021”

  1. Why the FUCK should I or the normal, decent, law-abiding people of this country bother to abide faithfully with COVID-19;restrictions when this EVIL, globalist open borders supporting, manifesting evil/malicious/incompetent ‘government’ led by an utter moron/clown completely undermine their OWN pathetic, half-hearted, often badly-designed, NOT OFTEN ENFORCED, COVID-19 restrictions by STILL not controlling our borders?

    Isn’t well over 100,000 dead mostly old, white people enough for the undoubtedly EVIL, anti-British FILTH that is Priti Evil/Priti fucking useless?🤬🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡


  2. Priti should resign with immediate effect but then she isn’t noted for having a single shred of common decency or personal integrity so helping to effectively MURDER over 100,000 mostly old, white people won’t cause her to lose any sleep so long as she and the rest of this EVIL cabinet are safe.

    If this country was in any way a decent country she would be up in a court facing a charge of culpable MASS MURDER or intentional genocide through open borders in an international viral pandemic,

    Of course, the only rational and moral sentence for her to face would be to be sentenced to die by the hangman’s noose. WHY should this evil cunt/piece of ethnically Indian shit be allowed to live when she has intentionally murdered so many vulnerable people through her persistent open borders policies?

    Natural JUSTICE MUST one day be enacted for Priti Evil:



  3. God, do we really have to live in the same country as utterly THICK Tory morons like Rick (or should that be more appropriately PRICK) Sacrop?

    Truly, a more stupid and decently thick Tory cunt it would be (hopefully) hard to find?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Boris-Moron-Idiot has presided over an UNMITIGATED NATIONAL DISASTER you thick, Tory cunt!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    At one time, I thought Tories only developed advanced senile dementia in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc ie those morons who lumbered us with the scruffy unkempt git that is currently taking-up too much room in No.10 by voting for him instead of the far more naturally able and intelligent Jeremy Hunt but it seems that many of them develop dementia in their 40’s and Rick ‘The Gormless Tory Prick’ is one of them!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    By the way, Rick, the disaster that is Boris’s response to Covid is NOT his only failure! Brexit is as well since your stupid, CONSTANTLY LYING turd of a PM basically left an integral part of our supposed country ie Northern Ireland behind in the EU still through the mechanism of the absurd, union destroying NI Protocol!

    Please, God, save us from thick Tory morons!🤬😡


  4. So Peter the libertarian extremist moron is now moaning about virtually non existent test and trace?🙄🙄🙄

    Well, Peter, you don’t want to do ANYTHING to control the virus and neither does that supremely thick bitch Julie Hartley-Brewer as must be evident to anyone listening to your and her ranting so stupidly over the last few months.

    Peter and Julie want NO restrictions whatever and NO action of ANY KIND to be taken against this horrific virus so why should ANY remotely sensible or intelligent person listen to a single word of idiocy they speak or write?

    If you WERE intelligent Peter and not an interminable bore and libertarian extremist clear idiot you will find that a well designed programme of adequate test and trace has contributed a great deal to South Korea’s excellent response to the virus:



  5. Julie Hartley-Brewer, you thick, moronic, bitch, the OBVIOUS idea behind making children wear masks in the classroom is so they don’t become vectors of transmission of an INFECTIOUS (GET IT YET? you stupid mare! ) virus which happened last Autumn to others and then spread it in the community which happened HERE last Autumn before the roll out of the vaccine is anywhere near complete which won’t be for quite a few months yet!

    Norway has shown the way on school safety as has South Korea and both have enforced this and reduced seating capacity in the classroom etc.

    Norway has also staggered the return of pupils and that is what we should be doing as doing otherwise threatens to undermine Covid-19 strategy for schools and the fight against the virus as a whole not that either you or Peter care about ANY effective strategy to deal with this WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. Thick Tory morons like Rick ‘The Prick’ Sacrop really need to be executed or disposed of in some other way. At any rate, the electorate should not be polluted by the likes of that cretin. I wonder why Hitler said democracy was not a good idea because it only elevated the herd into making decisions and good governance should not be at the whim of, “a mere head count”?

    Hmm, when looking at voters like Rick Der Fuhrer may well have made a good point!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Julie Hartley-Brewer meanwhile makes a good illustration as to why our male ancestors thought that giving the right to vote to women was not the brightest or most wise idea in 1918 and our male ancestors in Switzerland didn’t until 1971 and Liechtenstein didn’t until as late as 1984!

    I have always thought both of those countries had their virtues as regards politics and political systems!👌🍷😎

    Now, Julie, just go behind the sink, love, and wash some dishes so what little you possess in the top drawer isn’t overly taxed with important and life and death matters!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  7. I have been a critic of the left wing lunatics of the teachers unions since the 1980’s at least but on Covid-19 strategy or rather the STILL dispiriting lack of a comprehensive one ALSO including schools I am loathe to criticise them:

    Sadly, the so-called ‘party of law and order’ in government are STILL not giving our police their full backing to enforce their too often badly designed restrictions by having increased fines and even prison terms imposed on wilful l Covid-19 restrictions violators as in sensible Singapore.

    WHEN, oh WHEN, will this government get tough with these people and BACK the police PROPERLY?🤬

    This serving officer is getting mightily pissed-off with the ‘party of law and order’ (a SICK joke it ever there was one though it DID have some credibility in the 1950’s)

    Surely the Tories as the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ haven’t closed down prisons and sacked prison officers AS WELL AS thousands of police officers over the last ten years of their misgovernance?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    P.S that police officer along with another one here https://Twitter.com/InspGadgetBlog is getting annoyed with ‘Rght-wing’ Tory blowhards like Peter and Julie making their jobs harder in this pandemic.

