Diary Blog, 11 March 2021

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Peter Hitchens’ idea of transport, not very practical. So people wanting to travel across country with, perhaps, children, luggage, whatever, should have to struggle with buses and trains, like Soviet citizens of the 1970s or British citizens of the (?) 1940s? Much easier to load everything into a car.

It is true that there are far too many cars on the roads of the UK, but the answer is a smaller population.

Exactly. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, heralding the end of old-style socialism across the world (yes, there are a few pathetic pockets such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, all poverty-stricken and absurd), I was discussing the changes with acquaintances. I had just returned to the UK from my latest (and what turned out to be my last) trip to Poland.

The acquaintances just mentioned thought that the political revolution across “the satellites” meant “freedom”. While agreeing up to a point, my view was that the Central and Eastern European peoples involved were swapping one big dictator (socialist government and its ruling party in each country) for a multitude of small dictators (capitalist employers, mainly).

Now we see that both government and those non-governmental foci are oppressing the populations of Europe with a huge weight of, not only laws and taxes, but “rules”, “guidance”, politically-approved nonsense (never criticize Jewish behaviour, the behaviour of blacks or browns, never be “sexist” or “racist” —however defined—, never openly support white European race and culture etc).

The propaganda in favour of racemixing, for example, has become so blatant that even the sleepy public, even a few System MPs, have woken up to it. The white, often blonde, woman, the black “husband” figure, the mixed-race children. Every second or third ad on TV now.

This is the “Great Replacement”, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, or to put it another way, “White Genocide”, and it is embedded in almost every TV ad, almost every TV drama, and so on. I wrote the following over two years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/. Since then, the pace has intensified. Tweeting, blogging, vlogging, or writing letters of protest, will not stop it or those behind it.

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In fact, these days in the UK, people who do “ordinary” crimes generally have to work quite hard to get a custodial sentence. Every day one sees, in the popular prints, defendants effectively let off despite having committed real and serious crimes. I saw two yesterday, just in passing.

One was a woman who had stolen £45,000 from a charity, in breach of trust. Not imprisoned because she had children, and only because she had children! The other was an abusive ex-boyfriend of a young woman, which woman was beaten by said “ex” with a baseball bat, after he had smashed his way into her home. Sentence? Non-custodial.

When it comes to what is (though the System will deny it) “political” crime, such as posting satirical songs about Jews and/or “holocaust” fakery (Alison Chabloz in 2018), putting up white nationalist stickers on lamp-posts (someone in Wales got two-and-a-half years for that a while ago!), making a speech in Whitehall saying that Jews should be expelled from England as they have been in the past (in 2018, Jez Turner of the London Forum got a one-year prison sentence for such a speech), it is a different matter, and the defendant will be lucky to escape custody.


In the USA, almost literal worship of money:

Meanwhile, in the Reich:

For me, perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the German Reich, as compared to both finance-capitalism (the West) and Marxist-Leninist socialism (the East) was that, as soon as National Socialists attained to political power in 1933, the things which had been promised to the German people were delivered, or at least began to be delivered. National Socialism delivered.

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Very true. It began decades ago in Hollywood. Films would almost always show the nuclear scientist, the brain surgeon, the head of the CIA etc as a black man (not woman, as yet). The fact that this did not reflect reality in 99.9% of cases was not relevant. As with the huge contemporary campaign, especially in the UK, to show almost every family in TV ads, soaps, dramas etc as mixed-race to some degree, the aim was in fact not to reflect reality, but to create a different reality. Social engineering.

Simplistic, but rather true all the same.

I recall seeing (have not seen it since) the Sunday Times Rich List about 20 years ago. The wealthiest person in the UK was some Ukrainian Jew “worth” several billions. Now, we see that, in the world as a whole, Jeff Bezos of Amazon has assets valued at some £150 billion or more (and that is after his ex-wife got about £50 billions in a divorce settlement).

It goes without saying that anyone with vision could do a great deal with such money. Rewild a huge area. Create cities. Create national parks in poor countries (eg in Africa or Latin America). Establish institutes of advanced learning. And so on. The key words, though, are “with vision“, vision beyond the mercantile. A few very wealthy people have such vision (the obvious historical example is Andrew Carnegie), but most do not.

I seem to remember that the theme was explored by Hermann Hesse in Siddartha, but that may not be so.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Hesse; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siddhartha_(novel)].

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23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 March 2021”

  1. Peter, please DO take some medicine for your clear mental problems! Mind you, I think you are so far gone there is not a single drug or treatment available that cam help you overcome them!