    He says ‘Right wing populists’ have shown their true faces during this pandemic and when push comes to shove these types DON’T support the police!

    I am inclined to agree with him!

    Although saying that the likes of Peter, Julie, Richard Tice, Nigel Farage ect are NOT ‘Right-wing populists’ but libertarian extremists instead!


    1. Inspector Gadget’s response to some libertarian extremist idiot whinging about possible COVID-19 passports is a REAL CLASSIC and quite simply masterful in its justified sarcasm!😀🤣👌🍷😎😂😂😂

      I would have LOVED being a police officer (a hard and all too often thankless job). It is a profession where your full authoritarian ‘inner Hitler’ can be be allowed to be in full flow which must be fun!😄😂😎🤣😂👌

      However, despite that being a fun aspect of the job these guys and girls undoubtedly do NEED the patience of a Saint and I don’t possess that!😂😄

      To be honest, I really don’t know how our police officers keep their cool at times when dealing with some members of the public or having the government not back them sufficiently well.


      1. It might make the job of the police easier, m’Lord of Essex, were the police to concentrate on real crime, not on whether some Jew has decided to be “offended” etc…


      2. I agree. The police need to be reformed from top to bottom and this overt and increasingly blatant politicisation of the police that Mrs Thatcher so stupidly and utterly irresponsibly started back in 1984 at the time of the Miners’ Strike and which has been steadily added to by every PM since needs to be reversed in full.

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some people are deliberately defying the necessary Covid-19 restrictions to protest against this disgraceful trend and because they are so disgusted by it. They are wrong to do this because it has caused a loss of lives amongst innocent people but one can have a small understanding about their motives.

        It all just goes to show how profoundly dangerous the politicisation has been and people like Thatcher ect who instituted it should rot in hell for what they have done.

        This moment in time is just the precise moment when vulnerable people need the police the most yet they have been undermined in this way by moronic politicians who misuse them to crush political dissent.

        That is emphatically NOT what police forces in normal countries are for and it is high time the police went back to enforcing normal laws totally impartially.


      3. Well, m’Lord of Essex, we have not agreed about what you term “necessary…restrictions” in the past year, and will not agree now.

        The politicization of the UK police goes even beyond a “normal” dictatorship’s “police state”, to a new “woke” police state, policing thoughts, feelings *and* actions, and demanding a signal of compliance with the new order; such as bending the knee to the blacks (in reality, to the System and/or to the Jew-Zionists who are behind “BLM”), standing outside houses clapping at specific (ordered) times, wearing facemasks. These are all ways of making the population ever-more serf-like.


      4. Wearing facemasks etc and complying with the very necessary Covid-19 restrictions is NOT, I repeat emphatically NOT, any aspect of living in a ‘police state’.

        Indeed, enforcing these restrictions can’t be considered to be anything other than the VERY ESSENCE of true police work which is protecting vulnerable members of the public from avoidable harm. In this case it is a highly infectious and dangerous viral disease but normally it would be common criminals like murderers or muggers.


      5. Besides which a ‘police state’ would surely have a decent number of police officers employed within it! Taking just England and Wales we have a rather low number and to be frank the United Kingdom as a whole has never had particularly large police forces which no doubt helps to partially explain the deterioration in law and order down the decades.

        If one wants to look for ‘police states’ in this respect one needs to look towards states like Monaco with its 500 or so officers for just 38,000 residents or Germany with its ratio of nearly 400 for every 100,000 people.

        Speaking personally, I think it would be difficult for a country to have too many police officers and our ratio.certainly needs substantial improvement seeing as the best deterrent to crime being committed is to raise the certainty of detection and apprehension of criminal suspects rather than focussing too heavily upon the severity of punishment.



      6. M’Lord of Essex,
        The police are a necessary evil. The more I have seen of them, the less I want more of them.
        Frankly, were it possible, I would like all white people over the age of, say, 28, to not only have the *right* to bear arms but the *duty* to bear arms. Others to face strict prohibition. Still, that is, for now, a pipe-dream…


      7. One good point about the British police still is that most of them are unarmed. I often praise countries like Singapore for how they handle law and order matters however one aspect I don’t like is that their cops are armed to the teeth and come across as quite literally like ‘Robbocops’

        Police officers need to be firm but fair and friendly and approachable and arming them detracts from that image and way of policing. I would be quite saddened if the police were routinely armed though sadly that day is probably coming.


  8. Parents should be naturally cautious/reluctant to send their children back to school under Boris and his wretched ‘government’ of fools and cretins. If they refuse to do so then they should not be prosecuted.

    I wouldn’t be too confident of their safety so I am in full agreement with the teachers’ unions who want to protect the safety of children and their members.

    This government should not put the safety of children, school teachers or the wider community at risk until ALL possible measures are put into place NOW to prevent harm being done in this respect.


  9. Hello Ian: I never heard about the Cato Conspiracy before. I just read an article on Wikipedia and it seems to me that those men were a bunch of fools without any practical ideas. They reminded me of the Marxist loonies that took power in Baviera in 1919, I think they last a week or two. LOL


    1. Watcher:
      Jenrick is a corrupt little pissant. Also, one of the worst doormats for the UK Jewish lobby. Married to a Jewish woman lawyer, and their children brought up as if fully Jewish.


      1. Unfortunately, he also holds a very safe seat where quite literally a monkey or a child murderer with a blue rosette on would get easily elected! by the local, often senile, Tory morons!

        Saying that, his constituency would be an excellent seat for Boris ‘The Killer’ Clown (Trade Mark Applied For) to relocate to or for Priti ‘I enjoy effectively murdering tens of thousands of mostly elderly white trash by avoiding imposing tough travel restrictions at THE START of an international viral pandemic’ Patel to do likewise.


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