    We in this country have neglected mental health services for far too long and need to invest in them. There are just far too many crazies walking around who pose a safety risk to themselves and much more importantly to we SANE FOLK! Sadly, some of these nutcases are regarded, against all the evidence, as responsible journalists and political commentators!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Someone needs to tell this utter LOON the WORLD and ‘Britain’ in particular is still in the midst of a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC hence very necessary restrictions on civil liberties!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Peter, look-up pandemic in a dictionary or medical reference book! The concept really isn’t hard to understand! Many lowly folk like me and others understood a year ago!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    The restrictions are NOT disproportionate at all and in this country are not even being enforced with any real degree of vigour hence our utterly appalling death toll (proportionately the world’s WORST and a total national DISGRACE🤬😡) which wholly irresponsible people like you, Peter, have encouraged to rise and rise!🤬🤬🤬🤬😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️

    Peter, the men in white coats really do need now to take you away! Broadmoor is still open!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Steven!!! Bless you, you made my day. What wonderful lines:

      “Peter, the men in white coats really do need now to take you away! Broadmoor is still open!” (LOL)

      You have written some very funny things but this takes the Gold Medal!

      Thank you!!!


  2. Peter, are you SURE you are not a ‘secret marijuana smoker? Considering your absurd and totally impractical view on lockdowns or, infact, ANY other form of measures to try and combat the viral PANDEMIC you may as well be afflicted with the kind of delusions/mental problems that drug brings with its use!🙄🙄🙄


  3. Many people in Britain and around the world think all that Singapore does is to hang and cane people for dealing in drugs and taking them but their approach to this vital subject is more sophisticated than that. It is actually a multi-pronged approach that involves drug use education in schools and treatment for users.



      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Narcotics_Bureau

        Yes, caning via the rattan cane in Singapore is undeniably a bit brutal but it is meant to serve as a severe punishment for serious offences AND as a deterrent to others contemplating committing those crimes.

        Those who oppose it need to remember it it isn’t applied to women, men over the age of fifty, people who are medically unfit to undergo it, is conducted under the constant supervision of qualified medical staff who can stop it at any time and for those who are strong opponents of capital punishment due to concerns about the sanctity of human life (even that of convicted criminals) this punishment preserves the life of the offender whereas the death penalty obviously ends it and offers no chance for the offender to be rehabilitated whereas a rattan cane caning does.



      2. What made me laugh was that recent case last year of that ex Westminster School pupil who went to live in Singapore and then proceeded to deal in drugs and committed those offences not once but twice! I would have thought there would be well-established knowledge by now throughout the globe and here with regard to Singapore’s notorious hardline on drug dealing and what sort of punishments are metered out there to those who engage in those crimes!

        I bet the Singaporean authorities had a good laugh at Priti Vacant/Priti Damm Useless attempting to defend that criminal and castigating Singapore for caning him!

        No doubt they thought she should make at least a small passing attempt to do HER job to control our borders (if only!🙄🤬😡😞☹️)and control our burgeoning crime rate! Probably, they thought she should wind her neck in and stop ranting about Singaporean caning especially as it is only due to our previous colonial rule of the place they have it in the first place!🙄🙄🙄





      3. I think introducing Singaporean-style rattan cane caning could prove to be a good punishment and deterrent to our overly numerous young thugs and drug dealers.

        Also, it could be a good option for those members of the public who wish to see harsher treatment of criminals/stronger deterrents to crime but are not willing to go as far as wanting to see hanging brought back due to moral/religious convictions/concerns about innocent people being wrongly convicted and executed etc. It can act as a kind of ‘poor man’s death penalty’.

        Let us put an end to the Labour Party’s wrong abolishment of judicial corporal punishment via the Criminal Justice Act 1948 and introduce this caning from Singapore as an experiment for a few years!



  4. The penalties for the evil that drug dealing undoubtedly is in this country are absurdly low and need to be radically increased AND applied on a more consistent basis until the message finally gets through to the evil, little scrotes that engage in it that ‘Thou MUST NOT deal in drugs’

    Japan is nowhere near as strict as Singapore is with regard to this area of criminality but even so they are more punitive than we are. I believe I am correct in saying that Paul McCartney no less was once threatened to be deported from that country for being a drug user around 1980. Celebrities in Japan rapidly undergo career ruin and being socially ostracised if they are known to take drugs.


  5. Yes, Peter, libertarianism IS an absurdity as well as being a fundamentally immoral ideology which is why the fake CONServative Party has dumped their old conservative philosophy overboard in the last four decades since Thatcher’s time and taken to libertarianism in order to buttress the wealth and power of the only group in society they care about ie the ultra-wealthy which makes me wonder why you advocate it in the midst of a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC!

    Libertarianism actually makes the LEAST sense of all in such a situation!🙄🙄🙄


  6. I do love reading the courts and crime section of Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper on the web:

    I find it very entertaining to find out the sort of stern sentences the judiciary hand out in that country INCLUDING TO THOSE IRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH enough to willingly, openly and contemptuously flout Singapore’s Covid-19 restrictions thus putting lives and the good heath of some residents there at risk!

    Disgracefully, some of the worst offenders in that regard are yobbish Britons! 🤬😡😞☹️




  7. Hello Ian: Regarding that American musical from 1933 I remembered what Alfred Rosenberg wrote in “The Myth of the XX Century” (1928) “As long as the American man carries on chasing the dollar with desperation no real culture can exist there”. The result of WW2 is that all of us have become Americanized buying things we don’t need. An American friend of mine calls his country “the Jewnited States of America” (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      The result of WW2 was the victory of the wealthier Jews (few of whom had fought), and in general the finance-capital element, over the West, and the splitting of Europe into East and West, with the concept of *Central Europe* lost until 1989. A process which was happening since about 1923, approximately. 1956 stabilized the Cold War, 1989 ended it. Now we look to a new period, starting in 2022.


    2. That quote is so true! America is a country of little real culture which is why I am not a huge fan of theirs. As a result of their being like this it should come as no surprise many of them appear to be quite arrogant towards/ignorant/disdainful of other countries on the web (Americans’ YouTube comments are notorious for this)

      This tendency came to my attention once again when I saw what Yanks had written about the latest cringeworthy embarrassment for Britain episode of the downmarket trash that is the ongoing and utterly farcical Harry and Meghan Show!

      Yanks are utterly obvious of the fact that the Royal Family here is NOT meant to be an episode of Dallas or Dynasty and that it was a previously respected national institution with deep roots to our history and culture. Well, that WAS the case before THEIR ‘trailer park trash ‘ Meghan arrived and proceeded to do her best to end the House of Windsor and make us into the world’s newest republic!🤬😡

      Americans seem to think Republics are inherently and always better than Monarchies are and they wonder why and poke fun at Britain for still having one! Of course the fact the Japanese have an immensely respected Monarchy and some other countries do as well passes them by!🙄🙄🙄

      These kind of disdainful remarks also come from people who live in a supposedly ever so naturally superior republic but who are oblivious of the fact that as a republic they have a President who is often hated/completely loathed by half or more of their population at any one time/loved fanatically by the rest and who can’t therefore act as a national unifying force!

      For God’s Sake, they nearly had an outright coup as recently as January!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


      Talk about completely un self-aware!

      Perhaps, we should ‘Make America Great Again’ by installing Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II as their new politically neutral Head of State and making them a British colony once again as then they may be more nationally unified and stop fighting preach other constantly!😂😂😂😀😄😄


    1. I’ve never noticed that. Are they sure that is actually true? From my experience, the Met and other police forces, if anything, do the opposite and attempt to conceal the ethnic origin of suspected offenders ie with the numerous gang rapists we have in our ‘culturally enriched’ Northern towns and cities!

      It is time the ethnic activists of BLM/Antifa ext accepted the fact that blacks often disproportionately commit serious criminal offences! In what is now sarcastically referred to as ‘Stab City Upon The Thames’ barely a day goes by without another stabbing being committed and more often than not it is blacks doing it and usually to one another.

      I believe that one reason that excellent Crimewatch programme was taken off air by the BBC despite the fact it was still fairly popular, had been broadcast for many years and helped the police to catch criminals was because the BBC were rather embarrassed at the fact that many of the suspects on the program were disproportionately black/asian or Eastern European etc.


      1. M’Lord of Essex:
        Crimewatch was a very effective tool, and was key to solving numerous serious crimes. I am sure that you are right: the “most wanted” fugitives were usually black or brown. That’s “racist” (even if true) nowadays…


    2. So, even after the quasi-Marxist McPherson Report enabled the destruction of real policing in London by branding EVERY police officer and the force as a whole ‘racists’ these kind of ludicrous people STILL want their pound of flesh!🙄🤬😡☹️😞

      So despite being strenuously PC nowdays the Met is STILL guilty as charged and can do nothing right!


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